Lawn Fawn Video {9.8.16} Sprinkled with Joy Add-On

 We can’t wait! September Inspiration Week is just around the corner!

Today I have a quick video to show you how to assemble the new Sprinkled with Joy Add-On die set!  We will have more videos, including the Intro to Sprinkled with Joy video, coming up next week during Inspiration Week!
You can watch the video here or at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I can’t wait to see the creative projects you guys will make using Sprinkled with Joy and the Sprinkled with Joy Add-On die set!
And join us next week for our September Inspiration Week where the focus will be on our new holiday and winter products!

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15 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Video {9.8.16} Sprinkled with Joy Add-On

  1. Thank you for this video – I was not sure what to do with the flap – (duh) it makes so much sense. I work in a bakery and whenever it is someone's birthday I make a card for all of our co-workers to sign – I used Sprinkled With Joy to make a card for one of our lady baker…everyone who signed the card was flipping out about how cool it was – this is currently my favorite set!!! Looks like the whole bakery will be getting Sprinkled With Joy Christmas cards!!!

  2. This card is so adorable! I love to bake but I don't do it much when it's hot and humid because heating up the kitchen is not a good idea. However, when it cools off then I am baking up a storm! I used to make 7 or 8 different kinds of cookies for Christmas but now that I am a caregiver for my parents I don't bake that many. I love, love, love how the oven door opens! That is so amazing! I might have to think about this set. While it is great for Christmas, I bake almost all year so I could use this anytime. Thanks for a great set! I'll also have to watch the video. I want to know how the oven opens up!

    1. I see how it's done now and it's not fair! I don't have a die cutting machine so I can't make the oven door open up! Boo Hoo! Now I wish I had a machine. Oh well, I still like the stamp set even if I can't make the oven door open.

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