Lawn Fawn Intro: Plan On It and Ready, Set, Shake

Hello and Welcome to our March Inspiration Week! We are showcasing 6 new stamp sets, 4 stand alone die sets and our Let’s Polka in the Meadow Paper Collection! All of these products are available now at and at your favorite crafty stores.

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AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Plan On It, a 4 x 6 set with a cute selection of icons that are perfect for planner stamping! Ready, Set, Shake has fun sentiments for making shaker globe cards all year; it coordinates with Ready, Set, Snow!  The design team has made the most amazing samples!
Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

For those of you who aren’t planner fanatics, Chari shows a super fun way to use the cute icons in Plan On It for making adorable cards! I love how she die cut tiny Stitched Squares from pretty shades of cardstock and simply stamped the images with Black Licorice ink.

Yainea used a variety of Lawn Fawn ink to stamp the Plan On It icons to add lots of fun color to her planner! I love how stamped all the water glasses at the bottom of each day as a reminder to hydrate!

Snow Globes aren’t just for Christmas or Winter themed cards! Chari‘s adorable Happy Spring shaker card features Ready Set Snow, Chirpy Chirp Chirp and a sentiment from Ready Set Shake! I love the beautiful pastel color palette!

Nancy‘s colorful planner page combines stamping with papers from Let’s Polka in the Meadow and Perfectly Plaid! I love how she used the list making stamps in Plan On It to organize her days!

 Nichol‘s Chirpy Chirp Chirp tag is so adorable! I love her amazing no-line water-coloring and the pretty pastels! Ready, Set, Shake has just the right sentiment for this sweet Spring tag!

 I love Jenn‘s adorable Fairy Friends snow-globe card! The sentiment from Ready, Set, Shake is so perfect for the sweet little scene and the Perfectly Plaid background adds lots of fun color to her simply beautiful card design!

 Latisha shares her pretty planner pages for April! I love how she combined colorfully stamped icons from Plan On It with alphas from Claire’s ABCs stamped on Guava and Mermaid cardstock. The Perfectly Plaid Stitched Heart adds a lovely pop of pastel color!

 I love Lynnette‘s bright and cheerful shaker-globe card! The cute images of Chirpy Chirp Chirp fit perfectly in the Ready, Set, Snow globe! The mix of Let’s Polka in the Meadow and Perfectly Plaid papers add to the whimsical look of this adorable design!

I seem to have caught that cold that is going around! Oh no! So, the video for Ready, Set, Shake will be coming later this week. Thanks so much for your patience! I appreciate it 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Plan On It and Ready, Set, Shake. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite way to use your planner (just to record the important stuff or with lots of decoration and journaling) by March 23rd at 5:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this stamp set and win, you can choose another set!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday March 23rd for our next inspiration week post!
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234 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Plan On It and Ready, Set, Shake

  1. So happy with the ready set shake add on! It makes it so much more versatile!
    I love to plan; however it musnt be too busy. Therefore I just use some stamps, some washi-tape and some stickers. To make sure its still a planner which shows what Im doing that week

  2. I haven't used a planner for at least 10 years, there is just no way I have time to do a paper one, plus that would mean having to carry it all around with you. It's electronic all the way for me, although looking at the gorgeous planner inspiration in this post I wish I had time for one!

  3. I've been using my planner for 12 years and it has everything. Started as more of a work organiser nowadays it looks like a scrapbook…. and a lot more fun too. The Plan On It set is just perfect to jazz up any planner.

  4. Plan on It is the cutest planner stamp set I've ever seen. I use my planner just to make my life simple, so I don't decorate it, just color coding.

  5. I think it is so great that you really think about your customers and how you can stretch the use of your stamps – thank you! I have a diary but I rarely use it. A couple of weeks pass by and then I remember it sitting there. haha

  6. I love looking back at the things I've done in my journal. Sometimes it feels like time is rushing by, but I haven't done anything. Then I take a look at my planner and see how many fun things I've actually done. 🙂
    Get well soon!

  7. Hope you feel better soon! Colds are the worst. My planner seems to bounce between decorated and not. I'm still trying to find a balance that works for me 🙂

  8. My planner and I have an on again, off again relationship. But, I do keep track of important upcoming events, and a little bit as a memory keeper with small pictures.

