Lawn Fawn Intro: “Happy Haunting”

Hello and welcome to the first post of Lawn Fawn’s Fall/Winter release and inspiration week! We are just so excited about this week! We have nine new stamp sets, and they will be revealed on August 25th at 12:01 am EDT and until then we will have fun posts and giveaways and lots of inspiration!

We already have one place you can leave comments to win:
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AND today’s post too! πŸ™‚

We also have another little sneak peak into the nine Fall/Winter sets! You guys have some awesome guesses already!

Today is our showcase of “Happy Haunting”. This 4″ x 6″ set is perfect for those spooky Halloween treats! The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video on the bottom showcasing some fun ways of using these sets!

Remember to click on the person’s name or card to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love! πŸ™‚

Nichol‘s card is pure Halloween fun! She used one of the sentiments as a text background to showcase her gorgeously colored spooky house! She completed the scene with the moon, bat, tree and ghosts. I love that the ghosts and sentiment are on vellum! It adds that perfect spooky touch!
Latisha‘s card is wonderfully spooky! She used the fence to start her tree and bat scene! The Bannerific banners at the top are a great touch. I just love the little ghost in them! The sentiment is from Heebie Jeebies, and I just love it!
Tiffany‘s treat bags are the cutest things ever! I love those different colored moons and the way she has the house in front of the fence. The ghosts are cute enough to go perfectly on these super fun kid’s treat bags. So adorable! Also, how amazing is all of that distressing? Love it!
Happy Fall
Julie‘s take on this set is just perfect! I love how she made the house into a “friendly” house and the tree into the perfect fall tree! She made a custom sentiment with Jessie’s ABCs and it looks just wonderful with these scene. The stitching is the perfect touch for Fall, and those curtains she drew in are too sweet!
Teri‘s ghostly card is so cute and happy! I love that the ghosts have bow ties and bows! So perfect! Teeny Tiny Backdrops has provided a great backdrop for the moon and bats. The colors she used are unexpected yet still say “Halloween”.  Just wonderful!
Lea‘s paper pieced spooky house is just amazing! Who wouldn’t want a polka-dotted house?! She shows how well this set can work with all of those fun Halloween patterned papers out there. I love how the flag on the sentiment strip really makes it stand out. This is one super sweet Halloween card!
Lynnette‘s card is too cute! How fun are those googly eyes on the ghosts?! I love the giant moon behind the house. It really helps set the scene along with that torn paper grass! Nette’s coloring of the house is just wonderful. She perfectly achieved that old house look!
Chan‘s card is perfectly purple! I love all the different shades. That house is looking good in purple! I love all of the dimension she added to the card. It adds so much movement. That little ghost coming out of the chimney is too cute! I love that he is going to join his other ghost buddies!

Make sure you click on each of the design team’s names or pictures to go to their blogs and see the details of how they made their cards. You will walk away inspired for sure!

Now, we have a little video for you showing this set in action and some fun things you can do with it. We hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at our You Tube channel.

Thank you so much for watching! (Also, please excuse my ums, uhs and ands. I have a stomach flu and couldn’t think straight! Thanks for your understanding!)

We hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek of “Happy Haunting”. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave a comment telling us what your favorite Halloween costume was by August 24th at 10:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set!

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday August 22th, at 12:01am EDT for our next sneak peek day!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement about our Fall/Winter Release! Your comments, tweets, facebook and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! πŸ™‚ 

Stamps: Lawn Fawn (Happy Haunting)
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368 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: “Happy Haunting”

  1. Wonder Woman. Long after Halloween was over I still got so much use Ha. For my little girl its been Princess Peach (Mario Brothers) She wears it more times that I can count & each time makes me giggle and remember my memories. Thanks for the chance.

  2. My favorite Halloween costume is when my little cousin (6 or 7 years old at the time) wore her brother's Redskins jersey and helmet costume. She looked awesome! (Yes I'm a Redskins fan.) When she went to the bathroom at school, she didn't take off the helmet and some girls thought she was a boy!

  3. What a sweet and charming little Halloween set! I love all the sets you come out with! Love all the different card designs. πŸ™‚

  4. wonderful set and I can see it being so versatile!

    I am from India and we don't celebrate Halloween here but I love the excitement and all the spooky fun people around the world have πŸ™‚

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. So adorable! I love it. It's spooktacular!

    My favorite halloween costume was from last year. We had to dress up for work, and I went as the Travelocity Roaming Gnome. It rocked!

