Lawn Fawn Intro: Watercolor Wishes

Hello and Welcome to our March Inspiration Week! We are showcasing 6 new stamp sets, 10 stand alone die sets and our Watercolor Wishes Paper Collection! All of these products are available now at and at your favorite crafty stores.

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Today is our showcase of our colorful new paper collection Watercolor Wishes! This is a collection of watercolored patterned papers, perfect for Spring time. This collection is a great backdrop for your cards and scrapbook layouts.

 The design team has made the most amazing samples!
We also have a quick video at the end introducing this beautiful new paper collection!

Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

 Yainea created a beautiful pastel party theme with Watercolor Wishes and Winter Unicorn!
 I love how she made the Scalloped Treat Box using strips of Watercolor Wishes paper! She gave a fabulous look with a glittery gold Scripty Thanks, Simple Puffy Cloud and color coordinated Winter Unicorns!
 The rainbow colors of Watercolor Wishes is on full display in Yainea‘s gorgeous Party Banner!
 Lizzy also created a beautiful rainbow design with Watercolor Wishes surrounded by a frame made of Starry Skies!
 Nichol‘s sunny layout makes me smile! The watery aqua shade of Birthday Candles paper is perfect as a backdrop for this “fun in the pool” themed page!
 I love how she spelled out “sunshine” in colorful shades of cardstock and added Embroidered Hello for a sweet mixed media style page title!

 Nichol added a her journaling on a Zig Zag Circle layered with a Dotted Circle in Shooting Star paper to create a sunny page element!
 Elena used the pretty purple of Horseshoe paper as backdrop for her adorable baby congrats card made with Sprinkled with Joy and Bun in the Oven!
 I love Melissa M‘s gorgeous scrapbook page featuring the Watercolor Wishes papers in a color wheel design!

 Shooting Star paper looks lovely paired with the Perfectly Plaid Rainbow Gummy Bears paper! Lynnette added sweet details to her cute page with Fab Flowers, Simple Puffy Clouds and Simple Puffy Cloud Frames. Finley’s ABCs cut with Fake Tan cardstock created the perfect page title!
 Elise filled her card with wonderful Happy Hatchling Easter eggs. The beautiful Watercolor Wishes papers provide the colorful combinations!

This happy page by Melissa S pairs Four-Leaf Clover and Wishing Well papers for a pretty combination of green and blue! She added a title using Finley’s ABCs in Blue Jay cardstock.
 Audrey created a lovely purple backdrop for her playful felines by combining Horseshoe paper with Gumdrop from our Perfectly Plaid Rainbow collection!
 This gorgeous scrapbook layout by Melissa M used the lovely Watercolor Wishes papers to create a colorful design!

 I love how Scripty For You in Black Licorice cardstock pops against Chari‘s pretty rainbow striped card base!
 Now I have a quick video to introduce the beautiful papers in our Watercolor Wishes collection. You can watch the video here or at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Watercolor Wishes collection. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us where you were the last time you saw a rainbow by March 22nd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this paper collection! (If you already own this collection and win, you can choose another one!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday March 21th for our next inspiration week post!
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283 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Watercolor Wishes

  1. Beautiful paper packs, I love the soft colors. I can image that orange-yellow to be a beautiful sunset background on a card. Back during the Fall I saw a gorgeous rainbow at the park.

  2. Love this paper – all the beauty of watercolor without all of the bulky thickness and warping!!! The last time I saw a rainbow was at Disney's Animal Kingdom – it was HUGE and amazing!!

  3. I love this paper design! Last time I saw a rainbow I was having a barbecue at my neighbor's place! I believe it was last summer…I should look up more often 🙂

  4. I am a HUGE watercolor product fan—and this is amazing! Love! The last time I saw a rainbow was last year-and it was a double rainbow! Needless to say, my little girl was ecstatic!

  5. Love this paper pack!!!! I don't remember the last rainbow, but the best was two years ago. Earlier on a Saturday morning with my kids, we saw a double rainbow. It was so bright, even the pictures of it turned out well

  6. These papers are so beautiful. I saw a rainbow only two days ago on the weekend. It was only a partial rainbow. But I saw a magnificent double rainbow about a month ago from our front veranda.

