Lawn Fawn Intro: “Dad’s Day”

Hello and welcome to the second post of Lawn Fawn’s Summer release and inspiration week! We are just so excited about this week! We have seven new stamp sets, and they will be revealed on May 31st at 12:01 am EDT and until then we will have fun posts and giveaways and lots of inspiration!

We already have two places you can leave comments to win:
Our big giveaway post!!
Our Sunny Skies post!

AND today’s post too! 🙂

Today is our showcase of “Dad’s Day”. This 4″ x 3″ set is great for making Father’s Day cards and masculine cards all year round! The design team has made the most amazing samples!  We also have a little video on the bottom showcasing some fun ways of using the set including 4 mini cards from start to finish!

Remember to click on the person’s name or card to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love! 🙂

Lynnette‘s card is seriously awesome. I am in love with those curtains! Adding the How Delightful chandelier to the Dad’s Day recliner is brilliant! Take it easy is a great sentiment for retirement cards!
Tiffany made this curio box with her digital cutter. So cool! The Upbeat Bright Side paper looks great with the Dad’s Day images!

Latisha‘s card is clean and simple and perfect! I just love the shades on blue on the ties. The rounded edges and cord finish it off in such a great way!

Linda‘s layout is so fantastic! The Silver Lining Bright Side paper is a great base, and I love how she separated her journaling with a sneak of our new set Belinda’s Borders! The Dad’s Day images are perfect little custom embellishments!

Chari‘s paper pieced ties are too awesome! I love seeing them in threes, and her hand drawn frame is adorable!
Julie‘s card is so sweet! I love the recliner on the tag, and the fun combo of red, white, blue, yellow and denim! A great card and layout!

Yainea‘s card and tag are awesome! I love that she used Dad’s Day to make a wedding card! She used the bow tie as a hair bow and the tie looks so cute! Her tag is so adorable! I love how it looks like a shirt. There are so many ways to use this set!

Teri‘s card makes me smile. How cute is the dressed up Critters in the Sea whale? The Dad’s Day tie and Hats Off to You hat are perfect together!
Lynnette‘s card is so cute! I love the layout. A definite go-to! The flagged sentiment strip is sweet, too!
Lea‘s card is fantastic! I love her layout and use of the chevron from the Bright Side paper pack and the Lawn Trimming cord. I just love her double bows!
project life 2012 week 13
I love Melissa S.‘s Project Life layout! It is absolutely fantastic! She used lots of Bright Side and one of our brand new sets: the highly requested “Quinn’s 123s”! You need to head on over to her blog and see the close ups!

Make sure you click on each of the design team’s names or pictures to go to their blogs and see the details of how they made their cards. You will walk away inspired for sure!

Now, I have a little video for you showing this set in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at our You Tube channel.  (It’s a long one because it has four cards! :).  If you don’t have time to watch, the “review” of everything starts at the 9:35 minute mark! 🙂 )

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at “Dad’s Day”. Tomorrow we have more sneaks to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what makes your Dad great by May 30th at 10:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set!

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday May 29th, at 12:01am EDT for our next sneak peek day!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our release week! Your comments, tweets, facebook and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! 🙂 

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259 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: “Dad’s Day”

  1. Such cute creations!! I would be so thrilled to win. What makes my dad so great is his awesome advice.

  2. My father has a reputation for being rather quiet and not particularly outgoing. However, you put my 4yr old near him and he turns into a goofball himself. It's a great thing to see.

  3. Wow! I never would have thought to make a wedding card from this set- GREAT idea!

    My dad is great because he always worked hard to provide for us! So glad he is now enjoying retirement!