  9. These sets look like fun! I currently use the calendar on my phone with notifications, but have been thinking that I should get a paper one so that I could customize it!

  10. My favorite way to use my planner is to decorate my week. I find if I decorate the week in my planner, I am more prone to use it because it's prettier then just drab white 🙂

  11. Nichol's tag is adorable!! As for my planner- easy. I don't have one. I used to keep one but found that I had some things on paper, some things on my phone and I'd have to check both which defeated the whole purpose. Now I just keep my phone's calendar up to date.

  12. Well I'm not a planner kind of girl, everything goes in my phone these days, but I LOVE Chari's card using the planner stamps super cute! I'm so excited about the shaker sentiments, I've been hooked on shakers lately.

  13. Fantastic projects! Love that planner set! I have yet to decorate my planners. Seems all I get around to doing is noting important stuff. Love seeing those that go all out in theirs and some day, I'll get there too 😀

  14. FUN & FABULOUS projects!!!
    WOW – I am SO READY to PLAN and to SHAKE!!!
    My planner is currently just for the important stuff but I have to confess that I tend to doodle while I'm waiting, so some days get decorated 🙂 I really should journal more and make time to make it pretty too!!!
    Hope you GET WELL SOON Kelly Marie!!!

  15. The shaker cards are adorable. For my planners, I usually just record the basic stuff, appointments, etc. But I tend to doodle in there as well from time to time :o)

  16. I LOVE these sets! Ready, Set, Shake is the perfect addition to make the snowglobe more of a versatile, year-round set. 🙂 We use a family planner to track all important dates, birthdays, celebrations, and the many work travel opportunities we both have, so we can keep track of it all.

  17. Love all of the samples today. I can see SO much potential with the globe set!
    Kelly, I hope you are feeling better soon, this is a nasty cold to shake!
    I am just waiting for my first planner (in years) to arrive. I wasn't so good about keeping up with it before but unfortunately I have forgotten so much lately even my husband told me I needed one! LOL BUT, this time I am into stamping….I was never too interested in the planner stamps before b/c I wasn't using one. NOW, I NEED one and don't know what I need??? Anyway, it should be here this week! EEEKKK! Can't wait!

  18. EEk! My favorite thing in this new stamp set has GOT to be the piggy bank :):). Totally cute! I also love how everyone is putting the snow globe to creative use!! So fun!

    I don't use a planner outside of work. They're so adorable and I love what I see everyone doing with them, but it's just not for me (carrying around a planner that's not in my phone). At work, my cal is full of my family apts and also my boss' apts so it's crazy full of stuff. I'd love to get this set and add a bit of fun to the crazy!

  19. I think these are all so darn adorable! I have a planner, but I mostly use it just to decorate in it. lol… I think that the globe set is just awesome and I have that one on my very long wish list. Thanks for all the fun inspiration this last weekend and week. Hugs LisaG

  20. I wish I had the time to get uber creative with my planner! But for me it is just a plain planner with the important things jotted down-usually illegibly-in whatever happens to be close-pen, pencil…crayon

  21. My planner is just basic right now, but I hope to have fun doing a little decorating in it sometime soon! Cute projects again today, and I hope you're feeling much better soon 🙂

  22. I absolutely love all of the fun creations!!I do not have a planner but it would help for me to have one especially when it comes to my dental appt.

  23. Aww! Feel better! More cute goodies today! I quit using a paper planner a couple of years ago and use my phone for all appointments. Now I'm repurposing my old planners as art journals.

  24. Hope you feel better soon! My favourite way to use my planner is decorating it with stickers, washi tapes and little cutie stamps. I love planning because it's my favourite way to relax.

  25. I started 2016 off with my first planner in YEARS! So far I only use different pen colors…but this cuteness is making me want to stamp those cute little images in it!

  26. I am loving all of the ideas for planners that people are doing these days. I would love to have time to decorate them really cute, my current one, just has the to-do portion.

  27. Super cute projects!! Love how chari used the planner icons for a card!! I like to decorate my planner with stamps and washi..need it to look cute 🙂

  28. I love my paper planner, would not live without it. I keep track of the entire family, both work, school and family occasions – who says you can trust technology :p

  29. OH no, hope you feel better quickly!
    I haven't started the planner thing yet. I just don't have a lot to put it. An occasional appointment I usually just use my phone so I can add it to my husbands as well.
    Now the shakers I love!

