Have a Very Fawny Holiday Week! {day 3}

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special inspiration week, “Have a Very Fawny Holiday”! This week is all about getting ideas for the upcoming Holidays! There are design team samples, giveaways and videos! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win a stamp set of your choice and a Peace Joy Love 6×6 pad!)

We will feature every Lawn Fawn Holiday stamp set this week. Yes, every single one! And, we also have our friends from Lawnscaping joining us for extra inspiration! Woohooo! I can’t wait to show you all of these gorgeous projects!
Let’s check out some awesome samples and a fun video! 

Elena‘s card using Making Frosty Friends is too cute!! I love the idea of pink snow, and I love how perfectly the Bannerific banner fits behind the snowman!

Nichol‘s Winter Owl ornament is too cute! This would make an amazing gift! Especially in the Peace Love Joy box she made! The tags from the paper are perfect for gifts!

Charlene Bopp_LF1
Charlene Bopp_LF2
Charlene has created the cutest card with Critters in the Snow! I just love her penguin pyramid, and the cute way she decorated the inside of the card, too! She colored her images with Distress Ink reinkers. Gorgeous!

audrey LF Winter Inspiration
I love how Audrey used the traditional red and green with lots of white for her card! The Making Frosty Friends snowman looks so cute with the green bokeh background, and his scarf is adorable paper pieced!

Laurel made such a sweet scene with Cozy Christmas! I love that she colored her fireplace a non-traditional color, and the Peace Joy Love plaid makes awesome wallpaper!

Latisha‘s Bows and Holly ensemble is gorgeous! I love that she decorated a gift bag, and created a matching card!

And now we have a great treat: Chari has made us an awesome video!
You can watch the video below or at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

chari HappyHolidays_DistressSky
Chari used Let it Snow and Winter Gifts to create this beautiful scene. I love how she created her sky! Make sure to watch the video above for her awesome tips!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Holiday sets. Tomorrow we have another fun Fawny Holiday celebration!

For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment letting us know if it has started to snow in your town yet (It doesn’t snow here in Southern California, so we are living vicariously through those of you that have wonderful winter weather!) by November 15th at 10:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for a stamp set of their choice and a Peace Joy Love 6×6 pad! Post about our Fawny Holiday Week on social media and leave another comment for another chance to win! 🙂

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday November 14th for our next Fawny Holiday post! We hope you guys love this week!

Thank you so much for visiting!
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208 thoughts on “Have a Very Fawny Holiday Week! {day 3}

  1. So many beautiful and inspiring projects! Thank you for sharing and for the great video! Here in Athens, Greece it hasn't snowed yet, it might not snow at all in the winter but we usually see a little bit of snowed peaks of mountens surrounding the citi!

  2. What adorable creations—my wish list has grown..AGAIN!!! Snow?? Here?? On Monday 'they' announced 'flurries'..Flurries became 1 foot!!!!! of snow…so we have snow..quite a bit…and it's pretty darn cold here. Winter is here. 'sigh'.

  3. Gorgeous projects again today! And great video! Love all the tips that Chari gave 😉 About the snow, well, I live at the north of Spain, so we don't get a lot of snow, maybe a couple of days around february, so we still have to wait a while!

  4. I just love today's creations…so much wonderful inspiration. I also love the cute ornament gift. They called for some light snow on Tues but go nothing but maybe 2minutes of flurries… kids were disappointed.

  5. We haven't seen major snow here in Omaha but it did flurry a tiny bit on Monday! When I left for work on Tuesday it was about 11* outside – brrrrr! I think winter is here. Lol. We have had a BEAUTIFUL fall with gorgeous leaves so I can't complain! Bring on the holidays!! 🙂

  6. awwww so cute, Charlene's penguin pyramid really made me smile, gorgeous! We had some snow the other day but it's melted now, It's like being in a snowglobe as we live in a high rise building it's quite pretty and magical to watch!

