My Cute Stamps, indeed!

So guess what?! I just put together that the vinyl wall art from this post comes from the same designer of My Cute Stamps!

Now, I know I said I had fallen in love with the wall art, but I may have to have two loves now, because I love these stamps!

It is nearly impossible to pick a favorite stamp set, so I will pick one “favorite” and then post three others that I absolutely love. (In other words, I have four favorites!)

Here is my 1st favorite:

“Sweet Kawaii”

I love this set! It is beyond cute! I get so excited thinking of what I could create with these stamps. They are happy and fun and unlike anything else I’ve seen. Love them!

And now for my other three favs:
“little forest friends”

“Jelly Beans”

“Circus Animals”

I hope you enjoyed seeing these stamps! They put a big smile on my face! 🙂
 Make sure to check out My Cute Stamps. You will not be disappointed!
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kelly marie

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