Operation Write Home Blog Hop: Make ‘Em Laugh

Hello and welcome to the Operation Write Home “Make ‘Em Laugh” Blog Hop! We are proud and thrilled to be supporting Operation Write Home. It is such a wonderful organization and even more dear to our hearts as our design team members Tiffany and Latisha have husbands in the Army and Navy. Operation Write Home is an organization that sends blank handmade cards to deployed service members so they can write home to their families. As of March 2012, they’ve sent 1.5 MILLION cards! How amazing is that?!
Today we are hopping along to provide some inspiration to you all to help create cards for this wonderful organization with the theme of “Make ‘Em Laugh”! Don’t you love that? We have a giveaway and a contest at the bottom of this post along with some inspirational stories from some of our team members that are wonderful.
To start at the beginning of the hop make sure to go to http://www.owhstarsandstamps.org.

 I am an Army Brat and now I’m an Army Wife. Often times we think of the effects that deployments have on the spouse or on the family as a whole and we often forget how it’s affected our children as individuals and as people.

Meanwhile, we continue to fight the longest war America’s seen and within that time frame, studies have shown that our Army Brats are more resilient. But, what does that mean? To me, that means our children are growing up faster- maturing faster. Our children are fighting their own war back home struggling with disjointed families and the real mature emotions that fester as a result. There are children whose father or mother have been absent the majority of their lives.

I strongly believe, our Army Brats need a good laugh! I remember talking to my Dad while he was away. It was always the serious stuff, “how are you treating your mom, how is school, how is orchestra”? All this seriousness and all this doom and gloom whenever we had a chance to communicate! This Make ‘Em Laugh theme is just what the doctor ordered! So, let’s band together and encourage more laughs within the Army Family! The family that laughs together stays together! Thank you Operation Write Home for hosting this cause!

by Yainea

by Latisha
 As a spouse of a Naval Officer, Operation Write Home is such a blessing to those who are deployed, and lucky enough to get a box from this great organization.  When my husband is deployed, he does not have a Hallmark or even a convenience store to buy a card from, there is nothing.  So, if he wishes to send us a letter by snail mail, he has to find paper and sometimes makes his own envelopes, because they are not available.  Getting a letter or card from a deployed loved one is so very special.  It is something you can literally hold onto, especially when the blues hit. I have every letter and card he has ever sent me, they are something I will keep forever.  My children keep theirs as well, and show them off proudly on their desks.  To know crafters make cards for service members to send home, is just amazing.  It makes my heart swell with pride and happiness to be part of such a great community.  So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

by Chari

by Linda

by Kim

by Teri
My dad was in the Army and served in Vietnam. He spent the last month of his life in a Veteran’s hospital. I spent almost every day with him and got to meet a lot of veterans along the way. I think meeting and talking to so many veterans gave me a deeper appreciation for the sacrifice they and their families made. 
These cards are so wonderful, and we just know they bring smiles to soldiers’ families back home.
How can you get involved? Well, we are going to hold a little contest here on the Lawn Fawn blog. Make a card in the “Make ‘Em Laugh” theme with a standard 4.25″x5.5″ size with no glitter. Please see Operation Write Home’s site for more guidelines before you create. Post it on your blog/Flickr etc. and link it up below by April 20th. Then send your card(s) to Operation Write Home
We will pick a winner for $50 of any Lawn Fawn product of your choice! You don’t need to use Lawn Fawn on your card if you don’t have any yet, we just want to get lots of funny cards to our troops! You may also enter multiple times.



171 thoughts on “Operation Write Home Blog Hop: Make ‘Em Laugh

  1. I also giggled out loud at the stud-muffin card 🙂 so wonderful of you to support a cause so near and dear to the hearts of your DT members!

  2. I chuckled at all of the cards and love the simple look. Will have to check out Lawn Fawn a little further as I agree humor is so important when all is said and done.

  3. very fun cards and beautifully done. Thank you for support OWH and their endeavors to keep our heroes in touch with family and friends. I am blesses to know a special military family and I make cards in their honor each and every day.

