Have a Very Fawny Holiday! {Day 1}

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special inspiration week, “Have a Very Fawny Holiday”! This week is all about getting ideas for the upcoming Holidays! There are design team samples, giveaways and videos! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win these sets!)
We will feature every Lawn Fawn Holiday stamp set this week, and today we are focusing on Winter Bunny and Let it Snow! We have ideas for making a tag, a card set, and a snow globe!
Let’s check out some awesome design team samples!

 Chari‘s Winter Bunny and Let it Snow tag is gorgeous! I love the way she added polka dots to the scarf with a white gel pen. Let it Snow is great for creating scenes for critters! 🙂

Kim‘s Let it Snow card set is adorable! I love the way she used die cuts to frame her scene and the extra glitter around the edges. It definitely gives that snowy, magical feeling!
Make sure you click on each of the design team’s names or pictures to go to their blogs and see the details of how they made their cards. You will walk away inspired for sure!

Now, I have a little video that shows how to make a snow globe with Winter Bunny and Let it Snow! Watch it below or at our You Tube channel

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look back at Winter Bunny and Let it Snow. Tomorrow we have another fun Fawny Holiday celebration!
For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite holiday memory by November 16th at 10:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for both of the featured sets!

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday November 13th for our next Fawny Holiday post! 

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130 thoughts on “Have a Very Fawny Holiday! {Day 1}

  1. My favorite Holiday memory is when I was a little girl and woke up on Christmas morning to a completely changed home. It was so exciting to walk around the house and explore all the beautiful Christmas decorations that my parents spent all night putting up for us kids. Magical!

  2. Such a cute tag…and those cards are just lovely…love the snow globe very much there is something so magical about them :)…And Thank you so much for a chance to win 🙂

  3. Love all the cute and glittery projects! My fav Holiday memory would have to be Christmas 3 years ago. It's usually just within family but that year, we had it with cousins and the rest of our relatives. It was a great bonding session.

  4. Just love that snow globe. Ingenious. My favourite Christmas was a couple of years ago flying to the UK to spend with my son in below zero temperatures. We have over 40C degrees here usually and I just loved the cold and snow for a change.

  5. My favorite holiday memory is when my brother and I were downstairs shaking presents before everyone else showed up. I had a really big box with my name on it….like huge, and flat. We flipped it over only to discover that my mom had cut corners and only wrapped the top/sides of the box, and there was a big photo of the dollhouse that was inside.

  6. My favorite holiday memory is just being together as a family when my dad was still with us. For my son to have enjoyed having his granddad during Christmas and spending fun times together is just the most special memory!!!

  7. Great projects today, adore the bunny. One of my favorite memories was going to get the my first real tree. The smell, the snow, the silence (even though it was next to a main street) it felt like we were miles away in a giant forest.

  8. LOVE that snowglobe!
    I remember the year it RAINED on Christmas eve, instead of snow..Santa wrapped the gifts in newspaper..and we could tell they had been out in the rain!

  9. My favorite holiday memory is Christmas at my Grandmas when I was 6 or 7. She got me a plastic purple dollhouse and even at that age I could tell she was just as excited as I was. I lost her last year and treasure the memory more then ever. I love both of these sets and don't have either yet – thank you for the chance to win, LF! 🙂

  10. Great projects! I'm looking forward to this week of inspiration! One of my favorite holiday memories come from my childhood. When me and my siblings were younger, we would get up sometime between 5am and 6am on Christmas morning. We would wake my parents up by singing Jingle Bells as loud as we could. Once they were up, my mom would start playing some Christmas music on the stereo in the living room where the tree was, she'd make cinnamon rolls, and we'd all sit together in our tiny living room, taking turns opening presents! What a great memory to recall! Thank you!

  11. Great projects! So super cute.
    My favourite holiday memory is of me and my sister getting up suuuuuuper early Christmas morning when we were kids (like 4:00 – 5:00 am)and having to wait anxiously in my room playing with our toys because we weren't allowed to wake our parents up until 7:00 am to go downstairs and see what Santa brought.

  12. I love the holidays! My favorite time is decorating the Christmas tree with family as Christmas carols play in the background 🙂 I also love the sample cards! What a cool idea for a snowglobe!!

  13. Very cute projects today! I really love that snow bunny – he's adorable. One of my favourite Christmas memories (I have so-o-o many of them – it was hard to pick!) was the first Christmas that my husband and I spent together. My sweet, romantic husband wrapped up a beautiful silk scarf that his parents had brought back from a holiday in Bermuda. When I opened it, he asked if I would like to take it back. Under the scarf were 2 plane tickets to Bermuda! BIG surprise!!

  14. My favorite memory is watching my Mom precisely place each piece of tinsel on the tree. Remember tinsel??? This snowglobe and the cards are darling.

