CHA Sneak Week 2017 – Day 1 + giveaway

We are starting our sneaks today for our new products for the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Trade Show! We are beyond excited to begin sharing everything we have been working on! This release is so much fun!
We will be showing you the new paper collections, stamps, dies and more that we will be exhibiting at the CHA trade show later this week so that you guys can participate in the fun with us! 
These Spring-themed products will be available in late February, and we will have an awesome Inspiration Week with design team samples, Intro Videos and more giveaways then, too!
Today we are showing 7 of our 14 new stamp sets and 6 of our 37 new die sets (with a giveaway, of course!)
Remember to tell your favorite store about our new products! We would love to show them everything at booth #1950 or chat with them via email or phone!
 You’ve been asking for it, and it’s here! Meow You Doin’ is a cute and punny new set for all of our cat-loving friends!

So many of you have requested a space-themed set; we hope you’ll love Out of this World!

Erica and I were talking about how cute it would be if elephants could take selfies, and this new set, Elphie Selfie, was born!

With a cute bunny and fun accessories you will be making adorable Easter and Spring projects with our new Hoppy Easter mini set!

Bicycle Built for You has a bike, a cute him and her, sweet sentiments and all the fun accessories to send smiles for birthdays, weddings or anytime!
Bicycle Built for You is perfect for wedding themed cards and layouts!

I can’t believe it’s Year Seven already! Our new mini set features an adorable piñata!

Your planner pages will be party-ready with our new Plan on It: Birthdays set! It’s also great for making awesome birthday cards!
Now we have a fun opportunity to win it before you can buy it in late February! Woohoo! Leave us a comment by January 23rd for a chance to win a new stamp set and die set of your choice from this post!

Make sure to come by tomorrow for more sneak peeks!

Thank you so much for visiting!
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1,268 thoughts on “CHA Sneak Week 2017 – Day 1 + giveaway

  1. I am loving every single one of these stamp sets! But I think the 'out of this world' is my favorite! It is just so fun and clever.. using planets as baloons.. I love it!
    Lucky I saved my Christmas money for Lawn Fawn's release!

  2. Oh wow! How cute and adorable are all these amazing sets. The space set and these cute kitties and the elehant and his cute friends. Love everything. Thank you so much for the giveaway. Can't wait for these awesome sets to be released

  3. I'm so thrilled to see Meow You Doing!! I don't have nearly enough cat themed stamp sets in my opinion, lol! Elphie Selfie is also so adorable!! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the upcoming release..

  4. Wauw!! I'm really excited for this release! I'm absolutely in love with the out of the world stamp set, my father loves astronomy so it will make a great card for him 🙂

  5. OMG, cuteness overload. The meow you doin kitties and elfie selfie are especially adorable. I love the Out of this World set – definitely on my wish list.

  6. As always I'm super excited about the new goodies, but you've won my heart with those kitties!!! Thank you LF for making this set!! The sneak peek at the new papers look yummy too!

  7. Wow, you guys always come up with the best ideas. I love everything I saw. It's wonderful. The space stamp and die set is at the top of my list though. I have nephew that loves all things space. He would love getting cards with those images on it.

  8. OMG!!! I ❤️ all of the new stamp sets, but, my favorite is the Piñata Mini Stamp Set! Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us tomorrow! Excited !!

  9. I am so super excited for a cat set!!!!! I was really hoping you would come out with one since there's 3 dog sets already! And the piñata is just the best!!!
    Really glad I saved my GiftCard I got for Christmas and can't wait to see the rest of the release!

  10. Each one of these stamp/die sets – and the AMAZING projects created with them – is making my LIFE today!!!! Love everything. You guys keep coming up with better and better goodies for us! I especially adore the Out of this World and Bicycle Built for You sets – WOW!! Thank you Lawn Fawn!!

  11. Oh holy money! They are awesome all of them! Since my boyfriend call me kitty I have to get the one with cats… but many of the others will sneek into my shopping cart as well… So happy to see this new release! Wow!

  12. Always such cute and clever ideas! I love the piñata and cactus together. I adore the planets as "balloons" so cute! Kitty cats will be a favorite with my daughter for sure!

  13. So much awesomeness to look forward to and the DT has outdone themselves with all this gorgeous inspiration. I'm especially excited for Meow You Doin' and Year Seven.

  14. I love it!!!!!!!! Everything is super cute!!!!! I'm a planner girl, so the birthday planner stamp is my close favorite just as the cat purrrfect stamp set!!! You outdid yourselves again!!! 😍

  15. I am sooooooo excited about the Out of This World set!!!! I have been waiting for this!!!! I love it so much!!!!! Of course that Pinata is totally adorable and I love the planner set!!!! Can't wait for this release!

