An Easter Party by Elena

We have an awesome treat today! Elena has styled the sweetest Easter party with Happy Easter and Penelope’s Blossoms! I just love how she added the charcoal color in to her sweet pastels. She even has a fun tutorial at the bottom, too!

Now, we have a great tutorial from Elena on how to create that cute floral circle!

1. Trace a circle, in pencil, onto your paper (I used one of the Circle Stackables, the one that cuts a 2.5 inch circle). Draw a pencil line where you would like your sentiment to sit and stamp the sentiment in a black ink.

2. Stamp the leafy border (from Peace Joy Love) using the penciled-circle as a guide in a hot pink ink.

3. At the bottom of the circle, stamp the rose (from Penelope’s Blossoms) in the same hot pink ink and then create and apply a mask onto top of it.

4. Stamp a different flower on either side of the rose in a lighter pink shade and then create and apply masks to those as well.

5. Add some sprigs on either side of the masked flowers using a black ink and then remove your masks.

6. Stamp and color the bunny (from Happy Easter) using the colors shown.

7. Color the inside of the wreath using the light blue marker. and you’re done!

Thank you so much for sharing your awesome ideas, Elena! I wish I could come to this gorgeous party! 🙂

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21 thoughts on “An Easter Party by Elena

  1. This looks like such a fun bunch of decorations! I love the monogram look. It's both spring-like and classy.

    Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! These are so sweet! I want to come for Easter… You're inspiring me to maybe make something fun for my own Easter gathering. 😉

  3. Awe so very sweet I love the color scheme and those bunnies are to cute for words I love the ones that are all nestled down in the cupcakes also thanks for the great tutorial!

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