  30. I don't need a planner for work, eat, sleep (lol)! With all of the cute stuff out now I'm tempted to start one for weight loss. Even though I don't use a planner I couldn't resist picking up that adorable a Plan On It set!!

  31. I keep my planner on my phone because it reminds me when things are coming (and I can still be late sometimes!!) Then I copy it to a plain monthly printout that I hang on the bulletin board by the door so I have a visual of the entire month at a glance and can coordinate with the rest of the family. But it's nothing fancy- so hard to maintain 2 calendars as it is!! These would be cute for the fairies though- would love to see them "taking pictures" with the camera…!! Just LoVe the fairy set!!!

  32. I'm such an organize person. I've always use a planner. I thought I could use the technology phone calendar. But writing stuff done is effective for me. I purchase the plan on it and love using it. It's fun and makesafe my planner more enjoyable to look at.

  33. I'd love to have some planner stamps!
    I use my planner as a journal and as a way to track my weight loss. It is full of decoration… from inspirational quotes, stickers, ribbons and washi, photos… so fun!

  34. Love this planner stamp set!! Right now I just use colored pens in my planner, but I'd love to get this set to add some stamped images and even make some stickers for my planner!!

  35. OMGosh I loVe your wonderfully cute projects.
    To be honest I do not have a planner. YIKES. I know I must be the only crafter out there without one. BUT if I did have one I would definitely have decorations and doodles all over mine.
    Crafty hugs,

  36. Love how you make the sets combineable (if that's a word… ;))!
    It's so much fun to find new ways to use the stamps. 🙂

    Planner… Well – I actually gave up the planner mania. I just wasn't into it so I am just using a calendar on my phone – one that syncs with my husband's. It works fine, but does look a bit plain. Maybe they could implement Lawn Fawn decos for Google Calendar?! ;D

  37. I use a planner just to record stuff, so I don't forget which things to do and when. Love the inspirations! Great samples! You guys rock!

  38. I use my smart phone for my actual planning and to do stuff. My planner I use more like a journal to keep memories and to decorate for fun. 🙂 Super cute inspiration projects! TFS Hugs, Kristina

  39. I like to record notes and appointments in my journals, but like to add little icons or color-code so I can quickly glance at what kinds of appointments are coming up.

  40. I'm kinda new to the planner world…but I like to keep track of stuff I need to do and don't want to forget. These planner stamps are AWESOME!!! I love them! =)

  41. I'm an organizational work in progress. I have good intentions but can't always follow through with them. I would love to have have cute stamps to brighten and cheer up my basic planner. Sending best wishes your way for a speedy recovery. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  42. I wish that I was organized enough to have a planner! I usually use my Outlook calendar (wha, wha, wha…) That being said – these are the most adorable planning stamps!

  43. I use planners but in a very simple way to remind myself of appointments and things to do etc. I would love to spice up my planner with cute images! ^_^

  44. I really do not use a planner. I do use a calendar, though. The planner stamps make great cards, so I would use them for a card and have fun.

  45. Love the stamp set is very versatile because I don't use a planner but I use and agenda. So I could stamp there when I plan my day or make a recollections of what I did everyday.

  46. I don't use a planner right now, but I always make lists and try to stay organized. I like the idea of using the images on cards, and the shaker stamp set is perfect for year-round use!

  47. I love Chari's Spring shaker card!! My planner's are mostly for practical purposes but when I have the time, I enjoy making my personal planner look pretty.

  48. I love Chari's Spring shaker card!! My planner's are mostly for practical purposes but when I have the time, I enjoy making my personal planner look pretty.

  49. I think the idea of planners is exciting but I could never do it …I would spend to much time on that an not on card making which I really love. Very fun post.

  50. As a mom of two, one a homeschooler in co-op classes & the other in our of home Pre-K, we're always busy! My planner pretty much saves my life in remembering when we have appointments and classes and play dates.

  51. Oh Kelly I hope you feel better!! My & my hubby caught it from our grandbabies and that was 3 wks ago!! Starting to feel human again!! I am not a planner girl, but these are adorable!! Can't wait to make a spring shaker card!!

  52. As a mom of two, one a homeschooler in co-op classes & the other in our of home Pre-K, we're always busy! My planner pretty much saves my life in remembering when we have appointments and classes and play dates.