  6. What cute little ghosties! πŸ™‚

    My favorite costume has a story behind it. When my older son was 2.5 years old, he wanted to be a blue m&m for Halloween. Since I was going to be walking around our neighborhood taking him trick-or-treating, and I was very pregnant with my younger son, I decided I'd get the adult's green m&m costume and dress up too. I joked that DS was a plain m&m and I was a peanut one. LOL Then when my younger son was big enough for the blue costume, my older one wanted to be an orange m&m. We couldn't find any m&m costumes, any color, anywhere that year! I ended up getting him a jack o'lantern costume, removing the pumpkin face from it, and creating a m&m face and "m" for it.

  7. Such a fun set for Halloween!
    My favourite costume was one my mom came up with when I was in grade 2. She turned a cardboard box into a TV for me to wear complete with tin foil rabbit ears.

  8. Adorable new set!!! Sooo cute! My favorite Halloween costume is actually a pair of them…my youngest was almost 4 months old her first Halloween…so we dressed my oldest as a Princess and put the little one in a Pea Pod costume…so it was the Princess and the Pea for Halloween that year…we had the best time trick or treating with them…she doesn't find the pictures very funny when I show them to her! :o) Thank you for the chance to win!

  9. What a fun set!! I just love that house and how it can be decorated to be spooky or cute.

    My favorite Halloween costume was a scary witch that my mom made for me to wear… had a long nose with a hairy wart on it that had to be glued onto my face. I took grand prize at a Halloween costume contest when I was in the 5th grade.

  10. My favorite Halloween costume was when I went as Ginger Spice…she definitely did not get enough love. She was my favorite Spice Girl! πŸ™‚

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE this set!!! So hauntingly delicious!! Wishing this was at Archiver's this week!! ;o)

    Halloween costume … me and my brothers used to dress up as hobo's. Being the 2nd to the youngest of 9, it was the cheepest costume for us to have. We would mix and match our older siblings clothes to create our costumes. ;o)

  12. I love trick er treating, my heart broke when I got to be to old for it. As for costumes I don't remember any to be honest. I do remember going to Kmart and picking them out but I don't remember a specific on that was super cool.

  13. My favorite costume was when I was 11 and I got to borrow my skinny Aunt's fancy bird costume with a blue and purple leotard and matching peacock feather head dress that she had leftover from a dance recital.

    Before that my sisters and I took turns alternating the same 2 darn cape style costumes that my Mom had cut out from a circle form she bought at the fabric store that just slipped over our heads. One was a pumpkin and the other was a cat. If only my kids appreciated how good they have it these days… LOL! πŸ™‚

  14. All these Halloween projects are just too spooky cute!!!
    Loved when my son was a lil polar bear on his 1st day/holloween & my daugter @ 5months was a bumble bee!!

    Lynda in Calif

  15. What a cute set! I love all of the DT samples, and the video was great!!! Kelly, I hope you feel better very soon. πŸ™‚ My favorite costume I had as a child was a 1950's girl costume with a cute red poodle skirt! My Mom made it for me, and it was really cute. I remember feeling especially cool because I got to wear bright red lipstick to match the skirt! πŸ™‚ Thanks for having such high quality and adorable stamps!

  16. WOW>>> Julie house card is gorgeous and Nichol's house coloured so different that it looks like another stamp completely. Love all these cards. and the video…

  17. My favorite Halloween costume was several (cough, cough or more!) years ago, when I was in college. I went as an original mousekateer. Had the white t-shirt with "Annette" and wore a pleated black skirt, and mouse ears. It completely cracked my professors up! So much fun!

  18. What a cute Halloween set! We don't celebrate Halloween a lot in Spain (it was quite recently imported, lol!) but I'd love to dress as a Morticia Adams if I ever have the chance πŸ˜‰

  19. Love this new set, that little leaf was the greatest idea! I wasn't sure I wanted the set, and then I saw the leaf. =) My favorite costume ever was when I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. A friend of my grandma's sewed the blue and white checked dress for me, and I even had a little stuffed Toto in a basket. So fun! =)

  20. Oh loving these little stamps and the ghosts are so cute.

    I didn't know Halloween until moving to England but my sons have had some crazy costume requests over the years (they are now 18 and 16) from Pokemon to ghouls. It's so much easier with my 5 year old daughter – she's princess mad.

    Can't wait till tomorrow.

    Hugs, Mette

  21. My favorite costume was a clown. All the makeup and totally covered with gloves and clothes made me feel like a clown and I had a ball playing around with everyone. No on could guess who I was. Cool. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Oh my goodness those cutie patootie ghosts kill me!!! I love them and I love how they are different sizes – the smallest one is my favorite! I had two favorite Halloween costumes – one was Wonder Woman and the other was the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio. I was the Blue Fairy in my first grade play and I adored my costume, including my little handmade dowel plastic hearts glitter wand! I wanted to wear it even after I outgrew it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Absolutely in love with this set!