  4. Oh my goodness, these projects are SO adorable!!! My dad is great for so many reasons…. but one is he is so fun and easy-going. He always knows how to make me laugh 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. LOVE the stamps! Love this set and am already thinking of good ideas for FAther's Day for next year with it! Thank you for sharing so much adorableness with us! 🙂

  6. My Dad is awesome! He has taught me so many things … he is incredibly smart, and oh-so-very funny! When I was a little kid, I'd ask him all sorts of things, and he didn't treat me like a "kid" he actually explained how things worked – he is an engineer, and knows pretty much everything. He has been a fabulous dad, and just turned 76 last month! And, now he is a fabulous grandpa too 🙂

  7. I love all these cards!
    My dad is great because he is ALWAYS willing to help me with anything. He helps me build a lot of storage thing for my craft room, along with anything else I can dream up! 🙂 He is always on the lookout at his favourite automotive for tools or anything I may be able use in my crafting. <3

  8. My dad is awesome because he learned how to cook for me when he had to stay behind with me because I took summer school. It`s amazing how much he has improved!

  9. What a perfect Man/Dad's set this must be!!! Great projects from the DT – again! Thanks for wonderful inspiration!
    Right now I Love my Dad because he's so great at being a wonderful Grandfather to my son.

  10. OH I AM SO SAYING REALLY LOUD…that I LOVE IT….how awesome is this set…girl you are on a roll…

    Well my Dad died of cancer at 53….he was loving…

  11. Adorable set. What I like (most) about my dad is when doctor's said I ways crazy and faking all my complains and pains. He searched on the interwebs and in many books. To find out what actually is wrong with me.
    He found it, was right, and nowadays with the right diet I am just fine.

  12. My dad is always my source of inspiration and he always guides me even when I am all of 26 now ! I love that…he is my super hero !!

  13. Oh!!! I love, love love that recliner image!! So cute! My dad has been gone for 21 years, but the thing I liked most about him was that he was always trying to introduce us to something new, whether it be a new food, a new place, or a new way to look at something. I credit him for adding a sense of adventure and fun to my childhood!

  14. These are fabulous cards! I especially love the first one with the curtains! My Father is amazing because his love knows no boundaries! Love him with all my heart!

  15. what fabulous cards ladies!! My dad can fix anything, he's a great handyman and carpenter. he's always finding new projects to do around the house and there isn't one thing he doesn't know how to do.


  16. Another great video!!
    Cute stamp set.
    Did I mention that I really
    like this "lawn fawny" week 🙂
    My dad was superduper! He was my buddy! So miss him … lost him (suddenly) 8 years ago …

  17. All of these cards are so cute! I love the ties and the recliner! As for my dad and what makes him great, it would be that he always makes me laugh! Some of his jokes are pretty corny…but just the fact that he keeps telling the same old jokes always makes me crack up!

  18. This is so cute and inspiring! My dad is great because he is THE best stepdad one could have. My dad died when I was 2 and my mom meet my stepdad when I was 6 and he has never left :). It was never ackward and we knew he was right for us to complete our family. He is an even better PaPa and I just don't know what I would do without him! *happy tear

  19. Wow…I love all of the cats and tags. The LO 'S also. This set is a Must have. Thank you Lawn Fawn for giving us just the perfect stamps. My dad is great because he is my dad .

  20. My dad is great because he's such a hard worker. He came to this country for grad school, stayed, built his own business (which had 100+ employees when he retired), and is a great grandfather.

  21. I just love the curtains on the first card in the set – what a top idea!

    My Dad is great because he's always there for me no matter how old I get. I love my Dad!

  22. Oh my word!!! I am drooling over these projects!!! Your design team blows me away–definitely the BEST around!!!! (; Oh, I KNOW I'm getting this stamp set as soon as it comes out!!!! I'm in love with it!!! ♥ I just LOVE that tie!!!! 😀

    My dad is GREAT because he is full with wisdom. This is a man who constantly researches and keeps himself informed. He's also sacrificed SO much for our family, especially putting both my brother and I through college–SUPER expensive, but he did it!!! Because of him we were also able to come and live int he United States!!! Talk about AMAZE!!! ♥

  23. My Dad is great because of the special relationship we share….I will always be his little girl. This is a wonderful go to set that I really love and need. Linda's layout is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. I enjoyed the video and watching the 4 cards come together. They are so cute. My Dad was always there for us 4 kids. He was always ready with the right advice.

  25. Another fabulous set and one that honors Dad…perfect. I think everyone thinks their dad is the greatest and I'm sure he is to them. What make my dad great is the fact that he ALWAYS puts others first, no matter what.

