Lawn Fawn Intro: Fintastic Friends and New Ink Colors!

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2015 Release and Inspiration Week! We are just so excited about this week! We are featuring 4 stamp sets and 5 dies! 
These products will be available on June 4th!  Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects and giveaways!

Today is our showcase of Fintastic Friends and our New Ink Colors: 
Lobster, Juice Box, Celery Stick, Peacock, and Fish Tank!

 The design team has made the most amazing samples!

We also have a little video on the bottom showcasing some fun ways of using this set!

Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love! 🙂

Elena created a sweet and charming little scene. I love the how she drew the fish food tumbling out of the container and into the fishbowl for the happy goldfish!

Pint-sized Patterns, Beachside papers look so cute with the colors of Chari‘s adorable goldfish bowl. I love how she used one of the Ocean Wave Borders to create the sentiment strip, so clever!

Lynnette‘s Fintastic Friends cards are so cute! I love this colorful fish bowl!

I love the Let’s Polka Ocean Waves and how the Stitched Oval makes a fun window!

Nicole‘s gold fish in a little fish bowl is so cute! I love the background she created with Chevron Backdrops and our new ink!



Melissa‘s awesome layout uses machine stitching to tie all the fun elements together. I love how she layered the Let’s Polka, Mon Amie papers with the manilla tags and Wood Veneer Stars!


Yainea‘s water-filled fish tank is amazing! I love this fun alternative to a shaker card. Be sure to visit her post today to find out how she created her fish tank!

Latisha‘s card is just so cute! I love the pretty ombre stripes she created with our new ink colors: Peacock and Celery Stick!

I love Chari‘s awesome ocean waves created by using our Ocean Wave Borders as a stencil with our new ink! Float My Boat looks right at home in this adorable scene!

 Now we have a little video showing Fintastic Friends in action! You can watch it here or at our YouTube channel!

Thanks so much for watching!

 Now we have a little video showing our new ink colors! You can watch it here or at our YouTube channel!

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Fintastic Friends and our New Inks. Now it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite crafting color combo by June 3rd at 5:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!)

Our products will be available tomorrow, June 4th, at 12:01am Eastern! Woohoo! Make sure to come back tomorrow to see all of the new products and our Inspiration Week winners!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! 🙂

New Ink Pad colors – available June 4th
Fintastic Friends stamps and dies – available June 4th

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345 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Fintastic Friends and New Ink Colors!

  1. I'm really looking forward to the new ink colors. The ink pads are amazing!! Working with them is so easy and you always achieve nice results. The question about the favorite color combination is a hard one because it depends on my mood and the type of card but I really like grey and yellow together

  2. Teal and mint have been a fav for a long time. But I'm beginning to love the pop it makes when you bring in another bright color such as yellow or red 🙂

  3. such a cute set and im in love with the new colours!! My favourite colour combo is coral and mint! i cant seem to get enough of it of course with some sprinkles of gold in there as well.. xoxo

  4. So excited for new ink!!! I love lavender and aqua as color combo!! These little fishes are so adorable!!!

  5. Can't wait to get coloring these super cute little fishes! My favorite color combo…hmm that's a hard one! I love grays and soft pinks together; mint, black and gold is another good one 🙂

  6. Adorable as ever! I cant wait until this set lies on my crafting desk! I love purple/lilac and mint together. Its really fibrant and fun 😉

  7. Just love the new set, specially the little fishbowl 🙂 My favorurite colour combo is aqua/green and purple 🙂 Ty so much for these videos.. first thing I've been doing every morning is look for them on YouTube. ( I live in Norway, so different time zone) Wish you all the best.

  8. Love the Fintastic Friend stamp set! So cute and lovely!

    I hope you will come out those ink pads in mini size!

    My favorite crafting color combo is blue, yellow and white!

  9. Awesome projects! The new stamp set is soooo cute! And the new colors are so versatile! My fave colour combo is yellow and lavender. Thank you so much for sharing the different projects and for the chance to win one of these.

  10. I love the Fintastic Friend set <3<3 I think any underwater sets always win me over. As for my favorite color combo, I love teals with greens.

  11. Wow I LOVE this new stamp set. The little fish tank is so adorable!! My favorite color combination is mint green and pink. They are such girly colors and look so cute together.

  12. Be still my heart! Can't get enough of this new release (as usual). Celery stick and peacock is an AMAZINGLY pretty color combo!! I NEED!!!!!!

