Lawn Fawn Intro: Rainy Backdrop, Stitched Umbrella

Hello and Welcome to Lawn Fawn’s April Inspiration Week! We will be showcasing 5 new stamp sets, along with 7 of our new stand alone dies and our Really Rainbow Scallops paper collection! All of our Spring 2019 Release is available now at and at your favorite craft stores!!

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AND today’s post too! Today is our showcase of Rainy Backdrop: Portrait, Rainy Backdrop: Landscape and Stitched Umbrella! Add some rainy cuteness to your cards and crafts with the Rainy Backdrop dies in Portrait and Landscape! Who says rainy days have to be gloomy? Use Stitched Umbrella to create a simple stitched umbrella, or add a smile and different color panels for a cheerful look! This set also has everything you need to create an interactive shaker umbrella. The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have two videos at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fun new sets!

Rainy Backdrop: Portrait and Stitched Umbrella combine beautifully on Audrey‘s gorgeous get well card! The white on white design gets just a pop of color from the Really Rainbow paper! She added some Simple Puffy Clouds and a Fancy Wavy Banner with a Wavy Sayings!

Elena‘s super fun get well card features elements from Get Well Before ‘n Afters and Open Me with a beautifully inked Rainy Backdrop turned around to look like bubbles! She finished the design with the Feel Better Line Border!

Melissa‘s card is full of joy! I love how she filled the Stitched Umbrella with Spring Sprig, Little Flowers and Happy Hatchling to create a card that is perfect for so many Spring occasions!

Elise used Rainy Backdrop to add a rain shower to her adorable Oh Gnome scene! She stenciled clouds on the die cut panel and backed it with gray Narwhal cardstock!

Kay used our new Fog cardstock to die cut the Rainy Backdrop: Portrait panel! It’s the perfect background to allow the Spiffy Speckles patterns on the Stitched Umbrella to shine!

Latisha used black glitter cardstock to die cut her Rainy Backdrop! It’s a dramatic background for the brightly colored rainbow from Rain or Shine Before ‘n Afters! This card is so special, it’s sure to bring a smile!

Yainea‘s bright yellow Stitched Umbrella has an awesome glossy shine! It looks amazing layered on the watercolor stormy sky in the background! I love the vellum clouds cut using the Butterfly Kisses coordinating die set!

Lynnette‘s beautiful shaker card design is perfect to welcome a new baby or to accompany a baby shower gift! She the happy Spring Fling papers along with It’s a Girl Border and a sweet Valentine Border!

How sweet is Megan‘s happy, smiling umbrella! If we all had an umbrella like this rainy days would be a lot more fun! I love how she added vellum Puffy Cloud Borders and used the rain drops from Rainy Backdrop in the sky! The Love Ya Line Border looks awesome inlaid in the Grassy Border panel!

You can watch Chari create this gorgeous rainbow Stitched Umbrella card in THIS video at our YouTube channel!

Now, I have a video for you introducing Rainy Backdrop and sharing some fun things you can do with this set. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

And now here’s a video for you introducing Stitched Umbrella with some great ideas for using this set. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Rainy Backdrop and Stitched Umbrella. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us a favorite rainy day memory by April 19th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this die set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday April 17th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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253 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Rainy Backdrop, Stitched Umbrella

  1. my favorite rainy day memory is walking outside with my daughter who would pick up worms on the pavement and return them to the grass! 🙂 such pure innocence and love for all creatures

    1. Just love that umbrella, so cute. As a child I remember running through puddles and feeling the water sloshing in my shoes.

  2. We were are Six Flags of Georgia and it started pouring rain, we were all ready on the River ride so when we got off we kept going to all the rides no matter how wet were getting so much fun, my son giggled the whole time.

