Lawn Clippings Videos {8.29.12}

Hello to our friends coming over from Moxie Fab World! We might just have a little giveaway at the end! 🙂
Today we have an awesome video from Chari that I, along with many of you, requested! I couldn’t wait to see how to make one of her cute covered notebooks and pens. This would make the most awesome gift! I just love Dewey Decimal for this. The 6×6 pad and stickers are perfect for it! She also used Check This Out and Just My Type to help decorate!

You can watch the video here or on our YouTube channel!

 Thank you so much for watching!

Thank you so much for this awesome card and video, Chari
Let’s do a little giveaway! Just let us know in the comments below what made you happy today by Thursday August 30th at 5pm PDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for a Dewey Decimal 6×6 pad and sticker sheet so you can make your own cute little notebook!
Thank you so much for visiting!
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243 thoughts on “Lawn Clippings Videos {8.29.12}

  1. I'm happy today as I'm looking forward to just two more early mornings this week and then I have 4 days off. lot's of crafting in my near future to look forward to. Love today's post!

  2. Great video!! Awesome projects!
    I've made lots of these notebooks before but with this Dewey Decimal collection it's really gonna be awesome!! Looking forward to making some new ones!!

  3. I am happy that it is not too hot out today and so the windows can be OPEN!! Love Dewey Decimal! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Hearing my mom say how blessed she is after having successful surgery yesterday…and I, very happily, agree!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  5. Thanks for another great video, Chari! 🙂 Can't wait to make one of these little sets. Working in my garden and watering my plants made me happy today. 🙂

  6. Chari comes up with the cutest ideas. This little notebook and pen is so clever.
    What makes me happy today? Just was released from the hospital and my tests and surgery is free and clear of cancer. How blessed am I this week in knowing my health is good. Thanks for sharing.

  7. So cute! What made me happy today — mailed my wedding invitations yesterday, and someone already received theirs and was very complimentary! 🙂

  8. Cute project. What made me happy today: my husband found a Groupon for the go kart place I was planning on taking my daughters to. It remains to be seen whether he will have the time to come with us, which would make us all really happy.

  9. The very very nice tasting lentil soup I had for lunch made me happy. Since I had made it myself and I rarely get lentilsoup so nice tasting 🙂

  10. I am happy to be alive & well today and that the worries of yesterday are now behind me. I was really down yesterday so I decided to perk up my mom (with a surprise lunch)who just had out patient surgery!

  11. It´s making me happy, that we today got the flight tickets for our vacation in the US here n 2 weeks, where I´ll go shop amok in all the awesome craftgoodies, you guys have overthere ha ha ha.

  12. What made me happy today? That my dog, after being attacked by another one, is ok and unhurt. That, and I called animal control on the owner of that other dog.

  13. Seeing "Cookie" ( the squirrel that I've trained to come and take a cookie from me) this morning made me happy. He's been AWOL for 2 weeks and I was worried about him!

  14. I am able to walk a little again on my broken foot! It feels so good to be "crutch free"! Maybe in a week or two I'll be "boot cast free"! But I'm happy being able to walk a little!

  15. The notebook idea is so cute and great for teacher gifts. What makes me happy is thinking about the next time I see my great grand daughter who is 10 months old. She's a happy baby and that rubs off on all of us. Thanks

  16. Moxie Fab sent me! What made me happy today was getting a good report from my 82 y/o Mama's doctor. I was afraid she had pneumonia, but he didn't hear anything in her lungs, so he gave her an antibiotic and sent her home. She's had enough problems this year without adding pneumonia to the mix!

  17. My husband has incurable prostate cancer, which is being kept at bay by hormone therapy. Today we heard that his latest PSA count is very low, so the therapy is working well so far. That certainly made me happy.

  18. I just received my first Lawn Fawn set in the mail yesterday, and I can't wait to ink it up! I would love to try out your papers too. Your card is just darling…who doesn't love the Dewey decimal system 😉

  19. Love the note books, what made me happy today my husband suprised me with breakfast. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. Today? Today, my daughter had her 4th morning with a dry diaper! Looks like she'll be out of those soon… Oh, and I won a prize from Paper Crafts Magazine. That's pretty super too. Then I came here and saw this adorable little notebook and pen. I'm happy there's a Target just 2 miles down the road. 😉 Thanks!

  21. The sun is out. I got a free lunch because of my birthday on Sunday. Got some neat things at the scrapbooking store (including some Lawn Fawn stamp set). What more could you want? Never have too many stamp sets – especially yours.

  22. This video made me happy today! Great ideas for making some dollar bin items really shine! This video gave me some wonderful ideas for quick gifts to keep on hand! Thanks for the chance and for sharing this great video!!