  7. What gorgeous paper!!!!
    Last time I saw a rainbow , I actually saw a double rainbow and I was in my driveway and it was this year after one of the big storms had passed and the sun picked out for just a little while!! It was absolutely gorgeous!!!

  8. I absolutely love the Watercolor Wishes paper! I just saw a rainbow on Saturday. We had a quick rain shower and then the sun started shining before it stopped raining. Rainbows are always so pretty!

  9. I love seeing so many examples of scrapbook pages using your dies! So many people think they are only for cardmakers. The last time I saw a rainbow was late last summer as I was driving home, it hung right over the farm on the corner.

  10. I love my set of 'Watercolor Wishes' papers. I got both sizes and my Easter cards are shaping up nicely thanks to Lawn Fawn!

  11. Lovely addition to your papers! I can't remember the last time I've seen a rainbow! We've gotten rain a bit, but cloudy days all winter. We have popup showers in the summer, so for sure I saw one last summer!

  12. Love this gorgeous paper so much I had to get it in the 12×12 and 6×6, thankfully there's enough in those parts KS that I don't have to hoard it so much! We get a lot of rain in Oregon so we are blessed to see a lot of rainbows. The last time I saw one though was a few weeks ago looking out of my kitchen window.

  13. I love the gorgeous papers!!Such pretty colors! The last time I saw a rainbow, it was last year. I was visiting a friend over at Delaware. It was so beautiful!!

  14. Gorgeous colors in today's paper release. The ladies created great projects to show them off.
    I saw a rainbow a couple of weeks ago while looking from my back window out across the lake.

  15. I'm just in LOVE with these papers – I'm still kicking myself for not ordering them when I placed my recent order – but will get them soon I hope :). Great projects everyone!!

    I saw a rainbow this weekend! Love them and here (South Fla) we see them quite often.

  16. Maybe a couple of days ago .. I live on a tropical island which has squall almost daily. Many times, that bring huge rainbow over the ocean! I feel blessed 🙂 <3

  17. This paper is lovely! Love all of the projects and samples. The last time I saw a rainbow was a couple weeks ago on the way home from work. It was warm for late February/early March in Omaha and we had crazy storms with hail! When the torrential rain stopped there was a beautiful rainbow! 🙂

  18. An actual rainbow outside has been a while, like maybe a year or two. I see lovely rainbow's with ink on paper a lot. Love your new paper! Such a fun showing of your products.

  19. Really love all of the inspiration this week and I will be going back over everything for a closer look! 🙂 The last time I saw a rainbow was a few years ago. We were driving along the highway near where I live after a heavy short rain, the sun came out. Along the corn fields from a distance you could actually see a double rainbow! They're awesome! -*Vicki*

  20. Love these papers! I can't remember where I was the last time I saw a rainbow but I know I was with my niece and nephew as I remember how excited they got 🙂

  21. Beautiful paper 🙂 – last rainbow I saw was in Calgary, Canada. Beautiful with biiig skyes!! And shortly before I saw a beautiful FULL all the way one in Vienna, Austria, Europe. It was stunning. Love rainbows 🙂

  22. Wow, the watercolor paper is so versatile and looks absolutely beautiful. The last time I saw a rainbow was last year in late summer.

  23. I don't remember when was the last time I've seen a rainbow.
    It either doesn't happen too often here or I'm never outside
    when they appear.
    I love the papers. I like to use colored paper as the
    background for my greeting cards. These soft pastels will
    be wonderful for them.
    thanks for the many inspirational projects.

  24. The last time I saw a rainbow was a few weeks ago while driving to work with a co-worker. Both us have lost parents recently and it wasn't raining of anything and we both noticed this rainbow in front of us just coming down so beautifully. We both took it as a sign from our parents that it was going to be a good day!

  25. Living in the desert, there are few rainbows since we have no rain. But, I did look out the window of my craft room a while back and voila! there it was. I love rainbows on cards and the watercolor paper is a great idea.

