We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2017 {day 5}

Hello everyone! Welcome to the last day of our special Fawny Holiday Week! This week is all about getting ideas for the upcoming Holidays! We have Lawn Fawn Design Team samples, giveaways and videos! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win a stamp set of your choice and a Perfectly Plaid Chill, Knit Picky or Knock on Wood 6×6 pad!)

We have been featuring Lawn Fawn Holiday products this week, both old and new! Woohoo! And, we also have team members (Fawnies) from Lawn Fawn Headquarters and our friends from Lawn Fawnatics joining us for extra inspiration! I can’t wait to show you all of these gorgeous projects!

Let’s check out some awesome samples!

Jessica created a festive snow-globe tag with Ready Set Snow and the cute penguins from Here We Go A-Waddling! Her card featuring Winter Village has fun clear acetate layer with more penguins from our Snow Cool set!

Here’s the card with the acetate layer open to reveal the holiday greeting! The red and purple color combo so fun!

The glittery Forest Border layer adds lots of sparkle!

I love how Jessica added interest to the snow-globe with silver embossing!

Perfect for the holidays or for a winter birthday, Melissa‘s Snow Cool card is lots of fun!

Kristin shares a different take on the Tiny Gift Box Advent calendar! She created a beautiful wreath shape in shades of green and teal with a pretty red Put a Bow on It bow!

Yainea‘s lovely card gives the suggestion of a snow-globe using a Dotted Circle die cut. Our ice-skating Winter Penguin is so cute with the heart-shaped Stitched Trail! I love how she added the Stitched Woodgrain Backdrop layer to the back!

Samantha‘s awesome watercolor adds a special element to her clean and simple Yeti, Set, Go card design!

Kay‘s stunning card design is awesome in a white and red color combo! I love how she made snow foxes from Mom + Me critters! They look beautiful in this scene with Winter Village and the tree from Christmas Dreams!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Holiday sets.

Now it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment sharing about a family holiday tradition by November 18th at 10:00pm  EST, and we will randomly pick one winner for a stamp set of their choice and a Perfectly Plaid Chill 6×6 pad! Post about our Fawny Holiday Week on social media and leave another comment for another chance to win! 🙂

We will post our Fawny Holiday Week winners on Monday!
Thank you so much for joining us for We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week! Also a big thanks to our Design Team, our Lawn Fawnatics Design Team, and our Fawnie team members here at LFHQ for joining us for this fun week! Sending big hugs to you all!

Thank you so much for visiting!
Have an amazing day,


168 thoughts on “We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2017 {day 5}

  1. One of our Christmas traditions is that we a do a kind of kids book advent calendar. I wrap 24 xmas books and the kids unwrap one each night for me to read to them. They are now 16 and 12 and we still do it and still love it 🙂

  2. We draw names and each year come up with a different way to present and open gifts. Last year we had a contest on creativity in wrapping gifts in a tower. It is so fun! The year before our gifts had to be a "themed" basket. Thanks to everyone for all of the great inspiration this week. Hope you have a fun and happy Thanksgiving!

  3. One of our family traditions is having the kids open a Christmas ornament and book on Christmas Eve. We have had the same Etsy artist create custom made ornaments for each kid for nine years. The ornament always represents something that has been special to them that year. They love guessing what she has created before they open it.
    This week has been amazing. I have loved seeing all of the artist's creations and can't wait to add more to my Lawn Fawn collection. I am looking forward to the Thanksgiving weekend to create with my LF die–magic slider card. It's been sitting on my desk since it arrived. Yesterday, the mailman brought the Lawn Fawn snow globe set and I can't wait to create with that as well. Now I'm waiting for the Toboggan set to come back in stock!!! Thank you, Kelley, for bringing so much joy to my life with your products. They truly make me happy.