  13. My new favorite color combo is orange and purple. I don't know why but it makes me happy! Thanks for such a fun inspiration and new release week! I love it all!

  14. Those yummy new ink pads are definitely must-haves!! Looking back at my most recent cards, I seem to fall back on pink/mint and pink/turquoise quite a bit!!

  15. Oh those fishes are too adorable!!! Loving everything from the new release :)!! My favorite color combo is Aqua/teal and yellow. It reminds me of summer 🙂

  16. I am terrible with colors…I truly have to case color combos overtime….when I go out on my own, I'm never pleased! Fantastic Friends is AWESOME!!!!! Love the "tank you" expression!

  17. I don't really have a favorite color combo, I use a lot of hot pink and aqua on my cards. 🙂 LOOOOOVE the Fintastic Friends stamp set! My favorite of everything so far! 🙂

  18. I adore this set, I think my favourite of the release, I adore clean fresh colours, but my favourite is the colours of japanese cherry porcelain sky blue and cherry blossom pink with some dark brown branch, beautiful 🙂

  19. I'm loving the pink, gold and soft greens lately…all popped with black. But then I go nuts and hit the COLOR for a few projects…hahahaha so keep bringing out the ink colors, we need options! LOVE the fishy…so cute. Oh credit card you will feel it tomorrow!

  20. My most favorite color combo is yellow and blue or teal. In my world, they always look so good together.. And this new release is so awesome!!! You make me excited with the inspiration week…

  21. I'm loving the pink, gold and soft greens lately…all popped with black. But then I go nuts and hit the COLOR for a few projects…hahahaha so keep bringing out the ink colors, we need options! LOVE the fishy…so cute. Oh credit card you will feel it tomorrow!

  22. Finastic friends is totally adorable, some amazing samples. I'm going to have to find out how to do the water shaker. My favourite colour combination in blue and green – so loving the peacock and fish tank in this new release

  23. What a fabulous new release!!! Fintastic Friends is adorable and I love those yummy new ink colors! One of my favorite color combos right now is aqua, coral, and a touch of metallic gold.

  24. I think your Ink Pads are by far the best dye Inks on the market! They stamp so solid and the colors … wow! I don't own much Ink Pads though I decided to go with your releases and going to select all of YOUR Ink Pads! Can't wait for tomorrow 🙂 And I love the combo of grey with mint and coral!

  25. OMGosh that cute Fintastic Friends set with its sweet fish, bowl tank and accessories is well FINTASTIC.
    Oh the ideas are just a swimmin' around in my head right now.
    I can't wait to get it and the dies of course to play with.
    Tank you for sharing. {puns intended. lol}
    Crafty hugs,

  26. My fave crafting color combo would have to be the purple and aqua hues, even though I don't use it as often as I'd like to! 🙂
    This is such a wonderful release!! Adore the fishes!! Thank you!

  27. Those little fish are so cute! Can't wait to order the new inks! My favorite combo right now are pink and aqua. I am just loving the softer shades right now.

  28. Those little fish are so cute! Can't wait to order the new inks! My favorite combo right now are pink and aqua. I am just loving the softer shades right now.

  29. Awwww, that is the sweetest little fishtank! I love it! All the accessories & fauna are so adorable! My favorite color combo has long been sky blue & chocolate brown, but lately I am loving the way shades of yellow & grey look together!

  30. Such a sweet set, the card Yainea creatured is so clever I hope she makes a video to show us how. My favourite colour combo is mint green, pink and yellow.

  31. JUST AMAZING!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL of the New Images and ALL of the AWESOME Inspiration that was shared ALL week!! =) THANKS for sharing and have a Fabulous Week!! =) My Favorite Color Combo would have to be Reds, Blues and Neutrals!! I use these ALL the time!! =)

  32. i love those little fishies and the tank & bowl. So flippin' cute. I love all colors, but particularly blue and aqua, yellow and lilac, and pink and orange. Great job by everyone this inspiration week!

  33. OMG! i am dying for this set. been waiting for something like this from Lawn Fawn! My favorite Color combo on my creations are black and white with a pop of one color here lately i been doing things in blues and greens!

  34. This set is so much fun! And the new inks are divine! I just love them 🙂 My go to craft color combination seems to be green and black, or green and white. But, it actuly depends on what I am doing … That typically sets the color tone. I design cards for people, so they to make it something THEY would like, instead of just what I would like 🙂

  35. Love the vibrant new colors as well as the new stamps and dies!! Those little fish are too cute! My favorite color combo is soft greens with dark blues.

