Lawn Fawn Intro: Frosty Fairy Friends

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s September 2016 Inspiration Week! We are just so excited about this week! We are featuring 4 stamp sets, 9 standalone die sets, and our Perfectly Plaid Christmas collection!
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Today is our showcase of Frosty Fairy Friends and its coordinating dies!
This 4″ x 6″ set is a companion to our Fairy Friends set with our cute fairies dressed up for holiday and winter fun! It’s a magical winter wonderland with frosty new accessories!

The design team has made the most amazing samples!
We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using the set!

Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

 Nichol’s beautiful circle window design is so gorgeous! I love how she used the evergreen boughs in Frosty Fairy Friends to frame this super sweet scene!

 I love how Elise framed her greeting using Flirty Frames! A little bit of sparkle adds frosty detail to this cute card design!

Have a “fairy” Christmas! Melissa S. arranged her Frosty Fairy Friends in a happy scene!

Audrey created a gorgeous card in frosty shades of blue and purple on a Dotted Rectangle Stackables panel. I love the glittery detail on the fairy house!

 Elena‘s magical little scene is adorable with her fairies dressed up in red and white! I love how she created the background with Snowy Backdrop on a Stitched Oval panel layered with a frosty white Forest Border and Stitched Hillside Border!

Lizzy created a pretty window card for her Frosty Fairy Friends by combining Snowy Backdrop and a Stitched Square Frame. She added pretty detail to the bottom by using the Stitched Hillside Border upside down, I love that! The sentiment is from Winter Big Scripty Words!

Lynnette‘s colorful scene is adorable! I love how she “dressed” her fairies in traditional Christmas colors!

 Chari achieved a lovely muted look by layering a panel of vellum between her colored images. I love the sparkle of the Meadow Border, it adds a frosty look!

 I love the diagonal stripes of Perfectly Plaid Christmas papers and the colorful stamping that Latisha added to her Frosty Fairy Friends design!

 Now, I have a little video for you showing Frosty Fairy Friends in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Frosty Fairy Friends and its coordinating dies! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what makes the holidays magical for you by September 21st at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this stamp set and win, you can choose another set!)

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508 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Frosty Fairy Friends

  1. Spending time with my Family and Friends doing ALL of the Holiday Events is what makes the Holidays Magical for me!! I LOVE the JOY in the Air and the Feeling of LOVE that surrounds us during these SPECIAL Event Moments!! THANKS for sharing and I look forward to seeing more!! Have a FABULOUS Week!! =)

  2. Love, love, love these! They are just too cute. Seeing my sweet children's eyes light up during the holidays makes them so magical to me. All the twinkling lights…

  3. Holidays are magical for me because I always have that little bit of faith and hope that the holidays always make us better people. We are kinder and more caring to each other, and that results in beautiful moments between people, even complete strangers. I can feel the love and kindness that's in the air.

  4. The most magical part of Christmas in Australia is Carols in the Domain, it's always extremely hot and the cicadas are so loud you can barely talk over them but it's home.

  5. Oh, I love this fairy set! I can't wait to play with it. Loved all the cards…I could not choose a favorite. They were all so cute. I love the fact that Lawn Fawn now has shaker confetti! Thanks!!!

  6. These are all adorable cards made with this fairy magical set…love them all.
    The twinkle in everyone's eye when Santa arrives at the house is a magical time. The look the on the faces of the little one's when they see him brings back childhood memories.

  7. those are so cute!!!! What makes the holidays magical for me, more than ever, is having my whole family home, being all together. Both of my boys are in college now, and they will be home for the holidays, to spend with their parents and sister, and the fur siblings.

  8. The magic of the holidays all plays out on my daughters face at the first sight of snow, the twinkling lights, decorating our tree and cookies, and of course the brightly wrapped gifts under the tree. She is the magic of the season for me.

  9. Love, love. love Christmastime. Saying thanks with little cards and treats to everyone who has helped us throughout the years!

  10. Love this stamp set! Is so adorable! Love the holiday season! My very favorite is winter and the I find that is magical to decorate the house , the Christmas tree, reunite with family, playing in the snow , every one of this for me makes the holidays so magical!