    Barb Housner

  4. Those are so clever and cute! Thank you so much for the chance to win. I've had my eye on ”Critters on the Farm” for some time now and I would just be ecstatic to win! 🙂

  5. What a wondeful cause. I live in the Uk, but our service families have to cope with a lot too. Such a good idea to put a smile on their faces.

  6. Your designers' stories touched my heart. WHile I and my hubby were never deployed during a war, I spent some time overseas and know how difficult it was to get supplies together to send letters and cards and birthday greetings. My son is Army Reserves and he is on a deployment list, so any way I can help to bring some laughter to our deployed heroes is a great thing.

  7. These are Great Cards and stories to go with them. I too am a Navy Spouse and my son is An Airman who just came back from a deployment. Our troops do enjoy getting these cards to send home to their loved ones and we enjoy hearing from them. I just want to say thank you for doing this.

  8. Great cards, such wonderful inspiration…as are the stories. Thank you for sharing and thank you for supporting such a great organization.

  9. Thanks for bringing this project to us. I saw a quote the other day, but I'm not sure who said it. It said something to the effect of, no one pays attention to the troops until it touches someone they know. It got me thinking that when my bro was serving, I didn't do nearly enough to support him and the others. So thanks for the opportunity to support our troops!

  10. Thank you for sharing from your experiences. I feel like it is a privilege to serve those who are literally putting their lives on the line for my family everyday. A card seems such a simple thing…
    Your cards are "fabou" and I will certainly be back to give some retail love!

  11. What a fun bunch of cards… the stories behind them were extra special. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Thanks for being a part of the OWH blog hop.

    blessings ~ Pam

  12. This post made me laugh and cry. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences as military families. Love me some Lawn Fun–haha that was a slip–I meant Lawn FAWN. The stud muffin card is hilarious. This Army mom appreciates your support of OWH.

  13. your post was so correct. I can not imagine what these families have to go through…for our Freedom! I am so Thankful for them!

  14. I love the cow with the afro:) He's so groovy LOL! This is such a wonderful Blog Hop! I check you guys out every day and love how many great companies teamed up for this.

  15. This group of cards is great! The Disco Cow is LOL funny. Thanks to your design team for sharing the laughs and their talents on the hop today and to everyone at Lawn Fawn for your support of OWH!

  16. I just can't get enough of the streaky bacon card. LOVE that! I also love the groovy cow. These are all great, and it's so wonderful for you guys to support such an amazing organization. Thanks!

  17. If these cards are making us smile now, just imagine what it'll do for the military and their families. Awesome blog theme; thanks for supporting OWH.

  18. Such talented work. I enjoyed all the puns, but I have to say bacon is my favorite!! My husband is a Vietnam vet and even though your dad isn't with us anymore, I want to honor him and his service.

  19. Thank you so much for supporting our troops and your own personal sacrifices! We appreciate your family's service to our country! These cards are so cute! 🙂

  20. Stud muffin. You had me laughing out loud on that one! Love these great stamps. I don't own any Lawn Fawn yet, but you are certainly on my wish list!

  21. Having a close friend who was deployed to Iraq with her husband, which had her leaving her two young daughters at home with her mom for a year, I love making all OWH cards, but ones for for kids are very close to my heart.

    The cards were super and I really like your stamps. In fact, I just bought the paper airplane one. Can't wait for it to get here so I can use it on some OWH cards!

  22. Adorable cards… I just received my OWH stamp and am just getting started making cards for this great organization! Thank you for supporting OWH and for all the inspiration to get me going!
    Crafty Hugs,

  23. Thank you for partnering with Operation Write Home and for sharing these great cards. Thanks for sharing your personal story. My dad & my Father in law are Vietnam vets and have many health issues because of their service there. I loved my life as a military kid and have many great memories of the life my parents chose for us. God bless all of our service men and women and their families! Norma W

  24. Your stamps sets are all so cute. The new one with the mailbox is absolutely perfect for OWH cards! The first card had me rolling and then the rest were fantabulous! Thanks for your support of OWH!!!