  4. As a family we look forward to traditional meals. Thanksgiving is of course turkey. Christmas is a prime rib roast complete with English pudding (popovers ) and a special dome cake we saw done on pbs years ago. Sponge cake, oj soaked in layers of homemade chocolate whipped cream with fresh raspberries all covered with a coating of chocolate. More fresh raspberries around the edge of the plate. Baked in a bowl for the dome shape. Great memories

    And. I love what you’ve shared this entire week. I can’t wait to try my hand at my versions.

    Thank you to everyone involved in your blogs

  5. Such great inspiration … I've especially loved all the gift packaging/decoration ideas this week, thank you! Tradition at Christmas … Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Eggs and Bucks Fizz for breakfast! Anita 🙂

  6. There were so many great projects showcased this week. Wonderful inspiration for this holiday season. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving where I live so a huge baked turkey is a Christmas tradition for most families.

  7. This projects are just stunning! I'm in awe of Kristin's advent wreath – so beautiful! My favorite family tradition is when my husband and I go to the local tree farm and pick up our wreaths. The tree farm remembers us every year and they are always so excited to see us. This year, I plan to bring them handcrafted goodies to show our appreciation for them.

  8. Another great advent calendar! Advent is actually my favorite family tradition. Each of my girls has a wooden calendar with drawers/doors that we fill with treats and we read through two books each year as we go through December.

  9. Love all of the projects from this week! One of our family traditions is reading the book Twas the Night Before Christmas to my daughter on Christmas Eve.

  10. Another day of fabulous inspiration! I am really loving those tiny box advent projects. The wreath is so fun! Several years ago we lost our first grandson right before Thanksgiving. He was born too early and just wasn't able to breathe properly. So it's our tradition at Christmas to buy a blue poinsettia to remember Alex. He's one of God's little angels.

  11. Our Christmas tradition is that, on Christmas Eve we all sit around the fire with a hot chocolate and my Father will read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to all the grandkids. After that we all pick one small present to open. We set cookies and milk out for good old Santa. Then off to bed!

  12. Gorgeous DT creations again, I love all the different colored sky backgrounds.
    One of our family traditions is to go to my sister's home every Christmas Eve, we sing carols and then go for a walk to see all the houses lit up with Christmas lights.
    Xox Lucy

  13. Great projects again today…most especially that advent wreath! That is fabulous! We have a holiday tradition at our house involving Christmas Day breakfast. We have exactly the same thing every year and we only have it on Christmas morning so that makes it extra special. Thanks for a chance to win such a great prize. Cheers.

  14. What a fun week! Enjoyed all the samples and today the red and white card by Kay miller is adorable! My family holiday tradition is to go over to my parents house on Christmas morning have breakfast and then open presents afterwards.

  15. So many lovely creations again. I really like that Advent wreath and the Yeti and the foxes and……………….etc. Love them.

    Our family tradition on Christmas day is to read the story of where Jesus was born and how it all came about. [Bunny]

  16. What a week to get us into the Christmas spirit! I've loved seeing all of these projects!

    We have started to establish the tradition that our Christmas morning is at home with just the four of us (me, Husband, and our two kiddos), and then we'll travel to see family. I am thankful that we've been able to do this– I love the sweet, quiet time with my immediate family.

  17. The are such breath-taking projects – I would never think to make a pink or a red sky, but both look spectacular! My favorite holiday tradition is baking tons of Spritz cookies and hubby and I go house to house handing them out to our neighbors and wishing them a Merry Christmas! Thank you for all of the beautiful Fawny holiday inspiration!

  18. Fawntastic inspiration this week. I love all the advent ideas. I made my daughter a beautiful tree with knit picky paper (she is a fabulous crocheter) and knitting inspired gifts and treats. I hope she loves it as much as I do 🙂 Handmade gifts are my favorite tradition <3

  19. I love the advent wreath! Family traditions were a huge thing at home. My mother went downstairs to turn on the tree lights while my father (more excited than us, believe it or not!) made sure we kids were up and ready with housecoats and slippers on. Then it was Christmas stockings first, and on to the tree presents where my father passed everyone a gift to open and kept passing one out when everyone had seen each other’s.