  3. Be honest with you, I don’t have fav. rainy day memory. I hate rain.. My whole life, I’m looking for a place to settle where there are less rainy days. Now I live in hawaii.. 🙂

    1. My favorite rainy day memory was when we went camping in our trailer and played games with the kids all day long to keep them busy it turned out to be a great trip

  4. Love the Umbrella with eyes, soo adorbale ♥
    my favourite rainy day meory is when my bestfriend and I had a bad day at school (math test you know..and we really fu**ed up) and we were outside and talked about how bad the test was and hen it started to rain and firrst we were like “This is the worst day.” and then we were just like “You know what, it’s only the worst day if we make it the worst day” and then we jumped and laughed and danced in the rain and it felt so happy and good to ..just take care of the bad thoughts and choose to be happy, that’s something you can do in many (not all) bad situations 🙂 We still got really bad grades in the math test but well, I finished school with a good grade and srudy now so who cares about me not knowing math ;D

    1. My favorite raining day memory was when my city had torrential rain and we all got sent home from work early because the roads were flooding. Got to get into my dressing gown and put my feet up 🙂

  5. My favorite rainy day memory is walking up to school with my new see through umbrella with a green trim on it. I thought that thing was so darn cool. I think I was in kindergarten. Haven’t thought about that in years!

  6. I love rainy days when it’s cold and I can curl up with a blanket and read and drink a nice hot drink. Sadly we haven’t had many rainy days lately and we desperately need some more rain.

  7. Great cards…love that backdrop.
    As kids, my sister and I would play out in the rain, splashing in puddles, getting soaked, just having fun.

  8. Love the upside down umbrella filled with flowers and the chick! My favorite rainy day memory is watching the lightening (I live in the lightening capital of the world, central Florida)

  9. Love the umbrella and the rainy backdrops! My favourite rainy day memory is in Tofino, where it rained over 100 mm in under 24 hours! Storm watching is at it’s best over there! Even my dog didn’t want to be out in that!!!

  10. Eek, Kay’s card is just too too adorable and really makes me want these two items!! Me favorite rainy day memory is back in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s (before cell phones and internet) when I would go to my beloved Grandpa’s house and we would play Yahtzee. Or we would play Solitaire side-by-side at the kitchen table. Or we would watch Love Boat & Fantasy Island. Or we would read the Chicago Tribune’s comic section together. Lots & lots of wonderful rainy day memories with him.

  11. My favorite rainy day memory is the day I was visiting a friend and her mother let us play outside under the weeping willow during a warm spring rain shower. It was like we were hidden from the world under that beautiful old tree.

  12. I don’t have a specific rainy day memory. I remember that rainy days were days when my younger siblings and I played inside and used the living room and furniture as our stage for our toys rather than the outdoors. 🙂 That was always fun.

  13. I don’t have a rainy day memory to a specific day or event, but I remember how much fun it was being outside playing in the rain and jumping in puddles when I was growing up.

    Love the Rainy Backdrop and the Stitched Umbrella dies!

  14. My favorite rainy day memory is my best friend and I just running and laughing in the rain. I think we were about nine or ten years old? I was never afraid to get drenched and it was so much fun! Love all the cute cards and projects today!

  15. Such cute cards! Best rainy day memories as a kid are making paper boats to float in puddles of water & getting wet in the rain.

  16. When I was 11, my family went to Disneyworld for the first time. When we were at what was MGM Studios at the time, a torrential downpour started. Most of the park visitors went to hide indoors. My siblings and I stayed outside and splashed around in the rain. Being from Manitoba, we rarely experience warm rain, so we just all played in the puddles and danced around. I had been wearing coloured shoes, and my feet got dyed blue for a week afterwards.

  17. I love all of these beautiful cards!!!

    Last year we took the kids on a family vaca to Naples, FL and it rained the entire week DOH! We ended up swimming in the rain, going to the beach in the rain, AND going to the water park in the rain haha!! Kids had lots of fun!

  18. One rainy day memory is…we had a drought for several months with no rain. There were teen boys living next door, so when it finally rained, I looked outside and they were running and splashing in the rain. It was so much fun to watch and listen to them. Love the umbrella, especially with the bird sitting inside it. Loving this release.

  19. When I was a child I had a rainbow umbrella just like your example card. Thinking of that makes me smile! Beautiful cards.

  20. I live in Seattle so I have many rainy day memories, but my favorite has to be my wedding day in Scotland. I wanted pictures outside so I hitched up dress and wrapped my veil around my arm and off we went

  21. I love using backdrop dies. Definitely adds a wow factor. Don’t have a rainy day memory, except for a rainbow which may be seen afterwards!

  22. Oh, I do love that rainy backdrop! (Must be because I live in the Pacific NW – ha ha!) I used to love hanging out my kids on rainy days. Great excuse to go outside and stomp in puddles for a while then come inside, have some hot cocoa and snuggle.