  26. I always look forward to inspiration week! Love this set! My dad has passed but I have many many fond memories…..he was always there when I needed him.

  27. Love this set! My dad is great because he always supported me and believed in me no matter what I tried. Right now he is suffering with dementia and I miss him.

  28. love love love the cards!
    my dad was am amazing man for so many reasons…his sense of what "family" truly means…his love and support of my brother and i in all that we did….all that we accomplished…and all that we dreamed…he was compassionate…always looking to help others..give of himself…and each out to the proverbial "underdog"…my dad had the best..sharpest and most hilarious sense of humor…and was loved and respected by everyone who knew him…people wanted to be his friend…he was a true gentleman…and to me…an amazing example of everything that i could ever hope to be.
    i miss my dad..and think about him each day…(he passed away in 1980)

  29. this is the set that i was looking for. my dad taught me everything of working with saw, hammer, wood he had a tiny hammer just for me and let me help him on his proyects
    thanks for the awesome new releases

  30. Great set DT! The whale card really brought a smile to my face, just too cute! Father's Day is a day of memories and reflection for me as my Dad passed away at 47. I think of him everday and know he's with me in spirit.

  31. What makes my dad great is his patience, his faith and his love for his family! 🙂 Another super cute set – I love inspiration week!

  32. Great video and wonderful cards! My dad is great because he's always helping me keep my house in repair. He's also great with my kids. What a wonderful stamp set! Thanks for another generous giveaway opportunity.

  33. What a beautiful set!!! Instead of my dad, I will tell you what makes my husband a great Dad – he's an active participant in my daughter's day to day life, school, play, etc & he loves his daughter deeply 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win and love the DT's projects!

  34. What makes my Dad great is that how he raise me whereby he trained me to handle and learn things on my own which helps me to have attention to details traits. He passed away some years ago and I miss him so much! I love you, Papa!

  35. This set is really fun. Love the mustache and tie especially. I'll have fun playing around. My dad passed over 20 yrs ago at the age of 54 yrs. He's amazing in that he raised 10 children (Catholic family), and worked 6 days a week to make ends meet. Hardest working person who instilled his work ethic on us all. I miss him tremendously.

  36. Nice COMFY chair!
    My Dad and Grandads all had a BIG comfortable chair that was JUST RIGHT for NAPPING!
    This stamp is SPOT ON like thiers.
    MY DAD is GREAT because he is so patient and selfless. A GENTLE GIANT at 6'6".
    He is my HERO!

  37. wow awesome set! ok how am I going to choose just one. Love the whale with tie card! the team did a fantastic job, all the cards are inspirational! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  38. So excited that you've come out with a Masculine set. Bet the ties and moustaches will look awfully cute on some of my critters. Thanks for a chance to win!

  39. lost my dad unexpectedly in 2005. I love that he was SO supportive of my interest in sports. Despite divorce, my dad was at every athletic event in school and in college. He treated me just like my brothers (which I loved) giving advice where needed and encouragement as well. Being blessed I also have an awesome step-dad who has been in my life since I was in 4th grade. From him, I get the "country" side of life and the values that go along with that. (:

  40. yikes I forgot to say what makes my Dad great… his way with my kids!!! he had lots of rules when we were little, but they seem to have flown out the window when my kids are around, and I have to admit I think I'm a little bit jealous! hehehe! Thanks again!

  41. My dad is amazing.. he has had a stroke and heart attack and never complains and still does everything he did before. he is my hero.. 🙂

    wonderful set.. hugs

  42. Another great set! Can't wait to get my hands on that moustache!! My Dad is awesome because he's always willing to feed you! He still makes me breakfast even though I'm all grown up!

  43. This set is wonderful. As a single parent of a teenage son my father has had a good relationship with his grandson. I also know I can count on him if I ever need anything. My father is the best father ever.

  44. I love this new masculine set…it's perfect for all the men in my life! My dad is special, because he can fix "Anything", and I think that's amazing!!!
    Thanks so much to the DT for all their inspiration, and to you Kelly Marie, for the wonderful video and a chance to win!!!

