Lawn Fawn Intro: Home for the Holidays, Little Town Border

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s October 2016 Inspiration Week! We are just so excited about this week! We are featuring 6 stamp sets, 7 standalone die sets, and our Perfectly Plaid Winter collection!
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Today is our showcase of Home for the Holidays and Little Town Border! Home for the Holidays is a fun mini set with an adorable car that’s heading home for the holidays! Pair it with Slide on Over or our Everyday Pop-ups dies to create fun interactive cards!  Little Town Border is a great new addition to our Lawn Cuts border dies that make it so easy to create cute scenes for your cards and crafts!
  The design team has made the most amazing samples!
We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these sets!

Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

 Audrey‘s coloring gives Home for the Holidays a fun cartoony look! She layered the Storm Cloud Stitched Mountains over a Snowy Owl patterned paper sky to create this awesome backdrop!

 I love how Latisha stamped the trees directly on the kraft cardstock and layered the inky Little Town Border over the top! Tying twine around the tree atop the car is such a fun and clever detail!

 Lynnette added lots of fun layers to her card combining Home for the Holidays and Little Town Border! I love how adding extra color to the stamped evergreen trees gives them lots of dimension!

 Kristin’s Home for the Holidays shaker card is so fun! I love the fa la la sentiment and colorful Christmas light bulbs from Winter Big Scripty Words!

 Elise paired Little Town Border with Snowy Backdrops stamps for this beautiful card! I love how she curved the sentiment to match the border!

 What a clever card design with a custom sentiment by Elena! I love the fun black and red color combo and the Gingham Backdrops border! The glossy dimension on the Home for the Holidays car and Quinn’s Capital ABCs is an awesome detail!

 Little Town Border die cut from Black Licorice cardstock creates an awesome silhouette night sky! I love how Lizzy made the snowy background by stamping with Yeti ink on kraft cardstock!

 Chari‘s spinner card is so fun and clever! I love how the little Home for the Holidays cars spin all the way around in circle! The Blue Jay Everyday Sentiment Banner adds a fabulous pop of color!

Yainea‘s Home for the Holidays snow globe shaker card, crafted using Ready Set Snow and the Add on die set, is so gorgeous!  I love how shaker mix looks like snow flurries!

 I love Nichol‘s wonderful snowy scene! She created a frosty backdrop by white-embossing the falling snow from Snow Cool on a vellum panel and layering it over the Stitched Mountain and Little Town Borders! Such a clever idea!

 Now, I have a little video for you showing Home for the Holidays and Little Town Border in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Home for the Holidays and Little Town Border! Now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us where you travel for the holidays by TODAY, October 19th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday October 20th for our Inspiration Week Winner Reveal!
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238 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Home for the Holidays, Little Town Border

  1. This is such an adorable set! Love the way the design team has highlighted it.
    I'll be travelling to Bangkok and Phuket for the holidays this time. Fingers crossed that it all goes well 🙂

  2. Super cute creations using this die! In this holiday I will travel to see my daughter in Chennai,India and visit some temples, backwater fun and Oh, I love beaches too and there were so many! So its going to be lot of fun there!

  3. Oh dear. So many great cards! Love it! I always celebrate Christmas at my parents house (I travel there by walking a few blocks). 🙂 Tradition! Even though they live so close, I still sleep over at their house the night before Christmas.

  4. The car is amazing! Every year we split Christmas into my family in Warsaw (Poland) and my fiance's family in Płock(Poland). This year we will do the same.

  5. I love these sets! The car and the little town border are super cute. We don't travel for the holidays….we all live within 15 miles of each other 🙂

  6. LOVE all of the inspiring cards – they are all over the top cute!!!! We usually stay home and since we live in Florida sometimes people travel to us. Christmas is the one and only time of year I really miss snow – once in a while we go to Celebration or Disney and they have fake snow – but it loses its magic if it is more than 70 degrees outside!!!

  7. What a wonderful little stamp set! Can't wait to get this! We don't usually travel during the holidays. We get together with family on Christmas eve and spend Christmas day at home enjoying quality time together.

  8. The new products and all these samples sure do the trick; get crafting on those Christmas cards. I am so still in love with the winter plaid papers! I'm very plaid!