  23. Adorable samples! My favorite memories of rainy days are when my mom would take us kids for walks in the rain. We would laugh and get wet and have a great time!

  24. I love rainy days (as long as I can stay indoors!) especially when there’s a good thunderstorm to go with it. I love watching them; I find them to be so beautiful!
    Love today’s products! The rainy cover plate is awesome and could be used a lot!! And the stitched umbrella, too. I love it as a shaker. And the froggy umbrella is so cute!! Thanks for the giggles!

  25. Getting caught in the rain riding motorcycle for 6 hours on the Cherhola Skyway that connects Tennessee and North Carolina.

  26. Wow! I love all these amazing rain, umbrella, colorful creations!! 🙂 My fav rainy day memory is during my childhood, when my sister and I used to make paper boats and sail them in the puddles in front of our house 🙂 It used to be so fun and exciting for us as kids! Lovely memories those are! 🙂

  27. Any rainy day snuggling on the couch with my cat reading or working crossword puzzles is a nice day memory.

  28. These are all so adorable!! The raindrop backdrop is fabulous and I love the adorable umbrella die cuts!! so many great options to use it! When my brother and sister and I were little, in the summer, we would sometimes put on our bathingsuits and run around in the rain.

  29. AWESOME creations ladies!!! When I was a little girl growing up on a farm in Texas, I loved big old spring and summer showers & even downpours! My brother & I would sit in a big rocking chair together and rock as high as we could go playing like we were riding on a boat in the ocean and fighting the waves in a storm. We were great sailors!

  30. My favorite rainy day memory was when my husband and I (he was my boyfriend at the time) set out for a bicycle ride in the country. On our way back, dark clouds rolled in out of nowhere. It started to sprinkle then it poured. We were drenched when we got back to my parents’ house. We laughed so hard it was difficult to peddle. We still laugh about that day.

  31. My favorite rainy day memory is when my kids were tiny and we’d have a huge storm, light a fire in the woodstove, and play board games on the floor in front of the fire!

  32. My favorite rainy day memory is when I visited my best friend, he cooked delicious dinner and we were enjoying it with good wine in the wintergarden while raindrops hit the roof and windows… It was so cozy!

  33. Another round of dazzling inspiration. Favourite rainy day memory is one when, years and years ago (I was about 8), we were driving back from my grandparents’ farm, when we were enveloped in a crazy thunderstorm. Dad pulled to the side of the road, as the rain was torrential. We sat, buffeted about by the wind, until the storm passed. The rainbow that emerged from the dark grey skies is etched into my memory. Gorgeous…a reminder that nature brings us beauty and harmony after rough, turbulent times….

  34. Such cute cards, as usual. The only memory I have in the rain is we were all in NYC on a bus trip and it poured like a monsoon the whole time. We bought an umbrella from a street vendor and i think it lasted about 1 block before it broke. We took cover in a bar and stayed there until we met the bus.

  35. I ADORE this! The umbrella is sooooo perfect and the raindrops! My fav memory is watching storms come in off Lake Michigan when vacationing in Pentwater with my family… we would sit on the beach and watch them roll in until they were right at the edge of the water then RUN back to our cabin trying to not get wet!

  36. Megan’s frog umbrella is super cute! My favorite rainy memories are the ones where I remembered to bring my umbrella!

  37. I love rainy days, which is why I love these dies. One memory that comes to mind was a birthday, as an adult, during a usually busy holiday season at Disneyland. My husband and I were bundled up for the rain and the park was empty. We went from ride to ride to ride. It was a great birthday.

  38. Such great projects! I love the rainy day backdrop! My favourite rainy day memory is as a kid during thunderstorms, me and my brothers would dart across the yard and hide under the picnic table to watch the lightning.

  39. Love all the adorable cards. No favorite memory comes to mind, but I love spending my rainy days at home relaxing in my cozy chair or working in my craft room.

  40. My favorite rainy days are the rainbows after the storm, especially the double ones. This set is so cheerful.

  41. I used to love sitting on the porch, in the summer, while it was raining and just reading a book! Cards were fantastic today!

  42. We were visiting Disney world and the rain came down real hard, we bought bright yellow rain ponchos and soon after it stopped raining. The thrill of getting wet was so fun!