    My favorite costume was probably Little Red Riding Hood from when I was about 3 or 4. I don't actually remember this, but I always hear stories about how I insisted on wearing the costume ALL THE TIME, way past Halloween!

  24. love the fun spooky vibe of this set (from what we've seen of it so far) and what the DT's done with it! your sets are so versatile as julie's card and your video shows. thanks for the chances to win! πŸ™‚

  25. Love all the DT cards!!
    In Holland we don't have Halloween, we have "carnaval" in february and than dress up. My favorite costume was "madonna" πŸ™‚
    We "trick or treat" in november. In Holland it calls "sint maarten" but we don't dress up than….
    Can't wait to see more πŸ™‚
    xx Tamara

  26. I had a Halloween costume for being a tube of toothpaste, once! It definitely involved wearing a flowerpot on my head, for the cap! Love these stamps :).

  27. Great adorable set! I am in love… Only you can pull off a cute and quirky Halloween set…. My favorite Halloween costume will always be my son's first Halloween costume. He was a cow…. He couldn't walk yet so it was hilarious… The costume even had a cute tale! I will never forget him in that costume….

  28. Those ghosts are adorable! my favorite halloween costume was my daughter's, from a few years back – red riding hood! she was the most adorable thing ever – I can't wait to pass it down to my youngest in a few more years!

  29. Looks like a it's going to be a great set! Can I choose one of my kids' costumes as a favorite? 2 yrs ago when they were 1 and 3 they went as dinosaurs. The were adorable, they even had these great big tails that moved behind them when they walked!

  30. Loving the different looks with coloring that house and the ghosts are too cute.
    The costume I had the most fun with was a 2 person cow we rented for my sister-in-law's 40th bday party . Disguised as a Halloween party , my husband was the front and I was the udder end!

  31. Such a cute stamp set!! The only costume I can remember is dressing as a hobo. We didnt buy costumes back then…just found things in the closet to wear!

  32. Very Ghoul! My favorite costume was one year I was a wookie! LOL
    Looks like some other fab sets…Happy Turkey day ? You're my cup of tea ? A new Alpha, Christmas ornaments and toys. Can't wait to see more!

  33. I really can't think of what my favorite costume was! it was just fun to dress up no matter what I was! This stamp set is so cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

    mcever4 at bellsouth dot net

  34. This is such a great Halloween stamp set! I love those cute little ghosts! My favorite costumes would have to be from the early 90's when my Mom made my daughter a Minni Mouse costume and my sons their Superman and Dracula costumes!

  35. i love that house!! and the ghosts are pretty cute too!!

    My favorite costume was when I went as a crayon. I drew the crayola logo on bristol board, wore white capris, tshirt, etc, sprayed my (dark brown) hair white, made a hat.. was cute!

  36. Hope you feel better soon. Love all the DT projects! and the fact that the set is versatile. My favorite costume was a friends's. He went as a chipmonk. He wore a monk outfit and pinned bags of chips all over it! It was tooo funny.

  37. My favorite costume was when my Dad let me wear his old Air Force Jacket and hat. I remember that it was a big deal that he let me wear it and that made it special.

    Love all the cards the DT made. Every one of them is fabulous.

    crotheker at gmail dot com

  38. This wonderful stamp set makes me so excited about Fall! My favorite costume was a black cat. My mother could work magic with a sewing machine, and I remember how much fun I had with the long, twisting tail. That was over 40 years ago and I still remember how amazing that one-piece costume looked!

  39. My favorite was Wilma Flinstone (I'm giving away my age perhaps). I remember the mask was so uncomfortable but it was very popular at the time.
    Love the Halloween/Fall stamps!

  40. Oh these are soooo cute. I can't wait to see what you've got for Thanksgiving and Christmas. One of my most memorable costumes was a 'grease monkey' …..don't ask.

  41. my favorite halloween costume was actually my son's 2 years ago – he was a garden gnome – and he's the perfect gnome!
    i love this set, the stamps are so cute!! i can't believe how versitle the design team made the ghosts!! love them!

  42. My favorite Halloween costume was during college. I majored in math, so I went as the positive integers! I wore black and attached a bunch of numbers all over me! It was awesome! This set is so cute, too! I'm excited to see the others!!

  43. Love this set! Halloween is my favorite holiday. I can't recall a favorite costume but DO remember having to wear those hot, sweat inducing plastic masks (yes, I'm THAT old!)

  44. we never celebrated Halloween (in Australia) and the longer I'm in the stamping/crafting world, the more I'm realising I missed out!

    This set is just gorgeous!! I NEED that house! (Plus we've just bought a new home, so it's perfect!!!

