Sneak Week 2018 – Day 1 + Giveaway!

We are starting sneaks today of our new products for the Association for Creative Industries (formerly CHA) Creativation Trade Show! We are beyond excited to begin sharing everything we have been working on! This release is so much fun!
We will be showing you the new paper collections, stamps, dies and more that we will be exhibiting at the Creativation trade show in Phoenix later this week so that you guys can participate in the fun with us! 
These Spring-themed products will be available in late February, and we will have an awesome Inspiration Week with design team samples, Intro Videos and more giveaways then, too!
Today we are showing 6 of our 15 new stamp sets and our awesome new Glue Tube (with a giveaway, of course!)
Remember to tell your favorite store about our new products! We would love to show them everything at booth #2536 or chat with them via email or phone!

 Welcome a new baby or make a card for mom and dad with our new Rub-A-Dub-Dub set!

Hay There is a cute and punny set filled with farm critters!

Adorable aliens, space ships and fun birthday themed sentiments make up our new Beam Me Up stamp set!

Happy Village is a cheery, Spring version of Winter Village with sentiments perfect for a house warming or sending new home congratulations!

Little Fireflies is a sweet mini set that would make anyone smile!

Introducing Toadally Awesome! This new set features adorable amphibians and everything you need to create fun frog-themed scenes!

 I’m so excited about our new Glue Tube! It has a fine tip and is so easy to use! You guys are going to love it!!
Now we have a fun opportunity to win it before you can buy it in late February! Woohoo! Leave us a comment by January 22nd for a chance to win a new stamp set and die set of your choice from this post!

Make sure to come by tomorrow for more sneak peeks!

Thank you so much for visiting!
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974 thoughts on “Sneak Week 2018 – Day 1 + Giveaway!

  1. Omg…you are doing it again…you make my bankaccount feel horrible lol such cute stamps. I love especially the fireflys and the farm animals and i can't wait to try the new glue stick

  2. Oh my goodness! :O I think those aliens will be the perfect addition to my Out of This World stamp set! Can't wait to see what other new things are coming our way!!

  3. Oh, Wow, so many great products!! Love the Village stamp set, and the aliens one as well. And I'm looking forward to trying the glue stick!

  4. Beam Me Up and Little Fireflies are my faves! 🙂 The Glue Tube looks so helpful! And there are some extra awesome card samples above! I am going to have to spend some serious time looking through those! Have a great trip!

  5. I can not decide which set is the cutest from this release! They are all just so adorable.It is probably the duckies or the Hay there set! Lawn Fawn have outdone themselves this time! I really need them all.

  6. Love your new release! I'm partial to your little critter sets they are all so cute. My favorite is the Hey There set,its so sweet. Smile BIG! 🙂

    Mary from NH

  7. The farm animals are too cute! I hope the sheep is about the same size as the sheep in Baaah Humbug, so you can mix and match. Loving the rest as well, but the farm animals are my favorite, followed closely by the houses. With trees! Love it.

  8. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am in love as usual!! I can’t wait to get my hands on these! Lawn Fawn you nailed it again! That is such a great idea with the glue tube. Thank you Lawn Fawn for bringing so much joy!! ��❤️

  9. LOL LOL LOL Firefly! I don't think I've ever seen the stamp of Firefly in my 20 some years of stamping life! I love it! I really miss seeing Fireflies. .

  10. O M G you did it again <3 every set is so cute and so much fun
    I can see the aliens in the claw machine and those farm animals, I fell in love with the goat <3

  11. I have wanted a farm set and cute everyday houses for a long time! You guys totally rock. Those ducks are adorable by the way! I don't have a baby set yet, and I think that one might be the one because I can use it for so many other things too! The farm animals and ducks remind me of a favorite kids book at our hose, "Click Clack moo, cows that type"

  12. Sneak Peek Week is my favorite! I love to see the creative new products that you've designed. I can't wait for the Happy Village set! Winter Village was my fav from the Winter Release, and I have a million-and-one uses for the houses, trees, clouds, and speech bubble here! Thanks for letting us join in the fun! 🙂

  13. Hey, you guys can't make me pick a fave…can you? What a fun product release! AND a new glue tool? YYYyyyyyyeeesssss!

  14.! They are all SO cute and have so much versatility. Can’t wait for this release although my wallet is heaving a sigh of relief that it’s not until next month.