  9. Such fun and inspiring cards! Elena's was my fave this time!

    For the holidays, we usually travel to my in-laws home in Lake City, Florida. It actually look like fall there too (as opposed to the constant greenery of S. Fla) – bonus!

  10. Cute sets and cute cards. I love the little hearts coming out of the
    exhaust of the car … so adorable! Well, I am blessed to have my whole
    family live within 25 miles of me, so I don't travel far for Christmas.
    We go to my sister's house about 20 miles away. And it's always a warm &
    cozy Christmas (we live in So. FL where it's almost always warm).

  11. Such cute cards! I already own Home for the Holidays but haven't inked it up yet so I thank you for the inspiration! Everyone comes to my house for the holidays, but hubby dreams of us all going on a cruise instead!

  12. Wow, i really didn't think I needed this set but once again you have proved me wrong…
    The design gal's make this little set a gotta have for sure!
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. We always visit my parents in laws. All of hubby’s family still live in their hometown so that is where we trek to. It is so much fun.

  14. Our extended family travels between two cities that are only 40 minutes apart… luckily we don't have to go far to celebrate the holidays together. Love the little tree atop the car; so cute! 🙂

  15. The cars and town: totally adorable! Yes, we typically travel four hours north to spend Christmas with my mom and family! Love staying at my mom's!

  16. These are so cute and clever! Love the fun ideas. We don't travel anywhere for the holidays–daughter comes home from college. Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful fun!!

  17. Wen frequently go to MD to visit family for Christmas but we're hoping they come here this year. That would mean our 9yr old son gets to stay home for his 3rd Christmas. It's nice to visit but it's nice to be home for a change too.

  18. We stay home in snowy Colorado for Christmas, it's so much easier to only travel to living room 😉 But I grew up traveling to Maine every Christmas and those are still some of my favorite holiday memories! These sets are too cute! I love how Kelly did her multi colored houses!

  19. I adore the tiny town border – soooooooooooo cute! We are fortunate that both my family and my hubby's family are all primarily here in Omaha, so we don't have to "travel" outside of town. Love all of the samples and projects!

  20. I usually don't travel for holidays – Everyone else travels and comes here – I'm the hostess with the mostest! LOL I Love these two sets – I think these two are my favorites! The spinner card done with the car is too cute!

  21. What fabulous cards these all are! I love the imagery of travelling home with the family tree or off to deliver parcels. The spinner card is one of my favourites as it got in both tasks! We stay home for the holidays. It's less stressful. Tho I think like to go away somewhere warm over the holidays after hubby retires.

  22. Oh how darling!!! All the cards are so stinkin' cute!!!!
    We don't have to travel for the Holiday's any more as our whole family ( both sides that is ) all live in the same area!!!

  23. Oh my goodness, this is the most adorable card!!! Love it 🙂 This year we'll head up North to my in-laws. We switch every year. One year in Canada and the other in Austria/ Europe 🙂

  24. Now how did I miss this cute little set?!! I love all of the wonderful ideas with too!! 🙂 I actually do not travel far at all…only a couple of minutes from my home!! LOL!

  25. I'm loving Little Town Borders and Home for the Holidays! These sets will get SO much use for me!! Often, we travel to visit family at their respective homes for the holidays, and each year at the start of December, my husband and I travel to a smaller town near us for a weekend getaway, and to do some fun local Christmas shopping!

  26. Hi, i don't like to travel at this time of year, i like to stay home for Christmas….and have the family coming in! And since i'm so lucky to live in Paris, we just stay home and enjoy the city!

  27. Thanks for the great inspirations. We usually stay home for Christmas, but a few years ago my husband and I went to Maui over Christmas. It was a unique experience and we loved it. Was really cool to hear carols sung in Hawaiian.

  28. Such great cards–so fun! We usually stay in Texas b/c most of the family is here, but sometimes we travel to Mississippi to see my hubby's side of the fam.

  29. I absolutely love your tiny sets, and this one is amazing! And that car and pile of gifts could be used year round for birthday cards. We travel to Maine or Florida for the holidays to see either my parents or my husband's parents. It's nice that every other year we get snow and then warm weather. 🙂

  30. Adorable projects. We don't usually go anywhere out of town for the holidays. We have Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner at my grandmother's house. We also have a second Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner at our house on a different day for friends and family who don't have family to celebrate or were unable to celebrate on the day of.