  36. Love, love, love the fishies! I can't wait for this release! It's amazing!

    And my favorite color combo is a bold color plus gray. Right now, I'm sort of loving yellow and gray or pink and gray. It changes daily though!

  37. Favourite combos are kraft+ whatever I like at the moment. 🙂 This is, by far, my favourite Lawn Fawn stamp set. It is completely adorable! Can't wait to play! 🙂

  38. Oh this new set is just too cute and I am in love with your new ink colors. I color in most of my projects with Copic markers or I paper piece a lot too so I would love to see some videos where you use the colored pads to create projects! My favorite colors to use are anything bright and cheery! Bright greens and turquoise are my most favorite! ♥

  39. I am just so impressed with the cuteness of today's products – so fun, such great usability – just so very excited about all the awesome showcases your designers have made for this week – the are tremendously talented!!! My favorite crafting colors are any blues and yellows together!! Fun, fun, fun!!! I am so excited!!

  40. Teal and lilac. I love blues and purples together. Wish my real fish tanks looked as awesome as the DT samples – no algae or fish mess 🙂

  41. Cute design samples!! I can't wait to see how Yainea created that fish tank! My favorite color combo is purple and green! I don't get to use it very often but I get really excited about Halloween crafts using purple, green, pink, black and orange!

  42. This stamp set looks amazing! I will so be getting it. My favorite few color combinations are blue/green/purple, red/orange/yellow and I sometimes add burgundy to that color combo.

  43. Super cute set! and yummy ink colors! grape…. hee hee, makes my purple heart sing! My favorite color combo, not surprisingly, is purple and anything 🙂 , but light blue and purple is super happy!

  44. i am a huge fish lover so i'm so stoked for fintastic friends! the fact that there is an actual aquarium involved has me squeeling with delight!!!

  45. I tend to make a lot of blue and green cards, when I craft, in general I like bright colors and cheery cards! Love these little fish, they are a must!!

  46. I love red and aqua together but I tend to make a lot of cards with yellow and kraft. Hmm. The new Fintastic Friends set is my favorite yet!

  47. I love the new Fintastic Friends stamps and dies, very cute. I love the new colors of thing ink pads as well. My favorite color combos usually involve pink, blue and black.

  48. The fish in tanks are so cute! I love using different shades of the same color to craft with……it doesn't matter what color, having 4-5 shades of the same color is beautiful on a card!

  49. Light turquoise / golden yellow and either coral or grey and a splash of lime green of course! So excited about the new ink pad colors and absolutely adore the fantastic friends set!!

  50. I love this stamp and die set. It is too cute. The new ink colors are fantastic and a great addition to the line. My favorite color combo is teal, coral, with some grey accents.

  51. The new stamp and die set is wonderful – so many different possibilities with this set. One of my favorite color combos is orange and brown since fall is my favorite season.

  52. Wow! Cuteness overload–Loving the new set and all the cute ideas the team came up with! Those ink colors look pretty cool too! My favorite color combo is pink and green or blue and yellow, but honestly I have so many favorites. 🙂

  53. This new fishy die and stamp set is just too fintastic, oops meant fantastic! I really don't have a favorite color combo, odd as that seems. I notice I seem to favor aqua blue on a lot of my cards, though.

  54. My favorite stamp set in this release so far! I don't think I have a favorite color combo for crafting, but I do like orange and cranberry together in general!

  55. I just love this Fintastic set! It is too cute. Can't wait to get my hands on this one. I love pastel colors with a soft grey background. It also depends on my mood though too, because sometimes I just feel like using really bright colors occasionally too.

  56. i often use a lot of teal and purple like a peacock. love this set, it will go with my critters in the sea set that i use often

  57. Love that fish tank. I can;t figure out how to get my new computer to leave messages on a site. I hate this whole login thing. eagessner@

  58. This set is so cute! Love the samples made, especially the Tank card! My favorite color combo(s) are anything in the pastel ranges. I love mixing blues with greens, and pinks with lavender, green with pink/lavender….I could go on and on!