  16. I haven't been this excited about a release in a while…I so love the cats (we have 2) and its few & far between to find cute cat stamps..thank you

  17. I love the bicycle build for you stamp set as it brings back fond memories of the time I would take my girlfriend on bicycle rides as she couldn't ride one but really enjoyed the time together and now she's my wife!

  18. Oh my gosh, each release gets better and better. I think the meow you doin is my favorite even though it's hard to choose. You guys are my Favorite site to shop at.

  19. So many great sets. I want to thank you for the individual bunny. I have a limited craft budget and. I get so much use out of your small stamp sets and their coordinating dies. Thanks again for a chance to win.

  20. I absolutely love Meow You Doing! Super adorable! And can't wait to get Out Of This World! I would love to make my little brother and his friends many different cards from this set!

  21. In a short time I have become addicted to Lawn Fawn products. Thanks for feeding my cravings. Elphie Selfie and Bicycle built for you are must haves! Can not wait to see what else you can tempt me with.

  22. And again So Creative!!! I love the bicycle built for two, but the elephant, is my favorite, for now.
    The mini sets are the best. Thank you for those it helps a lot for us newbies. I can't wait to see the new papers. I notice the green plaid grass.

  23. Oh my gosh, they are all so fabulously adorable! I love the cats, and the set with the elephants. And that little space set is so cute. And the bicycle set – my husband and I used to cycle together a lot. Can you tell I'm excited by these?! Really fabulous inspiration from the DT too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. I love all of your creations. I always look forward to new stuff you come up with. My favorite from this one is the space one. Always looking for options for boy cards. I love them all.

  25. Wow, what a release ! I love the cats of course (I live with three of them !!!), Elphie Selfie is adorable, such a sweet idea, …. well, to make it short, all your creations are just awesome !

  26. Wow! What a great release–can't wait to get my hands on it! I especially love Bicycle Built for You. Waiting patiently (or not so!) for February!!

  27. Oh My. Just love all the new lawn fawn stamps. so happy you make a cat one. Super fun. cant wait until the end of february, i will need a second job to afford all the new stamps and dies. fabulous Job Kelly Marie

  28. Wow, you've hit it out of the park with this set of stamps and dies. So darned adorable and your designers have really shown them off to great advantage. Love love love.

  29. Oh my goodness! I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any more stamps this year! But but you finally have a cat set and the bicycle set is beyond precious and and the PIÑATA. THE PIÑATA. Lawn Fawn, why do you make everything adorably awesome?!

  30. All of these sets are so cute! I could think of many different ways to use them all! Love the bicycle one, like you said it is great for weddings. The birthday planning one is very practical, I love it! Would be delighted at a chance to win any of these sets!

  31. Love the elephant and his mouse friends.
    the pinata is a darling idea.
    the kitties will have to take a place in
    my heart because I lost my puppy several
    months ago. Fantastic release.
    So many wonderful stamps and dies.
    thanks for sharing.

  32. The new products are so cute! I have so much fun using your stamps inks

    I REALLY like your new products! I have so much fun using your stamps, inks, dies and paper. Thank you for a chance to win!

  33. Well darn it. I feel like I want all the new sets. I try to limit myself on my wish list. But this time, I really want them all especially the Easter mini set. As usual, your new release is great!

  34. Awesome and super cute, as always! I can't wait to discover all the new products throughout this week. Love "Out of this world". I'm a big fan and wish I could get all the sets, inks, papers,… <3

  35. OMG!!! Seriously, OMG!!!! The new Meow You Doin' set…..I MUST get/have this! Plus, love the pinata, the bicycle set, all of them. But really, the MEOW set would see some serious love from me!

  36. Well I have two fans, but I like them all. Ellie selfie and bicycle built for you. I think the bicycle steals my heart because they would be cute for three cards I make for the troops.

  37. WOW Lawn Fawn never disappoints- but I have to have the Elphie Selfie set! My 3 year old daughter LOVES elephants AND selfies! lol! 🐘💖 the piñata is a close second!

  38. Ohhhhh, I am in LOVE!!! What amazing new products – and I'm SO excited to know there are more on the way! So far, Meow You Doin' is my favourite. It'll be tough to top that one! Hoppy Easter is on my springtime wish list too though!

  39. Sometimes when a new set comes out there's sometimes I'm not that keen on 1 or 2 of items in that set, but on these above I think they are ALL ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. I especially love the 'out of the world" one and the elephants are so sweet. I really do love them all looking forward to purchasing these and the end of February.

  40. Oh, Lawn Fawn, you've done it again. I love a lot of these sets! If money weren't an issue, I'd be purchasing them on release day for sure. I especially love those elephants, and the piñata. Thanks for creating such amazing products!

