Lawn Fawn Intro: “Clear to See”

Hello and welcome to the first post of Lawn Fawn’s July inspiration week! We are just so excited about this week! We are featuring three stamp sets, and we will have fun posts and giveaways and lots of inspiration!

We already have one place you can leave comments to win:
Our big giveaway post!!

AND today’s post too! 🙂

Today is our showcase of “Clear to See”. This 4″ x 3″ set is so much fun! The design team has made the most amazing samples!  We also have a little video on the bottom showcasing some fun ways of using the set!

Remember to click on the person’s name or card to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love! 🙂

TIFF TiffanyClearToSee
Tiffany‘s memo book is too cool! She heat embossed lines from Schoolhouse Backdrops and then layered the be unique sentiment and glasses from Clear to See over it. So fun! She decorated the pen with a shrinky dink version of the glasses! I love that idea and can’t wait to try it! The pages stamped with the glasses is the perfect extra touch!
TERI LF_May_Web_vision_teri
Teri‘s card is beyond cute! How fun are the glasses on the Critters in the Sea whale?! The googly eyes and Hats Off to You hat are the perfect touches! I can’t stop smiling! I love her Teeny Tiny Backdrops sea and fun use of Say Cheese’s polaroid to highlight the sentiment from Clear to See!
Nichol‘s card is just wonderful! She created a background with Schoolhouse Backdrops and falling Clear to See glasses! I love those fun girl googly eyes in the cat’s eye glasses and the gems in the corners are the perfect retro touch! She used the ellipses from Just My Type, Too to continue her Clear to See sentiment onto the inside of the card! Perfect!
Chan‘s card is so sweet! I love the glasses cut out and layered over that punched out heart. This color scheme is gorgeous, and I love how the glasses just fit perfectly into the gap in the sentiment. So wonderful!
Clear to see
Julie added wonderful vintage charm to this set! I love the black stitching on the card, especially under the sentiment blocks! The light blue outline on the glasses looks fantastic! It just adds that extra touch. I love that this set can go from graphic to vintage depending on how you style it!
LYNNETTE clear to see
Lynnette‘s card is so colorful and fun! I love the idea of the glasses in bright summery colors! The glasses look great lined up this way and it creates a great border on a card. I love her gems in matching colors and fun gingham bow!
LATISHA LawnFawn-clearly-latishayoast
Latisha‘s card is super fun! I love the tone on tone glasses on the different textured papers and the sentiment stamped that way is so fun! A small punch out or die cut is the perfect way to showcase one of these fun glasses!
LEA ClearToSee-LeaLawson-1
Lea‘s card is clean and classic! I just love that one pearl in the corner. It just makes the card! These would be wonderful to create as a card set with different sentiments!

Make sure you click on each of the design team’s names or pictures to go to their blogs and see the details of how they made their cards. You will walk away inspired for sure!

Now, I have a little video for you showing this set in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at our You Tube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek of “Clear to See”. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us when you first started wearing glasses (or maybe you never have!) by July 13th at 10:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set!

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday July 12th, at 12:01am EDT for our next sneak peek day!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! Your comments, tweets, facebook and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! 🙂

Stamps: Lawn Fawn (Clear to See)
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226 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: “Clear to See”

  1. Wow, these are some stunning creations from the design team! I wasn't sure I was going to need this set, but now "it's clear to see" that I do!

    I did wear glasses for a few years. I was kicked in the eye going up the ladder of the new slide on the playground in grade school and it scratched my eyeball. I had to wear an eye patch for a while, and then glasses, but eventually my eye healed enough that I didn't need them anymore.

  2. WOW! i love the style of the glasses and the DT did such amazing projects. they always do a good job of making them look so put together. thanks for the inspiration!

    oh! i can't ever remember not wearing glasses. lol. and i've always had two pairs. one for casual wear and one for fancy times. :o)

  3. AHHHHH I LOVE these cards! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOOOVE IT.. Now as to when I started wearing my glasses around 16 but not regularly that started little by little 5 years ago now I have to use them in order to read/write if I don't everything is such a blurr Ha..

  4. Wow, I love all of these great projects by the design team. When this set was first released I thought it was fun, but had no idea how to use it! Now I have lots of ideas!! I have never had to wear glasses myself, but think the images are a lot of fun! 😉

  5. What a cute set – love all these samples. I first got glasses when I was 11 & I still remember putting them on and realizing that things in the distance aren't actually fuzzy all the time! Then I got contact lenses when I was 17 so now I only wear my glasses around the house (maybe I would wear them more if they were as cute as the ones in this stamp set!).