  11. The holidays are magical to me because….. it's a time where people come together to celebrate our Savor's birth. I love the feeling that everything gives me. I absolutely adore the fairy friends collection!

  12. The holidays are magical to me because….. it's a time where people come together to celebrate our Savor's birth. I love the feeling that everything gives me. I absolutely adore the fairy friends collection!

  13. My amazing family makes the holidays magical. I love Christmas and I love spending time with my husband and my sons and daughter-in-law. We have so much fun together. Love the cute fairy cards.

  14. This year will be magical for me and my husband since we will have a brand new baby in our midst! I'm so excited to see the joy in a child's face this holiday season!

  15. I love all of the music, decorations, and lights, just such a pretty time of year, and of course celebrating with friends and family. Adorable stamps and projects today. The DT is amazing!!!!!

  16. Such beautiful cards! You have an amazing bunch of women in your DT! My family is what makes the holidays so special to me. I love this time of year. My little kids and I do lots of crafting, baking, we decorate the house, and go on little special outings!

  17. Love the tree house. So fun. The holidays are fun with all the special food and drinks we enjoy throughout the season. We save some of these ideas just for Christmas Day! Get out the fat pants, the holidays are coming.

  18. the fairies and all the cards made are adorable! Making Christmas cookies with my family is what makes it magical for me.

  19. Oh my gosh, these are the cutest, best cards and scenes ever! Love them. What makes the holidays special for me is having the family all together, baking and enjoying the season!

  20. These cards are so cute!! I love the look on my boys' faces when they see that Santa has come! Nothing is better than 4 excited boys on Christmas morning!!

  21. What an adorable set! And all of these cards are pure magic. For me, the magic of the holidays is spending time with my whole family. Life really is short so you have to make the most of your time together.

  22. love all three cards. the holidays to me is enjoying the time spend with family and friends. this time of year people start to be a little more nicer to each other. wishing lawn fawn family and friends a very bless holiday.

  23. Awww!!!! I'm definitely in love for this new set! Too cute!!!!
    Baking biscuits and the Pandoro (a traditional Italian Christmas cake), decorating my house and making Christmas cards make my holidays absolutely magic! <3

  24. What adorable cards!!!! My husband and I do Toy runs and there are two that I really enjoy the most because we get to see the children pick out there toys!! Just to see their expressions on their faces just really warms my heart and makes my Christmas magical along with getting to spend it with my children and grandchildren!!!

  25. Such an adorable release!! Super cute projects by everyone!! Sending out Christmas cards & decorating my Christmas tree! That gives me such a magical feeling inside my heart!!

  26. Holidays become magical to me with the glistening snow, the twinkling lights, and the shiny ornaments. Everything changes and is decorated just for Christmas! Then, remembering the reason we celebrate is Jesus' birth, it makes the whole time even more amazing!

  27. What makes the holidays magical for me is the yearly traditions from when I was a child that I am continuing with my own children. It makes the holidays that much more special

  28. What magical creations! Love these sweet fairies!
    What makes the holiday magical for me is a visit with my daughter and her boyfriend! I don't get a chance to see them very often, so it is a real treat!

  29. Great cards by all of the DT members and I just LOVE the video – 4 awesome cards Kelly Marie!!

    What makes the holidays magical for me is watching the wonder on my kids' faces. I just love it.

  30. For me, the real meaning of Christmas is the gift of Jesus and that makes the season magical for me! My family has also adopted a family in need the past few years which has been such a rewarding and amazing experience! <3

  31. Beautiful cards. I can't wait to see what else is store for the rest of Inspiration Week.

    What makes Christmas magical to me is getting together with family and friends and going to Christmas Eve service. Also, how people give to those who are less fortunate during this season.

  32. What makes hoildays magical for me is putting a smile on someones face when they receive a handmade card from me, spending time with my family and having lots of snow! Being from Florida snow is fun for me living in Michigan for the last decade!

  33. I can't handle all this cuteness! All of you have totally outdone yourselves! I'm in awe! I can't put my finger on why the holidays are so magical and important to me. I just love everything about Christmas, the songs, the movies, decorating at home, wrapping gifts, making Christmas cards, wearing red pajamas, sleeping at my parents house the night before Christmas, dads Christmas food, getting presents and so on. Just love it!

