A quick look at some of our new stuff!

While at CHA our new friends at Scrapbook.com filmed two quick videos in our booth about our new products. All of our new stuff, including stamps, paper, stickers and twine, will be shipping out to your favorite stores around August 18th. We will also have an awesome inspiration week then, too!  We can’t wait!

I am only used to people seeing my hands, so I clearly don’t know what to do when a camera is pointed at me. Haha! Please ignore my awkwardness :).

We can’t wait to see what you guys create with all of our new stuff!

Thank you so much for visiting!
Have an amazing day,


14 thoughts on “A quick look at some of our new stuff!

  1. I thought you were great and so pretty. Having only seen your hands up to now, I had no idea how attractive you really are. Your man's a lucky man. Love the new releases too.

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