  31. The DT examples are AMAZING!! Chari's spinning card is very clever, and I love the vellum! What a fun little set!! My husband and I go to my dad's on x-mas eve (only an hour away), bringing delicious food, then we're home on X-mas day, where he makes MORE delicious food.

  32. Lovely card, as every other day this week! Can´t get enough of Lawn Fawn. This Christmas I will travel just a few hours north and a few hours south of where I live to celebrat The holidays with family on both sides. It will all happen in Sweden this year.

  33. Oh I LOVE all the GORGEOUS cards your talented team created for this post! So much variety from this sweet little stamp set and I LOVE all the possibilities of your Little Town Border too! Actually, I don't travel anywhere for the holidays, sometimes folks come to MEEEEE but since I have a lot of medical issues and don't travel well folks usually come to me instead. Home that still counts. Thanks again for all the of the BEAUTIFUL inspiration from your team, as always, I want to recreate EVVVERYTHING, and thanks for the chance to win, to give my wallet a little bit of a break as well if I am wicked lucky! 😉

  34. So cute! I especially love the town border – it has a lot of versatility! Usually if we travel for Christmas it is to go and visit my family back in England 🙂 This year we will be at home.

  35. We don't normally travel for the Holidays as my Family is all gone already. My Husband has a Niece in New York that we went to visit last Christmas. We may or may not do that this Christmas.
    Love all the cards. The Spinning Cars and Slider are way too cool!!! Great job everyone!!!!

  36. Lovely fun projects. Loving that little car with the Christmas tree on top. We usually head for Cincinnati Ohio for the holidays. That's where I grew up.

  37. Lovely fun projects. Loving that little car with the Christmas tree on top. We usually head for Cincinnati Ohio for the holidays. That's where I grew up.

  38. Omgee those little houses look so cute! Ugh, my wish list is getting crazy long! LOL We don't travel for the holidays, as I do all the cooking for the extended family. Everyone flies in if they can swing vacation, and we dit around all day, baking, cooking, frying–and of course, eating! 🙂

  39. Omgee those little houses look so cute! Ugh, my wish list is getting crazy long! LOL We don't travel for the holidays, as I do all the cooking for the extended family. Everyone flies in if they can swing vacation, and we dit around all day, baking, cooking, frying–and of course, eating! 🙂

  40. We don't have to travel for the holidays but when I was a kid we went to Pennsylvania where my mother's family lives. It was so nice to spend the holidays with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! Luckily for my children they all live close by to us!

  41. Staying home here in Orlando, where most times we wear shorts! HA! But have adult kids and this year everyone should be able to come home, so that's the best kind of holidays! Lovin' your Home for the holidays and the designers stinkin' cute projects!!!! Such great examples!!! Kudos!

  42. If we go anywhere we travel back home to Ontario, Canada but most of the times we are in N.C. I just love your little car driving through the snow, such a cute set.

  43. Love this little car
    and all the cards are
    so fun! We travel so
    very far for the
    holiday. We have to
    walk next door to
    be with my husband's
    family members!
    Carla from Utah

  44. We usually stay home and the kids would come by. But this year we all will go the kids house to have Christmas with them and grandbaby 🙂 Super excited for her first Christmas 🙂

  45. love each of these, thanks for the video…and we always have a brothers' Christmas with my husband's brothers. So three out of four years we go to their houses and the 4th year, we host.

  46. We sometimes go back to northern CA (from southern CA) by car (6-7 hour car ride)for the holidays. Lots of fun. Other times, our family comes down to us.

  47. We used to travel to South Carolina for Christmas but now we just stay home. As long as the family's together I'm happy 🙂 Love today's awesome inspiration! You've definitely got me in the mood to create some fun Christmas projects!

  48. What a sweet set, and such creative inspiration! I am very lucky. I live in PA and my husband's family lives in San Diego. I love to be home for holidays but sometimes we go to San Diego to visit the family. It's such a lovely place to go and we always have fun!

  49. Over the holidays, we always travel to Oklahoma to visit my husband's family. My family lives in town here in Houston, so we might get together over New Year's to spend time with them too. <3

  50. I love this litte stamp set and I love all your scripty sentiment borders. I usually stay home for the holidays, so I don't travel often during those days.

  51. My husband and I travel to the smoky mountains the week before Christmas every year but we always make sure we make it home for Christmas Eve dinner with family.