  34. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. What makes it magical is most likely the christmas tree, together with the music, with some hot cocoa, curled up in the sofa just hanging with my family.

  35. For me the magic is in the LOVE that is given & received to family, friends, strangers. We all seem to remember we are ALL connected in a very special human bond. For me the season is special beautiful & magical…it's origin is LOVE.

  36. I love all of the little crafts and baking and Christmas projects. That is what makes the season magical to me. So this set would be the perfect addition to my craft projects! <3

  37. So sweet! The holidays are magical when i am together with both of my kids. Since they are older and one lives far away, this is getting more and more difficult. This year we will all be together in Phoenix at my daughter's. Will be so weird without snow!!

  38. Christmas has taken on a new kind of magic since I had kids. I've always loved that holiday, but watching their excitement over everything- family, snow, pretty lights, presents, caroling- makes it even better.

  39. All wonderful cards! I love to sit with all the regular lights off and watch the Christmas tree lights while listening to Christmas carols. Very magical to me.

  40. Love these samples with this cute set! The evergreen boughs make a perfect frame accent.
    The holidays can be so magical because of the time we can spend with our kids. Now that my kids are teenagers, I know we don't have long before they fly the coop, and holiday time together with them is precious!

  41. Best thing about the holidays for me now is the excitement in my grandsons leading up to the day! BTW, my sister is crazy for fairies so I'm pretty sure one of these will be her card for this year!

    1. I love all of your stamp sets…I am going broke just getting the ones I want, which are all of them, lol. I can't wait to start making cards with the ones I have already, but I want more!!!

  42. The cards are fantastic! I loved all of the cards you made in the video. This is just amazing so far and can't wait until tomorrow to see what's next. I love those muffs, earmuffs and scarves. So adorable.

  43. I'm speechless, awesome cards!!
    Snow makes everything magical .. but it's soo rare in germany. I love the lights and decoration – it's magical by night! (and the selfmade advent calendar from my mum is always so much fun)

  44. i love the music, the christmas songs and as im doing my christmas shopping looking at the magical shop displays in the windows. it feels special. i love the time children have as they get to visit santa and decorate the christmas tree with their handmade decorations. the yummy food cooked on christmas and the whole family spending the day together is a big deal πŸ˜€πŸ’œ

  45. The holidays are magical to me because, for the most part you can see everyone's heart be more joyful and giving – and in my experience anyway, people seem to care more. I wish it could be magical like that all year round (in some cases it is)- I hope that the reason people are like that is because of Jesus – "Jesus is the reason for the season"- and the reason for every day!!

  46. There are so many things that make the holiday season magical: snow-covered mountains, fires in the fireplace, sipping on hot chocolate, twinkling lights, festive music, buying and wrapping presents for friends and family, and of course a Christmas morning snowshoe with my husband and our lab puppy. Life is good!

  47. I am grateful to have my husband to share the Christmas time. He truly has been my sole mate. The magic of Christmas is our love and time with each other. No gift can match that magic.

  48. These are great examples of what can be done with the fairies set. Its just precious and I really loved Audrey's card too. Your shaker is fantastic as well.
    What makes my Christmas magical is the faces of our 2 young grandsons! The look of pure joy on their little faces is truly magical!

  49. The holidays are magical for me because, on one hand, they bring back memories of past holidays. On the other hand they bring the joy of the present watching my grandchildren enjoy old traditions and making new ones.

  50. I love decorating our tree, seeing our family, going to church & singing carols, then after busy day, sitting & reading one of my new Christmas books.

  51. The holidays are magical to me because, for the most part you can see everyone's heart be more joyful and giving – and in my experience anyway, people seem to care more. I wish it could be magical like that all year round (in some cases it is)- I hope that the reason people are like that is because of Jesus – "Jesus is the reason for the season"- and the reason for every day!!