  26. I love rainbows! The last time I saw a rainbow was on the Women's March in January. Right as we began marching, a huge rainbow appeared that covered the sky above where we were. It was magical! I love these new papers!! Thank you Kelly Marie and Erica.

  27. I was driving down the highway when I saw the most beautiful double rainbow. It was so pretty that I had to stop and take a picture.
    I love the new rainbow papers. So bright and cheery.

  28. I was driving down the highway when I saw the most beautiful double rainbow. It was so pretty that I had to stop and take a picture.
    I love the new rainbow papers. So bright and cheery.

  29. I was on our deck the last time I saw a rainbow. We've had lots of rain, but not sun, so it's been awhile since I've seen one. The new paper is very pretty.

  30. The last time I saw a rainbow was in Hawaii, and that was many years ago. They are plentiful there. But in New Jersey… no where to be found. Love the new paper!

  31. Last time I saw a rainbow was 2 weekends ago driving to the craft store of all places! haha! It was a typical bipolar weather Oregon day where we had dark skies and heavy rain, followed two minutes later by bright sunshine for 10 minutes, and repeat. Makes for great rainbow weather although a little annoying when you want to play outside.

  32. On the way to babysit my grandchildren a few months ago, I saw a double rainbow and the most unusual rainbow…short and extra wide. Because I have a 1.5 hour drive to get to their house, I was able to witness 3 or 4 rainbows on that rainy afternoon!

  33. This was an easy question because it just so happened yesterday! My hubby and I were going to Greensboro, NC to meet up with my son and his family. On our drive there we saw a huge, beautiful rainbow. It just amazes me how beautiful they are.

  34. Wonderful projects. Since it has been a very wet winter here in California I've been seeing more rainbows than usual. It was just a few weeks ago on my way home from work. Might see some more this week

  35. The last time I saw a rainbow was about a year ago after a thunderstorm. It was actually a double rainbow and a few people (including me) were on the street taking pictures.

  36. Last time I saw a rainbow was about a month ago leaving my house in the morning. It was raining just a little bit and the sun was shining through the clouds and the rainbow was stunning. Beautiful new paper sets!

  37. Well believe it or not I saw a mini one on my craft mat yesterday reflected through a crystal I have hanging in my window. But the real thing was the last time it rained which weirdly was in February (I'm in CO). We are so spoiled by rainbows in Colorado, we seriously have double rainbows often and I once saw a triple rainbow-mind blowing!!

  38. I really can't remember exactly the last time I saw a rainbow. But I've been thinking about purchasing the Lawn Cuts Rainbow die to make my own whenever I want!

  39. Beautiful papers! The last time I saw a rainbow was when my husband, daughter and I were taking an after dinner walk. It was wonderful!

  40. Love all these rainbow cards, I've been on a rainbow roll myself on my cards recently 🙂 I actually saw a rainbow only yesterday, coming back home from a nice long walk with the stroller (anD a baba inside, of course!)…

  41. I adore this paper pack! I usually say that for all of your papers, but this one REALLY made my heart sing! I can't wait to play with them. Interesting how your designers were attracted to rainbows with this set! The last time I saw a rainbow was early in February, driving back from a dog agility trial. It had been raining off and on all day, and we were wet and miserable. But seeing the rainbow on the way home made the wet cold misery so worth it!

  42. It's been awhile since I have seen a rainbow, but we used to see beautiful double rainbows when we vacationed in Hawaii. Love the paper, too!

  43. Beautiful papers, lovely colors!
    The last time I saw a rainbow was a couple of weeks back when my partner and I were returning home from a day out!

  44. I was driving home from work three weeks ago and it just stopped raining. Amoung the clouds were a double rainbow, of course I Had to stop the car to take a photo of it.

  45. I cannot remember the last time I saw a rainbow. Now that I have the watercolor wishes paper I will have to make some rainbows.

  46. I saw a rainbow in February 26th right after a huge rainstorm that hit San Diego. Love all the ways the watercolor papers are featured on the projects!

  47. The last time saw a rainbow was, my famly and I were on a trip to IN, and there was a double rainbow. I just LOVE rainbows!!!! I really like this paper pad!!! Thank you sooooo much for sharing!!!!!