  6. Love the samples and the video is great!

    I started feeling the need for glasses some 10 years ago when I was still in school but since I dint want to wear glasses, I never told anyone about my weak eye sight and relied on my schoolmates to read things for me 😀

    I actually got to wearing glasses in college when it became really bad 🙂

  7. OH MY! Look at those little glasses on that pen! LOVE IT! Great stuff–I wear glasses and contacts…I think I need to get checked up (sometimes my eyes hurt because I'm straining my eyes….and my migraines are def. behind each eye!).

  8. Such creative samples! I started wearing glasses in the 5th or 6th grade. I think I started with contacts in eighth or ninth grade. I got Lasix when I was 34, though, and I have to say that I don't miss wearing glasses at all (although the ones in this set are mighty cute 🙂 ).

  9. Such a cute stamp set. About 5 years ago I got glasses for the first time. Three years later I got braces so I stopped wearing them. Felt like I was back in middle school. LOL! Once I got my braces off I started wearing my glasses again only if I'm reading or doing something stranious for my eyes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. WOW~~ What fun cards!! I LOVE all of the different takes and uses for this stamp!! Such AWESOME stamp ladies you all are!! =)
    I started wearing contacts when I got to college!! I was 18 and I was SO SAD!! I didn't want to wear contacts!! I needed them though to be able to work in surgery!! It is kinda important to be able to see!! THANKS for the reveal, inspiration and the chance to win!! Have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)

  11. These are such fun samples!! (as always, of course!)
    I started wearing glasses in college- I needed them to see the board clearly! ha! I don't think mine were this cute though!!!

  12. I started wearing glasses in jr.high, then gave them up for contacts. Just recently went back to glasses. Boy I hate my bifocals! ha! These stamps are sooo cute! You just never see cute eyeglass stamps. I would love to have them. Thanks!

  13. This stamp set looks cool….and all the cards too…i wasn't aware of my weak eyesight untill my sister find out when i was in 8th grade…she was holding newspaper in her hand and reading the main article and i said to her what is written on the newspaper ..please read to me…and she was like why i read to you??i said coz its blurry and i can't understand what is written and then she realize that i have weak eye sight..and from then i used glasses even in my sleep 😀

  14. I started wearing glasses when I was 16 years old. These creations are all so cute. I would never have thought to use them this way! TFS 🙂

  15. What a great stampset. I love what Teri did with the whale. I couldn't stop laughing! 🙂

    I have glasses for several years now. But I only had to wear them when i'm driving. But I have go to the ophthalmologist soon because my vision getting worse. 🙁


  16. Fantastic DT examples. I was in the fifth grade when I first started wearing glasses. I remember I sat at the back of the classroom and told my Mom I had trouble seeing the chalkboard. That was the same year I got braces too… I was super cool then (or not) 🙂

  17. Love all the cards!! I started wearing glasses when I was 16. Then I went to contacts for many years. Now I'm back to glasses again. Wish I could go without……

  18. What a fun concept and set, Kelly Marie! I didn't need glasses until my mid-40's – I think my cross-stitching at the time did me in…..Love Lynnette's card!!

  19. I first started wearing glasses when I was 5 or 6 years old. They were pink cat's eye glasses and I have been wearing glasses ever since.

  20. What a darling set! I started wearing glasses, I think in 4th grade..could have been a little later. I remember my 4th grade teacher put me right up in the front, so I could see the blackboard. ~~She ended up being my mother-in-law~~ 🙂 Although at the time, I didn't like having to be right up front. Anyway, I remember when I got my first pair of glasses, going outside, looking down, and seeing a great big step, I tried to step up to it and there wasn't one there! So funny. Then I looked up and in the distance, and being Absolutely Astonished at all the buildings in the distance!! So, I don't know that I have ever "hated" my glasses, because of all I could 'clearly see'.
    My hubby is going through cataract surgery this summer..this stamp set would fit right in with our life 🙂 (and a few others in the family). I love all the cute ideas you have shown!!

  21. I have worn glasses since grade school. "it's clear to see" you guess do an amazing job with your craft! Great ideas! Thanks for a chance to win!

  22. These are way too cute. I started wearing glasses in first grade, I got to get contacts at 13. I'm really glad you did glasses stamps instead of contact stamps. lol

  23. Love all the projects on this post! You have some extremely talented people designing for you! I've been wearing glasses since I was 14 years old. I'm 42 now and still wearing them! Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. I've been wearing glasses since 1st grade. And my first pair were the cat's eye shape just like the stamp! Too funny! The glasses are great as are the sentiments. Great job!

  25. Wow, your design team is amazing! Such talent and I love how they all took a different spin on the set. The whale with the glasses…Fabulous!!
    I started wearing glasses in 5th grade. Bifocals right off the bat. That was 35 years ago!

  26. I started wearing glassas when I was 4! I am 32 now and I don´t wear glasses anymore. I wear contacts. But I have very disarming pictures of myself with glasses.

