Lawn Fawn Fall/Winter release reveal + Winners + a video

Hello and welcome to the reveal of Lawn Fawn’s 2011 Fall/Winter Release! We are so excited to be able to show you the full images and reveal the winners! WOOOOO! 🙂 We also have a little video showing the sets, too!

You can find the sets here at our site. These sets are also in your favorite local stores, too! Check the list out here, and if you don’t see your favorite store make sure to let them know about us!
Here is a little video going through our new sets! You can watch it here or at our YouTube channel!
Thank you so much for watching!
And now for our winners ….. parrrrrrummmmmmm (pa pum pum! hehehe!) …… (that’s a drum roll :)! ) ……..
The first BIG winner of ALL nine Fall/Winter Release sets is …. Jaymie !!!

(The numbers reset every 200 comments, so even though this says 74 it is 1074, I promise!)

The BIG winner of all 5 August Inspiration week sets is …..  Samantha Mann !!!

(The numbers reset every 200 comments, so even though this says 4, it is 404, I promise!)

The winner of “Happy Haunting’ is … Michelle !!!

The winner of “Many Thanks” is … NanaBeth !!

The winner of “Heebie Jeebies” and “Harvest Season” is … Dolly !!!

The winner of “Turkey Day” is … Jenn !!!

  (The numbers reset every 200 comments, so even though this says 36, it is 236, I promise!)

Make sure to email us at info (at) lawnfawn (dot) com with your info so we can get you your prizes!

Erica, Mike and I wanted to thank you all for all of your enthusiasm this week! It has been amazing, and it means more than we could ever express ! We’ve got big smiles on our faces! 🙂 Thank you! ¡Gracias! Merci!
Also, thank you so much for your comments! We loved hearing about your favorite costumes, what you are thankful for and all of those yummy Thanksgiving dishes! We cannot wait for Fall now! 🙂
Thank you so much for visiting! You guys are the best!!!! BIG hugs and lots of love to you all!
Have an amazing day,


37 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Fall/Winter release reveal + Winners + a video

  1. AWWWW i didn't want the pictures of the new sets to end. SO cute!

    congrats to all the winners, hopefully one day, I'll be up on that list 😉

  2. I love them all!!! I scooped up the turkey & snowmen 🙂 along with bows & holly ;). Cant wait to get them – always looking forward to HAPPY MAIL!!!! Thanks for making such great products guys!!!

    PS Quick story, I picked up a few stamps (by a major papercrafting company – wont say which one to be nice) because they were cute & cheap… not great quality! My son (Chairtian, 6) pointed that out to me. He said mom, why does it get smudgey – Lawn Fawn doesn't do that – did I mention he's 6??? Already knows good quality stamps!

  3. Kelly Marie, i'm SOLD!! LOL!! After looking at the stamp sets themselves, i wanted half of the stamp sets. After looking at DT's cards, i wanted 2/3 of the stamp sets. After watching YOUR video clip on all the fall/winter sets, I want them all!!! LOL Great stamps, Great Stamps!!! 😉

  4. These stamps are so fabby! I was so excited that Bon Voyage is finally back in stock but now Clear to See is out!! I'm never going to be able to order! 🙁

  5. OMG! I can't believe I won! Thank you all so much for all the contrats! And thank you soooo much Kelly for this wonderful giveaway – I feel so blessed! 🙂

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