  52. The holidays, from September 1st through the New Year are a magical time for me in general… I love to watch as the seasons change, the trees turn and the weather gets cooler. People slow down, gather at home and the hustle of Summer draws to an end. It's a time when families aren't going in all different directions, the evenings are dark and lights shine through windows while good food is cooking in the kitchen. This whole time of year has me waxing poetic on falling leaves and crisp autumn breezes… Good Lord, this a long comment πŸ™‚

  53. What makes Christmas magical for me is getting together with friends and family when it's cold and dark outside and we're all together sharing a meal and drinks with singing and Chrismas music.

  54. It's hard to put a button on what makes the holidays magical, but I think it's just the whole spirit of giving. Putting others before yourself. I think we forget that alot these days. Plus everything is all sparkly and glittery and it's hard to be grumpy with some much joy around!

  55. These cards featuring new products are fantastic! These darling fairies are "magically marvelous."
    At the holidays I get a magical feeling from the movies I watch where love triumphs in beautiful ways.

  56. The cards are so beautiful. I love the pop-up card using these cutie pie fairies. What a fun set this is. The holidays are magical for me when I see my nieces and nephews get all excited seeing the decorations start to go up!

  57. Oh the holidays!

    My mom always decorated her house as a winter wonder land!!
    Unfortunately I lost my mom unexpectedly a year and a half ago.

    And the holidays are magical to me because I get to use the same decorations as she did to turn my home into a winter wonder land! And even though she isn't here physically, i feel like I still get to celebrate with her!!

  58. The holiday is magical because I love the anticipation seen in a child's eyes and their joy of looking at all the decorations. I love the music of the Christmas Carols streaming through my radio as I drive through the snow on my way to see friends and family…..I just love Christmas!

  59. What makes Christmas "magical" for me is — snow!!! And the supernatural elents of the first Christmas, with dreams and a star and a Savior born as a baby.

  60. I am not really into fairies — but these cards are ADORABLE!!!! I thought they were so cute and loved the belly band around the pop-up card, the different colored sequins as the snow in the shaker card, and the colors and the tips for mass producing cards in the third card! For me Christmas is family and putting our differences aside for the day to have a peaceful celebration.

  61. The holidays are magical for me because it's all about home. Decorating the house, making wonderful things to eat, being with my husband and children and most of all, making room in our lives for Jesus. I love this set, it's SO cute!

  62. The holiday season is magical for me because the whole family plays along with the traditions, such as putting out a mince pie, carrot and whiskey for Santa and the reindeer, even though our daughters are twenty, nineteen and fourteen. They even pretend to be asleep for us so we can sneak the stockings into their rooms just after midnight! This is definitely the time of year to believe in all things magical and your fairies are just perfect.

  63. I love all the festive decor, just thinking about it puts a big smile on my face! It'll be the first Christmas in our new place and I can't wait to see how looks decorated for the holidays!

  64. Oh my goodness! What ADORABLE creations! LF has some of the most darling fairies!!!

    Holidays….magical….every one of them, because of family. LOVE spending time with our extended family. Can't imagine a holiday without them β™₯

  65. My grandkids make the holiday magical for me. Your cards are amazing and would love to make a cute holiday card for them.

  66. Wow! All the projects are absolutely stunning. I have been playing with this set and love all the new ideas I have gotten from the video and amazing cards. Love this set!

  67. What makes the holidays magical for me is family. It's the one time of the year I get to be with my sister who lives way to far away.

  68. I love the fairy cards. They show what I like about Christmas. Twinkling lights, glistening snow (even if it's fake), glitter and gifts and beautiful trees. All these just make the world more beautiful and I think we all need that now.

  69. It's the holidays as a whole that is magical. The tree, the baking and the gift giving. And just when you are sure you'll never get everything done, somehow everything falls into place. Love the varies dressed up for winter.

  70. WOW.. I just LOVE these fairies and how magical and festive the projects are with them! Love the video showcasing all the wonderful ways this set can be used to create the most amazing cards! So what makes the holidays magical for me? I guess that would be one simple word really, "Believe". The magic of Old St. Nick aka Santa Clause and the twinkle in the kids eyes when they talk about him on the holidays, is just priceless and that to me, is magical.
    Have a great weekend!!

