Lawn Fawn Intro: Toadally Awesome

Hello and Welcome to our March Inspiration Week! We are showcasing 5 new stamp sets, 4 new standalone die sets and our Gotta Have Gingham Paper Collection! All of these products are available now at and at your favorite crafty stores.

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AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Toadally Awesome and its coordinating dies! You’ll have a toadally fun time crafting with this cute frog-themed set! This set is great for housewarming or moving announcement cards, Mother’s or Father’s Day, birthdays, or for any day! The design team has made the most amazing samples! Look for intro video for this set next month!
Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elise‘s Toadally Awesome card is adorable with those happy smiling critters! I love how she created a pretty canopy look using a pair of Leafy Tree Backdrops and Bayou Backdrops!

I love how Melissa incorporated the cute little frogs into her water-themed photo journal page! This is such a fun idea!

Elena‘s Peekaboo Backdrops design pairs the sweet amphibians with a pretty pink background! Just perfect to wish a Hoppy Birthday!

Latisha added a beautiful ink-blended glow to her charming clean and simple design!

The cute Toadally Awesome frogs look right at home in Yainea‘s beautifully colored pond scene!

Chari filled these terrarium jars with the adorable images from Toadally Awesome! I love how the Bayou Backdrops vines add fun detail to the 3D scenes!

Toadally Awesome cuties are a fun surprise inside Jenn‘s colorful Pivot Pop-Up card!

I love how Jessica added layers of Simple Grassy Hillsides behind awesome the watercolor “pond”! Her delightful design is perfect to welcome someone new to the neighborhood!

Debbie created a simple but cute scene for her Toadally Awesome card using cardstock and a Stitched Hillside Border! I love how she turned the log on it’s side to look like a tree!

Lynnette‘s witty scene features Bayou Backdrop and an Ocean Wave Borders pond! So cute!

I love how Audrey used Knock on Wood “Armoire” paper as the ground for her whimsical scene! Toadally Awesome and Bayou Backdrops are a perfect combination!

*Note* Look for the Toadally Awesome intro video next month!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Toadally Awesome and its coordinating dies. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what critters you would add to the pond by March 22nd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp! (If you already own this stamp set, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday, March 22nd for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!



226 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Toadally Awesome

  1. Such a toad-ally cute set! It’s ribbiting! I think I would add a whale or ducks or even jelly fish. It’s hard to pick just one critter they are all amazing! Such a super cute release!

  2. Haha I would have to draw them myself since you don’t have them in America, so understandably, there aren’t stamps of them, but little pukeko would be perfect to add to a marshy pond with these adorable little toads! (They are a NZ native bird, with quite long red legs and blue body- very very cute and super cheeky!)

  3. Critters for the pond: bugs, dragonflies, snails, salamanders, goldfish, turtles, tadpoles and different kinds of birds (long legged, long billed)
    Love the frogs/toads, super cute.

  4. This is one of my absolute favorite sets, if not my absolute favorite, from this new release! I just love it! For a pond scene, I would include frogs, turtles, dragonflies, heron type birds, maybe some fish if I were doing a under water angle as well. Maybe even a beaver or other furry critters that may be found around a pond.

  5. My critters of choice for the pond aren’t necessarily critters but I’d love to see a boy and/or girl in a canoe. Ooo…and they could have binoculars to look for all the cute pond critters. Love these new releases!

  6. Love the toadally die and stamp set they are so cute! I would add a beautiful swan to hang out with the frogs in the pond

  7. I love these frogs! They are so cute! Tiny turtles and bayou type ducks would be cute as well as a tiger salamander and owls.

  8. Just fabulous!! I love these scenes!!! I would add dragonflies, crocs, birds, fish, moss ( would be awesome), and maybe some cattails along the edges.

  9. All of these projects blow me away-so, so, so cute! The froggies would like some turtles and dragonflies to play with.

  10. I’d add a beaver, duck, otter, turtle, a heron, and dragonflies! Oh and little tadpoles 🙂
    Maybe we need a beaver set!

  11. How stinkin’ cute are are these projects?!
    Such gorgeous designs & so fun. I would
    probably add a birdie to the pond; maybe
    sitting on the log or on a lily pad.

  12. I agree that turtles, dragonflies, salamanders would be adorable! And water birds like herons, cranes and others. Also beavers would be fun!

