Lawn Fawn Intro: Small Stitched Envelope; Dotted Stackables

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s September 2016 Inspiration Week! We are just so excited about this week! We are featuring 4 stamp sets, 9 standalone die sets, and our Perfectly Plaid Christmas collection!
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Today is our showcase of Small Stitched Envelope and our Dotted Circle, Square and Rectangle Stackables sets!
Our Small Stitched Envelope is a cute way to package a gift card or a small note. Use the envelope on it’s own, or decorate it with the included small scripty words.

A great new addition to our Stackables dies, these die sets have a sweet dotted border!

The design team has made the most amazing samples!
We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using the set!

Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elise used Vixen paper from Perfectly Plaid Christmas to die cut her Small Stitched Envelope. The included label die makes a great background for the cute dog and the Winter Big Scripty Words greeting!

Melissa S. created a wonderful circle motif for her beautiful scrapbook layout using Dotted Circle Stackables and Perfectly Plaid Christmas paper! The “be jolly” title is from Winter Big Scripty Words.

How clever is Audrey‘s cute gift idea for tea drinking friend? She used the Small Stitched Envelope to hold a special tea bag and decorated the Tiny Tag with images from Love You a Latte! So cute!

Dotted Square Stackables make lovely frames for Melissa‘s photos and journaling spot! They tie in perfectly with her machine stitched details! Perfectly Plaid Christmas papers make her awesome layout fun and festive! I love how she stamped Cheery & Bright from Cheery Christmas on the journaling card!

I love how Elena incorporated the Small Stitched Envelope into her adorable Winter Alpaca scene! It’s a card and a gift in one! The Let it Snow Border is the perfect greeting!

Lizzy‘s creative shaker card uses Dotted Circle Stackables as confetti with the shaker mix! I love how she embellished with String of Lights and Red Sparkle Lawn Trimmings!

Chari‘s fun Love You a Latte decorated envelope is perfect for a favorite coffee gift card! I love how she used Cloudy Lawn Trimmings to tie the Small Stitched Envelope closed!

 Now, I have a little video for you showing Small Stitched Envelope in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

And here’s a quick video to introduce our new Dotted Stackables die sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Small Stitched Envelope and Dotted Stackables dies! Now it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite gift card to give by TODAY September 21st at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday September 22nd for our Giveaway Winner Reveal!
Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! ๐Ÿ™‚  

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320 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Small Stitched Envelope; Dotted Stackables

  1. I usually like to give restaurant gift cards – I especially like the ones you can use that let you choose between multiple locations! The gift card die is AWESOME!!! I know my favotite gift card to receive would be for Lawn Fawn!!!!!!!

  2. Add another set to my list of must haves!! I give quite a few gift cards as Christmas gifts and my favorites are coffee cards. Did I mention that I love this set?!

  3. Love these new products!!! So excited about all that you have shared with us this week! As far as gift cards go I guess I have to say Target because it sure seems like I give alot of them as gifts!! What an awesome week, thank you!!

  4. Wha great projects! My fave gift cards to receive would be for Winners/Marshall' (like TJ Maxx) or Michael's..much easier for my family to shop for I like to gift gift card from Itunes, Amazon or Visa…

  5. Elena's incorporated alpaca-gift card-card must be the coolest thing ever… what a lot of work it must have been doing it! PLEASE make her shoot a video where she makes one. ๐Ÿ™‚
    This probably sounds boring, but a gift card to the cinema's is probably my favorite to give. Thanks for all the inspiration! I'm gonna get more sets as soon as possible. My favorites are always the Christmas videos and sets, but the other ones are absolutely adorable too.

  6. Fantastic projects!!! Love the mini envelope and all the accessories that come with it – your videos are always the best!! My favorite gift card to give is an Amazon GC because the recipient can get whatever they want

  7. My favorite gift to give- something handmade. For those whose wedding I attended that year I make a metal "First Christmas" ornament with one of their engagement pictures on it. I wrap it in Christmas paper and write "Do not open until Christmas" and tuck it into the card with a monetary gift- something to have when the money is gone. Surprisingly, many wait until Christmas to open it!

