Lawn Fawn Intro: Screen Time, Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2018 Inspiration and Release week! On May 17th our 11 new stamp sets and their coordinating dies and 20 new stand alone die sets will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Screen Time and Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop! Have a little screen time with this cute set of characters. This set includes sentiments and images to make a cute card for gamers, binge-watchers, and those who love to text! This polka dot backdrop die makes a cute and versatile background for a standard-sized card!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Kay‘s Screen Time card is just so adorable! It’s so colorful with the Really Rainbow paper! The Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop breaks up all the bold color with the cute dot pattern!

I love how Chari‘s TV screen lights up! She used a Chibitronics LED light kit and our Push Here stamps to add this fun interactive feature! Chari also used her drafting skills to hand-draw a comfy custom sofa for the cute Screen Time couple to cozy up on! So creative!

Elena‘s Screen Time kids are sharing sweet birthday wishes via text message! Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop adds subtle pattern to the background!

Lynette used Stitched Star Frames and Outside In Stitched Star Stackables to highlight her video game-themed birthday card! I love how she combined all the different Really Rainbow paper patterns!

I love how Lizzy added the fun text messages in Screen Time to our Selfie Frames smart phone die! Such a fun way to send a happy greeting! Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop looks great with this black and white design!

A bag of chips, a bowl of popcorn and someone special beside you! The perfect binge-watching scenario is captured on Audrey‘s super fun card!

I love the fun red, white and black color combo on Latisha’s simply adorable card!

Elise made a pair of cards with the same basic design, just varying the images and changing the greeting! Screen Time is such a versatile set, perfect for lots of occasions!

Melissa combined Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop and Gotta Have Gingham paper to add sweet detail to her precious scrapbook layout!

I love how Nicole added a custom greeting by combining Screen Time with Claire’s ABCs! Such a sweet design with a subtle watercolor wash and pretty pastels!

And now I have a video to introduce Screen Time and show some fun ways to use this cute new set! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for watching!

Now I have a quick video to introduce our Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop and share some great ideas and inspiration for using it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Screen Time and Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop! Tomorrow is Release Day and our Winner Reveal! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment on this post telling us your favorite show to binge watch by TODAY May 16th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday May 17th for our Inspiration Week recap and giveaway winners!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!



295 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Screen Time, Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop

  1. My fave binge are Game of Thrones, How to get away with murder, Full House, Blacklist, Simpsons, etc.. the list goes on…

  2. I don’t really binge watch much. I can’t think of the last time I did it. Maybe Anne of Green Gables when we had Netflix for a short time and it was expiring.

  3. We love to watch anything that is crime related, NCIS or the real shows on catching the bad guys. All of these cards are so cute.

    1. Another cute set & I really love the polka dot background die. I can see that getting a lot of use. Right now I am binge watching Top Chef on Hulu. Over the past few weeks, I have made my way through 13 seasons, will begin Season 14 today…which is kind of sad because it is the last season they have on Hulu.

  4. What a cute set! So many different arrangements to make and I look forward to making cards with them. The itsy bitsy polka dot background is definitely a must-have! It can be used from cute to serious cards. My favorite show to binge watch is Law and Order. Even though they are only on reruns, it has great story lines and there are so many spin-offs (like criminal intent and SUV) to keep me happy watching for hours and hours! Just like Lawn Fawn, plenty of selections and hours of fun!!

  5. My latest binge watch is Weather Gone Viral…haha! Yes, I love to see how people cope with terrible weather disasters so I can be prepared in case it happens to me.

  6. LOVE this set!!!! I love binge watching rupauls drag race! Their creativity and style is amazing!

  7. OMG this set is the cutest!!! And that die is a must have too!
    I’m almost embarrassed to admit what I binge watch …. Real Housewives – don’t care which city but that’s what I watch as I colour Lawn Fawn stamps!!!

  8. What a cute set! I like to binge watch Law & Order shows and Star Trek Next Generation & Deep Space Nine.

  9. These cards are amazing and the stampset is goal 😀 I like to binge watch Downton Abbey over and over again ^-^

  10. I would like to make a little picnic scene with this cute little boy and girl!

    My favorite show to binge watch is definitely Arrow or Flash – I love action 😀

  11. Favorite show to binge watch currently is Monk, even though I watched them when they were new. I have binge watched Friends, Frasier, and so many shows. Love watching them this way. I love this stamp and die set! It is adorable and a must have!