  15. This is amazing and so cool!!
    Looooove the snowglobe! Awesome idea!!
    Special inspiration week…this is gonna be great,
    love LF inspiration weeks!!
    Thanks for all the inspiration!!
    Fav holiday memory; celebrating X-mas with my godmother!!

  16. My favorite holiday memory was the Christmas that "Santa's" sleigh left marks out in the snow, and there were snowy footprints in the house from him delivering the gifts! Oh and I heard jingle bells too! Not the song, real ones! 🙂

  17. That snow globe is so adorable. Never would have thought of that using paper and some ink. What a pretty snowy scene. My favorite memory is my parents owned a purple Cheverolt station wagon and all 10 of us kids would pile in, (no seat belts back then), would attend Christmas Evening service then drive around looking at all the Christmas lights around my hometown. It was pure chaos but I wouldn't have changed anything in the world back then.

  18. That tag is adorable, as Lawn fawn always is! My favorite Christmas memory is getting in the car with my grandfather on a cold mid-December night, getting hot chocolate for the ride, and driving to Wilmette (northern Illinois, on the Lake) and looking at all the holiday lights & decorations on the big, beautiful homes. It was like a magical fairy-tale land to me. Thank you for the memories, Gramps. And thank you Lawn Fawn for bringing to my mind again!

  19. I love the cards they are gorgeous….. My favorite Christmas Memory is all the Christmas parties my Aunt used to have. The whole family would be there and she used to play Christmas Carols on the piano and we'd all sing along. Thanks for the inspiration.

    racincrafts at aim dot com

  20. My favorite Holiday memory has to be my very first Christimas with my own family. My Husband and my first born was the most magical experience I will never forget! Thanks for the chance.

  21. My favorite holiday memory is going sledding with my sister at my grandparent's house. Their house was built on the side of a hill so it was the perfect spot. Every year my grandparent's would spoil us with new sleds. Whenever we would get to cold and call it a day, my grandmother would always have Christmas cookies and hot chocolate waiting for us.
    Kayla Foister

  22. so hard to choose! But we always went to my grandma's house Christmas Eve and Santa came and gave us kids each a present. With her 7 kids and us grandkids, it was always crazy but fun!

  23. Such a cute bunny! My favorite holiday memory must be when my dad was off fighting the first Gulf War and I remember my mom worked extra hard to make that Christmas special for us. She worked full time, so she stayed up til the wee hours to wrap presents. We also recorded a video tape to send to my dad.

  24. I have so MANY favorite holiday memory…. but here is a really funny one 🙂 My little sister was at that age of almost growing out of believing in Santa Claus, but she still wanted to believe so bad! So on Christmas Eve she put out some after dinner mints for Santa (her favorite candy at the time). Well, the next morning we wake up to an empty dish, and none of us could figure out or explain what had happened to the mints. She was so excited, and kept telling us that Santa was real. Years later we found out that she had woken up in the middle of the night and ate all the mints haha 🙂

  25. Love the snow globe! Christmas is always magical.. memories from my boys being small and now seeing my granddaughters joy at the Christmas decorations and presents.

  26. Oh wow now that is something very very different! I love playing with these snow globes in store! My favorite holiday memory was when I spent the Christmas at Tokyo. It was my first time in Japan and I just went crazy in the stores!

  27. My FAVORITE Holiday memory is my husband purposing at 11:00 pm on Christmas Day!! We went to the pond to look at the stars and the lights of the city on our way home from the Holiday activities and he got down on one knee and purposed!! Shortly after we were serrinaded by cyotes howling!! It was the coolest thing that could have happened and I will NEVER forget how BEAUTIFUL the scenery was and the feeling that was in the air!! THANKS for the chance to win and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  28. Your snowglobe is so cute! My daughter's Girl Scout troop made something like this, and it's a great craft for kids too.
    I have many favorite holiday memories, but I guess my favorite would have to be waking up on Christmas morning and hearing my kids whisper to each other excitedly. Best part was, when my husband and I finally got up, they'd sorted all the gifts and were ready to unwrap. 🙂

  29. I sewed all of my clothes (this was when I was much younger) and then started sewing for the kids and my husband when they came out with knits and the systems for sewing on them. I had an old sewing machine and really wanted one that would do zig-zag and some other stitches because the knit material really needed those kinds of stitches. I knew we didn't have the money for what I wanted so I didn't push to get a new machine. Imagine my surprise when I came home from my in-laws on Christmas Eve and found the sewing machine of my dreams. I made so much on that machine (clothes, Barbie clothes, can't remember it all). It was the surprise of my life. Bob was a great guy and always tried to get me the things I wanted.

  30. My favorite holiday memory happened 5 years ago, when my son who was deployed in Iraq, showed up at our doorstep on Christmas Eve…What a wonderful surprise that I will never forget!

