A wonderful card drive + another sneaky hint

There is a fantastic card drive going on right now that my sweet friend, Winter, is organizing! She is collecting Valentine’s Day cards for children in hospitals to bring them a little cheer. Please go and check out this drive for more information and send some lovely cards! Thank you Winter for putting together this amazing drive.

This card from the Flickr group would be a great one! It is so happy and cute!

Heart Stealer
by purdyeyes

And because we love sneaky hints, here is another!

There are three sets here! The three photos to the left are from one 4×6 set, the words in the middle are from another 4×6 set and the last bottom right photo is from a fun mini!

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27 thoughts on “A wonderful card drive + another sneaky hint

  1. What a cute card. And look at these sneaks! Definitely see a mailbox, maybe a letter, but that pointy thing in the bottom right… no idea. But I expect it's something I must have!

  2. I know you've already told us but I can't remember, how much longer do we have to wait until we get to see all the new goodies? (It can't get here fast enough for me!)

  3. I see a mailbox, letter and some sign for mail…very exciting set as I love decorating my envelopes too. The words are beautiful and paper airplane is so cute. These teases are fabulous.

  4. The first set must be something related to mail cause I see mailbox, 'airmail' label and partial letter. Another set I am guessing any occasion messages. The third one is hard to guess but I making my best deal on paper plane!

  5. How many sets are coming out??? I'm so excited for the full reveal! I should hunt for a 2nd job now b/c I have zero will power when new sets come out! Great card drive too! I'm doing a "14 days of LOVE" series on my blog this year, I think I'll send my creations in!

  6. Thanks for sharing my card from the Flickr gallery. I think I will send it in for the card drive!! Super excited for the new sets. Love the sneaks.

  7. Awwww….who doesn't love happy mail!! These sneak peeks are such a tease…but I'm excited for the big reveal! Have fun at CHA!! I know you guys have been way busy on top of everything else. xx

  8. I am new to you. Your stamps are wonderful. When you show how to use them I just simply want them all. What a fantastic idea!!

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