  52. We usually stay home for the holidays but this year I hope to go to Yosemite to see my daughter who is on an externship there. Thank you for another amazing inspiration week! Your design team is so creative and talented and I appreciate all the work that goes into these events!

  53. We are always home for the holidays and the big feasts happen at our house. But last year we did a family Christmas with our 4 teenage and young adult children at Copper Mountain in Colorado. It was the most magical and fun trip! While we all admittedly missed our own holiday traditions, we agreed it was worth it to mix it up every once in a while!

  54. I go to the north side of town to my son and daughter in laws. They have an open house every year for part of the day where both sides of the family, friends of theirs and the kids and neighbors come for a visit and snack. We celebrate our Christmas on Christmas eve at my house.

  55. We either stay at home or visit our family in Scotland. This year it's going to be super exciting because having been with my hubby for nearly 11 years, I'm actually going to get to meet his brothers and their other halves all at the same time, instead of individually 🙂

    PS LOVE the inspiration for these stamps and dies – FAB!

  56. We always stay at home! I am trying to do something different this year maybe a short trip. I love this car look like my stamp set happy trails… I need it lol

  57. I think I'm too late for the giveaway today but I wanted to say that I love all of this inspiration. I purchased the stamp and die with the car a few weeks ago at my local LSS and I was unsure exactly what I wanted to do with it. Now, I have a clear direction. Thanks!

  58. What a treat it would be to receive any of these delightful cards in the mail!
    We stay home for the holidays. We have Thanksgiving locally at my aunt's, and for Christmas my daughter and her boyfriend come to us!

  59. When I was young I travelled anywhere I could for the Holidays…BUT now as a senior I am so happy to decorate my home and be there. I love the ideas especially the one by Nichol with the snowy scene

  60. We usually stay home for the holidays because most family members are near or semi near except my sister. Hopefully, one year we can take a road trip back east to visit them for a white Christmas.

  61. This year we are traveling to San Diego to visit my brother in law, sister in law, nieces and nephew. We do this every other year and it's great mini vacation too.

  62. Little Town Border would be so much fun to create with – love all the cards shown here, especially the moving ones! I usually go to my in-laws' for Christmas, about 100 km south of home.

  63. We all meet up in Gatlinburg Tennessee every year for Thanksgiving! It's such a great time to spend with family, as we stay in the mountains with the most beautiful views!! I'm certainly getting more and more excited about the upcoming holidays!!!

  64. These are so cute! Going to try some slider cards soon. We actually stay here. DD and her husband will come here for several days. Once they start a family we will be going there (central NY).

  65. LOVE the projects today — so inspiring that I want to get in my craft room asap! My husband's sister, brother-in-law and niece celebrate Christmas Eve (lots of fun appetizers and, of course, church service) then Christmas Day – we spend the day in PJs and have a wonderful prime rib dinner together!

  66. I would love to visit with Lawn Fawn at Ur store or a guest visit at another store! Unfortunately I can't make it to Clipper Street in Langley BC in Nov 🙁 The car is so cute and versatile!

  67. I love all these fun and festive projects! We used to travel out of state or out of teh country to visit family but now we stay home for the holidays.

  68. This little car is so cute! It makes me want to take a trip and either go Christmas shopping or to cut down a tree. Better be careful of that tree or those packages though because they aren't tied down and they could fall off! LOL I love the mountains and the houses. I see my house, that little yellow one on the last card. Thanks for putting my house on a card! LOL Yellow is my favorite color so that's why that is my house. These are the cutest cards! I love the stamp set and I am hoping that I can win something.

  69. So much fun inspiration today! The past few years we have hosted the family get together, so not much traveling for us. Thanks for all the great inspiration this week and for so many chances to win!

  70. I just really love the little car with the tree on top … taking it home to be decorated! Just love all the projects today and all week! Well I don't usually travel….my family all gathers around at my house most of the time for the holidays… but on occasion, I will travel locally to my sister's home… 🙂

  71. Great job ladies! Nichol's is my favorite because she used the vellum and even stamped snow on it. Looks like a real photo would look in the Midwest's winter.

  72. I love to make little treat bags with the tote bag die for small Christmas gifts. This little car will be so cute and will be great for a masculine card or bag. I love having a little something to give my friends and coworkers at Christmas. These new sets and dies are so adorable!

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