More sneaky hints and some Flickr cards!

Hello, everyone! We are in CHA prep madness over here, but we wanted to share some more sneaky hints and some lovely cards from the Flickr Group! We also have something super fun coming up for you on Thursday (maybe Friday). We can’t wait to show you!

Check out these hints:

There are two 4×6 sets represented here! The bottom left strip is one set, and the other photos are from another! Any guesses? You guys have been right on or very close with the others! 🙂

Let’s see some gorgeous cards from the Flickr group!

Happy Lunar New Year 2563
by Joe Shien Shien
Happy Lunar New Year! It is the Year of the Dragon! That might be a another little hint to the clues up there!
Red/blue pinwheel
by shearscj
This is a little hint of our booth decor this year!
You make me smile
by yainea
by osirisandloki
by QuarkyKatie

Are those cards wonderful?! Love them!

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40 thoughts on “More sneaky hints and some Flickr cards!

  1. aww I am so loving this sneak peak….looks like a fun dragon is coming in the near feature…can't wait to see it..

    Love all these amazing cards…so fun

  2. Aaaaahhhhh!!! I do love dragons and unicorns SO much! This set will go into my basket as soon as it will be avaliable 😀 Kelly Marie, you're the best! Thw chevron background is super cool too 🙂 Great inspiration, thanks for picking my card! 🙂

  3. Looks to me like a unicorn, dragon and castle! The other set looks like some chevron stripes? Love the peeks – can't wait to see more! 🙂

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