a creative take on a Punky Sprouts mini album

We have an awesome treat today as we have a very creative use of a mini album by Elena! Our friends over at Punky Sprouts sent us some of their gorgeous mini albums, and Elena thought it would be fun to create some Easter treats! Check it out!
These are just too cute! I love how she used the Pink Lemonade papers and mini album pages to create these treat bags!
Some Dewey Decimal works great for Easter, too!
 Bannerific stamps and Lawn Cuts dies are perfect with the Happy Easter bunny!
 I love how she used Interlocking Backdrops to decorate her die cut!
I love the idea of using a mini album in a creative way, and Punky Sprout‘s are perfect for this because of their fun and different shapes!
Thanks for sharing these awesome treats, Elena!
Thank you so much for visiting!
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7 thoughts on “a creative take on a Punky Sprouts mini album

  1. That's soooo funny! I saw they had these made up at our local craft shop. I bought a few of you stamp sets; but, only one die set as they were all sold out! I still can't get them. Day late or a dollar short! Thanks for the smiles!

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