    CANNOT WAIT for it to get into my hands!

  45. Stomach flu? You poor thing!! That's the worst! You girls… you knocked these projects out of the park!! WOW amazing Halloween projects – I mean WOW! I love all of the fun & spooky images!!

    Ok, my fave Halloween costume… well, when I was a kid we didn't have much money, so my mom got creative with our costumes & she made my sister & I California Rasins (remember those?). Essentially, it was a giant black garbage bag filled with news papers & little designs on it…ok it was tramatic for me & I still taunt my mom about it, but it's HONESTLY the ONLY Halloween costume I actually remember throughout my entire childhood. Plus it's good for future therapy sessions ;).

  46. I never had great costumes, but as a mom my kids were The Princess and a frog last year and they were a hit. The year before we went with cat and mouse…ha! Love it. This year with three I'm thinking the three musketeers.

    I sneaky pesky the cutest lil train ever and a chubby snowman!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Cutest Halloween (and/or fall) stamps ever!

    My favorite costume was the Alice In Wonderland dress my Mom made me – and the box/house I grew out of as part of it!

  48. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love this set and especially the googlie eyes on the ghosts. My favorite Halloween was when my son had a scooby doo costume, I was velma and my husband shaggy. It was the only time my husband dressed up and it was hilarious.

  49. OMG!!! I AM IN LOVE!! These are just too darn stinking cute!! Just when I think I have enough stamps that I can live with ANOTHER 1 comes out! OOHH how can I choice which card I like the most? I cannot tell a lie, I LOVE them all !! Each 1 is beautiful! You ladys have outdone yourselves! Hope I could win 1 of these amazing sets!

  50. I came from Teri's blog and love her cute bow and tie on those ghosts!
    My fave costume was just a couple years ago — my dh and I dressed as Claire and Bender from the Breakfast Club! Ah, nostalgia….

  51. I love the "Happy Haunting" set! My favorite Halloween costume was when we dressed our first son as Yoda. People at church still call him Yoda (4 years later). Thanks for the chance to win.

  52. It's so hard to choose! I think my favorite was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but I was also a bag of jelly beans one year, and another year, we bought a huge pack of hospital gauze and did a mummy costume! My parents were rockstars at coming up with cheap, awesome costumes!

  53. Gorgeous cards by the DT and super cute stamps as always! My son's birthday is at the end of October and he once had a Halloween party and dressed up in a skeleton outfit that glowed in the dark – that was something special!

  54. Me and my husband dressed up as mimes for a party once. It was fun but a bit hard to communicate… you only go so far with "pulling an invisible rope" and "stuck in a glass box"…

    Love the house, especially when it's painted in happy colors! ^^

  55. What a wonderful stamp set! I have to get this. My favorite costume for my daughter was a blackbird costume. Loved that.

  56. My favorite costume was when I was 3 and my mom made me an unwrapped hershey kiss costume…. Let's just say I looked like a poo pile.

  57. Bobbi Ann
    I like the tree. My favorite costume was I made a trash can and made it look like the old tin ones. I hung small
    toys all around the top. The lid was a hat. my daughter was 2. Everyone liked it.

  58. My favorite costume was when I was five and I dressed like a Genie. My mom made it and it was super adorable!! Love the new set!

    jnj_182 at yahoo dot come

  59. My favorite Halloween costume was a Zombie. My friends put on a haunted forest at their acreage for their kids's friends. I did all the make up for the characters and my own…so much fun watching Zombie makeup tutorials on you tube. Really like how versatile this set is, I never do much halloween crafting, so I always shy away from the stamp sets, but this is on list.

  60. Oh these are soooo cute!

    You know, I can only remember 2 costumes, I know I had to have dressed up more than that! Neither one was very fun, a witch and a clown, my mom chose my costumes πŸ™

  61. I absolutely love your scary house and cannot wait to get it. I specially like the fact I can use it year around and dress it up for summer or fall.
    On your new set, I am guessing more fonts, a foxy thanksgiving, x-mas ornaments, and x-mas toys

  62. I love how Julie made a fun Fall scene with this set…and Nichol's vellum ghosties are delightful! Loving all this great inspiration from the DT!

  63. OMGosh this set it amazing and I love every single card! I love that it can be for Halloween, or simply for fall. That house is fabulous and I envision gingerbread ideas for it for Christmas cards as well!