  8. Fantastic creations – I'm a sucker to anything with faux stitching. I really try to avoid gift card – often so many hidden clauses. But if I don't have a choice I will go for one of the larger chain stores as they have more variety and you know they will be around in 6 months time not gone with the wind and your money.

  9. Those dotted stackables are gorgeous … the dots are so delicate and sweet! Gift cards … I tend to steer away from them (they're not that popular here) … but a crafty GC would be good to give to a crafty friend! Anita ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. My favorite giftcard is one that gives lots of options, so I often choose cards from a store that sells a lot of different products or a card for a specific store if I know that's what the person who gets it loves most.

  11. I absolutely love all of your stackables! They are just so cute and handy! I use them in every card and when i start my nezt scrapbook they are definitely going to be useful!! My favorite gift to give is starbucks!

  12. The dotted stackable are just perfect! I like to give birthday cards because it seems no one gets "real" mail any more and I'm always told how much they enjoy getting a real (homemade) card on their special day.

  13. Super super adorable!!! I want all these new stamps and dies!!! My favorite gift card to give is a visa gift card, that way they can spend it anywhere they want!!

  14. All the children in our family love to have their own "credit cards" so my favorite gift cards to give are pre-paid Visa gift cards from our local credit union… then they all head off to the toy store and shop till they drop!

  15. I think my favourite gift card to give is an gift card from Daunts. It's a small bookshop near my Granny's and I have very fond memories of going there and buying books as a child. All my family members go there as we love the owner, so it's always a popular gift!

  16. My favorite gift cards to give are the ones that make a person gasp and awe… A favorite restaurant that they never go to but want to…. A very much needed store or gas card and coffee and book shops. These are always appreciated and get great reactions!

  17. Oh, these are all so fun!
    My favorite kind of gift card to give is a Visa. Though, I do give Starbucks and online craft store gift cards as well, just depends who I'm giving it to.

  18. My favorite gift card that I like to give out is a visa. That lets the person get anything they want. I love to receive Starbucks and my favorite crafting companies gift cards!! Super excited for tomorrow!! Good luck everyone!!

  19. Such adorable projects! The doxie one is perfect for PetSmart & Petco gift cards from OUR doxie and the one with the coffee cups are perfect for Starbucks gift cards! My favorite kind of gift card to give – the one the recipient will enjoy the most! It depends on what they like or what – Starbucks for coffee lovers, Michaels/JoAnn's/Hobby Lobby/A.C. Moore cards for crafters, movie theater gift cards for my in-laws who make sure they see every Oscar contender in the theaters, etc. Thanks SO MUCH for the chance to win! I LOVE EVERYTHING you released this month!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I can't wait to use this small stitched envelope! I have a lot of opportunities to give gift cards, and this will make it so much more fun to share joy! My favorite giftcard to give is a Starbucks card, as it hopefully results in spending quality time with a friend over coffee. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. This is (as always) an AMAZING release! Fantastic work Kelly to you and your team for always coming up with such fantastic new products/images/dies!
    My fav. gift card to give would have to be Tim Horton's cards (a Canadian thing) because we do LOVE it! LOL
    Thanks so much for another fun and inspirational release. I always learn so much here on your blog. Also Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. I absolutely love and adore your small stitched envelope die!!! All of the projects are absolutely fantastic and so adorable!!! I am definitely getting this one!!!
    My favorite gift card that I give out during the Holiday's is Starbucks.

  23. Wonderful inspiration today. I love that the envelope die comes with small script words. I give Amazon gift cards, because everyone can find something they want on Amazon.

  24. Love this die! It's perfect for all that holiday gift giving. We live far from family, so gift cards are the best! This die is a great way to personalize and "dress up" those cards. I try to give people gift cards to their favorite stores or restaurants.

  25. This die is definitely for me. I am giving gift cards more often, I try to find out where a person likes to shop and buy the appropriate gift card but coffee ones are always good. This is on my list to have for Xmas gifts.