  13. Love love LOVE this set! Those lil toadies are the cutest EVAH!!!!!
    I’d add a few fishies, Swans, and a Heron or 2. Not that if you have fish you WANT a Heron, but they are fun to watch. ♥

  14. These frogs are so adorable – and yet another stamp/die set I wish I’d already gotten from this release! They’re so much fun!

    Hmm… I’d probably have to add the little alligator from the Critters Down Under to a fun pond scene! Actually!! OMG I just got a great idea – and I have that Bayou Backdrop die, I’m gonna make it happen – but I could see creating a fun scene where the unicorn from Critters ever After is hanging out my the pond with the beautiful greenery overhead. Reminds me of the movie Legend from back in the day.

  15. These are so cute. I got the bayou backdrop set & haven’t even had time to use it yet. I would add a turtle to my pond, &/or maybe some koi.

  16. So many cute samples and ideas for this stamp set. I think I would add some fish, maybe a turtle, butterflies and maybe a dragonfly to my pond.

  17. I think a turtle would look cute with his frog buddy. As a non pond addition, I would like to see Lawn Fawn add a Honey bee to their collection.

  18. I am so toadally in love with these stamps! I have a week off work next week and will be making cards with these and just cannot wait to spend some quality time with them! Super-excited to get toadally lost in my cards <3

  19. Add a little snail to the pond perhaps. I could see the little fish from the Duh-Nuh set popping his head out too.

  20. I love the “Toadily Awesome” set…the examples of cards is so amazing especially the ones made with the bayou background. I have always loved “frogs” so this is a must have set.

  21. If I was adding critters to the pond, I would definitely add the ducklings from the rub-a-dub-dub stamp set. So cute!

  22. I would probably add a fish jumping out of the water – maybe even with the semi circle framelits and have the fish going from under the water to back under.

  23. Love this set and the leafy backdrop too. I’d add dragonflies for sure, and I was thinking salamanders and some type of water bird.

  24. Such adorable froggy cards! I love them all! More pond critters? Hmmm… you already have otters which are SO CUTE, and ducks, and fish in all shapes and sizes, and turtles… I don’t know what other pond critters exist!

  25. The Glass that chari moss made is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen..I love the combination of real nature and the stamp set and the use of the Bayou Backdrop. I have to get this backdrop at some time when I have more money!

    I would add salamanders to the pond, i love them and there is no such thing yet (i think) and Tortoises (or turtles? Forgive a non-native speaker, I always forget what lives in the water and what not. In Germany we say “Schildkröte” (shield toad) to both of them.. 😀
    And maybe some birds and fishes so you have a full vibrant scene with birds that are chriping in the trees, a salamander taking a sun bath on a rock, the croaking of the toads and some fish, some barely visible in the water, some jumping in the pond.. that card would create such nature-feeling 😀

  26. After collecting over 800 frogs since 1971, I have to have this stamp set! I would add some flies; frogs love flies!

  27. I Toadilly love the frogs. I would add some fireflies . I absolutely adore the frog set. They are a set I could use for both my great-grandkids but also my grandchildren and other adults. Love it.

  28. these little critters are so darn cute – love the samples you created with them. I would add turtles to the pond

  29. I would add the ducks from the rub-a-dub set. Also, turtles, dragonflies and maybe a cute chubby woodchuck. Love these frogs though.

  30. I am so impressed with all the creative projects today! I love all the scenes and different ways to create a pond especially if you don’t have the Bayou set yet! Well done! I think I would add some dragonflies, flies and maybe a “friendly” crocodile for my Bayou scenes.

  31. I love this super cute set and all of the super fun projects! I would love add turtles and ducks!!

  32. These froggies are so adorable, and the background die goes so well with them! I would add fish, duckies, swans and maybe a heron to my pond. A heron would look really nice, I think…

  33. Can’t wait for the intro video! This is one of my favorites from this release! I’d add otters, turtles, beavers, and minks (they are kind of like a weasel) to my pond. Maybe a deer, too.

  34. We definitely need a beaver and a chewed off and downed tree. A variety of birds would be great too. I’d like to see a heron, an egret, a kingfisher and a family of wood ducks with their cute little rounded heads. You might even consider an alligator with its mouth open!

  35. Such a fun set! I love those vines that hang down.
    I think I would add some dragonflies by day and some fireflies by night.