  64. Super cute stamp set!!! I love all the lawn fawn stamps set but this one is so cute!!! I don't really remember dressing up for Halloween but I do have a picture of me when I was about 5 or 6, I was dressed up as a hobo πŸ™‚ I had my dads shirt and my uncles hat and I had suspenders too πŸ™‚ lol so glad I still have that picture πŸ™‚ thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  65. Love the little ghosty – so much personality, and the haunted house is great. I don't remember my costumes from growing up except they were store bought with the plastic masks you could barely see out of. As a grown-up, working as a Children's Librarian, my favorites were Cat in the Hat and the Statue of Liberty, complete with glowing (flashlight) torch. Fun times!

  66. Who knew spooky Halloween cards could be so cute? My favorite costume to date is when I was a Hershey's Kiss, if I got tired I could just sit down on the bean bag that was used for the body of the kiss.

  67. Halloween is one of my favorite times to make cards and treats. This set will be perfect for all of our Halloween projects. My favorite costume was probably the year I wore my flower girl dress from my cousin's wedding and went as a bride.

  68. when i was in law school i dressed all in black and stapled mail all over myself ….. i was blackmail! it was so corney, kooky, and fun. i was nervous people would not get it, turns out i won best costume. who knew? i am so excited for the happy haunting stamp set and cannot wait to see the other 8 releases! ~ kate

  69. Love the ghosts stamped on vellum – fantastic cards. My favourite Hallowe'en costume was when I dressed up as the Queen of Hearts with two giant homemade playing cards strapped to me – I must have been colouring in for weeks!

  70. When I was little I had a mermaid costume that I could barely walk in but I loved it so much I wore it around the house! Love this set if I don't win it I'll be buying it!

  71. When I was about 11 or 12, my friend and I dressed up as an Oreo doublestuf cookie! Although it was difficult to walk down the street, we looked pretty amazing and it was fun! The new stamps look so fun.

  72. I love it when stamps are versatile, and you do too, which makes Lawn Fawn the best!
    My favourite Halloween costume is actually my son's! He is Luigi (from Super Mario bros.) and looks great with a mustache!!!

  73. I love this stamp set! Sooo cute:) My favorite costume was when I was a child and dressed up as Minnie Mouse. The costume was really elaborate and I have a lot of great memories from that year!

  74. I love the little ghosties!! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I have fun dressing up. I was Charlie Chaplin and Aunt Jemima several times. My pregnant nun costume didn't go over to well because I was really pregnant and everyone kept trying to push on my belly as if it were fake. Dumb!

  75. A friend of our family had made a coke can custome and when she was donew ith it she gave it to me! She had made a pop top out of cardboard and foil and it attached with an elastic strap – it was so cute!

  76. I love how everyone used the same stamps and yet everything looked so different!! My favorite for my kids would have to be my son as Harry Potter (looked just like him) and my daughter as Belle. Thanks for the chance to win this adorable set!

  77. My favourite Halloween costume was the year I wore my brother's Batman costume. My mom sewed it for him but he didn't want to wear it. I loved it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. Love those little ghosts! Great cards! My favorite halloween costume was a scarecrow costume that we made, but the straw got really itchy by the end of the night!

  79. My favorite costume was when I dressed up as a football goal and my teammates were football players! Loving these incredible stamps and inspirational cards.

  80. My favourite costumes are the purple and orange crayons that I create for both my son and daughter. They absolutely loved wearing them and I was happy to make their costumes for each of them.

  81. 2 years ago we had a sci fi Halloween themed party. everyone was in great costumes but i wanted to go as original star trek science officer. so i brought the fabric and pattern and made myself the star fleet mini dress that the women wore in the 60's along with a tricorder i picked up it was complete. i think my hubby had a seizer when i walked in with the mini dress and knee high boots on!!!

  82. I adore this stamp set! The cards are incredible! I honestly don't remember trick or treating myself. My favorite costume that my sons had was Spiderman.

  83. Such cute projects! I must have this set! I could not figure out how to leave a comment on Chan's Blog, but was able to leave the other gals some love!

    Carol B

  84. What a cute stamp set! I love Halloween anyway and this makes me want to make cards! I have to say my favorite costume was 5th grade when my mom wrapped me in tinfoil and I went as "leftovers". Too fun!

  85. Oh my gosh!! These halloween stamps are too adorable. I have so many ideas rolling around in my head already! One of my favorite Halloween costumes from my past was Strawberry Shortcake, lol. Definitely a fav or mine from my younger days :O)

  86. Oh my heavens these creations are amazing! I love that little house, and the ghost is adorable.. πŸ™‚
    I am so excited.. I see a snowman, ornaments, hot chocolate, mittens, a fox, a turkey, a train, sentiments, and maybe a top?
    ooh so excited!!! πŸ™‚ hugs

  87. What a fun stamp set. Love seeing how different everyones ideas are. We don't really celebrate Halloween that much in Australia but the kids love getting dressed up – Lord of the Rings was high on the list for a few years.

