Lawn Clippings Wednesday with Chari!

Hello and welcome to another Lawn Clippings Wednesday! Today we have a treat: a video from design team member, Chari!

Chari makes these adorable cards that I call “Critters in Love” cards. She does a mirror stamping technique that is too cool.

Isn’t this card so sweet?! She used Jessie’s ABCs, Critters in the Snow, and her fabulous technique shown in the video below!

Watch it here or at Chari’s YouTube channel to see some mirror stamping fun!

Thank you so much for watching, and thank you to Chari for the video!

Here is another cutey card using the same technique!

Love this! She used Bon Voyage, Teeny Tiny Backdrops, Happily Ever After, Harold’s ABCs, Say Cheese, Love ‘n Breakfast and Critters on the Farm!

We hope you guys enjoyed this fun video!

Thank you so much for visiting!
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33 thoughts on “Lawn Clippings Wednesday with Chari!

  1. So that's the trick! Thanks so much, cause I was wondering too how you did that! Defintely gonna try this….

  2. I was always using a stamp with a big open area, and of course, it wouldn't work right. Now I understand – didn't think of that at all! ha! You should make/sell a set of a couple different sizes of solid 'stamps' specifically for this.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Your cards are so amazing, Chari!

  3. Such cute, CUTE cards from Chari! I am in love with both, especially the cows! Thanks for the how to video also! I must give reverse stamping another tried. I FAILED big time the first time!

  4. Awwww I love these "Critters in love" cards!! So cute! I love the sky in both, too. Thanks for the video, I need to improve my techinque, so useful!

  5. i am so thankful for that video!!!!! it's a million times easier than what i had come up with in my head! 🙂 ha ha!
    and that igloo….it's AMAZING!!!
    thanks again, chari!!!

  6. I have always wondered how you do that. Will give a try to see how I do. Thanks so much for the video. Explained so much and those cards are so cute.

  7. THANKYOU for this awesome trick, Chari! I have a reverse stamp, but it's pretty small. You opened up a new world of possibilities. Your cards are adorable! Can't wait to make some couples. 😉

  8. I never would have thought of that!!! Such a great idea and so cool! Love the example cards too!! Thanks for sharing!

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