  45. My fabulous Dad passed away 15 years ago this month. He was everythihg to me. Such a gentle giant. So sweet and funny. A day doesn't go by that I don't think of him. He was the best (crying)

  46. How cute – I love the chair!! My dad is great because even though he doesn't always know how to relate to me as a woman, he always has an encouraging word and offers all of the support I need!

  47. My dad passed away when I was 5 and I don't remember much so I'm going to talk about how great of a father my husband is. I honestly have not met a more patient and loving father than him and I'm proud to call him the father of my children.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  48. My Dad is the greatest, he has always been there for me and has helped me become the person that I am today… love love love him!
    ps Thanks for a chance to win, this set looks AWEsome!

  49. I lost my Dad 5 years ago…and he still makes me smile every time I think I of him! I always say he was a cross between Don Knotts and Bill Crosby…in other words he was a funny nut! Thanks for the memories and all the cute inspiration!

  50. My Dad died 34 years ago. I was his only child & he was always there for me. I knew that nothing I could do would stop him loving me to bits.

  51. Such a great, versatile masculine set. My Dad actually turns 60 later this week, so I have been thinking about him and the passing of time. What kind of Dad he was in his youth and what kind of Dad he is now.

  52. Cute set! Absolutely love the card with curtains that Lynette made!
    My dad is great because he has always always supported us. Now that his health is failing, he's not as robust as he used to be, and I just wish my kids knew him when he was 100%!

  53. What a fun stampset again! Love it!
    The answer to your question is simple. My dad is the greatest simply because he loves us a lot!! I feel blessed to have him as my dad.

  54. Great set! Love the cards! Sadly, my dad passed away 14 years ago. He was a fabulous father who adored his 9 children and 15 grandchildren. Whenever someone needed something he was there.

  55. Sadly, my Dad is no longer alive, but I have many happy memories of him. The best thing about him was how much he loved his kids.

    Carol B

  56. Oh I love this set! Love Father's Day sets! My dad is great because he worked so hard to provide a better life for us than he had himself. He came to this country with nothing and worked hard to get ahead!

  57. Very cute cards. My Dad is great because he's so giving. He's 88 now and a retired farmer. He has a gigantic garden from which he gives produce to anybody and everybody who wants some. And during the winter he makes wooden toys for friends and neighbors.

  58. Am in love with the chair….
    I would like to say what makes my Dad great but my mother did the both jobs: mother and father, so what made my mother great was how she was always there to help me and my brother and how she made everything look so easy when it was very hard for her having two and three jobs to make sure we had all we need.

  59. I love the cards and the layouts today! Such great inspiration and I love this new stamp set too!

    So what makes my dad so great?
    Unfortunately, I was one of those children whose father didn't want nothing to do with me. So my grandfather became my father, at least that is how I see it. He was there for me through everything as a child and an adult. He made me the person I am today and because of him and his wisdom and knowledge, I am able to be a strong woman and a fantastic mother to my children. Sadly, I lost him 3 years ago suddenly. Today is a special day for me because he was an Air Force Veteran and I miss him dearly.


  60. My dad is great because he's always been there for my brother, my son and me. Also. I look up to him because everthing he tries to do turns out great 🙂 Luv my dad xx

  61. Such an adorable set! Especially love the 'stache! My dad is pretty awesome because he immigrated here in the 70's and made a life for himself and finally became a citizen two years ago! He's pretty excited to be able to vote this year and always taught me to not take that right for granted.

  62. I was just talking about how I needed a father's day set! My dad always asks if I've changed the oil in my car, makes me feel like someone is looking out for me. Love him 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  63. Lynette's curtains are great, in fact, all the projects are! There is not one thing that makes my daddy special…one million maybe, but no way just one. He is the absolute best!

  64. My dad is a wonderful dad, because he's the kind of man you want to emulate. He's generous, honest, and sincere, qualities I hope I've inherited and strive to excel in.

    Love the set! The recliner especially is so cute!

  65. I have learned a lot from my dad over the years …. he is an honest, hard working, confident person – who has taught his children to believe in themselves and that anything is possible!
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Sandra ltb

  66. These cards and stamps are super cute! Sadly, my dad passed away 5 years ago, but he still is in my heart every day. My dad was a great man in every way, but what made him especially great was the way he loved his grandchildren so so much.

