Lawn Fawn + Perfect Layers Week! Day 3

This week we are teaming up with our friends over at Perfect Paper Crafting! They have really cool tools including the Perfect Layers Rulers! We will be bringing you a fun week of projects, so make sure to head on over to their blog, too. We will also have a giveaway at the end of our week. We will choose our winners from comments on our blog throughout the week!
 Today we have an awesome video by Tiffany using the Perfect Tears product!
Check it out below or watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I just love this cutie card by Tiffany!

Don’t forget to head on over to the Perfect Paper Crafting blog. They might just have a giveaway going on, too!  They are also offering a discount code. Enter Lawn5% on their site for 5% off your order!


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54 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn + Perfect Layers Week! Day 3

  1. Those flamingo's are so darn cute! I can't afford anymore so they will have to go on my Christmas list. Gosh, that seems soooooo far away. Please keep up the great work! I love them all.

  2. Every time I see 'Perfect Tears' I see 'Perfect Cries' even though I know it is 'Perfect Rips!' This week was the first time I heard of Perfect Layers and I see where their tools would come in handy. The 'Perfect Rips' worked well with the scene Tiffany created for her flamingos. Cute card, Tiffany.

  3. this is a very clever card. I love all the layering done with the torn patterned papers! I'm also not one for "coloring" so doing it this way really appeals to me. and the flamingos are so darn cute, too. thanks for the tip on adding the bow….I always have trouble tying the bow while keeping the part wrapped around the card at just the right tightness.

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