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Welcome to “The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge” Blog Hop!
Kathy Racoosin from The Daily Marker loves to color, and she is hosting her fourth 30 Day Coloring Challenge! The idea of the challenge is to color something everyday, even if its just for 5 minutes! How fun is that?!

Here is more info:
THE GOAL IS:  To color something daily even if it’s a few minutes but, certainly not required. It’s  been proven that coloring can lower your blood pressure so it’s worth carving out a little time for yourself each day. You will find that Kathy encourages you along the way to stretch your creativity a little bit more and to feel successful with your coloring.

CAN YOU PARTICIPATE in the 30 DAY CHALLENGE?  Yes! That would be awesome if you want to participate and feel free to jump in at any time during February! Everyone is welcome! If you miss a few days don’t feel like you have to catch up. The challenge is meant to be fun and with no stress.
(When sharing use #TheDailyMarker30Day so Kathy can find your work) 

WHAT’S NEW THIS TIME?  Kathy will have a weekly feature that she will be sharing on her blog that showcases some of your work every Sunday.
Read more on Kathy’s blog, “The Daily Marker” to see how to share you work and if you have questions, how to share, giveaways etc. Prepare to be inspired with daily posts and many videos for 30 days!

Today, Kathy has assembled a blog hop to give your creativity a jump start with some very talented ladies! You may have come from the blog of the lovely and oh so talented, Debbie Hughes at Lime Doodle Design. If so, you are in the right place!

First up we have a card from our friend, Audrey!

Audrey used Copic markers to color a perfect party for the hop today using Party Animal and the gifts from Toboggan Together. I love it when we can use holiday sets all year! A water-colored Stitched Rectangle for the background and a bit of Beachside paper adds the finishing touch to this fabulous celebration card!
Thanks so much for sharing your happy card and brilliant coloring with us today, Audrey!

Next, I thought it would be fun to share what I have been coloring lately! We create card samples for all of the totally awesome brick and mortar stores that we work with, and we love doing it!
We create *a lot* of cards! Which means we have to do lots of coloring, pretty quickly, so I thought I would share how I color so many images in a short amount of time!

1.  First step for me is to find a good show on Netflix. Haha! (Gilmore Girls is a fave of mine!)

2. Then I stamp and die cut my images.

3. I stick to 2 markers for the shading to keep it simple 🙂

4. I add the darkest marker in the places that I would like shading. I just pick a few areas since there are so many images to color. I am showing five owls here, but I usually do at least 20 at a time.

5. I blend those dark marker lines out with the lighter marker. I go over the dark lines with the lighter marker to re-wet them a bit and help the blending work a bit better since the dark lines have dried after doing so many owls!

6. I always keep a white gel pen handy because I can never stay in the lines! Haha!

7. I repeat the same idea with two other markers.

8. And voila! Lots of images colored in a short time and ready to be put on some cute cards!

Do you have any mass production coloring tips? I would love to hear them!

Thank you all for joining us for the hop today!
Your next stop on the hop is the sweet and super talented, Dawn at WPlus9!
At the end of the hop (The Daily Marker) you will find an awesome Giveaway and a coupon code for Online Card Classes! WOohoo!

Mom + Me (owl) – available February 18th
Fairy Friends (fairy, flower and lantern) – available February 18th

Thank you so much for visiting!
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145 thoughts on “The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge Blog Hop

  1. What a great idea for mass coloring! It would be great to have those colored images handy when you're in a pinch and need to make a quick card. Thanks for the great tip!!

  2. Oh what a lot of work!!! and how wonderful of you to do it for the stores! Great tips!
    My only production line tip would be the MISTI. When I am doing a heavy masking card (which I love doing because with all my Lawn Fawn stamps I love to create little scenes!)Anyway when I am doing that I find it very helpful to do each step of masking a few times so that I can create a few cards in one sitting and then I can color them the same or different.Add different sentiments and voila three cards (or more) for the price of one! That's all I have for you
    GREAT card Audrey!! TFS ladies!!

  3. I love the card and I love how you made it seem so easy to do mass production, my idea of mass producing was 5 of the same last minute christmas cards! I got them all cut first, I would colour everything in the same shade and then move on to the next shade etc etc… Maybe I should make a bunch of the same cards as a thank you just to have on hand! Will have to give it a try, thanks for the tips

  4. Wow! That's a lot of cards and images to color! Fun! I don't have any major tips. I do use my Misti which seems to make things go faster for me and I do like you…assembly style!
    Love this card….the little fox and the sweet birdies are so cute!

  5. This card is absolutely adorable! y 3 year old granddaughter would love it!!! I am planning to do some mass coloring this month during the challenge!! LOVE Kathy's fun 30 day coloring challenges and try to participate each time! TFS!

  6. Here's my tip: once I've stamped and die cut my stuff, i get some white post-its or post it-tape and secure it **sticky side up** and then stick my die cuts on them. Now they're (gently) held in place while I color! I like to mass produce critters and stuff (I store them in this little embellishment organizer), for making quick cards 🙂

  7. Kelly, what a cute card, I love all those green and blues, your coloring is always so gorgeous.Your owls are adorable too. I think watching you make multiple cards is the way to go for me. I'm really bad about not having cards on hand and then I end up at the last minute buying a dare I say a store bought card. So I think I'll get that assembly line going and maybe that way I can always be a head. Thanks for sharing and always inspiring.

  8. Wow, great way to gather lots of images. I did this over the Christmas holiday, but probably should do it for spring too. I think I'll put a twist on it and use water color and less images. I need to practice more with water coloring. That's why Dawn's class would be perfect for me. Going to sign up for it when I'm done this hop! Always love your creative work, Audrey!