  12. This has been an amazing inspiration week!!!! I would binge watch Downtown Abbey if I had the time.

    … I confess, I could watch Star Trek 24/7, from the original series, through the different captains and all the movies too 🙂

  14. Screen Time is such a unique and cute set! Can’t wait for that polka dot background die!

    My fave shows to binge watch are comedies and “mockumentary” shows like Modern Family/Parks and Rec.

  15. Cute stamp and die sets. Excellent 2018 Summer reveal. Monk, The Mentalist, and Elementary are just a few of my binge favorites.

  16. The Screen Time set is so adorable! Love the video game, the TV, and the texting! My favorite show to binge watch would be Friends or Criminal Minds.

  17. I only binge watch shows, seeing as I don’t have cable. So I’m always watching new shows on Netflix. I could binge watch The Golden Girls, Friends, or Will & Grace for hours on end (even though I’ve seen every episode at least 3 times)!

  18. The polka dot background is cute! I almost never get to watch TV but if I do I like to watch The Big Bang Theory.

  19. This set is just adorable! This has been a fabulous release week!! I love to binge watch The Office and Friends!

  20. Super cute cards! Love the lighted up one where you push the button. I don’t binge watch too much, but I find old shows like Gilligans Island an easy one to binge watch.

  21. another fabulous set! I binge watch the show Supernatural. I swear I’ve seen it hundreds of times and could probably quote every episode of the 12 seasons on Netflix. So obsessed that I’ve been to conventions where I got to meet the cast!

  22. I binge watch Burn Notice and, even though it’s not a TV show, I also binge watch Harry Potter.

  23. The Screen Time stamp set is so adorable! I have so many favorite shows but right now I’m watching The IT Crowd 🙂

  24. Adorable, and perfect for making cards for those of us addicted to our screens!! The polka dot background adds such dimension! My favorite show to binge watch has been The Crown on Netflix. So good and you get insight into the British Royal family.

  25. Cute stamp set. Love the polka dot background die! My next series to binge watch is Friday night lights.

  26. I love watching all Law & Order shows. These cards are so cute, I can’t wait to get my hands on all the new releases.

  27. Oh my gosh! So cute! I love the itsy bitsy polka dots! I love to binge watch Gilmore Girls! I can watch it over and over again!

  28. My absolute favorite show to binge watch is Outland on Starz!! It’s the best show!! LOVE IT!!

  29. Oh my – I was thinking the itsy bitsy polka dot was going to be a paper pack – this die is so cool!
    Binge watching – Grimm, Arrow, The Flash

  30. Such cute cards again! Fav binge watch is Orange is the New Black 🙂 Netflix makes it too easy to watch the next one, then the next….. Can’t wait until tomorrow! Keep up the great work!

  31. Oh my goodness, my son is so excited for this set (he’s my little crafter). “Screen Time” is right up his alley!!!

  32. I love polka dots ,so the Itsy Bitsy polka Dot backdrop is definitely on my shopping list.
    I don’t binge watch tv programs.

  33. I love to binge watch NCIS. Even the episodes I’ve seen multiple times are still good! I love the polka dot backdrop die and these kids are too cute! So many ways to use them! Can’t wait til tomorrow!

  34. Ohhhhh, these are sooooooooooo cute! 🙂 My favorite show to binge watch would probably be Parks and Rec! It was such a cute show and I miss it but my hubby got it for me on DVD so now I can watch as many eps as I want anytime! 🙂

  35. uh oh i don’t understand the expression “binge watch”, but i’ll venture an answer: my favorite tv show ever is Friends, my husband and i have bought the dvds and no matter how we know the episodes, we laugh so much it’s always a great moment. it’s not rude, not violent, clever and sometimes about difficult subject in a delicate and funny way. i haven’t found any other show as funny as that one.
    i also enjoy baggage battles. such a hoot
    hope i guessed the expression right.

  36. My favourite show to binge watch will always be Felicity. I watched this show religiously in university with dorm mates and watching it now always brings back great and happy memories.

  37. These are so fun! I binge watch whatever my husband is watching when I sit down (then I can concentrate on crocheting and not choosing a show)!