  71. MAGICAL cards!!!
    LOVE the WHIMSICAL CHEER the fairies bring!!!
    Family makes the holidays magical for me, sharing so much love and seeing the JOY in the eyes of the younger children πŸ™‚

  72. The long nights, the fireplace, the twinkling lights, the tree glistening in the living room and the smell of baking… tell me that's not magic! πŸ™‚ Awesome set and I am having so much fun playing with it.

  73. I think all the lights people put up in their gardens makes it magical for me, it gives such a nice atmosphere to walk around in the neighborhood with my dogs late in the evening, when everybody is sitting inside in their houses, and it is double up on magic if there is snow at the same time, it makes the walk wonderful and peaceful <3

  74. Christmas lights… just looking at the lights on the Christmas tree in dark in the room… makes me feel like something good would happen πŸ™‚

  75. Gorgeous cards and projects!!! The holiday season is magical for me because I love the meaning behind Christmas and letting people know I care about them via handmade gifts or simply spending time with them.

  76. What makes the holidays magical for me is of course family! In Halloween seeing my kids dressed up, on thanksgiving being around all our loved ones and Christmas is seeing my kids wake up Christmas morning and seeing Santa came

  77. Everything about the holiday season is magical to me!!! The longer (cooler) nights, mornings with frosty grass and roofs (it's very magical to get frost here in southern Louisiana LOL), the smell of holiday cookies and pies baking, family and friends coming together, keeping my kitties off of the tree (haha), just everything! ☺️

  78. I absolutely adore this Frosty Fairy Friends set!!! The holidays become magical for me when the lights are dim and the Christmas tree lights are glowing. Even better is when my granddaughter (who is 2) dances around the Christmas tree!!

  79. All of these are so amazing! I love all of the colour combinations used! I think visiting with friends and family makes the holidays magical πŸ˜€

  80. Such an adorable, cute and magical set! Love the beautiful project creations! The atmosphere and ambience during the holiday season makes everything feel magical.

  81. I have your other fairy stamps and love them. Now seeing the winter fairy is on my books to get! I enjoy the holidays, seeing family, friends and my new family. This year is going to be a great cuz my son is almost three and starting to understand the holidays, I can not wait to see him on Christmas morning when Santa comes to drop him presents. In addition this is my daughter's first xmas too. Just so much excitements!

  82. Lovin' the Frosty Fairies!!! All of the cards today were outstanding! The Pop Up Hillside card is amazing! The entire release was awesome! Like many have mentioned – the holidays bring people together and that, in and of itself, is magical. πŸ™‚

  83. Lovin' the Frosty Fairies!!! All of the cards today were outstanding! The Pop Up Hillside card is amazing! The entire release was awesome! Like many have mentioned – the holidays bring people together and that, in and of itself, is magical. πŸ™‚

  84. The lights for the fairy house are my favorite part of this stamp set, just too cute! The magic of the holidays is seeing every member of my family gathering around the table first for a huge potluck and then for games that have us laughing until tears come out. Fun magic!

  85. Oh my goodness, they are soooo adorable, cute and darling!! What makes Christmas magical for me is being with my family, going to Christmas markets, snow and of course going to midnight mass πŸ™‚

  86. I love all the different looks the DT achieved with this adorable set! The decorations, the lights, the music, the movies, the food, the cards but most of all the company of family and friends make Christmas such a special time of year for me!

  87. The grandkids are the magic for me. Watching their excitement build as Christmas gets closer. These little fairies are just the cutest things. So sweet and everybody's cards are amazing and magical. Thanks for all the great creations, ladies.

  88. So many beautiful cards.. I can't wait to play with mine. This year my holiday will be extra special because since I started cardmaking in January of this year I've met so many crafty friends on IG and I'm going to be sending them Holiday cards all over the world. It's pretty amazing how you can bond with people through this cardmaking hobby. That's pretty magical, isn't it?

  89. All the cards are beautiful!!! I cannot imagine the amount of work that goes into making sure that the new sets work with the older sets as well as the interactive dies!
    I just love the festive atmosphere and all the wonderful decorations all over!

  90. Could a fairy stamp set get any cuter!? I don't think so! As for what makes the Holidays magical for me, it is lights — lights on the Christmas tree; light spilling into the night from windows; candle light from a single candle or many; light in family's eyes.

