Lawn Fawn August Contest!

Hello everyone! Today we are announcing a fun new contest over here at the Lawn Fawn blog!

We originally had posted a contest to have someone create our Facebook cover photo, but we were recently informed of Facebook’s strict rules in regards to giveaways and want to make sure we abide by any rules and regulations over there. We love you Facebook :).

Okay, so what does that mean? That means this contest just got easier and maybe more fun! You guys are the most creative people out there, and we want to see your projects! So get crafty and upload your creations below. You may submit both older and newer projects. We just can’t wait to see them!

We will choose a winning project from those submitted, and the winner will then send their project to us. The winner will have a feature post here on the blog, their card just might be photographed and appear on our site and/or perhaps our cover photo, and will win either a 6×6 pad or collection kit and two stamp sets of their choice!



3 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn August Contest!

  1. Awww, and I already started on my Facebook cover photo. Well, it's almost done can I give it to you guys anyways without it being in the contest? lol. I'll just create something else for the contest too.

  2. I'm given a big AWW too!
    I was hoping to get a photo of the two fawns we have visit us in the backyard every day…
    I hope anyone else working on a FB banner continues and shares their work:)
    Thanks for making a fun contest anyway Kelly Marie

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