Lovely Lynnette

Hello! Today we have the wonderful Lynnette‘s survey! I hope you are enjoying getting to know these amazing women on the Lawn Fawn Design Team! Now take it away, Nette!

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1.     When did you first start crafting?
Honestly, I cannot remember when I didn’t enjoy crafting.  As a kid, I always was drawing, coloring, painting, you name it.  As an adult, I used to do all sorts of crafts which included basket making, jewelry making, cross-stitch, card-making and other things.  A couple of years ago, I finally decided I needed to focus on just a couple of crafts. I decided to primarily focus on beading and paper-crafting (although I will still make an occasional basket and do have a desire to learn crocheting). 
2.     What is your favorite type of card to make?
Wow, this is a tough question. I tend to be all over the place, and the type of cards I like to make depends on the current phase I’m in.  I do tend to bright colors and cute.  I love patterned papers, ribbon and coloring (takes me back to my childhood).
3.     What is your favorite and/or go-to color combo?
Currently, my favorite color combination is bright pink, aqua and green (think celery).  However, this is also subject to change depending on my mood.
4.     What technique have you been loving lately?
I love coloring with Copic markers. I have a long way to go with learning how to use these markers and am thoroughly enjoying the process.
5.     What is your New Year’s resolution?
Do I have to limit it to one resolution?  My main focus of 2011 will be to continue to grow in my walk with Christ. I want to be more diligent in my bible study, prayer, and scripture memorization. This is the most important resolution I have for 2011.
Of course, like many, I want to lose weight in 2011. 
6.     What is your favorite movie or book?
My favorite movie:        Ben Hur (I love the classics… also a big fan of old Hitchcock movies).
My favorite book:         The Bible
7.     What is your favorite food?
Nachos… yum (hard to achieve the weight loss resolution if too many of these are consumed).
8.     Where were you born?
I was born in Franklin, Indiana. (Small town about 20 miles south of Indianapolis)
9.     Where is a place you would love to visit?
I would really love to take a trip to Alaska. 
10.  What did you want to be when you were little?
I always wanted to be a veterinarian, but then I realized I’d have to put animals to sleep. I knew I’d struggle with that.
11.  If you won the lottery, what would you do?
Since I never play the lottery, this would be something. If I were to win a large sum of money, I’d give some away, pay off debts, put money in my nephew’s college fund, bank some for future, and maybe take that trip to Alaska. (Am I terribly boring or what?)
12.  What is your favorite quote?
My favorite quote comes from the Gospel of Matthew:
You are the light of the world…Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 5:14, 16)

Make sure to come by tomorrow to see some fabulous cards by Lynnette!

Thank you so much for visiting!
Have an amazing day,


6 thoughts on “Lovely Lynnette

  1. Happy to get to know you better Lynette! I love your style & your cards always make me smile, big smiles! To know you're a woman of faith who's taking time to strengthen her walk with the Lord just makes me like you more 😉

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