  31. My favorite memory of Christmas is when I was little and my parents made ​​us sleep early so that Santa Claus came and left us our gifts. That excitement to sleep and unable to sleep thinking about Santa Claus and then waling up. One of my favorite memories.

  32. Loved this tutorial!! And, I love both of these sets – don't have either one ( yet!) My favorite Holiday memory – anytime that involved my grandparents – I loved them both so much!!

  33. A little snowglobe is such a fun idea, I love it!!
    My favourite holiday memory is just how excited we all were on Christmas mornings – Mum, Dad, everyone!

  34. favourite holiday moment: we has teased our youngest for months that all she was getting for Christmas was garbage (she's 6 at the time)… so hence, on Christmas morning, when all she saw were the garbage bags (full of wrapped gifts) she promptly dragged them ALL to the garbage can to be thrown out! We ended up opening a bag to show her he gifts, then she calmed down and we had a great Christmas after that.. I still remember her angry, almost crying eyes when she saw those garbage bags..

  35. I love that tutorial! I know it's messy, but it seems like fun to make a few snowglobes with friends. 🙂

    Growing up, I didn't believe in Santa; I was happy knowing my parents were the ones putting gifts under the tree, and I knew how hard my dad worked to afford to buy gifts for my sister and me each year. We rarely got surprises; usually we'd pick out gifts at the store, and we'd watch our dad wrap everything and put them under the tree. In that sense, I don't have a "favorite" Christmas memory, but I always associate the scent of cinnamon with my childhood Christmases. My parents' cooking during the holidays made great use of cinnamon, so when I want a sense of nostalgia, I just drink cinnamon-infused coffee or tea and immediately feel like a kid again.

  36. What a fun blog. Love the snow globe and the tutorial was fantastic. Lots of great holiday memories, but one of ours is when my younger siblings, would get up early (like 4 am), get their Christmas socks bring them back to the bedroom unwrap gifts in the sock, wrap it back up, re-hang their socks on the fireplace and when everyone got up at 6 am, would open their socks again, pretending it was the first time. They always got found out, as they ate the chocolate that was in their socks and never had any when the rest of us did.

  37. My favorite memory is that every Christmas eve, we gathered together with my dad's family for dinner and gifts, then Christmas day, after opening Santa's gifts, we gathered with my mom's family for another big meal and more gifts. I have fond memories of seeing aunts and uncles and grandparents on those days.

  38. Funny enough, one of my favorite holiday memories is coming downstairs to discover my mom putting things in my stocking "from santa" cuz I just knew it was her and not really santa claus! LOL!

  39. My favorite holiday memory is the one and only year that my sister and I were allowed to open a gift BEFORE grandma and grandpa got to our house. We'd had a giant snowstorm on Christmas Eve, so they were really late getting there. Gee, it must have been at least 10AM. Ha! Thanks for the chance to win those stamps. I love that bunny.

  40. Wow, a snow globe. I would never had thought of making a snow globe with my papercrafting supplies. One of my favorite holiday memories, was the year my husband managed to ring a little bell outside my daughter's bedroom window (she was 3 yrs. old) on Christmas eve, while I was reading her a bedtime story, and she shooed me out of the bed yelling, "Santa is almost here, I have to go to bed now." She thought she heard the sleigh bells. It was hysterical.

  41. Love the snowglobe.
    A favorite memory–my whole family got bikes for Christmas. We didn't have much money, so it was a real treat. I put my baby sister in the basket of my new bike just for fun.

  42. Oh my gosh – I love that snow globe! This will be my craft with the Grandkids on Thanksgiving day. And I love those tree stamps! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration. I am looking forward to this weeks posts!

  43. Such cute projects! My favorite holiday memory is not being able to sleep Christmas Eve night, so my older brother and I would meet out in the hall and discuss whether or not it was too early to wake up our parents. Good times!

  44. WOW Kelly this snow globe was AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT! I definitely need to make one of these… Oh lord the possibilities are endless! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful project with us and I have to say that I love the stamps used! Okay so my favorite Holiday memory is the same memory I have over and over again every year… and that is baking Christmas cookies every year with my little girl. I do the fancy stuff and she makes the sugar cookies from start to finish. She's a baking pro at the age of 9! Very good times!!


  45. My favorite memory is sneaking out to see the Christmas tree late on Christmas Eve. I would just sit and stare at the presents and beautiful tree. Then I would tip toe back to bed. I loved the quiet and magic.

  46. I {puffy} heart inspiration week! Gorgeous projects! I've been playing with Let It Snow and oh my! Talk about a versatile set! My favorite Holiday memory is one year when my siblings are I were little enough to still believe in Santa Claus-my mom whistled an entire book of Christmas songs while we were trying to go to sleep. I just remember wondering how long she could whistle and how she could whistle like she was singing. I feel asleep to that and I remember it every year 🙂

  47. This is gonna be great, I love Christmas & love LF, so double win for me. The the snow globe idea is awesome. I have too may wonderful Christmas memories to try & pick any as a favorite, but thanks for bringing so many of them to mind.