  38. I don’t watch very much TV anymore, but I do tend to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy when the newest season hits Netflix in early summer. 🙂

  39. Screen Time is super cute!
    Favorite binge shows- if I just want noise in the background, lately it’s Forensic Files.
    The last show I binged was The Good Place. Can’t wait for more episodes!

  40. I like binge watching shows that I used to watch as a kid such as Step by Step or Malcolm in the Middle!

  41. Oooh such a fun set and those dots!!!! Currently waiting for season 2 of Riverdale, while finishing season 8 of Dexter! Also Grace & Frankie is hilarious!

  42. Any of the Law & Order series of shows is almost always on!
    Such a cute stamp set today and really love the polka dot die.

  43. So I love the background die for the tiny dotes. This is a favourite from the release! I can see using this die on every card I make! The kraft and the white is so pretty! Ok, now to answer the question. I haven’t had time to binge watch anything for so long. Life is just too busy right now. So I don’t even know what is out there, but if I could it would be probably some medical drama. I have always wanted to watch grey’s anatomy.

  44. Oh my gosh this set is SO creative! How do you guys think of all of these amazing products?! 🙂 My favorite show to binge watch hands down is Friends – I never get tired of it! 🙂

  45. I don’t binge watch very often, but I watched a bunch of Outlander episodes in a row before the last season premiered! I’m much more likely to spend hours gaming~

  46. What a fabulous release!!! I just can’t wait to buy it all!!
    One of our favorite shows to binge watch is Sons of Anarchy but always crying at the end!!! So sad!!

  47. I don’t binge watch. The only TV show I watch is Pointless. However, I do game with my fiancé. He and I love to play both console and computer games together, and board games of course. (I’d love a board games set!)
    I really like the “Will you be my player 2?” in this set. It’s perfect for us.

  48. Lawn Fawn is always on trend and today is a perfect example with Screen Time, it is a set everyone can relate to! I love how Audrey and Chari lit up the screens! Plus the Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Background is a staple for anyone’s stash! I love how a bright blue peeks out of Kay’s background and creates an interest without being over the to top. My favourite binge watch is Game of Thrones, no matter how many times I watch it, I learn something new!

  49. OH! This set is genius (and adorable too of course). My hubby and I binge-watch shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime all the time! Our favorite has been the series ‘The Adventures of Rick & Morty’, with Black Mirror’ as a close second. We always get so excited when a new season is released! I always get excited for a new release for Lawn Fawn too! WOO HOO! Thanks for so many generous chances to win! Another terrific release!

  50. I love binge watching the Twilight movies!
    Love this adorable stamp set especially the cute little snacks!

  51. Screen Time is so adorable! What a fun stamp set!! My favorite shows to binge watch are unscripted crime/police shows like The First 48, Dateline, Live PD, etc. Of course, I also love going back and binge watching The West Wing, too.

  52. I’m absolutely in love with the Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot backdrop!!! So versatile and just so cute!!! Can’t wait until tomorrow!!!

  53. I love the mini polkadot background. I only binge watched two show, True Blood and The Walking Dead.

  54. Thank you and the amazing design team for yet another amazing release week! I love binge watching This Is Us!

  55. I rarely have time to watch tv when shows first come out so binge watching is my specialty. Most recently I binge watched The Americans and it was fantastic.

  56. Hmmm. Cooking shows, which ones are more of a changeable thing! My TiVo is suggesting a lot of Simply Ming episodes lately!

  57. My favourite show to binge watch is “Game of Thrones”. My partner and I watch an entire season at a time. I have to say that binge watching is the way to go. Screen Time is a must have for me. My list of new release must haves is very long.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  58. i’m terrible at binge-watching! good thing my significant other does it for me with shows like the americans, vikings and narcos! lol. love the screen time set! so fun!

  59. I absolutely love that polka dot background plate. Your cards are just way too cute as always.

  60. I always learn from watching your videos – today’s lesson to me was how to cut those thin strips from a paper trimmer – never occurred to me to stick down my card first. That’s going to save a lot of frustration and slipping! Thank you 🙂
    Die cut sets are so cute, too. I have a gamer, so this is perfect!

  61. Right now my daughter and I are binge watching I Dream of Jeannie. I have so say I wasn’t too sure of the Screen time set when you just see the images, but after seeing the video and all the card projects I now need to have this stamp set. Not only to make cards with but to also use on my scrapbook layouts for my kids. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Such a fun week, I will miss stalking YouTube for new product videos each night.