  88. I loved everyone's cards! The new stamps are amazing. My favourite costume was my "hand made by my mom" Wonder Woman costume. It was awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. My favorite costume is definitely my old Hollywood flapper costume. I truly believe I should have lived in that era, bit I'm glad I didn't because then I would be missing out on these awesome stamp sets! πŸ™‚ I'm so excited!! Hope I can win a set! Yay!!

  90. I was right! I knew when I saw the corner of that house in yesterdays sneaky peek that one of the sets released was going to be spooky business.
    So far loving the release, cant wait to see more.

  91. So cute! I love how versatile this set is for Halloween! My favorite costume growing up was a witch outfit when I was 7. I had a green plastic mask that was incredibly hot (in Phoenix), but I still loved it!

  92. My hubby and I went to a halloween party as Elvis and Pricella when she had that famous bufont hairdo with the twirl hanging down in back. We had to drive over an hour on an interstate to get to the party. All the looks we got were so fun! Lovin' the release and all the great inspiration!

  93. My favorite costume was my martian costume. My parents always made my costumes rather than bought them. I wore my dad's motorcycle helmet, held our mint green metal blow dryer (my ray gun!), and that's all I remember. But it was SO cool! sharon dot gullikson at gmail dot com

  94. Don't remember much about my own Halloween costumes. Seems like I wore a "princess" dress every year. My fav for my boys was a horse costume. They both wore it and it made me a little sad to give it away! bushy tail and all. Cute set!

  95. I'm not into Halloween so am happy some of the stamps can be used for other purposes.
    I dressed up as a hobo one year–that was my favorite.

  96. I hate to admit it but I'm not a big halloween person. Don't have a favorite costume as growing up I just recycled my dance recital costumes! I am loving those adorable ghosts though!

  97. Thanks for a chance to win. My favorite costume was my 1 year old was a golfer and I was his caddy :). I love Halloween and all of your stamps!

  98. I stopped wearing costume right when i got into high school, lol. But when I was younger my favorite costume was of course dressing up like a princess, hehe.

  99. Favorite? Don't know. The one that came to mind first was a teddy bear. . .back when costumes came in boxes with masks and the costumes weren't "tear-away." I remember the pull-on suit, over a winter coat since Wisconsin isn't usually warm enough to go any other way, and the mask that we had to cut the eyes open more so I could see.

    I still remember how humid it got breathing behind the mask – mouth hole wasn't really big enough either. And not being able to wait to get home to empty my trick-or-treat pumpkin.

  100. Gosh, I wish I could remember my costumes! But my favorite costume that my son wore was a bear costume that my mother added lots of curly yarn to in order to create a "cowardly lion" costume. He was about 1 1/2, and everyone was crazy about him, but he was very shy, so he unwittingly played the part, too!

  101. I (LOVE) this Stamp Set!!!! It is so Versatile. I would have so much fun making Cards and Treat Sacks with Stamp Set. It would also be Great for Scrapbook Layouts. That I'm so behind on.
    My favorite Costume when I was a Kid was when I dressed up Like a Vampire Girl. I really looked real. I would have been Great in one of those old Scary Samie Terry Shows. Does anyone remember those?
    Thanks for the Chance to win!!!!! :0)

  102. I went as a can of soup one year. My mom and I made it the costume sandwich board style using large poster board. I even included a recipe and barcode on the back!

  103. I was never much into dressing up- but my daughter LOVES it! Last year I made her a peacock costume- THAT has to be my fave!! (so far!)
    LOOOOOVE the adorable images- can't wait to see the set!

  104. Coming from SEA, we don't really celebrate Halloween. I had my first halloween trick or treating last year in the States and had a blast checking out the decors along the few streets of houses.

    I love dressing up as a witch as you can play around with the make up.

    Thanks for showcasing this lovely stamp set.

  105. My favourite Halloween costume was one my daughter wore several years ago. She wanted to be a Yard Waste bag. So we cut the bottom out of a Yard waste bag, made arm hole for her. Stuffed the top with two shades of green tissue paper and some silk autumn leaves. Then we glued some sticks and a couple plastic spiders to the outside of the bag. She looked great!
    Love the new Halloween stamps! Great cards, too.
    Hope you feel better. πŸ™‚

  106. oh. this is so cute!!! I love the house, and the ghost, and the bats, heck, I love it all. =) My all time fav costume, that is hard. I love Halloween. I went as a cat once and that one was fun. =)

  107. I adore that house stamp!! My fave costume was my witch one, complete with broom! I always would wear it to school on Halloween (I was a teacher)and use my witch laugh. The kids loved it!!