  7. Wow these cards are wonderful everyone! TFS.
    I just love the penguins and snow peeps.
    We do not have snow here. We have been unusually warm and dry here.
    We got to 60 on Monday so I got a special treat when I went to the zoo.
    Our new baby lion cubs were out with their momma.
    You guessed it. I took about 800 pictures. lol.
    Crafty hugs,

  8. We had some flurries yesterday. While I love winter and snow, flurries are all I want to see here in NC. More than that and we're trapped for days! Cute projects- love the ornament idea!

  9. Omg!! Loving the projects for today!! We don't have any snow here yet on the ground, but we have had some snow fall!! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a Fabulous Week!! 😉

  10. We don't have any snow in Budapest yet but I hear there are some already in our neigbourhood in Austria, so it's not that far away from us! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  11. Whoa!!! such a cute cards.. Mu LF winter stamps are on their way and can't wait to make cards with them…
    We had flurries day before yesterday. we live in MI so we will be having a ton of snow, so you can visit us or I can mail some to you!!! 🙂 🙂

  12. I love all the cards today! I will definitely be using Audrey's for inspiration. It snowed Tuesday up here in Michigan but it didn't stick. I imagine that we'll have a white Christmas this year!

  13. Lots of cute projects using the new "stuff". No, we haven't had snow yet but there are predictions of a snowy Winter ahead for us. We have a generator, so we are ready.

  14. Oh Elena's card is so adorable!
    I love this stamp set :)!

    It hasn't snowed here where I live in Germany, but it's supposed to snow next week.
    Eeeks way to early in my opinion 😀

  15. Love this project. I live in CT and we had a few flurries mixed in the rain we had yesterday. Today its wintery cold, but the temps are supposed to go back up into the high 50s the rest of this week. New England in November.

  16. Cute projects!
    It has snowed here 2x already. (Idaho) The first one was just a skiff, the 2nd one made 7ft snowmen, but it's all melted. We'll be getting more this weekend. I'd rather be in sunny CA!

  17. Here in West Michigan we have had some flurries a couple of times, but it is not sticking to the ground yet. I'm still seeing greenish-brown grass out there! 🙂

  18. Fabulous gallery of inspiration once again! LOVE LF!! Here in Canmore, Alberta, Canada we have snow, with more forecast for the weekend. I'm not a snow-fan (despite living in "snow" land all my life), but it's a good thing, as my husband, who works in the biathlon field, has competitions to manage next weekend. Thanks for the wonderful *win* opportunities!

  19. All of your card samples are gorgeous! It has already snowed here in Denver, Colorado twice but it melts very fast. The mountains have the majority of it which is just fine by me.

  20. OH I wish we would get snow where I live…that would be so much fun. I tell my family that if I ever win the lottery I would hire a snow machine so we could wake up to a white Christmas. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and we rarely if ever get snow. Love the peeks today!

  21. I'm in Southern Illinois – across the river from St. Louis. We supposedly had snow flurries Monday night into Tuesday but I didn't get to see them (if we had them). I did see a picture of some pumpkins on a porch that were covered with snow. The amount was minimal. We don't usually get snow until December and then it's not feet but inches. Love the cards. So many cute ideas. Have to get this stamp set.

  22. Fabulous cards and projects! Great video too. It's so exciting that Christmas is near. It's my favorite time of the year. Every so often, we will get snow in Seattle. It's so beautiful when it does. I love to just watch the snow fall and cover up the bare trees. Hoping that we'll get some this year.

  23. It doesn't snow where I live, so I have to enjoy everyone else's pics to see snow. After seeing today's projects I realize it's time to blow the dust off of my Making Frosty set & use it, (it's been a while.)

  24. Another amazing set of projects! It's always so much fun to see what your DT comes up with. Ahh Snow…**sigh** we've had it since the end of October here in Calgary and will continue to have it until probably March or April as per every year. I don't know about you but 7 months of winter is a LONG LONG TIME!!!