  27. This is a fun set and I love the font! My first pair of glasses was prescribed for me when I was 12 but I didn't wear them until I was 13. I got tired of not being able to identify my friends in the hallways at school 😀

  28. I started wearing glasses for reading years ago, but now with cardmaking I have to wear them more often, I'm as blind as a bat otherwise lol. Loved seeing this new set in action, it's so fun!

  29. It is such an adorable set. I have not started wearing glasses until I graduated from graduate school and started working. Because I sit in front of computer whole day for work, my eyesight deterioted quickly.

  30. gosh.. I started wearing glasses pretty late. I must have have been in HS…not fun. But now they are such a part of who I am. I love my glasses.

  31. this is such a fun set! Luv all DT's creative pieces! And another Inspiration week has begun, which I ENJOY A LOT! 🙂 well, I first bought my eyeglasses when i was… like 38 years old, for backup to my Contact lenses i've been wearing for many years. I still use eyeglasses for BACKUP only. 🙂

  32. These cards are tooooo cute, and I love this set! I started wearing glasses in my fourth year of college. I probably needed them before that, but I waited to get them until I couldn't see the notes on the board from my usual seat in the back of the class. =) Now I can't even see my toes without them on! =P

  33. I started wearing glasses in 2nd grade. By 8th I had "coke bottle" eyes(this was in the 80's time of HUGE frames – not attractive!) and was allowed to switch to soft contacts!

  34. SOOO Super cute!!! I do not wear glasses yet. My WHOLE family does so I'm kind of expecting that I will to…one of these days..

  35. I started wearing glasses in the 5th grade – I had always assumed the world was just as blurry to the rest of the world as it was to me. One day I took a slap shot to the eye while playing street hockey and had to go to the eye doctor. Turns out, the world is not really as blurry as I thought it was!

  36. I love this set! One of the sets of glasses reminds me of 'hipster' glasses 🙂 I started wearing glasses when I was 11 and of course I picked out the hot pink ones. Needless to say I ended up getting new ones a year later 😉


  37. Such a cute set! Love those cat's eye glasses. I remember my sister wearing a set of those in some of her high school pictures.

    I've been wearing glasses since at least the first grade. Think my mom was relieved to figure out the reason I was such a clutz was because I couldn't SEE!!

  38. I love the variety of eyewear!!!

    I think I started wearing glasses in third grade. The funny thing is that I told my mom for months that I had a hard time reading but she never believed me because I was always so "dramatic" and "overacted." LOL Finally the school nurse called home and she finally believed me!

  39. Such great DT ideas and colors!!
    I started wearing glasses in 4th grade when the teacher realized I could not read the blackboard. I was very excited when I ditched the glasses for contacts in the 7th grade!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  40. Such great DT ideas and colors!!
    I started wearing glasses in 4th grade when the teacher realized I could not read the blackboard. I was very excited when I ditched the glasses for contacts in the 7th grade!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  41. Love these glasses and the punny sentiments!! So much fun!!

    I've never had to wear glasses yet!! But I wear sunglasses pretty much every day of the year here in Colorado!!! Couldn't live without those!

  42. I did not really like this set but you have changed my mind there is a lot more to use the glasses for that i first thought! my hubby says"thanks" not another set my wife has to buy!!!

  43. All the projects from the DT are so cute! I think I will need this stamp set, so many possibilities! I started wearing glasses just to read in high school. I also wear them to drive at night now too!

    mcever4 at bellsouth dot net

  44. Cute stamps, cute cards.
    I started wearing glasses for reading in 1973 – surely it can't be 38 years ago! Still don't need them for distance, but the reading glasses have got stronger!!

  45. Such a great inspiration piece! I never thought glasses could look so cool! I started wearing mine in the 8th grade and they definitely didn't look as fun as these!

  46. I started wearing glasses when I was in the third grade and yes I was the class dork. I finally upgraded to contacts when I reached highschool. Thank goodness!

  47. What a cute set of stamps and cards! I've been super lucky so far (knock on wood!) and haven't had to wear glasses yet. I'm the only one in my family that doesn't have glasses and I'm in my mid-30's!

  48. I got my glasses over the summer between 7th and 8th grade. I took them to school on the first day, put them in my locker, and never wore them. I brought them home on the last day of school! My plan worked-my parents bought me contacts before I started 9th grade, lol! What a sweet set, Kelly Marie! Thanks for a chance to win!

  49. I don't really wear them, but I had to get glasses to see the board in college. Most of the time I go without, but I need them for movies and to drive at night.