  43. When I was a teenager, I went to a Madonna concert at the Meadowlands in NJ. It started to rain and my friends and I got to move closer when other people abandoned their seats. It was so fun and we didn’t mind getting wet at all!

  44. Love love love these rainy sets and all of the cards. Fond memories of our kids splashing happily in muddy puddles, and somehow when I was a kid, swimming in the rain was so fun!

  45. The cards are so sweet. Even the clouds are happy. I don’t really have a rainy day memory–maybe as a kid just using a new umbrella.

  46. It had been raining and the roads where flooded. Their were crew workers on the road but none of them said anything to us as a drove past. We didn’t know how deep the water was and it came all the way up to the car windows almost bogging out the engine but we made it through!

  47. Favorite rainy memory is crafting by myself. Haven’t done it awhile because it rarely rain where I live and when I am not working

  48. So adorable…I love the shaker possibilities and the character umbrella! My most vivid rainy day memory is a freak Spring storm where the storm clouds just seemed to be circling round and dumping more moisture until the drainage system in town and in our homes couldn’t keep up, I was alone and hand bailing water into garbage cans when a friend called and offered his sump pump as they didn’t need it! We were one of the few on our street not to flood.

  49. There are so many rainy day memories. I can’t pick one…I mean, I live in Oregon; it rains 364 days a year here. hahaha!

  50. My favorite rainy day memory is my daughter standing outside with her little yellow, happy rain boots trying to catch rain drops with her mouth.

  51. It was a really hot day and suddenly the sun went away and it started to pour. We were all so hot we just stood in the rain and laughed.
    I love the raindrop die!!! And I never thought I’d need an umbrella die but now I see I do!! super cute cards!!

  52. My favorite rainy day memory is when my family went to the park and the sky let loose tons of rain and we were trying to pick up all of our stuff to hurry up to our car and we were hurrying and I just started laughing and laughing. The rest of my family thought I was crazy…we were all soaking wet by the time we got to the car and the seats were so wet. (Love all of the wonderful inspiration with that umbrella die!!)

  53. Gorgeous projects by the design team! I love the Rainy Backdrop and the Stitched Umbrella dies!
    One of my favorite rainy day memories is the first time I went swimming in the summer rain, the ocean felt so warm in the rain.

  54. I’ve seen a couple sunshowers when the sky is blue and filled with puffy clouds but there’s rain falling. It usually makes the prettiest rainbows. A bit of a metaphor for life, I suppose. 🙂
    Love that big ol’ umbrella cut and all the DT ideas!

  55. I think my fav rainy day memory was when i went to sea world orlando and it rained just minutes before we arrived and it had that awesome smell of fresh rain if you know what i mean 🙂

  56. Standing on the beach at the site of a now abandoned outpost on the Antarctic Peninsula with the rain blowing sideways, penguins and a rainbow in the sky. It was pretty special!

  57. I’ll never forget the day it was sunny at my grandmother’s and raining down the street. My sisters and I walked down to where the rain started and watched the rain while standing in the sunshine. I was amazed by it. I love the umbrella die.

  58. I remember fun times camping with my family on rainy days – in the tent playing games or in bathing suits running around in the rain!

  59. Oooooh, how cute! The rainy backdrop is so perfect for many card designs, and that umbrella is so adorable and versatile, too! My rainy day memories are mostly linked with what comes after the rain – jumping in puddles! 🙂 But during the rain itself, I usually remember snuggling up on the sofa with my mum and watching some movies, or simply playing a lot of games and visiting my friends who lived in the same building as I did!

  60. LOVE these dies!! Rainy days can be so fun! My favorite thing to do is get me and my girls in our galoshes, umbrellas and raincoats and find puddles to splash!

    Another fun memory, was as a child it always rained on my August birthday. I remember one year, we planned a party at the local pool. I was so concerned we’d be rained out. I woke up to rain, but the sun came out and lasted the rest of the day, including my party.

  61. Such lovely creations from everyone! My favorite rainy day memory was when I was very little, 3 years old. I wore my bright yellow rain boots, raincoat and carried my umbrella and met this little boy from the neighborhood, and we walked around in the rain together. Peaceful, seemed like a grown up thing for little kids to be doing. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  62. My favorite rainy day memories happen every time it rains! My kids get so excited to go to school with umbrellas. I finally snapped a picture of them sharing an umbrella in the rain-so adorable! The umbrella die set is so adorable!