  25. We did have a little bit of snow that lasted through the morning last week, but nothing since and nothing forecast soon. Thanks for the chance to win that fabulous prize. Love those pyramid penguins!

  26. Adorable projects today. I use to live in CA. But I was in Northern CA in the mountains and we got snow there. I now live in TN and it is surely different out here. It is cold. Well The wind is cold. Blows straight through you like ice. Bone chilling wind. We got a few flurries yesterday. But nothing stuck to the ground. And last night froze since our heater went out. And it was in the 20's or lower. We are going to have a heat wave again. And then it will get cold again. So we will see about any snow in the future.

  27. Love today's projects! And, yes – we had snow overnight last night. It's sunny today so it's gone now, but I had to brush off the car on the way to work.

  28. Great video and card! Love all the projects today, especially Elena's pink snow! ^_^
    No signs of snow in the UK but had to scrape the car windows this morning. I don't think I am ready for snow just yet!! Hee hee!

  29. I can't wait to watch the video. I just got the die cuts for the Snowman. Thank you so much for going back and having the die cuts made for the previous years stamp sets. I just love him.
    Yes – It snowed here in Michigan about 3 weeks ago but not enough to stick on the ground. It spit some snow the day before yesterday and was enough to cover my outside chair but again it didn't stay.
    Thanks so much for such awesome products. It is a sad season this year without my Mom and working with your products and seeing your cards and projects is keeping the smile on my face.

  30. No snow at Frankfurt on the Main (Germany), it was a sunny day. I wish for snow – but only for Chistmas eve! Great card, beautiful colors.

  31. Fun cards, great tutorial. Loved the penquins. They are so cute. great job. No snow locally, but 56 miles NE of us in the mountains, the snow has arrived here in the beautiful PNW.

  32. No snow yet – thank goodness. I am not a cold weather person and really get a bad case of cabin fever when we get a lot of snow.
    Gorgeous projects today – love the penguins and the snowmen.

  33. We here in eastern North Carolina had our first snow last night! Very, very rare for us! But so pretty! I would love to win the Bows and Holly stamp set or the Critters In the Snow set! They are just adorable!

  34. It snowed in Chicago! I love when it snows before my birthday (Nov. 18th ;P) It usually means we will get a lot of snow that winter. I'm originally from Lethbridge Alberta so I really miss snow down here in Chicago. 2 feet of snow here will shut down the city. Anyways, I really enjoyed Chari's video! I love watching her use the distress inks. It may not be a new technique but I feel like I always learn something new! – Sharna W.

  35. Hi Kelly Marie!
    Love the ADORABLE projects! We never see snow here in Hawaii either …which is probably the reason why I love to create snowy Christmas projects during the holidays 🙂 Have a wonderful day! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  36. I'll also have to live vicariously through those who get snow…we live just outside of Houston, TX, so no – no snow here, and even if we did get some, it doesn't stick!
    Thanks for another wonderful round of projects today. Love these cheery winter greetings!

  37. We just had snow two nights ago. It's very early for snow here. Usually we don't get much in November but it seems this year will be the exception. Supposed to stay pretty cold here too. I am still holding out for Indian Summer. LOL! Awesome projects today. I am really loving the owl and penguins!

  38. Fun cards from the team! I'm having fun trying to decide which sets were used on the cards. Yes, I know there is a list. 🙂

    No snow in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, just fog and rain.

  39. Wow what gorgeous projects! I love the let it snow card and penguins. So cute! No snow yet a threat the other morning for a dusting but it didn't happen! Hopefully it won't until I get the rest if the leaves up;)

  40. we had a very light dusting of snow Tuesday morning here in CT …. gone in an hour …. we are currently having a few days of 30's temps, but they say we will be hitting 60 again by the end of the week … yippee!
    Sandra ltb

  41. Oh my goodness….that card is amazing that Chari created! I love her "happy accident" comment she made when adding the twine 🙂 I learned several techniques from the video….thanks for sharing all the parts to creating that card. I live in Nebraska and it hasn't snowed yet here in my particular area, but there was snow a couple of weeks ago in the far western part of the state.

