Hola Kim! + more storage ideas

Hello everyone! Today we have another new member! We are also sharing some more fun storage ideas! Our inspiration week starts tomorrow with our big giveaway post! We can’t wait!

Our last new member is Kim Jackson! We are so thrilled to have her! She is awesome!

My name is Kim Jackson, and I’m a 30-something writer, editor, and papercrafter living in Midvale, Utah. I live in a just-the-right-size townhouse with my boyfriend, Chris. We bought it in 2007, and immediately started remodeling. Yikes! Until recently, I was a senior editor at Creating Keepsakes magazine, and have had scrapbook layouts and other projects published frequently in its pages since 2010. You’ll also find my cards in a few special issues of Paper Crafts magazine. In addition to papercrafting, I love to sew and knit. There’s something so satisfying about working with your hands on something creative–especially if you’re making something for someone else. I feel so lucky to now be a part of the fabulous Lawn Fawn design team! 

Check out her blog here: http://www.jacksoki.com/
You will love it!

Today we have some fun storage ideas from Teri and Lynnette!

From Teri: The clear plastic container was just a couple bucks at Ikea. It fits two rows of stamps easily without packaging. I keep my most frequently used stamps in it. This sits on my desk at all times so they are always there when I am ready to stamp a bit.

From Teri: I also put labels on the back of my stamps, saying who the stamps are
from, what the set is, etc. I also sometimes put the date for when they
come out for design team purposes. And, also, sometimes for publishing
purposes so I know when I am working on submissions and need to use a
newer stamp set.

From Lynnette: This is how I store my Lawn
Fawn stamps. I have them in Ziploc baggies to help keep from losing any.
Not super cute but very functional.

A big welcome to all of our new members and a big thank you to our DT for sharing their wonderful storage ideas! What do I do? I have mine in binders, but I don’t love it. I am thinking of switching to the bin method just like the ones above! Do you guys have any awesome stamp storage ideas? We would love to hear them!

Thank you so much for visiting! We can’t wait for inspiration week to start!
Have an amazing day,


12 thoughts on “Hola Kim! + more storage ideas

  1. I am just about to re-organize my stamps into binder system file but you says you do not love it. May I know why? I love the ideas of storing in a bin. I been thinking about it too but it is hard to find a bin that fit the stamps unless you bring the stamp together for sample. Anyway, I like all the ideas here which is very helpful!

  2. Right now I keep my clear stamp in a basket with the original packaging. But my little basket is getting quite full! I will replace it with a larger one, I like the idea of being able to see whats in there, and just pull out the set I want. I tried the binder thing, and didn't like it either. Always having to get it out, open it up, get stamps out, put stamps in, ect. I need easy access to my stamps!!

  3. I am using a binder. I am always afraid of losing a stamp (didn't keep the original plastic packages) so a basket won't work for me. My little dudes in Harold's ABCs are always trying to run away. Really like to find the CD sleeves that Jen McGuire was using to have a flap to hold them in the binder so they don't fly out the top….

  4. Such great talent joining the Lawn DT team. Welcome Kim! Can't wait to see their creations. Bought two sets of LF stamps at my local Archiver's. Cruising through Life and Say Cheese too. So happy to bring them home. Yippee. I have a clip it up and pretty soon will have to add a tier. Love this storage and am able to see all my stamps when in need. Thanks for sharing all your ideas. They're awesome.

  5. Welcome Kim!!! Looking forward to seeing all the delightful inspirations that everyone creates for our eyes to enjoy (and the heart, too!) ♥

    I keep my stamps in photo boxes. I label each box by "clear stamps", "wood stamps", "background stamps", "holidays", "special occasions", etc. I love this system, because I know exactly where to look when I need to find a stamp set. I actually do the same with my paper punches and embellishments…

  6. I started storing my stamps in a binder, but quickly realized it was a waste of money. Too much work. Now I keep all of mine in plastic bins, too. So much easier to find & use. The bins are much more functional.

  7. It is easier for craft enthusiasts to find stamps this way. Still, different people have their own way of keeping their materials but as long as it is organized and it helps, it's all good.

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