lawn fawn loves etsy Mondays!

So, my computer’s video card is busted, and apple had to send it out for repairs. Ack! I hate being without my computer. I miss it!! Right now I am borrowing my husband’s computer. He’s such a sweetie! Unfortunately, you guys will have to wait for a video this week until I get my computer back. I hope it’s soon!

Well, I still want to do a color etsy love today! What would Monday be without it?! I don’t have any pictures to choose from, so I went to this website and picked the first color I saw …. BLUEBELL!

The etsy search came up with 454 items! Here are four of my favorites!

I love this shirt by wenifnotnow! It is so cute and scoop necks are really flattering!

How cute is this owl print by StephanieFizer ? I love their sweet heart shaped faces!
This pouch by leilalou is so delicate and beautiful! I would use it as a purse!
How unique and cool is this felted necklace by ThreeKeys? I adore it!
I hope you saw something that inspired you today! Remember to shop handmade!

Thanks for visiting!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


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