  36. I made a couple of cards with this set and put the new fireflies in the background. Maybe a cute smiling snake? 🙂

  37. I look forward to your video on this set. It would be so cute with different water birds (ducks & herons) and a beaver would be really cute.

  38. This is Toadally Awesome!! I think I would go all water critters and a little nuts, if I could fit them all in. We definitely need a unicorn, and perhaps a narwal poking out of the water. Gotta put a flamingo there too, and probably also a penguin and polar bear! That would be so fun!!

  39. What cute little froggies! And they look so good with the bayou background. I would add turtles and fireflies to the pond scene. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  40. The Lawn Fawn design team is so talented! I just noticed that on the Pivot Pop-up die, things can hang over the panels!

  41. I love the hanging vines frame! That and the trees die in the background on the first card, looks great! I like it without the trees too. The frogs are so adorable. Our family loves frogs because, when we used to go to the motorsports race track, there would always be frogs jumping around at the base of the retaining walls. That’s what kept my DAUGHTER entertained, while her father and I hollered for our favorite drivers. She still loves frogs to this day… she’s 26! She especially loves poison dart frogs. I’d like to see someone use the same stamps and dies and color with copic markers a poison dart frog! That would be so cute!

  42. Toads and ducklings were the two critters that I was hoping to see in the pond and you guys did it! Those 2 new stamp sets are AMAZING! I’m in love with both!

  43. I’d add the bear and moose from Dad and me to the pond. Lots of different ways to use this stamp set. I love the lily pads.

  44. These are toadally adorable!!! And oh, so fun!! I was thinking dragonflies would be a good addition, and then I saw someone’s comment mentioning turtles and I so agree!!

  45. These cards are adorable ! They bring back sweet memories of a pond behind the house where I spend a part of my youth. It was full of frogs and I loved listening to their songs every evenings, from spring till autumn…..

  46. So many fantastic projects! One of my favourite stamp sets this release 🙂 I would add fireflies and snails, maybe a gecko or two to my pond – I love geckos!

  47. Lovely set, full of images for a complete cute scene. My favorite feature of this stamp set is that it has lots of sentiments.

  48. This is my favorite set from this release. I absolutely adore it! I would love to see turtles, birds, snails and fish to go with them.

  49. I think the ducks from Rub-a-Dub-Dub would be super cute in this scene. Possible some of the fireflies from the glow in the dark set as well. That would be a fun combo. Or if we wanted to go full Florida, maybe an alligator (but a friendly one, natch).

  50. I just can’t get over the cuteness of all of these. The frogs are absolutely perfect by themselves, but turtles, fish, or even a little pond bird would give them friends. Your designers are so talented.

  51. The toadally awesome stamp set is toadally awesome. I would love to see some duck critters join the toads.

  52. Hello! I absolutely love Chari’s idea with the terrariums! How cute are they? And Melissa’s layout makes me think of kissing a frog and all those girl scout pictures I still have to scrap — these critters are the best for those pages and these frogs are no exception!

  53. Oh gosh, what wouldn’t I want to add to these cute scenes! I’m thinking a cute little beaver with great big teeth, a couple egrets, some turtles and fireflies of course! Love this set!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. I would add in some butterflies and maybe some birds. There really are TON of options with this set though.

  55. I love frogs and this set is just so cute! Love all the fab samples from the DT! I think it would be cute to have some beavers and and turtles for the pond:)

  56. OMGosh….These are so cute!!! I’ve asked for Frogs for some time now and thank you for creating them. LOVE!!!
    I would add turtles definitely or a swan, long-legged heron, sea gull, duck, fish, grasshopper!!! I love grasshoppers!
    Thanks so much for all the toad-ally awesome designs!!!

  57. Love the terrariums. I love Koi.
    they would look good in the pond.
    thanks for the preview.

  58. I just adore these delightful frogs/toads! This set is perfection when paired with the Bayou Backdrop. Seeing all the design team creations made me smile; they are all so cute and fun. There are so many critters that could be added such as tadpoles, fish, dragonflies, turtles, lizards, wading birds, and many others. I’m looking forward to seeing Kelly Marie’s video for this set.

  59. Oh my, those little froggies are sooooo cute!! I love all the adorable ideas for how to use this set! The Lawn Fawn designers are so, so creative!