  42. I live in Central Texas, so snow is rather rare. We might get some in January or February, but no more than an inch. So, no, it has not started snowing! 🙂

  43. I LOVE all the cards shared today. There is just so much talent here. 😀 As for snow, we had our first snow last Monday. It was just enough to coat everything and be a bit messy, but that's Michigan for you. 😀 Thanks for another chance to win.

  44. I'm in love with all things owl. And he is just adorable. We actually had some light flurries this week in Louisville, Kentucky. Although it's a little earlier than normal for us.

  45. No, here on Guam, it's SUMMER all year around, 74F ~ 94F, the average of 83F? or so. So it never ever ever snows! hahaha But the place I left from, recently, Pittsburgh, PA had over 2" snow a couple of days ago. Brrrr. I prefer to be on this tropical island, than snowy mountain! 🙂

  46. No snow for me here in Florida…
    These cards are really getting my want to
    wanting to:) Thanks for yet another great
    assortment of great ideas.

  47. Fabulous cards!! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win! I live in southwestern Ontario, Canada,we had snow heer a couple of days ago but it is almost all gone again.

  48. Hi there, here in my village (Germany, Westerwald) we had the first sleet (rain and snow) a few days ago, the thermometer shows about 30 °F so its very wintery 🙂
    But, if the weather is like this, its fun to make christmascards 🙂 Your samples are sooooo sweet.

  49. Beautiful projects – I tried Lawn Fawn stamps for the first time last week and loved them so much I just ordered more 🙂 . No snow here in Australia – heading into summer – but great to see the seasonal projects from around the world.

  50. Loved all the wonderful projects! And great video by Chari!! It has not started to snow here… it hardly ever does to be honest… we are in Texas and if we even get any snow its only a dusting.

  51. Fantastic projects. Chari's video is great love that distress sky. It never snows here in south-east Queensland – but we have started to get our summer thunderstorms.

  52. Wonderful cards – especially the penguins! No snow here in central Maine – very unusual – there was snow South of us. Beautiful blue skies and temps in the 30's.

  53. love the ornament so much! we don't get a lot of snow in east texas. we just had our first freezing temps this week & everyone's freaking out! we love our flip flops here in texas! LOL

  54. no snow here yet, I've moved south to Bath in England from Aberdeen in Scotland, and despite it being further south I expect to see more snow because Bath is on the West coast! Beautiful cards, I love inspiration weeks

  55. We are in Sacramento, so we won't see snow. I do remember a few times in my life when it has actually snowed here and it was so fun (although the snow didn't last long, it made for wonderful memories).

  56. I LOVE the cards and projects today! Yes, it snows in Indiana. We had just a dusting on the ground a few days ago. I would rather live where it doesn't snow so I'm living vicariously through you! 🙂

  57. All beautiful projects…just love all the colors! Yes it snowed here on Tuesday…only a dusting but enough for the kids to make some snowballs! I love the snow and can't wait for a big snowfall!!

  58. Man the DT is just amazing!!! So many awesome samples – really makes me want to get crafty. Living in SoCal too – so no snow ever! It was like summer today – gorgeous and warm!

  59. Such adorable cards!

    We had a bit of snow around Halloween here in MN. It's melted, and the ground is bare at the moment, but I'm sure that will change soon.

  60. What gorgeous cards by the DT girls!! I LOVE Elena's card… she always knows how to use the most beautiful tones/colors together… I wish I could be like her!!! Her cards are just so tasteful!! Audrey's card also is very pretty (I LOVE snowmen, too, so I may be biased LOL).

    I'm now living in MD, but it hasn't snowed yet. I can't wait though! (:

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