lawn fawn loves etsy Mondays!

This Monday’s installment is brought to you by …


This search gave me 1109 items to look through. Here are some of my favs!

How great would it be to give handmade knitting needles by crazyjaneknits to your favorite knitter?
This cutie pie raccoon by zzbob is a candle and toothpick holder!
This gorgeous wooden portfolio by janiesmash blows my mind! Wouldn’t this be a great way to showcase designs or photographs?
This stuffed puppy by PalmPuppy reminded me of pound puppies, so I couldn’t help but post him! So cute!
This is my final and most loved find. This bow box by LuckySustainables is just so beautiful. Someone should propose to someone with the ring in this box!

I hope you saw something that inspired you today! Remember to shop handmade!

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