  60. Great projects today. I would add some cute ducklinGSM from the rub a dub set or the cute turtle from lawn fawn critters critters in the sea set.

  61. Oooh tough question! I would probably add some little gold fish from the fintastic friends set 🙂

  62. Aww so adorable! I love, love Chari’s projects! I would add some turtles to the pond. Thanks for the chance!

  63. How sweet! All these projects make me think of the natural swamplands and actually the Little Mermaid ha! I think I would add cute lobster or crawfish 😉

  64. I love this set!! I can’t wait to get it. I think I would add baby turtles, ducks, fish, dragonflies, swans, or alligators to the pond.

  65. I loveeee everything lawn fawnnnnn. My favorite thing about Lawn Fawn is that I can go back to my old stamp sets and add them into current ones. But I still want all the new ones because they are so stinkin cute. lol.

  66. I would love it if there were a few splashes! I could picture it! The toads are leaping and a few splashes in the scene! Also, it would be “toadally awesome” if there were a few little insects to go in the water to set the scene!

  67. This would be perfect to use with dad+me or loveable legends!! Nessie would work well in the pond scene

  68. SQUEAL!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this SWEET Set and the AMAZING Inspiration!! I’d add some CUTE Fish (Coy, Gold Fish Blue Gill) and maybe some Blue Herron Birds and pond Ducks and Turtles!!

  69. I looked up what animals live in the bayou and was surprised at the diversity! In any case, I’d love to see turtles and fish poking their heads out of the water.

  70. Absolutely adorable! These frogs are the cutest! I might add a sweet turtle to the pond scene. Seems like he might enjoy watching the frogs’ antics:)

  71. This is all so toadly awesome! Do we have any bevers??Catfish? I am sure those adorable duckies would love a swim, but don’t forget their innertubes. We don’t want them to drown ;p

  72. Love all the cards and especially the terrariums! Some fun critters would be fireflies, turtles, a heron, koi fish, a salamander, geese, mallard ducks, otters or beavers.

  73. I love what everyone has done with these cute frog stamps! I would add turtles, muskrats, beavers, and some fish to my pond.

  74. Like so many others, I would love some turtles to go with the frogs! The ducks from Rub a Dub Dub would look cute too!

  75. A duck, swan, some fish,… so many possibilities, some flying birds potentially. As I was scrolling to comment the word ‘alligator’ popped up, how cute would he look from the wild for you set, or the critters down under?

  76. I love the bayou backdrop and those frogs are so stinkin’ cute… I would add some of the fireflies with the glow in the dark embossing with it

  77. The frogs are so adorable! I bet the little chameleon you guys have would be adorable in here too!!

  78. This set is just the cutest!! I love how Elise layered the tree background behind the bayou❤️ I will be doing that for sure. Frogs, ducks and alligators are what I will use for my bayou!

  79. I think some ducks and turtles would be a great addition with maybe a mouse or two around the edge of the pond.

  80. This has to be my favorite out of this collection. I would add duckies. It a perfect combination for animals in the Bayou!!
    Elaine Rico

  81. I would like a toy sail boat on the pond some fishes and fireflies. The scene cards are toadally delightful and they make you smile.

  82. I think your toads/frogs are super adorable! Love that there are many different poses to choose from. I’d love to see fishes, dragonflies, and salamanders added to your pond!

  83. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas on how to use this stamp set. I would add ducks to the pond. For an adventure feel, I would add critters from the Savannah.

  84. What a toadally cute set. Being from bayou country I would add an alligator and some turtles sunning on top of the log. We see that in our bayous everyday. Also, with the glow in the dark embossing powder I would add some lightning bugs, or as the rest of the country says, fireflies.

  85. So cute! Just love those cards, the frogs are perfect. If I were to add an critter to the pond, it would have to be frogs they are my favourite, then baby ducks would be a close 2nd.

  86. Oh gosh I would just love to add some cute little ducks to the pond scene!! Absolutely TOO adorable! 🙂

  87. These were my faves from the new release and I can’t wait to play with mine! And i’ll probably add the ducks from Rub-a-Dub-Dub to the pond of course! 🙂

  88. I have never thought of toads as cute before I saw all these cards, and Chari’s incredible terrariums! I’d add lobsters, crabs and prawns!

  89. As an avid frog lover, this set is a must. The designs by these talented ladies are just wonderful especially the pond scenes.

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