We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week {day 4}

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special Fawny Holiday Week! This week is all about getting ideas for the upcoming Holidays! We have Lawn Fawn Design Team samples, giveaways and videos! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win a stamp set of your choice and a Perfectly Plaid Christmas or Winter 6×6 pad!)

We will be featuring Lawn Fawn Holiday products this week, both old and new! Woohoo! And, we also have team members from Lawn Fawn Headquarters (LFHQ) and our friends from Lawnscaping Challenges joining us for extra inspiration! I can’t wait to show you all of these gorgeous projects!

Let’s check out some awesome samples and a fun video!

 I love how Lizzy used the tiny images in Cheery Christmas to create an amazing patterned background for this fabulous card! Winter Big Scripty Words provides the perfect sentiment!

Ivy‘s cheerful shaker card stars a cute Love You a Latte coffee to go cup! Perfectly Plaid Christmas paper and the Fa la la la la Border add to the fun and festive design!

 The Snow Cool penguins are adding some festive decorations to their tree on Christy‘s whimsical card! I love the beautiful colors she chose for this delightful design!

 This cute Cheery Christmas squirrel has been busy collecting acorns to decorate her Christmas tree! I love how Kristin used the Say Cheese photo frame for this adorable card!

 Rebecca engineered a beautiful box card using Frosty Fairy Friends and a Perfectly Plaid Christmas pattern! I love the addition of the Mini Snowflakes on the side flaps!

The polka dots and sentiment from Let’s Bokeh pair nicely with the star and Hanukkah greeting from Love You a Latke! I love the silver embossing and glittery stars on Nancy‘s colorful card!
 And now Nichol shares a wonderful video tutorial showing colored pencil coloring on kraft paper!  You can watch the video here or at our YouTube channel.

 Thank you so much for watching!

I love how Nichol created this adorable card by combining the Cheery Christmas critters with Trim the Tree!
I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Holiday sets. Tomorrow we have another fun Fawny Holiday celebration!
For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what made you smile today (reading your comments this week always makes me smile) by November 19th at 10:00pm  EST, and we will randomly pick one winner for a stamp set of their choice and a Perfectly Plaid Christmas or Winter 6×6 pad! Post about our Fawny Holiday Week on social media and leave another comment for another chance to win! 🙂
Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday November 18th for our next Fawny Holiday post! We hope you guys love this week! 

Thank you so much for visiting!
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178 thoughts on “We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week {day 4}

  1. I love Lizzy card design all the little images around the circle mask and Christiana's colours are gorgeous. Today hasn't been a smile day for me, I have been sitting at home coughing all day waiting to see if the Whooping cough test comes back positive then I got a call from my Dad this evening and he is in hospital undergoing a battery of tests. Here's hoping that all the test come back with good results tomorrow and then I can smile.

  2. Since it's bright and early and I should be getting ready for work, I took a little break to sneak a peak at today's post and THAT made me smile. The Lawn Fawn images always make me smile; there is something irresistible about them. Thank you for the joy.

  3. What a super collection of cards. Thanks for the video on colouring on Kraft. I must try this. I love the penguins Christmas tree decorations! A bit like hanging candy canes on the tree though. They might not stay there very long!

  4. Such awesome designs today!! 🙂 I absolutely LOVE the festive ideas here!! I really loved watching Nichol's video on the pencil coloring and I look forward to trying that out! Today, seeing my hubby before he left for work and seeing him smile made me smile too!

  5. Nicole's videos always make me smile and spend money too! She is amazing and so very talented and I love that she has taught me so much. And encouraged me to buy more Lawn Fawn too!

  6. One of the nicest treats of my day is a Nicole tutorial!!!! I'm such a fan of draft card stock and today's video was just for me!

  7. My daughter makes me smile every day, but especially this morning! She is the only kid I know that gets upset that she has a day off of school tomorrow! Love the inspiration!

  8. Lots of things make me smile!! My dogs were especially cute this morning so that always make me smile! 🙂 And it is a beautiful day, which always makes me smile!! All these cards are so awesome. But Rebecca's Frosty Fairy Friends box card puts me over the moon. Love it!!

  9. One of the first things that made me smile this morning was my adoptive nephew. I was taking him to school, but all he wanted was hugs and kisses this morning. 🙂 He's 3 years old and holds my heart.

  10. So far, having a conversation about teenage daughters with co-workers, knowing we are all in this together, and my children aren't mutants, they are the same as teenagers everywhere. 🙂

  11. Everyday my daughter says goodbye to our pups when she leaves for school. Today one of them yawned back. That made me smile 🙂 Fur babies are people too! Love all of this inspiration!

  12. So many wonderful card ideas! Love them all!
    What made me smile today… my cat playing with *her* new toy. She swiped a wood mounted stamp off my dining room table and knocked it to the floor, and it happened to be a stamp of a mummy cat.

  13. I work in a 911 Emergency Dispatch Center and you would not believe what makes me smile! Some days I can't wait to get home and pull out paper and markers or my laptop so I can forget it all 🙂

  14. I smiled because my oldest grandson, he's 21, invited me to their Thanksgiving dinner even though he knows I can't fly home for Thanksgiving. I live in Germany, they live in Oregon and I only fly home at Christmas and summer. He just didn't want to leave me out of the family invite. So sweet to know my grandkids want me there and I know I'm missed when I'm gone.