  63. Fun project today. I remember when the kids were little and I would meet them at the bus stop and give them their colorful kiddie umbrellas. That made them so happy and it was just a little gesture.

  64. That stitched umbrella is so cute – perfect for shaker cards! My favorite rainy day memory was when my boyfriend and I were sitting on the lawn of the airport talking and goofing around and it started to rain. We just sat there and enjoyed the warm rain falling on us. Thank you for the chance to win!

  65. My favorite rainy day memory is one that was spent with my grandma. My kids were very little and she was just the greatest woman to have ever been on this earth! We spent the day baking cookies for our upcoming family Easter celebration/egg hunt. I have so many good pictures of my children stirring the cookie dough with Grandma and getting her great hugs! I really am blessed to have had her in my life, and my children’s lives!

  66. My favorite rainy day memory was a warm summer rain and my kids out just dancing singing and laughing as they stomped in all the puddles without a care in the world!

  67. My daughter and I like putting on rain boots and stomping in puddles, but spending a rainy day inside making crafts is fun too!

  68. My favorite rainy day memories all involved just hanging out with my twins when they were little and their fascination with rain… despite it happening all the time here in Portland.

  69. I’m from southern Arizona where there is always awesome monsoon seasons. One year while I was in elementary school we had a “rain day,” because there was so much flooding that the school buses couldn’t operate.

  70. This may be the cutest umbrella EVER! Favorite rainy day memory…. generic but walking through puddles on the way to school.

  71. My favorite rainy day memory is going on a hike in the redwoods on my honeymoon! We didn’t let the weather stop us from exploring the beauty around us.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  72. I love the rainy day backdrop and the umbrella shakers!!! My favorite rainy day memory is bringing my baby girl home from the hospital on a very cold, rainy, March day.

  73. My rainy days are usually spent in my lounge chair, reading
    a good book. Since I love the sun, I don’t have a lot of
    “happy” days with rain. Love the raindrops and the
    umbrella. Cute items for the release.
    thanks for sharing txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  74. So much cuteness! I adore all of these cards! My favorite memories are the trips my husband and I took to Death Valley and Joshua Tree we went at different times on different years and on both trips in rained in the parks! Crazy!

  75. My favourite rainy day memories were spending the day with my mom and doing ceramics or crafts. Miss her so much.

  76. I don’t have a specific rainy day memory, but I always enjoy staying in with my family and watching a movie or playing a game when it’s raining.

  77. When Superstorm Sandy hit our region there was a ton of rain and the power went out. We enjoyed playing board games as a family by candlelight!

  78. Not sure I have a favorite rainy day memory, but can remember splashing in the puddles with my girls after a rain when they were little.

  79. Lovely cards from the designers that make the new products shine. As children, whenever it rained heavily, we’d don our swimsuits and bathe in the rain.

  80. Love the raindrops and the umbrella!
    My favorite rain story… years ago I’d loaned my MIL my umbrella when she was here visiting from out of the area. Never gave it another thought after that until quite awhile after when I went to use it. Could not find it anywhere. I asked her if she’d returned it to e and she was sure she had. I looked everywhere I could think of, and no umbrella. For Christmas that year she gave me an umbrella. A couple of years later, I went to clean out my car when I was buying a new one. Guess what I found that had slipped down under the trunk interior … the original umbrella! Ooops!

  81. Me and my friend used to go for walks after it rained and jump in all the puddles we past! I love the stiched umbrella! So many ideas!

  82. Love the stitched umbrella die and the fab projects by the designers! My fave rainy day memory is as a child, putting on rubber boots and splashing through the puddles. It always made me happy!

  83. It was great fun to go out on a hot summer day in the rain in our bathing suits and run through the puddles.
    The umbrella die is really cute and so are all of the great projects!

  84. I remember when I was young I was a bridesmaid for my aunt’s wedding. It was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony but it was pouring rain all day so they finally had to move inside. We all pitched in and it turned out to be just as lovely. That was over 30 years ago and they’re still married so I guess the dreary weather didn’t have a negative effect.

