CHA Prep and a sneaky hint!

Hello, everyone! So today I was supposed to have my mini book done. I didn’t get it done :(. I really thought I would be able to get it done, but there is too much CHA stuff going on. That’s okay, though! That just means more crafty fun later on, right? 🙂

Since no crafting got done I thought today would be a perfect day to start some sneaks for our big CHA release! I know! Finally! These are really mini sneaks because we happen to love surprises here at Lawn Fawn, and we want to surprise everyone at CHA! Every weekday until CHA we will show little sneaky hints of one set each day. We hope you guys love them!

Any guesses? 🙂

We also wish you all could be at CHA with us, but since that isn’t possible, we thought we would create the next best thing! We are going to be sharing photos and videos during CHA from our Twitter and Facebook, and until then we will show some photos of our fun preparations!

cha pics

1. I think the booths needs a yellow umbrella. Yup, it does! 2. Working on the catalog. 3. Some new booth decor. 4. CHA prep is exhausting for Putter. 5. We had to go and get our critters some new friends for the booth! 6. Our hand stitched backdrop! 7. Best.Socks.Ever. 8. Product photography time. 9. Could that be a new alpha we were testing? 10. Every outdoor table needs a gingham table cloth! 11. If you go to Lowe’s and Home Depot enough you eventually get very silly. 12 &13. Pizza and donuts are necessary. 14. Ivy for the booth! 15. I couldn’t resist another photo of Putter!

Thank you so much for visiting!
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37 thoughts on “CHA Prep and a sneaky hint!

  1. At first I thought the last picture looked like a high-heel shoe, but after looking at it again, I think it could be a butterfly, like the picture beside it. Definitely leaves, flowers and butterflies. 🙂

  2. Looks like you guys have been BUSY – but still having a blast!!! Thanks for the peek into your CHA world! I'm thinking… about the sneaky peeks… butterflies!!!!! Super exciting!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your preparations for CHA–I wish I could go to see your booth and the new Lawn Fawn stamps! I spy butterflies and flora. Can't wait to see more peeks.

  4. A turkey? A butterfly? A leaf? Angel wing maybe?! rofl, doesn't sound like LF to me but I don't know what bottom left pic is! Thanks for the CHA prep picks, Putter is adorable!!!

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