  20. Our tradition is Christmas Eve at my grandma's and everyone is there! She just turned 90 last month, so there are lots of family members now 🙂 Loved all the great ideas this week! Great blog!

  21. Oh wow I so love those wonderful penguins! They make me smile! 🙂 I absolutely love the red colors for the sky…never would've done that!
    I think our family Holiday tradition is always watching Holiday movies and playing games while we munch on Christmas cookies! Oh boy!!

  22. I don't have a family tradition for Christmas but I have my own, for myself! LOL That's to eat (always buy, not bake) STOLLEN! It's a German bread, in case some don't know what it is. It has a lot of fruits in it, and usually last couple of weeks. When I have a first bite, I feel like Christmas is coming 🙂 Usually I buy at a bakery in 5 star hotels cuz they usually bake those, in US. Btw, Thank you all for another fun week of inspirations!

  23. All of these examples are fantastic! I especially love the Yeti card… I just bought that set and can't wait to use it! My favorite family tradition for Christmas is going with my family to pick out ornaments. Each year we all pick out one ornament for the tree that is particularly special for that year. It is such a great memory for me! I also love baking cookies with my family the week before Christmas 🙂

  24. Thanks for such a fun week of inspiration! My favorite family tradition is driving around on Christmas Eve with the kids (and now significant others) looking at Christmas lights and decorations, with a stop at 7-Eleven for a 'treat' and hot chocolate.

  25. Love all of the cute projects that have been shared! 🙂 So inspiring. My favorite family tradition for Christmas is that we adopt a family in need instead of buying a bunch of gifts for the adults. (We still give gifts to the kids in our family) It's so rewarding and such a blessing. I encourage others to find a way to reach out in their community or through Operation Christmas Child. We have been doing that as well.

  26. Beautiful projects! A family tradition that we used to have was to have Christmas Eve dinner at my grandma's house. When she passed away a couple of years ago, my Mom kept the tradition and now we have the same tradition but at my Mom's house.

  27. Our family holiday tradition is spending new year's at my parents with my dad's side of the family. There's dishes with finger foods and we watch the annual new year's comedy show. Although I'm skipping this year, I really enjoy it as a tradition.
    Love the holiday inspiration. Lots of penguins!

  28. And again so much gorgeous inspiration! The wreath made of little boxes is simply adorable! The best family tradition in my family is spending Christmas Eve at my parents' house – the food is delicious, the decorations amazing, and the atmosphere is simply the best! Every Christmas that I get to spend away from them is simply not the same… I can't go this year, but I am looking forward to Christmas 2018 already 😉

  29. My family's Christmas tradition has always been to open presents on Christmas morning and everyone opens one present at a time. We take turns and we always start with my little brother. He may be 27 years old now, but he still opens his presents first!! 🙂

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  31. Love the cards and projects done by the DT! Last year my husband and our boys went out and picked a real tree to have cut down. It was our first real tree and it was awesome, hoping we do it again this year as a start to a new tradition. They have to start somewhere! 😉

  32. These are super adorable cute creations 🙂 Love the color combinations and the beautiful coloring as well 🙂 We don't have any specific holiday tradition but I love to spend quality time with friends and family 🙂

  33. Truly amazing talent!! The snow globe tag should be an ornament! My favorite tradition is Christmas Eve church service followed by Christmas cookies and hot chocolate by the tree before bed. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  34. Our favorite tradition is getting together as a family on Christmas Eve and watching the Scrooge movie. Has to be the one with Albert Finney, he’s the best Scrooge.

  35. Our tradition is to eat too much good food on Christmas Day.
    Christmas Eve I spend listening to Christmas music (be myself)
    in the dark, with the Christmas tree lit. Just enjoy the
    sounds of the season because it's almost over.

  36. My favorite family tradition is reading the book "Santa Mouse" on Christmas Eve every year. Even if we have to do it over the phone, my mom and I will always read it together. I'm 40 and can only remember 2 years we haven't done it.

  37. An easy one…. latkes! I have been making them since I was barely able to hold the spoon in my toddler hands. Let's just say it's been quite a few years!!!