  85. This is the perfect release for today as it has been raining here all day☔. Love the umbrella and rainy backdrop. A favorite memory is getting new rain boots and jumping in the puddles.

  86. Beautiful cards!!!
    I’m sorry but I don’t have a specific rainy day memory but I used to bake cookies with my grandma when I was a child.

  87. My favorite rainy day memory is watching all my rotten brothers get soaking wet while I was sitting inside the house nice and dry.

  88. Any rainy day is a favorite day for me, I love the cold and wet weather, I think it’s because I was born in December.

  89. One rainy day memory is of a little girl walking down the road with her dad. She had new boots and was jumping into the puddles and giggling the whole time.

  90. No specific rainy day memory, but I do love listening to the rain and thunder while I’m inside with a good book or craft session. I love the smell of rain. The rain/umbrella cards are fantastic! My favorite is the chick in the umbrella. So cute!

  91. There is something so charming about the stitched umbrella and it pairs perfectly with the Rainy Backdrop. All of the design team samples are so cute, but I especially like Audrey’s white-on-white background with the rainbow striped umbrella. So cute!

  92. I remember one particular rainy windy day in college where my umbrella blew inside out on the way to class. I was soaked by the time I got there. I got the heat gun from the chemistry department and used it to try to dry off my shoes!

  93. I love all this fun inspiration! My fondest rainy day memory is the puddles rain leaves … when my son was about 18 months old we went out and stomped in the puddles – he just loved it!

  94. The umbrella is so cool! A special memory that comes to mind is just last week. It rained pretty hard and long. After the rain, by 3 year old granddaughter put on her rain boots and jumped in the puddles! She laughed and had so much fun! It’s the simple joys in life!!

  95. Confession time–I can’t really think of my favorite rainy day memory–maybe a day at the beach watching the rain from a hotel balcony.

  96. Oh my word, the card with the little chick in the umbrella is out of this world. Walking in the rain with my new umbrella that my Gran gave me when I was a tiny thing is a favorite memory of mine.

  97. I remember taking my son and my nephew – both around 2yo at the time, to our neighborhood pool. We’d just moved to the neighborhood, and the pool we went to was closed (turns out I’d gone to the wrong pool!). As I was trying to figure things out, it started raining…but the boys were dancing around in the rain, happy as can be.
    Just goes to show you don’t need much with kids sometimes – just friends and time to play! A great memory for sure. <3

  98. Loving all the inspiration! A couple summers ago when I was in London it was super rainy, I loved sending rainy day shots of me and my umbrella home and telling people “THIS IS SUMMER!!”

  99. My favorite rainy day memory is when I was in Florida and there was a huge rainstorm. After the storm, there was a beautiful double rainbow. The colors of the rainbow were so vibrant. It was so pretty after such a terrible storm. I love Megan and Melissa’s cards. They are so cute!!

  100. Rainy days are for snacks and legos! We like to set up in the game room downstairs, turn on the fireplace and build some lego sets. We have tons of them waiting for the next bad storm!

  101. You all come up with the neatest projects!! They are all beautiful! One rainy day memory I have is walking in the rain with my cats! 🙂

  102. Delightful release and beautiful projects!
    I remembered when I was in high school, we love walking in the rain and get ourselves wet, a group of us, giggled and tried to be silly!

  103. Oh, cuteness overload! Adorable cards and Megan’s umbrella critter still has me smiling. A memory that always makes me smile is my brother and I splashing in the puddles on our front sidewalk under the big canopy of Elms when we were about 6 and 9 years old.

  104. Chari’s shaker card is so cute! My favorite memory of rainy day: I must have been about five or six years old – sitting in front of our fireplace, eating a bowl a crunch berries, wrapped up in a blanket, with my mom on the couch behind me feeling the thunder shake the house and the sound of the rain ping against the glass windows.

  105. I honestly cannot think of a favorite rainy day memory. Those cards are gorgeous however, can’t wait to try and case a couple!!

  106. Favourite rainy day memory would be when I was stuck indoors with my cousins, and we found a stash of board games!

  107. Love the cards, they are so cute and it has been nice reading some of the comments about people’s rainy day memories. I don’t actually have one but I have been inspired to try and enjoy it next time it rains (which lwill be soon as I am in the UK)!

