lawn fawn video: sticky back canvas


I wanted to share with you a video I made while using sticky back canvas for the first time. That means you get to see all the mistakes! Ha! I really love this product. It is super fun! You can really do some cool stuff with it! Here is a link to the card I made with it. I hope you enjoy the video! (You can also see it at YouTube.)

Also, guess what?! There is another Everything but the Kitchen Sink challenge coming up on Friday, and I am hosting this time! I am so excited about it. Here is a little hint: the home item is something you (most likely!) use everyday! Also, there is a prize too! Two stamps sets for the winner! Woooo! I think you will really like them! Okay, enough hints for today. Make sure you come check out my blog on Friday to participate in this fun challenge!

Thank you so much for watching!
Have an amazing day,


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