  108. I LOVE the house!!!!! My favorite costume…one my Mom dreamed up. It was an old pair of off white long johns and clothespins. She snapped the clothespin all over the long johns, and *poof*, created a porcupine! She borrowed clothespin from friends to have enough for lots of "quills".

  109. Wow everything here is so great and I LOVE that house!

    My favorite halloween costume I ever had were the ones my mom made for me! One year I had this awesome clown costume, and another I was the Ace of Spades! =)

    Thanks again for the giveaway!

  110. Love this set! For years my hair was below my waist, so my costumes – always handmade – were based on what I could do with my hair: a moose (because that was my nickname, a coathanger kept my hair sticking up and out), Cousin Itt, Morticia, etc. After cutting my hair, costumes included a troll doll, a brunette "Carol Burnett as Starlet O'Hara" with the curtain rod dress, and the Coroner from Wizard of Oz. Still working out the bugs of a Pez dispenser costume. Hope I win!!!
    amylfahnestock at gmail dot com

  111. Such cute cards! My favorite costume probably had to be a bunny rabbit. My mom made the costume and definitely kept me warm on those colder October Halloween nights!

  112. I loved my punk rocker costume in 2nd or 3rd grade. I wore miss matched clothes, sprayed my hair with different colors and wore a lot of makeup. Fun and very much a product of the time! Thanks for the chance to win this adorable set. As a big fan of Halloween this one is especially sweet. The design team's projects are fabulous and so is the video. Thanks for the chance to win.

  113. First, that darling haunted house is sheer perfection! My fav costume was when I was in the 3rd grade. I went as Saturn. My dress had lots of "rings" on it as did my sleeves (think 19th Century hoop style dresses). It was FABULOUS! I wish I still had it…

  114. This Halloween set looks like SO MUCH FUN!! Awesome samples and excellent video! Hope you're feeling better Kelly Marie!! My favorite Halloween costume was when I was E.T. HA! Super fun!

  115. My fav halloween costume was the genie from the "I Dream of Genie" tv show. I loved that one….if only I had her "powers" lol

  116. EEEEEE! LOVE "happy haunting"….and
    Kelly Marie, could you be any cuter!?!
    My fav halloween costume would have to be the year I went as "Alice in Wonderland"….A friend had a great blue dress that we altered, my roommate made me an apron, and I grabbed some white ankle socks, black mary janes & used a strip of black felt for the headband. I would wear that costume again for sure πŸ™‚

  117. what a fun looking set!

    My fave halloween costume for myself was when I was Medusa, I had fake snakes all wound up in my hair, so fun. My daughter was Hello Kitty last year and that was fun too. πŸ™‚

  118. When my niece and I both dressed as wonder woman…oh, it was a stunning sight. Thankfully, I have banned all photography from being reproduced of that day!

  119. Great set! I love the moon… simple circle means so many ways to use it! I've never been good with costume ideas, I wasn't a very creative kid, but a few years ago I made my own candy corn costume with matching purse.

  120. LOVE the darling Halloween sneaky peekies! I was a cheerleader once (it was always a secret regret of mine that I was never a cheerleader!) but my mom made me change out of it because the skirt was too short, LOL!

  121. hm.. favorite Halloween costume.. i would have to say it was when one of my friends decided to be super nerdy and dress up as the microsoft butterfly. he's this middle aged guy in a powder blue leotard and wings. it was too funny!

  122. So excited for this set, looks so versatile! My favorite costume was this one family at my preschool dressed up as dorothy, the tin man, the cowardly lion, and the scarecrow and they even had a Scottie dog as Toto! It was so awesome, they looked pretty darn close to the real thing!

  123. Eeekkk!!! another one!!! Let me just go ahed and say with all my heart that this is one of the Kautest hallowen stamp sets Ive seen! I hope I win and thanx for the chance.

  124. my favorite all time halloween costume was when i dressed up in a renaissance dress my hubby made for me and at the time my hair was really long so i put it all up fancy and painted a masquerade mask on. i thought i looked awesome and it felt so glamourous!

  125. Love, love, love these cards!

    When I was little, I was obsessed with dinosaurs. They didn't have dino costumes (or dino-ANYTHING) back then, so my mom made me a stegosarus costume. The tail was super long and it had a cord on it for me to hold (like a train on a wedding dress). I remember being SO excited to wear it. Hands down, the BEST. COSTUME. EVER!!!!

  126. My favorite Halloween costume was Papa Smurf. I was Papa Smurf several years in a row growing up….you know with the plasticy shirt that tied in the back and a big plastic mask….but I LOVED it!