  62. OMG…this is such an awesome stamp set! I love the insty bitsy polka dot backdrop too…Can’t wait to get my hands on these. I love the cards that were made. The couch Chari used was perfect!

  63. WOOOOOW, this must be my favourite release day – what a super cute stamp set, and that backdrop is amazing, too! The cards, as usual, are fantastic and inspiring! I don’t really binge watch anything at the moment, but I used to watch Friends like that 🙂

  64. I don’t binge-watch I craft 😉 Thanks so much for the inspiration this week. We appreciate all the hard work! The new stamp sets are adorable. Can’t wait to get the rollercoaster!

  65. Very cute stamp set! I binge watch shows all the time because I always miss them first time shown. But my favorite show to binge watch is Criminal Minds!

  66. I love heartland and when calls the heart. My 3 year old looked at the cards with me and said that it’s her and brother watching little einsteins! 🙂 Just love the food/kids from this set. What a cute gaming sentiment for birthdays! My husband will love it!

  67. NCIS is the show that I can sit and watch one episode after another. This whole release is all great stuff. With my birthday coming up its going to be hard to decide.

  68. My partner and I love sharing the shows from our childhood with each other. He watched a lot of anime and I was pretty apprehensive, but now I actually enjoy Dragon Ball! Really though, it’s just nice to sit together. Can’t wait to get this set and make him a million cards!

  69. Really great projects! I don’t really binge watch TV, but I can always rewatch Sherlock, Gilmore Girls, House or The Big Bang Theory.

  70. This set is amazing! I could do A LOT of cards perfect for my friends <3
    I love to binge watch a lot of shows, Friends is one of my favourites!

  71. Such cute card ideas! Love the new stamps and dies!
    My favorite show is This is Us and I love to binge watch it! Can’t wait for the new season!

  72. I would love to have the complete set of
    the Sopranos. I missed a lot of the early
    episodes because they were on pay TV.
    It’s a show that would need to be watched
    in segments – not a full-out session.
    Love the scenes in the cards.
    thanks for sharing

  73. Awww!!! How cool Screen Time is?!? Love it so much!!! 😍 My favorite show to binge watch is The Big Bang Theory and just in these couple of weeks Will & Grace from the 1st series!

  74. Oh my goodness, I LOVE these so much! I can already think of how I’d use these.

    My current favorite show to binge watch is BTS Run! They just finished 50 episodes.

  75. I don’t really do a ton of binge watching, but I did binge watch Outlander to get caught up for the new season. This release is so awesome!!!

  76. Omg I have way too many fave binge worthy shows – Brooklyn Nine Nine, Gilmore Girls, Criminal Minds, the list goes on!

  77. This set is SO fun! I already have a handful of uses planned for the speech bubbles! 🙂 My fav show to binge watch is probably Gilmore Girls, but we’re also catching up with the past seasons of Arrow and Big Bang Theory, so those are a close second and third. 🙂

  78. Jaw drop: those screen time kiddos are just what my LF collection needs! Fav show to binge watch? The old 80s Anne of Green Gables (with Megan Follows as Anne–best Anne ever!) with my daughter–we love it!

  79. FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS and more FRIENDS. I can watch this anytime and actually makes me feel better when i have a bad day!

  80. Thank you for a awe inspiring week! The day is almost here 🙂
    My shows are Long Island Medium and Long Lost Family.

  81. I binge watched an English show called Larkrise to Candleford.
    I love all your new stamps and dies so far. I don’t know which one I’ll pick when it comes time to buy one!

  82. These little kids are super cute. The texting just got me LOL. I enjoy binge watching Downton Abbey.

  83. They are so cute!
    Well I binge watch a lot! don’t know wich one would be my favorite, I think Once Upon a Time.

  84. I loved “One day at a time”. It’s such a funny series with a very diverse cast! Loved the LGBTQ+ representation!

  85. I love this Itsy Bitsy Polka dot Background die ! The cards are really fantastic, very happy and full of colors !

  86. OMGoodness! Too many to choose from, so, just a few — NCIS, The Office, Any of the Chicago Series (Fire, PD, Med).
    I love the itsy bitsy polka dot background. Great die to have in my stash!!!!

  87. What an adorable stamp set and background die. Wonderful inspiration projects! I currently like binge watching Grace & Frankie.

