Life sized Critters in the ‘Burbs!

Hello! Now starts the random iPhone photos! I have two I just have to show you, but first I have a few links:

Phew!!! That’s a lot of links!

Okay, on to some pics! We have created some life sized Lawn Fawn stamps for our booth! I had Putter pose with the Critters in the ‘Burbs dog one! Putter isn’t happy about it! He’s not a fan of cuteness competition! Haha!

I am seriously in love with this cut outs. I was hugging the one we have of the squirrel. It is so cool to see them come to life!

Here’s a picture of my hubby collapsed on our felt house backdrop after we finally finished at 5am. The canvas above is the other side of the booth and full of hand stitched hills and mountains!

We are crazy here getting everything ready. We’re almost there! Tomorrow we start move in!

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21 thoughts on “Life sized Critters in the ‘Burbs!

  1. OMG Putter is SO cute! But you're right, he does NOT look happy!

    What a great hubby you have!

    Can't wait to see pics of the finished product!

  2. So cute. All of it. But Putter's face is hilarious! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Seriously, I can't wait to see the whole thing. I have seen bits and pieces and it has been amazing! LOVE IT!!!!

  3. can't wait to see your booth pictures! Those of us across the country are there with the Lawn Fawn team in spirit! Good Luck! God Bless! get your hubby a starbucks!

  4. OOh so cute!! cant wait to see it in person!! So exciting!! Im taking the squirrel home for my daughter LOL shes going to go nuts when I show it to her. Shes a squirrel fan, I painted her room all in a woodland theme with lots of squirrels and trees and forest creatures. Your booth is going to be sooo adorable!!

    🙂 Jenny

  5. Putter is too cute! And I love the big critters in the 'burbs' dog too. I have seen this look from my dog as well. Can't wait to see pictures of the booth, it looks so fun and exciting!

  6. Putter looks so cute with the Critters stamp. His face is too cute! Keep taking lots of photos for us. I can't wait to see the booth and maybe even a shot of the cards we created too? Hee hee!

    Have fun and have some coffee!

  7. Oh, how sweet! I love the life-size Putter stamp! And the real-life Putter, too. His face is too funny! He really doesn't like cuteness competition!

    Poor you and Mike! You'll have to sleep for a week to catch up once CHA is over!

  8. Oh please post lots of pictures of the booth when it's all put together. Can't wait to see your other Critter in the Burbs cut-outs and your little Putter is just too, too cute! Seeing the two of them side by side is a hoot.

  9. When I started scrolling down and saw the life-sized Critters in the 'Burbs Putter stamp, I smiled because he's so adorable…and when I scrolled further and saw Putter, I just started CRACKING UP! His expression is PRICELESS! :o) Seriously, my side hurts from laughing so much. :o) If he can be THAT cute, even when he's mad…the little guy's got Cute Power that can take anybody down! Ah ha haaa!

  10. Wao the life size critter of the doggy looks so amazing, Putter loos so tiny and cute and fluffy but he also has that look in his eyes that means: Im just doing this for Kelly jum, jiji!!!

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