  9. I stamp out a bunch of images on a 1/2 sheet of cardstock and go to town coloring, usually with my copics, when I'm watching TV – NCIS or SVU reruns. Then I either die cut or fussy cut. I don't have all the dies for the stamps I have, so it's fussy cutting for me most of the time. I made some pouches with my fuse tool and page protectors to store my cut out images. 🙂

  10. I love to mass produce. The ideas take me some time so I want to justify the time spent designing by making several more than one. Thanks for the tip on using white gel pen as a bo bo fixer.

  11. Way to Go Kelly Marie…love the "Mass Production" and who does not love your wonderful stamps! Colored to happy you are part of the blog hop..I adore Kathy and love her challenges! YAY!

  12. Cute card! Kelly, thank you for the photo tutorial on how you quickly color images. I never before thought about how a company prepares multiple sample boards for so many different stores. My hat's off to you.

  13. Cute card! Kelly, thank you for the photo tutorial on how you quickly color images. I never before thought about how a company prepares multiple sample boards for so many different stores. My hat's off to you.

    LOVE Audrey's SWEET scene and FABULOUS colouring!!!
    Samples for ALL the stores?!?! – WOW – what a WONDERFUL idea and ever-so-much work – THANK YOU for sharing your mass production tips Kelly Marie 🙂 THIS REALLY helps me, as one of my creative goals is to make multiples of cards, so I'm INSPIRED!!!

  15. Wow Kelly, that is a "ton of coloring". You did your "30 Day Coloring Challenge" in 1 day LOL! I have to tell you that Lawn Fawn is one of my favorite craft stores….without a doubt you have the cutest images! Oh, and Audrey did an adorable Water Color card….thanks to the both of you for your inspiration!

  16. Thanks for sharing the lovely card and your coloring tips!

    But may I please ask why you die cut the stamped images before you color? I have chubby fingers that always seem to get in the way when I do that!

  17. Great idea for bulk stamping. I had to make 50 treat bags for school for my grandkids . Wish I would of thought of coloring while watching my fave program , it would have made it easier.�� Thanks for the idea

  18. Audrey's card is just beautiful, love the design and the balloons! Kelly Marie – thank you for the coloring tutorial/tips! They're really helpful for mass production!

  19. I buy all of my Lawn Fawn from a local store. I figured the owner just played with her stuff all day and made the samples herself! Busted! 🙂 I do admire the cards on display – it's a great perk!!

  20. I buy all of my Lawn Fawn from a local store. I figured the owner just played with her stuff all day and made the samples herself! Busted! 🙂 I do admire the cards on display – it's a great perk!!

  21. I love Netflix, too! I'm rotating between Army Wives and Heartland right now. I've never done any mass coloring, but have done some mass stamping. Thanks for the inspiration and the idea!

    1. I'm an old hand at assembly line work as I had a card ministry for several years. That was back in the day before there were matching dies for the stamps, so the dies makes production that much quicker. I save all my color bits in baseball trading card sleeves in a 3-ring binder and the larger pieces slip into square computer software envelopes. I keep the labeled envelopes in dollar store baskets in alphabetical order. I also used to cut down a bunch of colored cardstock card bases and score the seam and then store open and upright in a bin, so it was easy to grab the color I needed, fold and decorate. The best number of cards that I've made in one sitting was 50 using one layout.

  22. Fun card…! I enjoy mass production on my Christmas cards. A movie is a must! A lot of repetition [YAWN] but when I'm done, it is so satisfying to line them all 50 of them up and snap a photo for posterity!

  23. Lawn Fawn :)))) I am so happy to see you're participating in the challenge :)))) I love your witty and sweet designs and this party card is so perfect for a celebration. Thank you for the inspiration!

  24. What a darling card and so festive. I love love love all of the yummy stamping and die-cut pieces. The images are the sweetest and your coloring is too. 🙂

  25. Hi Kelly ~ Both you and Audrey always produce such beautiful cards with your coloring skills. I'm not fantastic with alcohol markers but I do mass produce cards, especially at Christmas time. These owls, like all LF critter are totally adorable!! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Love your card and coloring. Talk about mass producing, this is mass producing and seemed easy since you were watching movies too. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda D.

  27. Thanks for showing us how you did the coloring. I don't have many Copic markers so I couldn't do this stamp if I had it which I don't. I don't have a brown Copic. I did some cards for a class of preschoolers that I was subbing in and I had to do 20. I had to do them assembly line style and boy was it a good idea to do that. That's when I made them all the same card. At Christmas I have a lot to do but I do each card different so I couldn't do that. I got each small piece of paper and folded it. Then I stamped on the image onto each piece of paper that was a background for the card. Then I glued each one onto each card. It was kind of time consuming but the kids loved the cards and I had fun making them. I love your card!

  28. Love love my Lawnfawn creatures. I definitely will use the tip to mass color and have ready to use. This is one I can have Grandaughterk help with. THX. Will do as part of my coloring daily. Thx.

  29. Wow! That's a lot of coloring you have to do! When I participate in a swap I usually get bored after the third card. How do you keep motivated to color all those images? I love how you keep the coloring simple and the critters look amazingly cute!

  30. What a fabulous card…love the little scene with all the presents. Thank you so much for your steps and tips for mass producing. I usually stamp out a bunch of images and the colour them while waiting for doctor's appointments, my kids to finish practices or watching tv. Then I store these images in plastic business card sheets. I know you're busy but if possible could you post what 2 copics you use for the various colours when you do this mass colouring? I am hoping to buy a few copics but my budget doesn't allow for me to splurge. A pic or post …anything…would be so very helpful!

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