  15. Such adorable and beautiful cards! Love every card but the ones with your critters are my fav's!!
    Today I am home after working and being out of town since last Thursday. Well, my puppy dog has been glued to my side all day and can't wait for me to sit down again so she can go back to snuggling and sleeping! It's hilarious!!! I am wearing her out!! This is not her normal attitude either. She usually sits atop our couch and watches from her perch. So for her to go to this extreme means she really has missed me!! Nice to be loved!!

  16. Cute cards and projects. I love the ones with the fish and acorns decorating the trees, so fun.
    What made me smile today, finding out that a(new)friend was coming to our Thanksgiving Breakfast for the first time.

  17. That acorn tree with the squirrel is so cute! Lawn Fawn animals always seem to be so cheery, and that makes me smile. And my son just completed his eagle scout project, so we are all smiles around here!

  18. That acorn tree with the squirrel is so cute! Lawn Fawn animals always seem to be so cheery, and that makes me smile. And my son just completed his eagle scout project, so we are all smiles around here!

  19. All of these cards made me smile today! Love Christiana's purple beauty; Rebecca's cute pop-up and Ivy's adorable shaker. Nichol's scene card is just adorable! Love how Lizzy stamped all those little images, which framed the darling reindeer. Love how Kristen's looks like a polaroid and Nancy's is so full of pretty colors!

  20. My cat Fred just made me smile. He just walked across the keyboard and layed down on my hands. You Gotta love a cat happy with the knowledge he won't get thrown out for such behavior…
    Thanks so much for showing a card done in color pencil. I love her white base technique, I'll be trying that today.

  21. The talent on your team and their beautiful creations is astounding! Today my friend selflessly came over to walk with me on our pipestem (the only flat-ish street in the area) as part of my therapy after my spinal fusion, to make sure I didn't fall and was unable to get up – having an AMAZING person like that as a friend made me smile. And our pup, he makes me smile every day. Thanks so much for so many chances to win your whimsical craft supplies that I just adore! 🙂

  22. These cards are fabulous, but especially love the blue and teal wreath!!! Taking a picture of my three year old with his great-great aunty made me smile this week.

  23. Way too cute! My favorite today is the tree and lights, designed by Nichol! I love Christmas lights, reminds me of my parents when they would take my Brother and Me Christmas Lights looking around the town! It will always remain my favorite memory at Christmastime!

  24. So many good ideas. Love the critter card by Nichol, pencil crayons are so underrated! I got a chance to put up my Christmas tree today (early I know!) but it makes me smile so why not! 🙂

  25. Wow, I'm overwhelmed by all the great ideas! I'm smiling because we are going to dinner with some friends I haven't seen in about 4 years. Happy to see them!

  26. Love all the cards, especially the lovely colours of the Hannukah one! What made me smile is hearing all the baby birds in the trees as I walked to school with my daughter.

  27. I was sad to leave my pregnant daughter but glad to get home. Visited her for a week. Dh proudly told me of all the things he cleaned up while I was gone. Made me smile.

  28. This video made me smile because not only were the images adorable but they were colored with something I have, Prismacolor Pencils! That was exciting because I don't own any Copics which is what most people color with. Loved the tip about putting down a layer of white on kraft paper. Thank you!!

  29. FABULOUS projects to INSPIRE!!!
    I confess to smiling and being fascinated by nature in action … walking around the garden I saw two spiders having the most amazing battle, not sure if it was for territory or a girl but they were just like a NG documentary 🙂

  30. It's almost Thanksgiving week, and my family is off of work and school…that makes me smile!! (One more day… 😀 )
    Thanks for all these wonderful holiday projects – another reason to smile!

  31. I love seeing my 4 year old daughters face light up when I stamp extra images for her to colour. She loves helping cut them out too. We had our holiday card making session this week and it was a lot of fun.

  32. I love my Nook tablet
    and read constantly. I
    have worn out the cover
    for it and today my
    husband bought me a new
    purple one! Put a big
    Ole smile on my face!
    Carla from Utah

  33. Messing up the words to the song I was singing along with in my car on my commute into work tonight. I have to laugh at myself when I sing the wrong part at the wrong time!

  34. What made me smile today was washing my hair. I know that's not your normal type of thing, but I had surgery on both feet on Nov 8 and I can't get them wet-at all-until next week. It felt so nice to have clean hair again!

  35. The cards in this post definitely made me smile – I mean, fish on the Christmas tree in the penguin family's home?! Could there be anything cuter?! Love love love! I have a big grin just writing about it 🙂

  36. Wow!! So many inspiring ideas! They are all so amazing. Nancys wreath card made with lets bokeh is so smart!! Today I smiled because it almost Christmas tree time!!

  37. Beautiful cards and that box is awesome! What made me smile? We finally have cooler weather in Phoenix–when I got up this morning, it was actually chilly!

  38. Yesterday I went to my kids' (3, 4) preschool for their teacher conferences – hearing about their progress and seeing how much they enjoy going to school makes me smile!

  39. My daughter made me smile when she and her friend dressed up for twin day at their school. They looked so cute in their pink hoodies and grey sweats. And then I made myself smile when I got some time to craft!

  40. Seeing all the wonderful projects from the design team really made me smile today, which I really needed after seeing the snow on the ground!! (Not a fan of winter!)

  41. So much cuteness! I love coming here for inspiration! I smiled today at my cats and what they were doing – they were so funny that I even took photos and sent them to my hubby so he could smile too! And he did!

  42. Wonderful projects! I love Lizzy's background! I smiled today when my son was asked to spend his Taekwando class helping another student with the form they were working on since my son has been doing so well at it. It's amazing how much he's matured there over the past few years.

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