  53. I am just a basic planner girl. But I have used every color of Wink of Stella on the flowers that are on the cover of my planner from last year. Girls gotta glitter! Hope you feel better soon! Hugs!

  54. How embarrassing—I don't own a planner, I don't use a planner. I'M RETIRED!! I don't need a planner. I keep all the appointments on a big squared calendar. I can still use the planner stamps in other ways. Love the banners too.

  55. what a way to show how to do a calandar i have a council issued calendar this is way better than that i hope i win to be able to start making my own calendars instead of using boring council ones

  56. Have been using my planner to stay organized with to do lists and appointments, games/ practices etc. I am just now starting with some decorations, washi, stamping. This plan set is darling!

  57. I don't have a paper planner anymore…since my husband's and kids' schedules are all over the place, it's easier to share our schedules through iCal. That won't stop me from loving on these planner stamps though! I love how Chari used these stamps for a card. The little images would be useful for pocket pages too! Thanks, Lawn Fawn!

  58. love love it! I use my planner to keep track of all the life stuff, to do list, pretty much a brain dump so I don't forget things. Before I used to write myself an email of reminders and kept replying to myself!

  59. I love my planner and it helps me map out things on a weekly and monthly basis so I can stay on top of my to-do list!!
    I love using fun stickers and other colorful inks to jazz up my otherwise mundane plans 🙂

  60. I'm such an organize person. I've always use a planner. I thought I could use the technology phone calendar. But writing stuff done is effective for me. I purchase the plan on it and love using it. It's fun and makesafe my planner more enjoyable to look at.

  61. I don't use a planner, but I was bit by the checkoff-list making bug after seeing planner videos online. My to-do list for this Easter I have written with colorful sparkly pens to make it more fun for myself =) Thanks for sharing these great DT projects!

  62. Honestly, I use my planner just to record important stuff without any decorations etc. I have only little time and that I want to spend making card projects. However, I think the plan on it stamp set can be used for so many cute cards as well 🙂

  63. Hope you feel better soon, Kelly! The planner set is super cute and definitely versatile!! I tried to be a planner girl, but I just don't have the time to jazz up my planner so I just use it to notate the important stuff.

  64. cute!!

    I wish I had time to pretty up my planner! I'm a foster mom and my husband and I both work full time. My planner keeps track of work schedules, visitations, court dates, doctor visits, etc. All of the practical stuff!

  65. My favorite way to use my planner is using it as reminder to remind me the things I need to do as well as taking some important notes. I like my planner to be in colors and a bit decorative as I remember better with colors some decoration.

  66. I use my planner mainly to keep track of all the grading and prep I need to do for my classes BUT I love the ideas shared in this post. I might try to incorporate some fun into my planner….just need to find, make the time!

  67. What an awesome set! I've always had a planner and some times I like to go back and see what happened that day, let's say, 5 years ago 🙂 Mostly I use it as a journal though. Our calendar is visible in the kitchen with our appointments to see for the month…

  68. My planner is mostly for keeping track of life and what is happening, but I do put some stamps and fun color in it! I actually love to use the Plan On It (and other stamp sets) in my journal each night as I write about my day!

  69. I don't use a planner but I do put important dates on my electronic calendar for work and my wall calendar at home – it's a wonderful Disney one.

  70. My favourite thing about my planner is decorating it…washi tape, stamps, adding bright colours….I mainly use my planner to keep track of important dates like birthdays. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  71. Totally love the "Ready, set , shake" set! I love shaker cards….. so this new addition is going to be awesome!!! The only way I track anything important in my life is through my cell phone still… I have yet to get on the "Planner" Wagon… I would love to make my own… I think that would be a fun craft to do and I can personalize it to my liking and have everything that I need… but I haven't invested the money or time into the products I will need to create my own. Maybe if I am lucky enough to win some goodies, I will be able to have that motivation to do my own and then purchase the extras that I need!

  72. I love all of the inspiration… I bought the shaker sentiments, and can't wait to use them! I don't use a physical planner, I do my calendar/planning stuff online. Helps me keep track of all of my appointments, and all I need is my phone!

  73. I already have this set thanks to Craft Warehouse, my favorite way to use my planner is to count the day down to ending my term as PTA President.

    Tara Brown
    Ridgefield WA

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