  91. Such cute ideas! When we get this set we will have to put on a Tinker Bell movie and play. The holiday season is magical because of the anticipation! There are so many things to look forward too! We have several advent calanders to help us countdown till Christmas.

  92. The holidays are magical to me because of what I believe to be the reason for the season-Jesus. Love the time to be cozy with my family, baking, playing, games, and sharing fun and good food!

  93. What makes the holidays magical for me? Hmmmm. The crispness in the air, the lights and pretty decorations, making cookies…it all comes together for me to make magic! πŸ™‚

  94. Super love these cards . I wish someone sent me one such !!
    I love decorating our Christmas tree and super love it when my kids get their school made craft ( christmas tree ornament , pasta garland ) and put it on the tree with great pride πŸ™‚

  95. Beautiful cards!!! Such attention to detail on all of them make them very special. My magical holidays are because my husband–after some tough childhood things for me, he made it his "holiday mission" to make things as nice as could be for me. Little things make me smile!!

  96. Oh my goodness!! These are just too precious!!! I LOVE all these wonderful cards!! What makes the holidays for me is being able to spend time with my family. As I get older, the time I have becomes more precious.

  97. Making cookies makes my holiday magical! I love making a lot of cookies for Christmas and I give them to all my friends and family. That's all so my holiday tradition, baking all kinds of cookies, boxing them up and going house to house until they all have some fresh baked goodies!

  98. SQUAL!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this set and the AMAZING Inspiration!! The Holidays are ALL about FAMILY and the Reason for the Season~Christ's Birth!! They make the Holiday's BRIGHT!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  99. I love fairies! What a great set to add to the other Fairy Friends! Thanks for sharing all the inspiraton! I love how the holidays seems to open people's hearts, and spending time creating traditions with family and friends! Thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  100. These cards are fun and so darn adorable!! I have two little girls who make any time of year magical for me! We are a big fan of Lawn Fawn here at our house.

  101. So much sweet fairy goodness!!!
    The most magical thing to me about the holidays is the immaculate birth of our Lord and Savoir–the single greatest gift to man ever–a perfect gift from God. Nothing more magical than that!!!

  102. holidays are magical for me because its all about family, decorating , baking, making homemade gifts for others. And the kids actually love being part of it even though they are older.

  103. Being with my kids makes the holidays magical. My daughter and I have the Fairy birthday set, she loves building scenes with that and this would be a wonderful addition to that for the holidays.

  104. Love all the cards. Thank you for sharing and this giveaway. What I love about the season is being with family & friends, being around kind & friendly people, all the bright lights and decorations and all the Christmas music.

  105. The holidays are magical for me when I'm sitting with my family & watching my kids interacting with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. They are always so excited to see & play with them!

  106. All the cards are so beautiful. What makes the holidays magical for me? The Christmas songs, decoration everywhere, all the lights, smell of cookies, and the most important for the right magic is snow.

  107. This is my favorite set of the whole release! I just love it to pieces! What keeps the holidays magical to me is just how family comes together. Decorating the tree, the food, the special gifts, the laughter. It's such a special time.

  108. So many things makes the holidays magical to me. The lights, everything being so cozy, xmas music ( Driving home for Christmas), all the scents, everything being decorated and just so very special from everyday life. Choirs singing, classic movies, spices and hot drinks… Hopefully snow. Oh, I could go on and on and on. I love this time of the year.

  109. What makes the holidays magical for me is hanging out with family and watching holiday movies or making holiday gifts or baked goodies. I love he fairy friends stamps, they are so cute!

  110. I love the previous Fairy Friends set and it's so great that there's now a Christmas one! πŸ˜€ What makes the holidays magical for me is remembering what I felt like when I was a kid at Christmastime and that it should be a fun holiday.

  111. These cards are FABULOUS! I want them all – spotted my HSM references there? πŸ˜‰

    What makes the holidays magical is just being together and having a great time – topped by the first snow of the year it doesn't get much better than that!

  112. One thing I enjoy and makes Christmas magical is sitting in the living room by the light of the Christmas tree and the fireplace. Even better maybe watching a Christmas movie as well.

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