    I ADORE this set. Love it.

    lisa arana

  50. eeek!!! Love the glasses!!! [well I wear glasses….] but I *heart* anything that has to do with Nerds… aka Nerdy Hello Kitty, Nerdy Disney characters 😛

  51. Love this set – how cute! I first started wearing glasses when I was in first grade. My parents finally got me contacts when I turned 13.

  52. My sister makes cards for her optometrist … she hasn't been able to find a stamp set of glasses though so she uses 'clip art'…I just gotta get her this set…she will love it!!!

  53. I'm so loving the "clear to see" stamp set! Amazing cards, and the glasses on the critters are adorable! Thanks for a chance to win!

  54. "Clear to See" is a very unique stamp set, but I could enjoy using it in so many ways. I loved seeing all the sample cards… nice work!

  55. So retro and fun! The samples are fantastic!

    I started wearing glasses at 16, I took my drivers training test and passed the vision test but thought I had a slight vision problem. Turns out I was right!

  56. Okay, while I think the set is cute, I couldn't really see how I'd use it. Now, after seeing what the DT did and the video – I need this set. (My wallet does not thank you.)

    I needed glasses about 15 or more years ago. I had the glasses and wore them, then had kids and they pulled on them. So I opted for contacts and wore them for quite some time. My prescription hasn't really changed much, but I don't wear contacts or the glasses. Just don't follow me at night ;D

  57. Such fun card designs – I love them.

    I have worn glasses since I was about 40 – the doc said it was an age thing — AAHHHH. Oh well, at least I can see what I'm making now.

  58. Love the glasses – so cute! I started wearing glasses when I was about 16. I wasn't too happy – I had braces and glasses at the same time! 😉 I have contacts now (and straight teeth!) but I love these glasses. Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. Such a cute stamp set . . . you have given us so many wonderful ideas on how to use this set! I love the polar bear wearing glasses . . . adorable. I really enjoy watching your videos about your stamp sets. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  60. I started wearing glasses in 10th grade…and still wear glasses! I refuse to get contacts or Lasik lol! Love the stamps…super cute!

  61. I started wearing glasses in 2nd grade & I'm pretty sure I'd walk into walls without them or my contacts! lol
    When I first saw this set I was a little stumped as to how I would use it, but once again you and your amazing DT provided some great inspiration! 🙂

  62. Ooh, I started wearing my glasses in junior school – and hated them! But now I love my big, black rimmed geek style glasses. They're a bit like the ones in this set 🙂

  63. What a cute set! I never started wearing glasses until college when I started taking so many math classes with small numbers! Thanks again for the great inspiration week! =D

  64. Adorable set! I love the chic retro girly glasses 😉
    I'm not a specs wearer, but I love the chance to get stylish with my sunnies when the sun shows up!!
    Thanks for the giveaway chance, Rx

  65. LOVE this set …you come up with the most fun sentiments to go along with your cute images and since I'm a glasses wearing gal, I'm thinking I need this set!

  66. VERY cute! LOVE the whale! 🙂 I started wearing glasses when I was in 2nd grade. It should have been 1st but I didn't want to 'fess up to it. I used to read in bed at night when I was supposed to be asleep. Mom would catch me and say I was going to ruin my eyes straining to see from the light from the next room. I was SURE I'd ruined my eyes and was going to be in big trouble. When my mother found out I needed glasses, I broke out sobbing, "I RUINED MY EYES!" 🙂

  67. This really looks like a really cool set to have! I started wearing glasses as a fairly young girl, I can't remember the exact age, but it must have been around 10 or 12! I went through a phase of thinking they are not cool, but I have changed my mind completely over the years! Thanks for a chance to win!

  68. I have never worn glasses, or needed them.. until recently. I find myself increasing the font on web pages more and more, so it's definitely time for an eye exam or at least a pair of readers!!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win! LOVE LF stamps!!

  69. It's clear to see that these cards are too cute!!!! I started wearing glasses when I was 12 for reading…..I need new ones :s

  70. i think this set is so cute! i love how u can put them on the critters faces!

    i started wearing glasses in high school. no fun story or nething. my older sisters wore glasses so i had to admit i was kind of excited to get my pair. it was like joining the club.

  71. Wow – loving all of the DT cards! I have worn glasses since second grade so they are a part of me! Love the stamp set… thanks for the chance to win!

  72. OMG this stamp set is so cute. My first time wearing glasses was just this year, lol. I never knew i needed glasses until I went to get my eyes check for the first time this year, hehe.

  73. Sorry, forgot the rest — I started wearing glasses in the second half of second grade when I switched schools and was out of abc order so sat in the back of the room and my teacher figured out that I should have my eyes checked. 🙂 Worn 'em ever since… 40 years

  74. wow…i first started wearing glasses when i started senior high school. have always loved shopping for them and getting a new pair. this set is adorable!!

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