  88. the boy and girl is just to cute and so true for this era, lol. You outdid it Lawn Fawn, this release is super cute and awesome.

  89. OMG, I love the Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop. A must have! I like to binge watch Friends. I’m sure I have seen them all, but still laugh every time!

  90. What a fun new set!
    I try not to binge-watch too much, but I would have to say that the show I never get tired of watching over and over is FRIENDS.

  91. love the inspiration. I binge watch horror movies and british tv shows. can’t seem to get enough

  92. Almost anything I watch! I like letting my shows “pile-up” and taking a rainy day to catch up.

  93. Love the new polka dot cover plate!! Fabulous groups of cards and scrapbook page.

    I love to watch Bones, Numb3rs when I can. FRIENDS is a favorite from my Young Adult days. My new favorite is Seal Team and Blindspot.

  94. I’m a binge watcher by nature 😂 I usually start series when there’s a few aired seasons already ❤️

  95. One of our favorite shows was Sherlock. We’ve been done with it for awhile, so I’ve been watching Grace and Frankie!

  96. when I need to get some inspiration I have found myself binge watching Kelly’s inspirational how to videos. It makes my creative juices flow! but in the background I’ll probably have Gilmore Girls on, too. #TeamanyoneisbetterthanLogan

  97. I just finished binge watching Death in Paradise! This set is so cute! I know so many gamers and binge watchers!

  98. I love to binge watch anything off the BBC. I recently binge watched the original Upstairs Downstairs, which I had never seen before. Is the reveal over already? I feel lucky!!! Tee…Hee…

  99. Oh dear, I binge watch EVERYTHING! Usually after the series finale, I lose interest when shows go on hiatus so I just wait till they’re done. Love the light up screen with Chibitronics, I need to make that for my son.

  100. Oh I love this sweet polka dots background die, the projects are super cute. I never binge watch anything but I will be getting on a 18 hours flight, and downloaded ugly delicious from Netflix and ready to watch them on the plane!

  101. Finally had a chance to really look at the pictures without having to quickly skim the pics – I thought my favorite was going to You are Sublime, but now I think it’s a tie with Screen Time. Love these and really up to date on couples – video games, watching TV, texting, etc. Really cute, and tomorrow cannot come fast enough!

  102. Such a creative and fun stamp set!! ❤❤ I pretty much only binge watch…my most recent, guilty-pleasure binge watch marathon was for the show Lucifer, which sadly was just cancelled!

  103. So cute! What awesome ideas! As far as binge-watching goes, I’ve been binge watching episodes of Grace and Frabkie on Netflix. 🙂

  104. When I saw the card with the boy and girl playing video games, I immediately pictures my Grandson Grayson and granddaughter Summer playing videos together. I love this set!! My favorite show to binge watch is CSI.

  105. Every summer we binge watch OITNB when it’s released on Netflix. Can’t wait to get the new LF goodies!

  106. Oh my gosh these are so stinkin’ CUTE!! I don’t do much “binging”, but if I had to, it would definately be “The Blacklist”!

  107. I have a lot of shows that i follow but i don’t have one in particular that i binge watch. In general I love crime dramas and superhero shows!

  108. OMIGOSH! I THOUGHT the main “must-have” was Crittert Concert, but the list is growing! This set is SOOO cute. And I am starting to love the Itsy Bitsy Polka dot backdrop!

  109. Itsy Bitsy is on my gotta have list! I don’t watch TV but I’m a binge reader – my favorite book of all time is Gone with the Wind!

  110. I think my all time favourtie show which i have also binged on several times is NCIS although now quite a few of the old characters have left i think its lost a little of the magic! Still my fav though!

  111. My Hubby and I LOVE to Binge Watch Chicago PD, Chicago Med and Blue Bloods.
    Fabulous designs. Amazing and unique sets and sentiments/sayings!!! LOVE!!!

  112. I am watching Grey’s Anatomy. I refused to watch it for the longest time because I don’t like medical shows..but I am in love. It’s SO good. But I have to keep tissues nearby because I cry!

  113. Super duper releases with cuuuuuute creations! Love polka dot!
    I didn’t watch T,V. much but My fave binge is Game of Thrones and curiously waiting for the next series!!!!

  114. I’m not a binge watcher. I’d rather be crafting, and there is not a TV in my craft room. Very cute samples today. Can’t wait for the release!