  127. As kids, we didn't really make or buy costumes like they do today. We use to dress up with my Mom's wigs, put crazy makeup on, old shirts, and go as hippies, bums, crazy mental person, etc. It was alot of fun just playing around with the stuff we had in our house. I am loving this set. I love that house. Can't wait to play. Have a wonderful week. πŸ™‚

  128. Ack! I'm in love with these samples and we don't really celebrate Halloween like you guys do across the pond!
    So although we don't go to town like you do for Halloween, I still have fond memories of dressing up as a witch's cat πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. I love these so much, especially that haunted house! I make a very scary witch (use eye shadow instead of face paint and rat my own hair out). So much fun!

  130. LOVE the new stamps and the DT did an awesome job with them…so many different takes…wow!

    My favorite costume would have to be the year I homemade my princess costume. I cut out a cardboard crown and wand then covered them with aluminum foil…I was even crafty as a little kid πŸ˜‰

  131. I was in second grade and my mom got me a fleece onesie pair of PJs that she glued a huge cotton tail to and gave me bunny ears and painted whiskers on my face with eyeliner. Best. costume. ever!

  132. I'm sooooooooo ready to start decorating for Halloween. My hunny thinks I'm crazy. Looks like a great set. Love the haunted house. My sister's b-day is Oct. 30 and I sure could use this set!

  133. this past year we asked my seamstress MIL to help with our girls costumes and they turned out so beautiful (fairy princess for my 7yr old) and super cute (my ladybug then 4 year old). I took a ton of pictures and couldn't wait to scrapbook them because they were so rich in color!

  134. I see the sneak peak is some Christmas items again. I gotta say that I LOVE the Halloween/fall items though. Besides when summer FINALLY hits, fall is one of my favorite times of year. I love me some Halloween and remember making homemade robots, hobo's, ghosts, and more as I grew up. I think my coolest one ever was the robot though. I miss being a kid. πŸ™

  135. These are adorable! My favorite costume was really one I made for my daughter. I made an orange pillow, with white chevron lines, and a green satin ribbon. I dressed her in white, then tied the ribbon on her tummy. She was SUSHI! So hilarious!!

  136. One year I made a Coney Island Hot Dog costume for my daughter. (She was 2.) My dad had a Coney Island restaurant in Detroit for 57 years. It was an original costume, to be sure.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  137. My favorite halloween costume was when my sisters, who are identical twins, dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2. One's fiancee dressed as The Cat in the Hat, so it was a Seuss-filled Halloween!

  138. Hope I made it in time….just saw your blog!!!! I love halloween….and ALL the cards were an inspiring!! Thanks for the u-tube video….I will watch it a couple of times!!

  139. Now I really need to have this set as my daughter loves it so much and how can I not fulfill her wishes. She has become a Lawn Fawn fan and makes beautiful creations. Thanks for that smile on her face.

  140. I'm originally from Russia and we don't celebrate Halloween there… I love picking costumes for my son, though… His first Halloween I bought a monkey costume and we turned it into a bear one by altering it a bit… He was the cutest little bear on the block!!!

  141. Favorite costume is a toss up–a bag of jelly beans or a Hershey bar. Both were easy to make (garbage bags, balloons & duct tape!) and wear. Love all creative projects made with the "Happy Haunting" set; especially Tiffany's treat bags.

  142. I was a 50's Girl with a poodle skirt, pink ladies jacket and a really BIG Styrofoam hair. I ended up winning the costume contest at my work!

  143. My favorite Halloween Costume was when I was little, I was a butterfly. I loved running around flapping my wings.
    P.S. Love this new stamp set, especially the house and the ghosts!

  144. ohmigosh.. delightful set!!! Love how you each showcased the stamps with fab ideas. As a child, my favorite costumes were once I designed myself. One year I was a hobo.. my mom was so embarrassed, it made me lol.

  145. Those googly eyes are way cute!!!!!!!

    My favorite halloween costume was my son's from two years ago. He was Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba!

  146. favorite costume, the ones in "boxes" from big box stores… new homemade costumes for me. Casper with the mask and midwest hopes that you didn't have to wear a coat over your costume when trick or treating. Great set. Thanks for chances to win.

  147. My favorite halloween costume ever was when I was Patti from Doug (a 90s show on Nickelodeon). No one really knew who I was since not a lot of people had cable, but looking back, this was the most unique thing I ever was for halloween, and I love that. Thank you for this peak into Happy Haunting. This is going to be such a wonderfully versatile set! I love it. πŸ™‚

  148. This set is just adorable…those ghosts are way too cute! I love it! My favorite costume was a brown furry bear complete with a hood that I made and both my kids wore when they were 3. It was so cute, but I had brown fur everywhere in my whole house while I was sewing it together!

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