  15. Love the Farm critters, Aliens not so much. Want to try your glue tube. Used your product in a card class 2 days ago at local, small business, craft store. Looking forward to March class when we will use these new releases!

  16. You make the absolute cutest stamps! Love all the lil' critters and their expressions! Gah! 🙂 That Rub-A-Dub-Dub set is to die for! Audrey Tokach's card is my favorite! It's going to be a great year of stamping! 😉

  17. Oh my goodness! There are so many cute sets and it's only day 1! I love everything! I'm super excited to see the Happy Village stamps and dies for spring. Rud-a-Dub-Dub and Toadlaly are awesome, too!

  18. OMG…I can't stand the cuteness of these new stamps! And I'm so excited to see the little farm animals that I've been waiting for. I just knew if you ever came out with them that they'd be this adorable. Seriously….I'm in love with everything and it's only Day One! Yikes. Just take my credit card now. 😀

  19. Oh, My Goodness!!!! How Adorable!! So many fabulous sets!!! Love the aliens in Beam Me Up. The sweet fireflies are great. The Happy Village is a perfect addition to my Home for the Holidays and Winter village.

  20. Oh my goodnes, there is just so much cuteness from this release. I love love the farm animals and those duckies!
    Wow! Take my money!!!! I need them all 🙂

  21. OMG so many great stamp sets!!! Love the ducks, the farm animals and the aliens – but my favorite are those little lightning bugs <3 Can't wait to make them glow!

  22. Oh they are all seriously so cute! I love all of them! I just had an idea of putting the fireflies in the jellybean jar for a light up card. The cuteness just inspires so many ideas! Can't wait till they're at my local store! (They know me by name there and refer to me as the "LawnFawn girl" haha. Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us!

  23. Rub-a-dud-dub will be coming home with me in February and I am sure alot more of this release! Can't wait to try the new Glue Tube. Release week is always so much fun. Thank you Lawn Fawn!

  24. Rub a dud dub is coming home with me in February and I am sure alot more from this release and I can't wait to try the new Glue Tube. I love try out new adhesives. Release week is always so much fun. Thank you Lawn Fawn!

  25. Rub a dud dub is coming home with me in February and I am sure alot more from this release and I can't wait to try the new Glue Tube. I love try out new adhesives. Release week is always so much fun. Thank you Lawn Fawn!

  26. You've GOT to stop doing this! I love EVERYTHING you showed today and that's just too taxing on my bank account ;-). Love the little houses, and the ducks, and oh, just everything! Thanks for more great products and the chance to win!!

  27. O M G . How cute is this?! If you are going to look @ my page… I'm new to cardmaking and stamping and stuff so this will be a good addition for me!

  28. Oh my goodness! These are adorable and I need them all!! Will definitely need to hound my stockist to get some! (Although the NZ stores are so slow to get them, I might just need to order them direct!! They still don't have the valentine stuff here 🙁 )

    In any event I will definitely be getting the aliens, ducks and the toads! Sooo cute 🙂

  29. I have just recently discovered Lawn Fawn on YouTube with your How to Make Card that Lights Up videos and just fell in love with your stamps and dies! They make me smile so big. I just love the From the Hey There set. Too cute!!!

  30. Is there any time that I look at a new Lawn Fawn set and don't think "I have a mighty need!!!"? The answer is no. I think it's a toss up between the ducks and the aliens for my favorite new set, but really, there's not a one I don't love. I can see chibitronics making a comeback with that firefly set!

  31. Cute, the duckies and the fireflies, the farm animals and the froggies. The little houses are cute too, but I’d have to say the ducks are my favorite.

  32. So far, everything, is "out of this world"! Looking forward to the rest of this release. The new glue pen looks like a winner! Looks like it will be so much easier to guide where you're placing the glue due to the shape and size of the pen. Yeah team………

  33. Oh my goodness I love all of these stamp sets! Just adorable! I don't know how you always come up with such new and cute ideas…. but I'm glad you do! I think I love the duck set the most so far.

  34. This is the best release ever!! I love the frogs a d I especially like the vine die and the old fashion wallpaper die used in the rubber duckie bathroom. Great possibilities with this new stamp and die release.

  35. Be still my heart! I am in love with this release! Rub-A-Dub-Dub is too darling for words! What a cute baby card this would make. Honestly, I am not usually drawn to the outer space theme, but Lawn Fawn takes this Beam-Me-Up set to a whole other universe! Cute, cute cute!