  48. I was actually leaving work and saw the rainbow over top of my car! I probably would have missed it if it had not been positioned so. It was really beautiful but faded very fast.

  49. Love the watercolor wishes paper!! Fabulous creations by all!! about a month ago, I was at home when it rained really hard and we had a rainbow out our front window.

  50. Some seriously wonderful layouts from the team. I am quite impressed with the beautiful paper. The last time I saw a rainbow we were standing on the porch of our weekend property. It was a gorgeous double rainbow after a short storm that moved through the area.

  51. What gorgeous papers! I can't remember the last time I saw a rainbow – it's been raining almost non-stop for more than 2 weeks here but not a rainbow in sight!

  52. Gee…it was just the other day. I opened the top of my blinds in my bedroom to let in some light and I could see a rainbow. I put on my robe and went
    outside and snapped several pictures. It was so beautiful to wake up to, but it disappeared in about five minutes.

  53. I last saw a rainbow last summer, it was actually a triple, I had never seen a triple before, I had seen a couple of doubles, but it was amazing. I was driving, so I didn't get a picture.

  54. Love your beautiful projects today…especially because I own some of them to play along with your fabulous inspiration!! Last time I saw a rainbow was while walking the dog a few weeks ago!! Love God's promise that it represents, too!!

  55. I saw a rainbow at Disney World waiting for the bus to go to Magic Kingdom. They are always so beautiful to see after a storm.

  56. The last time I saw a rainbow, it was actually a double rainbow, and I was in the right place at the right time, because I could actually see both ends, which I don't think I ever had before. It was about a month ago. That party banner is adorable, and I love that rainbow paper with the unicorns, it's too cute.

  57. Just followed your instagram and youtube page!!! hope this can enter me in the giveaway!! I would love to make some "Thank You" cards for my teachers who helped me get in to the high school of my dreams! I think it would be a great and personal way to thank them!!! Hope you have a blessed day <3

  58. Such pretty colors! The last rainbow I saw was earlier this fall in my classroom. The kiddos all started getting real loud and excited because a rainbow had formed outside and we could see it from our window!

  59. I love these new colours. It would be four months or more since I saw a rainbow. We have had nearly one month of autumn here in South Australia, and it has been hot!

  60. The last time I saw a rainbow I was in the car with my husband but for the life of me I don't remember where we were going.

  61. Such beautiful projects! Saw a double rainbow just a few weeks ago. Its autumn here in Australia and we have been having some autumn showers!

  62. It's been so long since I've seen a rainbow that I couldn't tell you the last time I saw one. How sad is that??? On the bright side, I love seeing rainbow colors on cards!

  63. I saw lots of woman made rainbows this past week from my home when I was checking out all of those cute St. Patrick's day cards!

  64. This new paper collection is so unique and gorgeous!! Wonderful creations from the DT as always! The last time I saw a rainbow I was driving with my baby girl back home from kindergarten. It was beautiful and a great memory to cherish 🙂

  65. Rainbows and unicorns yeah! Such a happy fun pair!! The last time I saw a rainbow was I think about 2 weeks ago at one of my girls soccer trainings.

  66. So pretty…I love the soft colors! The last time I saw a rainbow was a couple of months ago as I was driving home. It looked like the pot of gold was waiting for me! 🙂

  67. Oh, it's been years since I've seen a rainbow. So sad. We saw them regularly when we visited Hawaii, even some double rainbows. A reminder of God's covenant with us! The papers are so pretty- love the scrapbook page with the color wheel. Looking forward to my order coming in the mail!!!

  68. These papers are beautiful! The last place I saw a rainbow was last Summer sitting on my deck while watching a rainstorm blow in! It went Sally the way from one side of the 60 acre field to the other side. Absolutely beautiful view! TFS!

  69. I remember last time I saw a rainbow: I was on the mountains , after a rainy day, and there were 2 rainbows….perhaps I have a photo somewhere….it was last summer, first days of september.

  70. Och, so beautiful colors! Hm, let me think.. Where I was, when I saw a rainbow… I remember! That be in the last summer in my garden and I saw too rainbows on the same time! That was really magic <3

  71. Great paper colors! I love the party stuff and the other projects, omg lots of great ideas.
    Last rainbow I saw? it's a long time ago, but I was at home.

