CHA set up day one video!

Tiff took some awesome video yesterday and I thought I would post it here! You can see us putting up the booth! At one point you can see us putting up a house. We decided to take it down because, one, it looked good when we made it but did not travel well 🙁 and, two, we found out we don’t have to have a wall there! Yay for open spaces! I can’t wait to go back today and do some finishing touches, including putting up a life sized Critters in the ‘Burbs tree!!

Check out the video! Tiff and I are off to finalize our make and takes!

Big fawny hugs!

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28 thoughts on “CHA set up day one video!

  1. Oh my gosh, I was squealing and thumping the arm of the couch through the whole thing! I am SO happy for you guys! Your set turned out so adorable, I can't even put it into words (hence, the squealing!) and I saw SEVERAL stamp sets hanging there that I don't recognize! And the raccoon! Oh my gosh, that was exactly what I was wishing for! And I think I saw a fox too! Man, do I wish YouTube had a zoom feature for video! Can't wait to tour Lawn Fawn CHA via your camera!

    Wishing you days of CHA bliss!

  2. Love it Kelly! So girlie and so stinkin adorably cute!!!! So sad that it's not open to the public this year….totally sucks!!!! I wonder why?

    But have an awesome trade show!! Lots of pics and video…puhleeeeze!!!


  3. wow, that's a lot of work! And So very cute! I wish i could visit you there! Nice to have a supportive husband too!! Enjoy your first CHA! 🙂

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