  38. Our whole family holiday tradition is Secret Santa with a twist! During the 25 Days of Christmas, we leave little presents and hints as to who it might be, and then on Christmas Eve we do the big reveal and exchange our presents.

  39. What great projects from the DT! We have a lot of traditions at Christmas but I think my favorite is the scavenger hunt that my mother created. On Christmas Eve my brother and I would get to do it. My mother wrote some rhyming clues (they were pretty bad rhymes but that was half the fun!) that led us around the house and finally ended up at a hiding place for two presents. Thank you for the chance to win!

  40. So many awesome cards today! My favourite holiday tradition is my Mum reading the Night before Christmas on Christmas Eve. She started when she was pregnant with me and has never missed a year – and I'm now in my 30s 🙂

  41. What an awesome inspirational week, thank you! I love all the scenes today and colour combos, Kay's foxes are too cute and Samantha's watercoloring is amazing! Our favourite family tradition is going out to the woods and cutting down our own Christmas tree, with hot chocolate and snacks to share!

  42. EEK!!! You all have me so inspired to play with fun backgrounds colors!

    Most of our family traditions revolve around church this time of year. Christmas eve service by candle light, singing Christmas carols, & fellowship with friends from church.

  43. Ooh, look at the cuteness! Love today's cards ad projects! Our family has a get-together, gift opening, and dinner at my brother's place on Boxing Day. The whole family is there and it's a lot of fun!

  44. We have so many from chopping down the perfect tree, to dated ornaments, to photos with Santa and more! Love traditions and still try to keep them even though the kids are older and married!

  45. Our favorite tradition is Christmas morning breakfast/brunch with family members! It's a blessing to have another year to celebrate with loved ones!

  46. All of the cards are wonderful!Love the Advent calendar too. Our favorite Christmas tradition is the Christmas party that we have for all of our family members. It's always a great time when we can all get together. Smile BIG! 🙂

    Mary from NH

  47. We have a holiday tradition in our family of making a fun day of putting up the Christmas tree and other decorations. We have lots of yummy snacks and play Christmas carols.

  48. More awesome inspiration! I just love this time of year😊 A family tradition for us is to attend Christmas Eve service and then drive around and look at Christmas lights. So fun!

  49. I love all the non-traditional colors on the sky backgrounds in these cards! One of our traditions is having an appetizer dinner when decorating the tree. We call it "tree food night"!

  50. I can't even pick a favorite here!!! They're all amazing. When I was a kid, we used to stay up until midnight at my grandparents house and open presents then.

  51. Amazing cards every single day, wow, I'm so inspired. Thanks for sharing.

    We allllways eat gourmet on Christmas eve and leftovers on Christmas day, yumyum

  52. LOVE that Advent gift box wreath–such a cool idea!!! A relatively new holiday tradition for us is celebrating Christmas on Boxing Day. My mom & I go to my brother's & SIL's house that day to open gifts and have dinner. That way, they get to spend Christmas Day with her family, without having to rush off to get to their house to spend part of it with us. As a bonus, between presents and eating, my brother, mom, & I go to Barnes & Noble to get calendars for the upcoming year, since they go on sale for 50% off starting that day! 🙂 Gives a nice break for me in the day as well. Thank you for the awesome inspiration all this week, and the great giveaway! 🙂 ~ Andrea

  53. What a great week. So many lovely creations. I am so envious of the great talent here. Having an extremely small family, sadly our annual traditions are no more. I just hope my son creates some lovely traditions with his family. But when he was young our favorite tradition was taking a ride to the bonfires along the levee to guide Papa Noel, then going home an opening one present. This is a big Louisiana Christmas eve tradition.

  54. No matter how busy we are, all of my extended family get together on both Christmas Eve ans Christmas Day to celebrate 2 days where we can be in the present – and enjoy each others company!Its what I look forward to the most every year

  55. A family tradition I had in my family was a Christmas night fillet mignonette fondue, with all the sauces and delicious potatoes.