  36. Super adorable!! Love the new stamp sets! All so cute, and look at those little fireflies! Wondering if the stitched diamond background die used on Audrey's card is part of the new release?

  37. I adore the Toad-ally Awesome set!! Just makes me hoppy all over!
    Thank you for the chance to win!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  38. Love love love the Rub a Dub Dub Ducky. It is just to cute for words. Thanks for making so many cute ones for my mother and I to play with.

  39. Oh so many cute things! I love the frog set. It is so cute. I LOVE this time of year and seeing all the fabulous inspiration along side the product is awesome, makes me want them that much more. Great work everyone.

  40. Oh my these are adorable!!! Your critters are always super cute, I'm dying over Toadally Awesome!! And your sentiments are as punny as ever! Can't wait to see what else you've got coming!!

  41. It is all so sweet, it would be hard to pick a favorite. The little alien saying "take me to your cake." made me smile

    Cute as always. love what you do

  42. It is all so sweet, it would be hard to pick a favorite. The little alien saying "take me to your cake." made me smile

    Cute as always. love what you do

  43. very excited for the new lot… love the background die in the first card with the ducks. Would like a little more details about the glue… is it thick? thin? does it work well with vellum…. etc.

  44. I had promised myself I would stay within my budget this year, then this release happens! I can't decide which is the cutest, which means I will end up getting them all. 🙂

  45. These are so ADORABLE!!! How am I going to be able to choose?!? To think February is my birthday month! What a great excuse to buy these adorable sets! Can’t wait to see more!!! Thanks for this opportunity!! 😊😊

  46. I love your first 2 sets of critters but those monster aliens are the best! I've wanted a set of aliens for a longtime and now have one on my wish list. Thank you so much for including them in your release! Of course all of the critters in todays peek at your new release are on my wishlist because I am a firm believer that you can never have too many critters!

  47. Cute sneak peek!!! I can definitely use the happy village since my friends are getting their own place soon. I love the cute animal stamp set. Great for making cards for my little one.

  48. I love seeing new LF critters. I just had to go buy a new bin for my Lawn Fawn collection, (outgrew the first one) and it's a good thing because several of these new sets will be finding their way into my collection too.

  49. Love the ducks. My brother is duck mad so they would make a super card for his birthday. The other releases are just as cute. I love the fact the you do stamps and dies that match as I can't fussy cut to save my life. lol

  50. Such a fun release! I can't decide which are my favorites, they are all so cute! One of my good friend's favorite animals is a frog though, so I'm kind of leaning toward that one for her!

  51. Everything, and I do mean everything is so cute. My favorites so far are the bathtub duckies (I have been searching for a new baby set) and the fireflies set. I can't wait to see what else the week brings.

  52. Aliens, froggies and fireflies there so stinking cute am already planning so many cute cards on my mind … I know what I want for my late valentine gift ❤️❤️❤️ This is a beautiful collection can wait to see more

  53. Great new release, I love all of the new releases, you images are always so cute, I love the frog stamp and the happy village set, I can see using some of these images in a winter scene allowing us to stretch our stamps!

  54. I always look forward to Lawn Fawn sneak week. It never disappoints! So many cute stamp sets revealed today. Hard to pick a favorite.

  55. Yeah I didn't want to keep any money on my bank accoutn anyways… gosh i love and I hate lawn Fawn releases. So much cool and cute stuff i want to have and so little money.
    Im looking forward to the week 😀

  56. I am new to card making and this new release is so adorable. They are all so cute, I don't know which ones to purchase first. Love Lawn Fawn!!

  57. I might as well just send you a blank check or give Lawn fawn my credit card cause I know I want it all! Each new item is cuter than the last. Help me I have a real problem!

  58. The animal stamps are adorable and makes me think of warmer weather. I adore the Rub-A-Dub-Dub set. I can't wait to get ahold of these. My creative juices are flowing. 😊

  59. What a great release. I wish that I could be a fly on a wall at Creatavation to see all the great stuff
    I think my favorite is the frogs stamps and dies. Thanks for sharing,

  60. Love your new paper pads! So cheerful! And that duck stamp set just “quacks” me up! Not to mention the aliens – they are out of this world! So many cute stamps to chose from!

  61. This release is just fabulous. Cannot wait to order them. Thanks for doing the Gluetube. I think that will be something I will use day in and day out.