  108. Had a recent family vacation to Hawaii. On the drive back to town on the road to Hana, it started to rain. The instant waterfalls and mist were unforgettable. I love rain and these cards made my day. Thanks Lawn Fawn.

  109. Loving the cute ideas!!! I remember as a kid, always finding the biggest puddle when it was raining and splashing around in it!!!

  110. This umbrella is SO adorable – and so versatile!!! My favorite rainy day memory was from when I was a child and my dad and I would watch storms with our garage door up. I loved it!

  111. Favorite rainy day memory… a few years ago I enclosed a porch and turned it into a sunroom. It was so nice sitting out there with the windows open, a slight breeze. And then the rain came so I stamped some images in my craft room and then went out into the sunroom and spent hours sitting there coloring those images. The lighting was perfect and I was a happy camper!

  112. Favourite rainy day moment was a beautiful day out hiking with my now husband in the woods, he told me he loved me that day and then in comes a huge storm and we were running and running the whole way back to the lake house getting absolutely soaked!

  113. SWOON!! LOVING ALL of the Inspiration and the NEW Products!! My FAVORITE Rainy Day memory would have to be when my Oldest Son Beckett was 3 and it was a BEAUTIFUL Summer Day!! We were enjoying a Picnic when it started to Rain!! He’d never been in the rain, so I told him we should DANCE in the Rain!! We had so much FUN and I can still hear his Laughter!! THANKS for sharing and for the chances to WIN!! Have a VERY BLESSED Easter Week/Weekend!!

  114. when i was little we went camping in the forest with my family and friends. my friend and i shared a tent. our parents put potatoes on the top of the tent which made us laugh so much. In the middle of the night a huge storm broke out, we loooved hearing the thunder and rain, we thought it was funny but our parents rushed us into the car for shelter, they were worried but seeing us laugh so much at each bang made them feel better, we all ended up laughing, knowing we were safe in the car; the weather soon turned better and we all felt we had been through some unprecedented thunder with a light heart. that was some 40 years back…

  115. It’s raining today and we are supposed to get thunderstorms this afternoon. I love a spring thunderstorm as long as it doesn’t get too violent. We are watching vigalalently for flooding in the midwest but a gentle rain will help clean up the last of winter. Can’t wait for spring.

  116. My favorite rainy day memory would be my school day- When it was raining heavily, we were in school, and we were asked to return home as it could fill the streets anytime soon!! No classes and whole day of playing and fun at home!!

  117. So cute!!! I love all the cards here! My favorite rainy day memory – playing in the rain with my cousins when we were young. Oh, those were the days! 🙂

  118. Sweet cards, definitely in need of one of these right now. Favourite rainy day memory – every now and then, it tends to rain and have sunshine at the same time here – love seeing the rainbow when it does come out!

  119. Awwww….I just LOVE Melissa’s Card. That Chick and Flowers in the Umbrella is just adorable!!! Makes me want to say Awwww all day long! The Umbrella is one of my FAVE dies! So many great idea’s. And, again…the eye’s on the Umbrella to turn it into a Frog is just Brilliant!!!

  120. I don’t have a specific rainy day memory but I love spending them snuggled up on the sofa with my little girl reading to her or watching movies 🙂

  121. I have a pic of my son at about 2 years old in a bright yellow rain coat catching raindrops on his tongue. Love that memory!

  122. My favourite rainy day memory was a camping one where it rained so hard it flooded our tent and the air matress started floated in the tent. We made the best of it and just went home for the night and roasted marshmallows over the gas stove.

  123. My son was getting married outside-it began to rain-the brides mom picked up her chair and hurried inside. Everyone followed. The day was just as beautiful inside.

  124. When I was a kid in Elementary School we played some pretty fun games in doors when it was too rainy out to have recess. Board Games and interactive games like Duck-Duck-Goose, Head’s Up 7up, and Musical Chairs… Now I feel old, lol.

  125. Last summer we invited a few families to our community pool. We were all in the pool when it started to rain. We were hoping it was just a summer shower and would pass but it began to rain really hard. We all stayed in the pool and laughed and laughed until the lightening started and we all had to head home.

  126. Latisha’s and Lynette’s cards are so eye-catching! I remember my high school being knee deep in water one day when I was in Year 12 – I can’t say it’s a favourite memory but it’s certainly vivid.