  67. These are fab! The tie & moustach would be perfect for my dad 🙂 He's great to spend time with & sacrifices things in order to help me.

  68. Amazing set!

    My dad is great because he taught me all about comic books & video games. He's also an amazing Poppa to my son.

  69. Amazing projects!! 🙂 I'll leave a comment about what makes my hubby a great dad, and it's how much he sacrifices for our girls. He's the best daddy they could ask for!

  70. Love this stamp set. I don't yet own any Dad type stamps but really love how well this set was put together with cool images and sentiments.

  71. Great cards! My dad's gone, but will forever be great for everything he taught me. NOt a day goes by when I don't use the life skills he taught–not those things you learn in school, but all the other things we use over and over. Thanks Dad!

  72. my dad is great because he encourages me to go for my dream. and I know he'll always be there to support and back me up even if I fall hard.

  73. This set is great!
    My dad & I have definitely had our ups and downs, but the one thing I am glad he engraved in me is the importance of family!!! For that I am forever grateful!

  74. Loving the tie and easy chair!! What makes my Dad (step-dad) great is that when he married our mom, he treated my sister and I as his own children when we were young and we have always loved him as our DAD. ♥

  75. Cute dad stamps, I need to add these o my collection! My dad is great because he taught me to think about the consequences of my actions before I reacted.

  76. Clever cards! I love the necktie!
    My Dad was terrific… he had eyes that had a twinkle and a great sense of humor! He passed away at 72 years old and I miss him terribly.

  77. so love the projects especially the first card from Lynette and Yainea. so cool! for me my dad is so cool! he's patient, clean, organized, very creative, handy man (hehehe), and most of all because he loves our mom and us. That is most important.


  78. My Dad is awesome because he taught me to never give up on anything that is important to me…as well as his love and support! Thanks for the great card inspiration ladies!

  79. My Dad has passed away but what made him great was the fact that he was reliable and I could talk to him about anything! He was so cool. I STILL love and miss him.

  80. Love these…so CUTE!! My dad is awesome because he is always there for me and he is an awesome Grandpa!!

  81. ACK! I love that stache :). The ties & chair are also great!!

    My dad is no longer with us, but one of my favorite things about him was that he taught me to be a hard worker.

  82. I am excited about a great masculine set from Lawn Fawn! My dad is great because he showed us how to work hard!

  83. My Dad is great because even though I'm all grown up he is still getting me out of scrapes and is always there for me. The tie in this set would be perfect for him- we always tease him about the number of shirts and ties that he owns.

  84. Great set, great cards! Love those curtains, too!! My daddy died when I was 8, but I love how he is remembered by all for his quick smile, great sense of humor, and friendliness! I still love hearing the funny and sweet stories of him!

  85. Making masculine cards is always so difficult for me but I think this set is gonna solve that for me. I love that recliner 🙂

    And what makes my Dad great is the fact that he has persisted and survived so many and all the challenges that life has given him and yet he has managed to stay so balanced and focused. I am a Dad's girl 🙂

  86. Looks like an awesome set! My dad is great because he used to take me and my sister on father/daughter "dates" when we were little. I got roses and taken out for supper on my 13th birthday. So fun!

  87. Nice set! It is great to have a whole masculine set. I love them all, the chandelier is so pretty but the mustache makes me laugh

  88. What great cards – I especially like Latisha's clean and simple tie card and the adorable whale and fishie card!

    My dad's sense of humor makes him pretty great in my book!

  89. What a FAB set! My Dad is great because he made me who I am today – and at 36 I still seek out his advice and am still "Daddy's favorite!"

  90. I love how versatile this set is! That bow tie can work for men and women (as a bow for her hair), the mustache works for all kinds of masculine cards, and the recliner is a great go-to for retirement cards.

    My dad is great because he supports me in everything I do. 🙂

  91. My Dad gives the best advice, sometimes I don't always want to hear it, but I appreciate that he cares enough to tell me. I love the new releases! Saving my pennies for some super cute new sets!

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