  26. I love these stackables. My favorite gift card to give is something unexpected. Not just birthday or Christmas, but something totally "out of the blue" and sometimes, for some unknown reason, I've evidently had perfect timing too. that's even more special, when I hear that.

  27. Amazon! It's so hard to know if a certain store is going to be around the person you're sending it to or even if they'll go to that store. Amazon has everything and everyone shops there, so it's perfect!

  28. OMG Kelly!!! I want this envelope die, my husband is going to hide all debit and credit cards around me haha!! Starbucks and Target are my favorites gift cards to give and receive too! I can ask for Christmas a Lawn Fawn gift card too it's a good idea!

  29. It depends to whom I'm giving the gift card. To the guys, it's an Amazon gift card; to the ladies, a gift card to some place crafty and to the kids, who are growing, a gift card for food! I love the delicate scripty words that come with the envelope.

  30. My favorite gift card to give is walmart or a store similar bc then the person can buy anything food books clothes electronics movies the possibilities are endless bc they have everything lol and that way they can do what they want with it!

  31. Lawn Fawn's stamps and dies are so well designed. Those envelopes are SO simple yet so beautiful.
    I give lots of Starbucks gift cards . . . we have a coffee-addicted family!

  32. Oh! I'm in love with the Small Stitched Envelope!!! So many fabulous design inspirations today! Thanks so much for sharing! Loving so much in this release! I love to give "crafty" gifts cards to those that I know will use them and then it's often Amazon gift cards because the possibilities are endless on there! Thanks for a chance to win!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. My favorite type of Gift Card to give is the Visa Debit Gift Card. I love that it is accepted at most craft/hobby, department, online and the mall stores! Thank you for sharing your inspiring ideas with your gift card envelopes – so much fun to create!

  34. The Small Stitched Envelope is definitely on my wish list! I give a lot of gift cards and the Stitched Envelope die will certainly make it so much easier! My favourite gift card to give is Starbucks…I give those ones out a lot!

  35. Awesome ideas today!

    I love giving away my almond poppyseed muffins. I make them only once a year (they're so decadent) and everyone always loves them.

  36. The envelope on the card is a fabulous idea! We tend to give Target gift cards- there's something for everyone. Starbucks is our 2nd fav- it's a nice treat/pampering gift.

  37. I really need to get the Small Stitched Envelop! It's just so cute! And the String of Lights! I don't have a favorite gift card to give. I give gift cards based on what my family needs and where the teenagers are shopping lately – because you know that changes frequently!

  38. Loving all these new dies! My favorite gift card really depends on the recipient and what they are in to. I have given Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Dicks, Total Lacrosse…see what I mean!? My 15 year old would rather have a Lacrosse gift card over coffee! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. Lawn Fawn, your new products and these fantastic project ideas have me in the mood for Christmas!! WOW! And one thing I like to give at Christmas is a gift card because the recipient gets to pick what they truly want! Amazon and iTunes are two of my favorites because they offer such a variety of gift options.

  40. Super cute card envelope die cut ideas. My favorite gift card depends on who I am giving to, however, Target seems to be the one I give the most. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  41. Cute envelope!! I love giving gift cards for restaurants! I guess it's true you give the kind of gifts that you enjoy – so you might say nothing says love like not having to cook : ) Thanks for the chance to play!

  42. It really depends. If it is because I don't know what to get, I would try to get gift cards for places that I know the recipient likes. But if it is because I just don't have time, and/or I really don't know what the person likes, I tend to go with a printed Amazon gift certificate.

  43. My favorite gift card depends on the person I'm giving it to. I love giving my crafty friends a card to a crafty place. Some of my relatives I give food/restaurant gift cards to. Love these ideas!

  44. I LOVE giving and receiving gift cards too! Since my family and I live so far away from each other, I give small gifts and big gift cards! I love giving gift cards to my mother-in-law from Vera Bradley! She loves the soft backpacks that don't put strain on her arms and heart!

