Happy New Year!!

My sweet friend, Nancy, recently did a “top ten” post. I just love the idea! You have to check out her cards. They are WOW!
So I decided I would post my top ten cards of 2010 as it comes to a close. These cards are favorites or sometimes ones that are special to me. 2010 has been a year filled with just about every emotion, but over all it has been amazing! I am hoping that 2011 brings you all joy, happiness, love and health. I will be celebrating tonight with my sweet hubby. We will ring in the New Year with classic Cuban traditions: we eat 12 grapes at midnight and we throw cups (or sometimes buckets) of water! What does this mean? Well, the water symbolizes all of the bad that happened the past year, so you throw it away and put it behind you, so you can start fresh! I love this tradition. It’s fun and has a great meaning! I’ve also chosen my word for 2011: joy. I want this word to remind me to make everything joyful, even the most mundane of tasks. There is joy everywhere, and I want to make sure I experience it and not let it pass me by. I wish you all joy as you ring in the New Year!
My Top Ten:
celebrate sunshine
birthday wishes
Gallery Idol 2010
anniversary cake
Happy New Year!!!!!
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14 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Love, Love, Love your work! My word for the year is "joy" too! You somehow have to find joy in everyday! Thanks for sharing all your favorites for the year. I look forward to many more adorable cards on your blog in 2011.

  2. Loving your Cuban traditions…I need a big bucket to toss out all the not so good from 2010! I'm so glad you did a retrospective of your cards..I had missed a few of them. Love your fun Lawn Fawn style, each of these cards is classic Kelly!
    May 2011 truly be a joy-filled year for you!

  3. All of your cards are gorgeous Kelly Marie. I love that your stamps bring out the fun side in me, they just make you smile! You are a daily source of inspiration! Thanks for sharing, and Happy New Year!

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