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Hello, everyone! You should be arriving here from Linda’s blog. If you’re just joining us on the blog hop, you can head over here to the ThingsCrafted blog to start from the beginning!

A little background on ThingsCrafted: ThingsCrafted is a place where handmade design and customization come together to create a wonderful company who creates and encourages color, personality and community. ThingsCrafted was founded by Britta Swiderski, a designer with a background in the world of papercrafting and a history of working with awesome graphic design clients. ThingsCrafted provides custom products – starting with stamps – to suit your lifestyle all starting with handwritten designs. They all go from pencil to computer to your doorstep! They love to create stamps and designs for addresses, “made by”s for the projects you send to others, favorite phrases or shapes for project life and planner organization and so much more.

It was so fun to be able to create a custom stamp! I thought it would be awesome to have one of those “handmade by…” stamps for the back of my cards. I’ve always wanted one of those!
I loved that I got to choose from Britta’s fun hand drawn fonts. They are so playful and cute! I chose the Extra-Small Rectangle stamp because I tend to make little cards, and I wanted to make sure it would fit on any size, and it is perfect!

I recently made some cute Hedgehugs cards, so I thought I should stamp the back of them before I sent them. I love that with this stamp, I can choose any color ink, too. It’s nice to have that option that I wouldn’t have with a self-inker. It’s fun to coordinate the personalized stamp with the colors of my card!

I can’t wait to send these! Thank you to Britta for making such a cute stamp! I just love that cute little tag that came on it, too!

Thank you for stopping by today. Before you go – make sure to leave a comment on this post and each one along the hop to enter to win a custom stamp! One will be given away at each stop along the hop. We’ll be getting in touch with you via email, so make sure you add your email to your comment! We’ll be drawing winners on Tuesday, the 25th of November, so be sure to leave a comment by then.

There’s also a special treat for everyone in the blog hop – 15% off your order until Tuesday, November 25th using the code GRAND15OFF as part of the Grand Opening event! The next stop on the ThingsCrafted blog hop is Chari’s Blog. Happy hopping!

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247 thoughts on “ThingsCrafted Grand Opening Blog Hop

  1. I think everyone who crafts should have a custom stamp to tell folks their gorgeous project were hand made! I actually have 2 and I am tempted to get another seeing all the great stamps made by Britta!

  2. What a NICE IDEA for this CUSTOM STAMP!!! I have been THINKING of WHAT I would like made…..some days, it takes a lot of brain cells to think! LOL FABULOUS IDEA!!!!!!!! 😉

  3. I have an unusual name so in order for me to have something with my name it has to be custom made. I'm thinking of getting a "handmade by" custom stamp now that I have seen yours. Thanks

  4. Great idea Kelly. Especially this holiday season when I am making all of my own Thanksgiving and Christmas cards. I would love to have a stamp to use on the back.

  5. By far, my favorite customized stamp! Love the font, and how fab it looks on your card, Kelly!
    So happy to see you as part of the hop…Thanks so much for a chance to win!!!

  6. This is a great idea–for years I used a little cat stamp on the back of my cards, but it has gone by the wayside. I often stamp a Bible verse on the back of my Christmas cards. This stamp looks great!

  7. Congrats Britta! I love the font on this one and I am looking for a new, more personal stamp for the back of my cards 😉 I currently have a more generic one where you hand write your name in the space.

  8. I've been thinking it might be fun to stamp the back of my cards. I have one or two stamp sets that include a small stamp saying something like Handmade with love, but having your own name included would be absolutely fabulous.

  9. There is nothing like a personalized stamp! I think Ms. Britta is on to a good thing here! I am so excited I am finding "ThingsCafted" on their opening day, EEK! Can't wait to get my first newsletter and card samples!

  10. It would be great to have your own personal message for the back of the card and to have it color coordinated as well. Thanks for the opportunity to win this prize.

  11. I'll have to look into buying one of these stamps. I don't have any kind of stamp for the back of my cards. I just normally write on the back. But it would be great to have when I'm making cards for Operation Write Home. Last time I just made some stickers and put on the back, but a stamp would be easier.

  12. Beautiful stamp for the back of your cards. I'm anxious to see the site and see what other goodies are in store. So far, I love the created sayings. TFS .

  13. You chose well. The font is really nice and I'm really liking what I'm seeing from all the guest bloggers. Thanks for the great suggestions. Yep, I should find a nice way to "mark" my card creations, too.
    lucyschmidt1402 (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. SUPER CUTE stamp Kelly – LOVE the font!!!
    I think that it would be lovely to have a custom stamp for the back of my cards instead of my not-so-pretty hand writing, a special sentiment to put inside would be pretty cool too.
    moloneyat {{{at}}} bigpond {{{dot}}} com

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