  72. I am super excited about this paper collection!! I love the watercolor look, but I'm not good at watercoloring. Also, this paper gives you a perfect look every time!

    The last time I saw a rainbow: I don't remember when, but I've seen a double rainbow before!

  73. LOVE that paper! And the samples from the DT are great. I don't remember when I last saw a real rainbow but I see them every day in my studio because I LOVE rainbow colors and create with them all the time. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  74. Love this paper, it is so soft and pretty. We have had so much rain recently but I don't remember when the last time I saw a rainbow.

  75. Such lovely patterned papers. I don't remember the last time I saw a real rainbow… sometime last spring, I think. I did see a mini-rainbow in the spray from a hose yesterday, if that counts!!

  76. I haven't seen a rainbow lately, but I was just humming the reading rainbow song to my niece. I love the soft shades of the watercolor paper! So pretty for Spring!

  77. LOVE the colors! The last time I saw a rainbow was somewhat magic because it was the same day as Stockholm Pride (celebrating the gay community) last year. I felt like nature was celebrating too. 🙂 I hope all of them saw it! It made me smile…

  78. i love the watercolor wishes paper sets. They are go so perfectly with the plaids. The last time I saw a rainbow (a real one), I was walking my dog in my neighborhood and the rain just stopped and there was a beautiful double rainbow. I tried to get a picture, but it just wasn't the same.

  79. I can't even remember what I did yesterday! Um. I believe I was walking out the door and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a rainbow. They are always so beautiful, no matter how large or small. When you see a double rainbow, it is really special!

  80. We have rainbows right outside our house across a field quite often (since we finally have rain this year). Lots of times we have double rainbows, within the last couple of weeks we've had these. So fun!

  81. Oh my how I love all the wonderful layouts and projects!!! These papers are so rdivine and yummy!!! I love the watercolor look so very much! Gorgeous soft color palette too! The last place I saw a rainbow was standing outside my front door…. we had a bad thunderstorm come through and once the sun started peeking back out, we saw a gorgeous double rainbow actually.

  82. Gorgeous papers and fabulous projects to inspire!
    The last rainbow I saw (apart from a cool double one on a documentary) was just after a storm a few weeks ago, it was big, vibrant and magical 🙂

  83. This is the most beautiful paper ever! Last time I saw a rainbow was when we were driving up north after a downpour, and then the sun was shining through and it was such a pretty site to see the rainbow.

  84. These watercolor papers are amazing. I would wish a paper pad with just different green and blue colors for sky and grass. That would be amazing. The last time you saw a rainbow, was by the Rheinfall in Schaffhausen in Switzerland.

  85. The last time I saw a rainbow was a while ago and it was so pretty. I love all the bright colours and adorableness from the Watercolour Wishes paper and all the projects today!!!!

  86. These papers are so soft and pretty. Love watercolors. The last time I saw a rainbow was in the fall. I was at home and spotted it while looking out of the garden window in my kitchen.

  87. I LOVE all these beautiful rainbows! The last time I saw a rainbow was about 8months ago. My hubbie and I were driving across Indiana after a big storm, and we saw a huge double arc rainbow in the sky! It was so bright and vivid – -it was actually TWO rainbows – -I'd never seen anything like it before! It was pretty amazing!

  88. Love the colors and the patterned papers – I have some on the way to me soon. Can't wait to get them! The last time I saw a rainbow was when I was on vacation at the beach last year.

  89. The last time I saw a rainbow I was sitting on my front porch. Kansas is known for our tornadoes but we have some pretty awesome thunderstorms, too! I love the smell of rain!

  90. This is such a beautiful paper collection and will make for easy cards as the paper is already so colorful! The last time I saw a rainbow, I remembered that it made smile as it the sun had peeked through the clouds after pouring cats and dogs. I was warm and dry in my apartment. 🙂

  91. I live in the pacific northwest, I saw one last week because it's always raining here. So when the sun comes out the whole town runs out to see the sun. 🙂

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