  48. wow, you made a snow globe! how creative is that?! I especially like your tag—so pretty. My favorite memory is of my younger sister and I decorating the tree with tinsel. I read someone else's post saying "do you remember tinsel" and I sure do! except we called them icicles and they were so pretty!

  49. My favorite memory was Christmas when I was five years old. We lived in Alaska and went out on Christmas eve to look at Christmas lights. When we got back to the house, Santa had come. My parents said Santa had to start in Alaska early to make sure there was enough time for him to get everywhere. It was the most magical Christmas I've had.

  50. i have many fond memories from Christmas – probably the fondest would be the Christmas mornings when everyone is in their matching pajamas and we have hot cocoa and open our gifts. By the way-love the snow globe idea.

  51. My favorite memory is from the Christmas pagents in our tiny community church when I was a little kid. After the service as you walked out of the church the church elders would hand each child a brown paper sack filled with peanuts, an orange, ribbon candy, filled pillow candies and chocolates. None of it was individually wrapped and it would all tend to stick together and I do believe they were the best tasting things in the whole world!

  52. I would swear that I had a visit from Santa Claus as a child of about 9 or 10. If you've ever heard the song by Harry Connick Jr., it's like that. I didn't ride in Santa's sleigh, but I got the distinct impression he visited me when I was a child. Magical!

  53. I just love the tag. I think I am getting a card overload right now and seeing a beautiful tag is cheerful – they are smaller and easier to make and they go on gifts!!! Just love that bunny….

  54. I love the snow globe! I'm going to make these with my nephews, they'll get a kick out of it.

    I have too many favorite memories to count!

  55. My favorite Christmas memory takes me all the way back to the age of seven. I so wanted a bike and had asked for a new bicycle for Christmas. Christmas morning was wonderful with many presents and lots of fun. When the gifts were all unwrapped I was happy even without the bike I dreamed of having. Just then, in the midst of gathering up the torn wrapping paper, the drapes were pulled back and there it was, a shiny blue Schwinn, with a horn, in just my size. What a beautiful surprise it was. Since that very special day I have strived to make the holidays of kids just as special.

    Your stamp sets (and papers) are just wonderful and I can't wait to see what else you are going to show us to inspire our holiday creativity.

  56. my favorite holiday memory was when my cat unwrapped ALL of her gifts early…there was a catnip surprise waiting for her somewhere in the pile! lol

  57. Beautiful projects by the DT! Watched this video yesterday and LOVED it! I mean, who doesn't like snow globes?! And to make 'em yourself? Brilliant!!! Thanks for sharing this awesome video tutorial! (:

  58. What a cute project!!! I can't wait to try this with my daughter – I knew the tiny mason jars I had would come in handy eventually!! My fave holiday memory is playing Christmas records on my family's giant record player that was actually the size of a dresser, and had a big heavy wooden lid. I was so proud when I was old enough to be able to change records by myself 🙂

  59. Favorite holiday memory was when I had a Barbie Christmas. I got my huge Barbie Dollhouse and all kinds of Barbie furniture to go with it. I was probably about 9 but it was AWESOME!!

  60. So much wonderful inspiration from you and your design team! I will definitely be creating this snow globe with my granddaughter ~ Thank you so much for all the great ideas!!!

  61. Oh my gosh, I SO needed this right now! What an adorable idea and a great use for those stamps sets. I have had my eye on both of those, but haven't been able to order them. Thank you also for the chance to win them. I love this idea and the inspiration I find from Lawn Fawn everyday!

  62. I'm sorry to post twice, I didn't leave my favorite holiday memory. I am still trying to get back to normal, we have struggling to recover from Hurricane Sandy here and I am behind on email after a 13 day power outage!

    My favorite holiday memory is going Christmas caroling with my cousins. We would go around the neighborhood and collect money for charity. Being a natural ham, loved singing for all the people, although looking back on it, they might have paid us to shut up. . . LOl!

  63. All these cards are gorgeous, the bunny is so cute and the trees are very cool. I haven't really got a favourite holiday memory, just lots of memories of the happy times spent at home with my son and daughter at Christmas when they were young – it was always so special xx

  64. My favorite holiday memory is decorating the Christmas tree. I love to unwrap all of the ornaments and hang them on the tree, each one brings up a different memory.

  65. My favorite holiday memory is when I was a child, my brother and I would sneak out to the tree and peak at what Santa brought us early in the morning. We would look thru our stockings and try as hard as we could to put everything back just the way it was. We were busted every time! LOL

  66. love how the glitter is around the frames, and snow globe and video are awesome. thank you for sharing. my favorite holiday memory is the family every year sitting all together Christmas morning around the tree opening gifts.

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