  25. These are downright awesome cards, each and everyone of them! I admit a few of them even had me laughing out loud! Thanks Lawn Fawn, for supporting our troops!

  26. I'm the Mom of a soldier who served in Iraq and your comments all touched my heart. I can't imagine how children make it through a parent's deployment – I barely made it through my son's tour and I was an adult. My best to all of you.

  27. These cards are terrific! I'm a big Lawn Fawn fan; I have been enjoying using Lawn Fawn stamps on cards for OWH for the past year. So many Lawn Fawn sets are simply perfect for this cause but I think I've gotten the most use out of My Silly Valentine.
    I'm so glad your company is part of this blog hop. Thank you for supporting OWH, and thank you for creating such fantastic stamps to use on cards for them.

  28. Thanks for sharing these adorable cards in support of OWH. They are an inspiration as are the stories. Loved Teri's stud muffin card and wondered if it was a stamp or actually hand drawn? Very clever!

  29. These are just so wonderful. Love that Lawn Fawn and OWH teamed up to make cards to those who so desperately need them. My nephew will be deployed in two weeks and I am already putting a box together with cards in it for him and his new bride. This hits home when you know those are away from their loved ones and the mail is the highlight of the day.

  30. I have been in a group that send letters and cards. I think it is wonderful you send cards for the miltary to use.

  31. Oh my now my sides hurt from laughing! These cards are going to be a BIG hit with our Heroes and their loved ones. Everybody can use a good laugh. Thanks so much for supporting OWH and our Heroes!!

  32. These were too much fun – the studmuffin one made me LOL! Thank you for the chance to win some of your wonderful stamps and papers, and thank you for your support of OWH.

  33. What a great thing to do to honor our service men and women! And the cards are so darn cute and funny! Who wouldn't crack a smile when receiving one of them? Thanks for sharing these, and also for the chance to win some great Lawn Fawn supplies~~~

  34. So many fun cards! So inspiring. I don't think we have something like this as OWH in the Netherlands. Let's see the guidelines and see if I can make a card too!

  35. OWH is a great organization. It's nice to hear first hand how sending these cards makes an impact on a deployed service member's family. Thsi blog hop reminds me it's time for me to box up a bunch of cards and send them.

  36. All of the cards were so cute and put a smile on my face! I really enjoyed reading what the military spouses had to share…it provides even more inspiration to keep making cards for OWH! I would love to win your giveaway and make even more cards for OWH!!!

  37. Wow, I was touched to tears by reading the stories of those ladies with family members in the military… I just ordered OWH logo stamps, because I definitely want to support this cause! *tears* GORGEOUS cards and I SMILED through ALL the cards!!! Nothing like a good pun to make you have a good laugh! (:

  38. Your stories really hit home! I was a deployed with 4 kids back at home and I know they struggled mightily while I was gone.

    Thanks for supporting OWH!

  39. I am not a citizen of USA but I understand how it is like to be away from families members. This Operation Write Home really done a great job in supporting the troops who are fighting and protecting the country. I am glad that along the way, the manufacturers are so supportive as well!

  40. These cards are cute and funny!!! Been thinking of ideas and hope to make some soon. What a great organization and great way to give back to our heroes!!!

  41. These are definitly some Happy cards! I had to grin at the Stud Muffin card. Great idea! Thank you for supporting OWH and their efforts to help keep our Heroes and their families connected.

  42. Great cards!! Thanks so much for all you are doing to support OWH!! I know the heroes and their loved one will appreciate it! '

  43. Such funny cards – you've got me wondering what I can make from what I have on hand! And what a lovely theme to the operation write home card-making.

  44. I can not WAIT to get home and make some cards for this amazing cause.. Tiffany and Latisha's words really struck a cord.. Thanks to everyone involved in doing this, can't wait to be a tiny part of it 😉

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