  45. I prefer not to go the gift card route but for people that are impossible to shop for (like my little brother!) I always go with something that can have multiple uses such as Amazon, Target or a plain ol' Visa Gift Card!

  46. Great ideas! I can't wait to get home and use my Alpaca stamp. It's one of my favourites, my friends think I'm looney because every time I see it I start giggling. ๐Ÿ™‚ These are amazing ideas to help me with my Christmas cards. ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. I always put gift cards to the movie theater in the 'kids' stockings at Christmas. Then we go to the movies on Christmas night. This year, however, I'm planning to get my grandsons gift cards to a local video game store. I always get my friend a gift card to one of the fabric stores. In return, she makes me gorgeous stuff. LOL

  48. I LOVE to make Gift Cards for the Holidays and Birthdays or just because gifts!! Usually like to give Food or Drink Cards sometimes even just plain Visa Cards are FUN!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  49. Awesome projects! I'm so excited to get my order with the stitched envelope ๐Ÿ™‚
    My favorite gift card is "Weserpark" it's a mall near by. They have everything! (except a craft store -.-)

  50. I like to give giftcards people can out towards something they really want – most recent was Zara for my brother to pick up a fancy shirt. The card came in crazy posh packaging.

  51. These are amazing! I can't wait to have a go at playing with these wonderful sets! I prefer cash to gift cards – we always forget to use our gift cards then they expire! Cash never expires.

  52. I like to receive Simon Says Stamp so I can pick out my own crafting goodies but I tend to give a lot of Starbucks and Apple gift cards to the guys in my life.

  53. Gift cards just work in handmade cards don't they- then the real gift is the work and love you put into the card. I like that.

  54. My favorite GC's to give are unexpected ones, I love seeing the joy it brings to their face. Movie ones are my favorite, because most people don't like to spend money to go see a movie.

  55. So cute! Love the dotted stackables! Gift cards are such wonderful things and some of my favourites are restaurant or spa vouchers, movie tickets and crafty supplies!

  56. Love this darling little envelope! I have given many types of gift cards or certificates including Starbuck's for my daughter, Amazon for my son-in-law, and special activities for my hubby. Of course I love to get crafting ones, such as Lawn Fawn!

    Dotted Stackables = MUST-HAVES!!!
    LOVE the stitched envelope too … we give bundles of gift cards as gifts nowadays, they allow the recipients choose what they want, instead of us giving them something they don't ๐Ÿ™‚ We usually ask around to find out the stores they want them for or we get one that works for all the stores in the biggest shopping centre near them, so they can choose from all the stores there.

  58. My favorite gift card to give is cash. The children always light up but I sometimes do it in all ones and wrap all the ones in a box or hide a twenty dollar bill inside a phony rock. Keep them guessing!

  59. I rarely give gift cards but when I do I like it to be some form of entertainment that I know the person wouldn't normally do for themselves. Like a spa treatment for a busy mom, a fancy dinner for a couple, or a movie night for a whole family.

  60. I really love the stitched envelope and gift card as it is the perfect die to have! My favorite gift card to give is a universal Visa gift card. This way the recipient is able to go to any store that they want, whether it be in person or online. It is the best kind of gift card to give. I also love to give gift cards to teenagers because they seem to be the hardest people to shop for! Thanks again for the wonderful projects and inspiration today!

  61. Any kind of gift card I give my mom is my favorite because she spends it in her head over and over before she uses it. Once it took her two years to spend it and she got hours and hours of "maybe I'll buy this" enjoyment out of it!

  62. How adorable is this die and so usefull. my favorite type of gift card is a crafty gift card just because I know that the recipient has always something that need to buy ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Cute stuff! Amazon is always a good bet, but gift cards to movie theaters or for a message are a lot for fun for the receiver. Or even a Target card if it comes with some free babysitting!

  64. yet another really useful creative die! I am using up all my secret stash money!!!! I like to give a gift card that the recipient can get whatever they want or need so it is individualized to the recipient-no one size fits all!

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