  59. This is the BEST stamp set yet!! I love the fish tank and the fish bowl! I am so excited to play with these! I have a huge goldfish named Alice, and would love to recreate her tank for cards!
    Today, at this moment my favorite color combo is teal and orange but that could change to navy and pink in a few minutes, hours, days or about as long as it takes me to read other color combinations in the comments……oh yellow and gray! Too hard to choose. 🙂
    Great job Ivy on the "Tank You" sentiment! 🙂 too cute

  60. want want want this new stamp set, so adorable and so many different ways to use it.

    All the cards are just adorable, lots of creative minds.

    I am lousy at color combinations but I am going to say shades of purple, yellows, and lime green shades. with a hint of pinks and blues tossed in. Those are my comfort zone colors, I have been actively trying to step outside my comforts zone, sometimes it works others times it doesn't… They don't call it comfort zone nothing. LOL

  61. This set is SO cute! It is definitely one of my favorites from the new release. And the DT outdid themselves. Yainea's water card… WHAT?!?! That girl is crazy amazing. And my favorite color combo is gray and aqua. 🙂

  62. These Fintastic Friends stamps and dies are so cute! Can't wait to get my hands on them!! Those new ink colours are pretty too!
    My favourite colour combination at the moment is brown/ kraft and pink.

  63. So excited for new ink!!! I love lavender and aqua as color combo!! These little fishes are so adorable!!!!

  64. I think this might be my new fav! I don't know that I have a favorite color combo, but I do use a lot of geens, blues, and cream.

  65. Beautiful new colors!! Love Fintastic Friends, so stinking cute!! My fav color combo is black and yellow, or maybe blue and green, 🙂

  66. My fav color combo for crafting is Papaya, Peacock, Pool, and Mint! 🙂
    Fintastic Friends is my FAVORITE of the new release sets! Can't wait to add them to my collection! And I just LOVE the wave die and the new colors! Seriously – Lawn Fawn = THE BEST!

  67. Love all the cards! the new ink colours are fabulous too! Yainea's fish tank is ingenious! My favourite colour combo is anything with purple.

  68. I have a lot of color combos that I like. Here are a couple of my faves…gray & coral, teal & brown.
    Love your new ink colors by the way.

  69. Ahhhhh….WANT WANT AND WANT!!! I LOVE fishes and the castle is so STINKIN' cool. I can't wait.
    My FAVE color combo is Navy and Coral.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us…So very nicely done!

  70. What fun summery colors! I'm liking teal and yellow and also the fist tank color as well. Very cute stamp set! It reminds me of going to the dentist as a child and looking in the big fish tank they had in their waiting room.

  71. Loving Latisha's ombre stripes! Chari and Nicole's cards are very cute too, I'm liking the green. Favorite color combo for me has to be white with a popping color. Always looks good to me!

  72. blues and greens are my favorite color combos. The new ink colors are great as well as this cute stamp set too! Thanks for the chance to win. Love LawnFawn!!

  73. Everyone's projects are amazing! My favorite color combo is gold and Aqua/mint. But I also love grey and yellow, especially for home decor.

  74. I can't wait for 12:01 tonight!!! You guys are killing me. I want it all. I will use this set with my favorite green/blue/aqua color combo that I am using on everything right now! =)

  75. Fintastic! I love this stamp set so much! The new ink colors are great! My color combination are orange, red and yellow. Could you make a cantaloupe shade? I think It will go great with my combo colors.

  76. I can't believe how cute that card with the little fish bowl and fish food is! The new ink colors are fabulously fun and I love blue and green together.

  77. I've been waiting for a cute, small goldfish bowl!! Yeah! can't wait to go shopping… so many new cute stamps and dies. I am also happy to see a new ocean die with more than just one die; love that there are three in one set.

  78. The fish with the fish food is so cute! Can't wait to get them! I love crafting with blue and green and yellow! Especially if it's sparkly!

  79. Ok loving the fish. But really my favorite color combo are you kidding me. There is so many that I love. I st is teal and green yellow and blue and green. Some where there is orange and teal and gold.

  80. They are all so cute!! Love these fish! Tank You is too funny. I don't really have a favorite color combo. But I love all of the colors, which might be my problem. I'm not that good at picking colors either. I need to find my color wheel. I've been leaning toward a white card base and add colors wtih my stamps and dies and that really. Thanks, Paulette S.
    craftqueen417 at yahoo dot com
    http://paulettesprettypapercrafts dot wordpress dot com
    since Blogger/Google and I have a row on their insistance of keeping my inaccurate Blogger profile for a blog that no longer exists, they won't delete it or let me edit it!

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