  115. How cute! Love that stamp set and the polka dot background is great. It looks so good with colored paper behind it for a nice touch of color. I like to binge watch “Deadliest Catch.” I don’t know why but I’m just addicted to that show! It’s unlike any other show I like to watch so I’m not sure what I like about it but I have to get my fix! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  116. I love the itsy bitsy polka dot backdrop! I’ve been looking for something like that. My favourite show at the moment is McLeods Daughters.

  117. Love the polka dot background die. I have recently been binge watching the first several seasons of “The Big Bang Theory”.

  118. I love the polka dot die! So adorable!! I love binge watching the Great British Baking Show! 🙂

  119. Lovin’ this release!!! We binge watch anything we pick up on DVD – but my favorites were Carnivale and Big Little Lies!

  120. I saw the first card and thought I didn’t need it because my friends don’t text much… and then I saw the gamer accessories. And now it’s another set I NEED to own! 😀 I love binge watching shows in general, as I hate waiting a week (or more) to finish a story. Currently, I’m working my way through Orphan Black.

  121. The samples are so adorable. I love to binge watch all of my shows. I love watching Once Upon a Time. I am a huge fan of the DC comics TV shows (all of them) and when I get behind I binge watch one at a time.

  122. Don’t really binge watch, but I would say Sex and the City, Dawson’s Creek, The Office, or Fuller House. Such an adorable set and love the polka dot die!

  123. I could watch Leverage and M*A*S*H all day (and, on some days, have done so). What a fabulous release! Thanks so much for sharing it all with us!

  124. Love this release, as usual! I tend to binge watch my favourite shows when I have had to work such crazy shifts and haven’t been able to have any screen time. 🙂

  125. my favorite show to binge watch is call the midwife on netflix these new stamps and dies are so cute love the screen time

  126. The only show I’ve ever binge-watched is Gilmore Girls. I didn’t watch it when it was originally on TV and a friend loaned me the series on DVD. I must have watched all 7 seasons in record time! I love Chari’s chibi card! So cute!

  127. What a great set! My husband’s in IT so this will be a good one for me. I love polka dots too! I would love to binge watch Stranger Things, The Crown, and a bunch of other shows, but my husband won’t let us do that. He insists that we space things out to make them last longer!

  128. The last show I binge watched was Game of Thrones. The one I watch repeatedly is Sons of Anarchy. Such a great release week. Awesome job by Lawn Fawn and their design team!

  129. What a great release, I have many items on my wish list. My favorite shows to binge watch are Monk, Law & Orders, Everybody Loves Raymond. Thanks for all the chances to win!!!

  130. Love the cards. Favorite shows to binge are Game of Thrones, Outlander, The Handmaiden’s Tale, Battle Star Galactica (the recent one).

  131. Love this! So much fun! Richt now I am binge watching New Girl, I know I’ve been binging when my TiVo asked me if I’m still there.

  132. I love bing watching Orange is the New Black! It is amazing! Also- so is this set. You should release a couch like Chari created! I love it!

  133. My favorite tv shows to binge watch are star trek, Dr Quinn medicine woman, monk, smurfs, tailspin, etc. 🙂

  134. This set is the cutest! The last couple of shows I’ve binge-watched includ Stranger Things, Handmaid’s Tale, and the Crown. If I weren’t already current on it already, I’d watch Fixer-Upper too!

  135. Cute stamp set. I’m really not into binge watching but I can spend a whole day watching baseball games.

  136. I’m not much of a binge watcher. I did watch multiple episodes of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt recently. The Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop is cool, adds a fun touch.

  137. Lawn fawn amazes me with new, fresh sets all the time. Loved series vampire diaries, desperate survivor to nane a few

  138. Cute stamp set. I can’t watch tv anymore because of a hearing disorder. But a few years back, it would have been Greys Anatomy…

  139. Yes ! I am so excited about this set <3 our family love to play video games :)) my boys love their PS4 and hubby loves his computer :)) Well I might have been guilty too of playing some video games before having babies :)) Can't wait to get my hands on this set <3 I don't really watch shows I totally prefer watching YouTube videos cardmaking related or planner 🙂

  140. Love this stamp set. I have three family members who will freak when I send them a card using this set. My fav to binge watch are crafty you tube videos, especially lawn fawn

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    I love to binge watch Parks and Recreation with my husband!

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