  127. I really like the raindrop background! Just yesterday it poured ALL day! Makes me feel grateful for having a snuggly place to be indoors.

  128. I love the rain so I have lots of fond memories: playing in the puddles, running in the rain.. Of course, it’s a whole different ballgame when the temperatures are low and it’s cold. Lots of good memories snuggling inside with a good book!

  129. My favorite rainy day memory is hiking in the rain. But only with the right gear. One time I saw a triple rainbow and that was awesome.

  130. My favorite rainy day memory was the first rain, lightening and thunder storm occurring in my first home…and feeling safe, warm and proud.

  131. The stitched umbrella products have given us a diversity of ways to bring a smile to faces that we love. Thank you Lawn Fawn staff and design team members.

  132. My favourite rainy day memory is spending the day with my dad, my brother and my mom playing cards and board games at the lake. It was a day that I will never forget. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  133. My dog Luna made me smile today, She is just at that age where she is not a puppy anymore but still loves to play. She found a stick on our morning walk that was bigger than her and she tried with all of her might to bring it along. She managed to carry it for almost an entire block. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  134. I remember when I was little and my cousins were staying over, there was a rainy afternoon and we started watching the movie Twister and then went outside in the rain to play that we were in a tornado. That was a lot of fun. (We don’t get tornadoes where I live, thank God.)

  135. Such cute cards! My rainy day memory was being stuck in a tent that was under water waiting for it to stop because we were riding a motorcycle!

    1. My favorite raining day memory was when my city had torrential rain and we all got sent home from work early because the roads were flooding. Got to get into my dressing gown and put my feet up 🙂

  136. My favorite raining day memory was when my city had torrential rain and we all got sent home from work early because the roads were flooding. Got to get into my dressing gown and put my feet up 🙂

  137. One year when I lived in Iowa, we were experiencing a drought. I was napping in my apartment when I awoke hearing an unusual sound–I couldn’t place it at first, but it was rain hitting the roof!

  138. I remember classes were cancelled one day due to rain storms. Had so much fun hanging out with friends and enjoyed the day off from school.

  139. I had just finished moving into my first apartment and I was relaxing and it started to rain. My window was open and it smelled so good.

  140. As a kid we were in our mountain cabin and the rain and thunder was so intense. We turned off all the lights and watched the lightning and counted waiting for the thunder. I was 8 and my brother was 4.

  141. Latisha’s card is so striking with that glittery black background, and I love Megan’s idea of inlaying the phrase line border! I remember one evening in college going out into the rain with my roommate, no umbrellas, and just enjoying being out in the rain and splashing through the puddles for the fun of it.

  142. I would say when I was about 6, playing baseball out in the rain with my cousins in Belize. Nice, warm, tropical rain was such a treat for me.

  143. Yeah, no good rainy day memories here, but I do think I will remember how rainy it was here in PA last spring and summer. I thought we had been transported to Seattle! I love all the design team inspiration from your amazing team! 🙂

  144. These cards are so cute! My favorite rainy day memory is when my son was in baseball and a storm moved in quickly. Of course we were on a ball diamond furthest from the parking lot so there was no hope in trying to outrun the downpour but we sure tried. We laughed all the way to the car since we were trying so hard to hustle with all of our baseball equipment too.

  145. There was a flash flood when I was a kid. It just happened to be on a day that we decided to do a small family reunion so everyone was trying to get to our house. There was so much water in the street that garbage cans were floating away.

  146. Growing up in Southern California (wish I still lived there!), we didn’t get a lot of rain. Still, a puddle was an adventure, and I once got completely wet from it. Now I am in NC and it rains a lot–my daughter and I like to sit on the swing on our wraparound porch when there’s a big storm.

  147. My favorite rainy day memory … Um, tough one. I live where we get a lot of rain so I have a lot of days from which to choose. I will go with one of the days that I took a beach / papercrafting vacation with girlfriends. We papercrafted with Lawn Fawn products, ate great food, had snacks, and watched the surf through the rain streaked windows. It was awesome!

  148. I used to love wearing my rain boots and splashing in the puddles! Rain isn’t as much fun in a wheelchair!

  149. I loved warm rainy days as a child because I was allowed to dance and sing it… And I do the same thing with my kids, love it!

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