  23. 3 students who came up to me today to say that they really enjoyed today's English lesson – that made me VERY happy (-:
    -and this wonderful chance to win too of course! LOVE your new products!
    Hugs, Karin

  24. Listening to my hubby and grandson as they played a video game together. Grand kids are the best. The new stamp set with the chevron is sweet.

  25. What adorable little notebooks! I love covering mini composition books and faux Molskines with my favorite paper and stickers.

    As for what made me smile? That would be the large iced coffee that helped me get through my morning.

  26. As soon as my 13yo son walked into the house, home from school, he gave me a hug (yeah, he was a little sweaty, but I still love hugs from my boy!)…yup, made me happy.

    Fun fun new products!

  27. Great tutorial!!! Love Lawn Fawn!!! My car got picked up by the Tow people to be taken to the auto shop!! So I am really Happy that my car is going to get fixed finally! Yahoo!!!

  28. I went to a movie today. The first movie in such a long time and I totally enjoyed myself. Thanks for the video…I like the little notebook and think I may be making some of these for party favors.

  29. I started school today – as a volunteer helper. It was so good to see my kids again. I have been volunteering for over 6 years now at this school and this is my 3rd year wth the same teacher. A wonderful happy day today!

  30. Waking up to being served breakfast in bed. As well as watching this video and having a crafting project turn out like I wanted it to. Thanks for the chance to win and for sponsoring Moxie Fab World.

  31. I got a haircut today that I absolutely love! I also found a great hairstylist (I have been searching for 2 years) who I will be sticking with and this makes me very happy! I also get to hang out with some dear friends tonight! What a great day 🙂

  32. It made me so happy today that I finished weaving my first basket and started on my second one (with a group of girl friends).
    I needed that pick-me-up, because I've been dealing with a snake infestation in the house. Yes, you read that right. UGH!!!

  33. what an adorable card being shown! I so love those little tabs. 🙂

    what makes me happy today? it's an easy one – all of the most amazing people in the crafty community who have come together for my family to take part in the blog hop! I am blessed beyond belief by the outpouring of love! 🙂

  34. I got to make a couple cards for friends today and that made me happy. Thanks for the video and cute notebook gift idea !


  35. What a great idea! I'll have to rush over to Target to see if they have any of those pens. Ha! What made me happy today was my neighbor bringing me cucumbers from her garden. Yum! Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. Love Chari's notebook!

    What made me happy today was that I finally got to spend a non-crafting night last night with DH. We went to see 'A Royal Affair'! I've been wanting to see this Dutch movie for a while and never seem to find time with all our commitments! There were only 7 of us in the cinema! Great but sad movie!

  37. I got some happy mail today that made me happy! I LOVE the whole Dewey Decimal collection. Just waiting for Canada Post to deliver mine! Such a sweet book, Chari!

  38. Very cute notebook and pen. Great color combos. What made me happy today is the Oregon weather. So few days here that are sunny, not hot…just right.

  39. Loved the video Chari! The LF paper is really perfect for these little notebooks! I was happy to start my little one on some antibiotics today. We're crossing our fingers that her post nasal drip is caused by a sinus infection and not something worse.

  40. This is adorable!!! Love the new dewey decimal set. 🙂

    What made me happy today was meeting my daughter's new 1st grade teacher and getting to talk to her in-depth about my child. It makes me glad as a mom to see a group of teachers that care so much for my child. 🙂

  41. Celebrating my daughter's 6th birthday today made me happy. She was so excited to be turning 6.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  42. Having been holed up between the hospital and house for three weeks,recovering from surgery,I was beyond happy to take my granddaughter swimming today!

  43. My two crafting loves are card making and quilting. I spent my lunch hour today visiting my favorite quilt store, and came home from work (as a Librarian) to see this lovely giveaway. Have I told you how much I love this line.
    Both things to make me smile today.

  44. My friends took me out for lunch to celebrate my birthday and I received lots of nice crafting gifts and had some yummy lemon cake, too! We also spent lots of time shopping for more crafting goodies. The weather was perfect and we were all happy to be out together!

  45. I'm happy because I got to spend today with my best friend-my hubby. We had a wonderful day having coffee, shopping for gardening stuff, and doing household chores together. This was a awesome day. ^-^

  46. This notebook and pen would make awesome gifts. Thanks for sharing the video! Received "happy" mail today ~ a birthday, thank-you card made by my DH's 14-yo grandnephew and a miss you & glad you're coming to visit homemade card by my 7-yo grandniece.