  56. Love that Winter Village set! A family tradition we have is before we open presents we read the Christmas story and let the children move the characters in and out of the stable as the story is being read. It gives them a real "hands on" experience about the true meaning of Christmas.

  57. Making peanut butter blossom cookies with red and green sugar instead of white and the kisses upside down so they stack better in the freezer, just like my mother-in-law did.

  58. Great ideas. Our entire family pile into one vehicle to see the Christmas lights and visit Santa's house then we go have hot chocolate at our favorite restaurant and we end the evening watching our favorite Christmas movie then the kids open one gift on Christmas Eve.

  59. One of my favorite family traditions started years ago, my husband would pick up my son so he could put the star on the tree. Fast forward years, my son is 17 and almost as tall as hubs. Instead of picking him up, my husband now lays on the ground and my son steps on him to put the star up. It’s absolutely hilarious and my favorite picture to take all holiday season!

  60. To continue, our thanksgiving was in October
    and we used to do the whole turkey dinner
    etc., but since my mom died last year we
    don’t really do much. I am thankful for
    my daughter!! The one shining star in
    my life!
    Thx for sharing ❤️🎉🇨🇦

  61. One holiday tradition we have is putting on Christmas music, preferrable Gene Autry that we've been listening to since I was a little kid, and then decorating our Christmas tree. It's almost that time and I love it!

  62. My favourite family tradition is when we open one gift on Christmas Eve which is a pair of new PJ's (so you're guaranteed to have fresh pj's for Christmas morning photos), a Christmas movie and popcorn to finish the evening off with.

  63. Another day of wonderful cards! It's been a great week full of fabulous creations. Thanks to everyone involved for all the hard work they put in! So many wonderful Christmas memories and traditions. Since us kids have all left home we now spend christmas eve raclette-ing, playing games, and then we open our gifts (by this time it is christmas day already) Before we open our gifts my dad reads the christmas story. We sleep in on Christmas day and after having a wonderful brunch we open our stockings!

  64. Our favorite tradition is picking a new ornament for the tree every year that represents a significant memory of that year, so we can always remember what our family has been through together. Speaking of ornaments, LOVE the shaker one!!

  65. We are lucky enough to all live in the same area so our family holiday tradition is to get together at one house late in the morning, bring a few gifts to open there & then have an awesome Christmas dinner 😀

  66. Thank you for such cheery projects all week! My favorite today is the first card/snowglobe, too cute! One of our family traditions is to go look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve, after Christmas baking!

    Happy Thanksgiving next week!

    Chris L.

  67. Love all the sparkle and those adorable penguins & foxes!! Our favorite tradition is everyone gets a turn "Hunting for the Pickle" ornament. When you find it you get a specialty magazine – crosswords, Sudoku, sports, fashion, whatever!

  68. A favorite tradition of ours is to exchange Christmas cards with friends and family. We love to receive greetings from loved ones near and far, and the cards with the photos are the best. <3

  69. Loved all the fun and creative inspiration this week!
    One of our traditions is to open Christmas crackers at Christmas dinner. Everyone reads out their joke and wears their paper crown while we have dessert.

  70. One of my favorite holiday family traditions is to decorate the Christmas tree as a family while listening to our favorite Christmas songs and eating our favorite Christmas goodies!

  71. I adore kay's red and white foxy card… so very imaginative and beautiful! My favorite holiday tradition is watching classic Christmas movies and playing games together in our jammies, eating cookies and other treats. Just plain family time that we don't get to enjoy as often as we'd like since we all live so far apart.

  72. Christmas jammies- My kids get a new pair of jammies every Christmas Eve. We've been doing this since they were little; they are now in their 20's. They know that they will get to open the package with the pj's every year, but they absolutely love and look forward to it… even after all these years.

  73. Christmas cards, Christmas Advent, making chocolates and cookies for friends and my girls love to play Santa by taking turns giving presents.

    Love the cards!! I need to play with my Winter village with some of these great ideas!

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