  41. I love all the new sets! I pretty much love everything you create. My favorite this time is the Elphie Selfie!! The elephants are so adorable!!

  42. I love the new sets so far. I can't wait to see the rest of the new releases! My favorites are the Elphie Selfie and Hoppy Easter! I really enjoy all of your videos and can't wait to see the new ones!

  43. Oh my! I dont know how you always come up with new, adorable and exciting stamp sets for us to use, but I am so happy that you do! This release is fabulous! I dont think I can choose a favourite!

  44. I am so excited for this release. I remember asking for kitty stamps! Woohoo! LOVE the pinata, out of this world, the little "kids" on the bike, Elfie Selfie, all of it. Can't pick a favorite; just need to win the lotto!

  45. I usually love all things Lawn Fawn, but you made a mistake this time. The bicycling set is adorable, EXCEPT… the legs of the people are not in the correct position when riding a bicycle. Look at someone riding a bike. They have one foot on the opposite side of the pedaling circle(i.e., 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock). They are never in the same position (i.e., both at 3 o'clock". The figures look odd because their legs and feet are in the wrong positions.

  46. I am so excited for the Lawn Fawn release! I absolutely adore your products, and you guys always come out with the cutest stuff! My birthday is in February, so I will have to hold off and get myself a Lawn Fawn birthday treat! :0)

  47. Wowzers! Your first day sneak peek takes the cake. Others are showing theirs, but yours has me slightly drooling, lol. As a newbie to stamping and die-cutting, I have only bought your line. Love the new plan it and Easter ones!!

  48. My granddaughter will love the kittens.. (She has 4)
    Can't believe it is Year Seven already. I have been a big fan since year one.
    MaryAnn N.

  49. So exciting! Can't wait to see all of the new products from this release. The ones you featured today are fantastic! You always hit the mark with fun, cheerful and sweet sets!

  50. Oh my! I dont know how you always come up with new, adorable and exciting stamp sets for us to use, but I am so happy that you do! This release is fabulous! I dont think I can choose a favourite!

  51. Aww… Kelly my fave is the Bicycle Built for You set. I cannot wait to see what you have in store this year!! I have more Lawn Fawn stamps and dies than time to play with them 🙂 Congrats on Year 7!! Have a successful year!!

  52. I'm so excited for new Lawn Fawn stamps and dies! Love your Elphie Selfie, Bicycle Built For You, & Plan on It: Birthday stamps! I can't wait to see the rest of the collection!

  53. I love all of these new stamp sets! Out of this world would be perfect for my grandsons, but then the piñata would make such a fun card.

  54. Oh my gosh, there is so much cuteness going on with all of these new sets!! My favorite so far is the astronaut boy. I can't wait to see what other goodies you'll be unveiling here soon! 🙂

  55. there are just too many cute animals to add to my collection. the piñata, the cats and the elephants are amazing can't wait till the end of February. I love CHA season.

  56. These are ALL fantastic. I'd see one and gasp and think that was my favorite. Then I'd scroll down and do the same thing. WOW. This release is going to hurt the wallet. 🙂

  57. I haven't gotten over your latest release and here comes another one. My favorite is the Out of This World stamp set. My sons would love the give aways I will come up using this stamp set. Too bad it will come after their last class party which is Valentine's…but I have my Mailbox die & Love Letters to play with right now. Congratulations for coming up with great products!-Maria Giselle

  58. Oh my gosh!!! So thrilled to see the new products coming out �� I LOVE the elephants, and who can't have enough Birthday themed stuff??? ���� The new out of this world set is so cute, oh man I just LOVE all of them. Can't wait to update my stamp n dye collection ������

  59. The new stamp sets are all great and cute. I am definitely getting the planner birthday set and Easter Bunny for sure. 🙂

  60. All the sets have me super excited 😊 I can't wait until February when I can purchase the new products! I LOVE the elephants and who can get enough of Birthday themed stuff? Not this gal! The out of this world set is simply adorable 👌🏼👏🏼😍, gonna have to hit the lotto to support my crafting addiction.

  61. Oh my gosh all these new stamps and dies are so, so cute and love the puns! I can't decide which one I love the most! I have to save up to get them all!

  62. What a great release and how exciting for you all to be attending CHA. I just adore the Meow You Doin' stamp and dies, so so so cute! Have a great time at CHA and I can't wait to read about it on your blog. Have a lovely day. Cheers Donna Z 🙂

  63. Lawn Fawn has people…Holy Guacamole, Bat! I'm lovin' it.
    Would you be willing to make a little black girl/boy rocking an afro, pretty PLEASE?

  64. I have your Critters in the Park Stamps & dies. I have to add the kitties-they are sooo cute! Little bunny is another a must have. I'd have to gift that one to a friend that does bunny rescue-she will loveit!