  47. What made me happy today was having wonderful morning weather. It was cool and brisk (even though it got into the 90's today). Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. LOVED this little notebook and pen project/vid tutorial!!! Can't wait to try it out–hopefully when I get your Dewey Decimal paper! (; Something that made me happy today was hearing from my good friend Lydia today who lives in Puerto Rico and I haven't seen her in over a year and she called to tell me she's coming to New York on the 16th of September, so we'll finally get to see each other!!!!! *tears* ♥

  49. The thing that made me happy today was sending off my first box of 102 handcrafted cards to Operation Write Home for our heroes overseas to use to write to their family & friends! Your new line looks fun and I'm enjoying seeing more things crafted with it!

  50. I was happy to speak to a friend who has a new job at another office so we don't get to speak regularly as we used to….
    Thanks for the creations.

  51. Iam happy today because my daughter, the reigning Mrs. Georgia, had an opportunity to participate in the Mrs. America pageant. While not making it to the final round, she has reported that she has been having a great time meeting other married women who have been very inspiring.

    I will be MOST happy though when i hear she and her hubby have landed safely tomorrow, as they will have to travel through the storminess of Hurricane isaac.

  52. Super cute notebook! Have to make some for my girls!
    I'm happy today as made our first step towards moving back to our NJ home after 1 1/2 stay in India!! Can't wait to go!!

  53. Chocolate mud pie makes me happy! And fat, haha… Oh well, another night in the gym. Crafting makes me happiest, it doesn't make you fat. LOL. Loving all the new Lawn Fawn products!

  54. what made me happy today was watching my grand-daughter make pancakes on a video my daughter took! Loved seeing her enthusiasm and excitement at learning something new!
    Loved the Lawnclipping video too..that was another happy moment today!

  55. Someone shared a flash mob dance video to me and oh my god!! That was stinking cute..just made my day…and this is the icing on that cake!!

  56. My son has got some good results in his test and that made me so happy and proud of him…he was a slow beginner and any progress on his part makes me and my family very happy 🙂

  57. I know this sounds a bit naff.. but I have a ring bound set of Lawn fawn stamps on my desk next to me and a HUGE pile of stamped, embossed and cut out lawn fawn animals to colour.. that is what makes me happy. My 4 year old wants them to make her happy too though.. and no other stamps will do.. seriously I have tried.. >.<

  58. Been decluttering (kids' clothes) and just heard from my neighbor with 3 kids that she'll take (real cheap) half of the stuff I offered her. Yippie! The "white space" in my attic is growing.

  59. Love LF and love LF videos – I am always excited when a new one is available to watch! My daughter watches them too! And she is what made me happy today – she makes me happy every day!

  60. My first born son, who I am taking to college, makes me happy. It is bittersweet that he is growing up and leaving home, but we are so proud of him.

  61. My 2 month old daughter makes me smile every single day. She is plain adorable 🙂

    Love this sweet little gift idea by Chari! Can't wait to give it a try 🙂

  62. What made me happy was just waking up to another day. I cherish life even when there are trials and tribulations. My daughter's favorite phrase is YOLO (You Only Live Once). Words to live by. Also, the video made me happy. Cute ideas on making a mini notebook and pen.

  63. I am not dizzy today!! We had a good morning before school and my kids are healthy! My DH likes his job and is working today. It's a GOOD DAY!!!

  64. I'm looking forward to going back home after been away for 3 weeks. There's no place like home, that makes me happy today. Thanks at the chance for this lovely giveaway!!

  65. what made me happy? spending the day with my hubby – sans kidlet. we went for breakfast, ran a bunch of errands, it was great to just be the two of us for a little bit 🙂

    great projects!!

  66. Today, I am happy because we did not experience a whole lot of damging winds or rain because of Hurricane Isaac!

  67. These notebooks and pens are just adorable! I also love how you let us know in your video where you can get the items you are using. Very helpful tutorial!!! 🙂

    Julie L.

  68. What made me happy today was waking up to a 4 year old who felt a lot better! 🙂 He's had a tough week so mommy is so happy to see her happy boy back to himself!

  69. Too cute so love this collection…I'm a happy girl today since I will be spending it with my husband and looking for to the weekend! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  70. Being able to take a well deserved nap in this rainy weather made me extremely happy. I watched the video last night and think it is the cutest idea I've seen in a while!

  71. Lovin' this adorable notebook!!

    The cute little things that come out of my 3 year old's mouth make me happy…..she has such a personality!!

  72. Oh my gosh – I LOVED this tutorial!! I totally want to go to target and purchase all the supplies and make these for all my neighbors they are so cute! What am I happy about today in particular? (1) that the vet was able to squeeze us in for an appt. before they were closed for 4 days, (2) my puppy's cornea is NOT scratched so some drops should heal him right up in no time, and (3) this fabby little tutorial! LOVED it!!

  73. Spending the day with my hubby at the NYS Fair made me extremely happy today! I got to hold a newborn chick, to see the world's smallest horse and to have a maple milkshake:). Looooove Lawn Fawn products! Thanks for the opportunity to win some!

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