Lawn Fawn Intro: Spanish Scripty Sayings, Plan On It: Meal Planning

Hello and Welcome to Lawn Fawn’s April Inspiration Week! We will be showcasing 5 new stamp sets, along with 7 of our new stand alone dies and our Really Rainbow Scallops paper collection! All of our Spring 2019 Release is available now at and at your favorite craft stores!!

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Today is our showcase of Spanish Scripty Sayings, Plan on It: Meal Planning, new cardstock, No.2 Pencil ink and clear embossing powder! Find the perfect sentiment for any occasion with this collection of eight clear stamps, written in Spanish! This set of words and tiny icons are great for planner stamping. Plan on It: Meal Planning includes everything you need to plan tasty meals! The design team has made the most amazing samples!

Kay‘s beautiful thank you card combines the colors of our Schoolyard Cardstock pack with Mushroom Border and little flowers from Straight Flower Border. The sentiment from Spanish Scripty Sayings was stamped with Yeti ink and embossed with clear embossing powder to give it a glossy appearance!

Audrey‘s card is a simply delightful way to send a happy hello or hola! I love how she framed the cute Baaah Humbug sheep and sentiment with a Zig Zag Rectangle cut from Sugarplum cardstock, it looks beautiful with the pretty purple inked panel! The Quilted Backdrop adds just the right amount of texture to the background!

I love how Yainea used the tiny food icons from Plan on It: Meal Planning to fill the interactive Reveal Wheel window! The Eggstra Amazing Easter critters are sending happy congrats with Big Scripty Words, Simply Celebrate and Fancy Wavy Banners!

This cute and happy Hay There card by Elise is sure to brighten someone’s day!

Lynnette used soft cardstock colors on a Straight Flower Border to create a lovely Mother’s Day card! The Spiffy Speckles paper is pretty background for the mix of Sage Leaf, Pencil Eraser, No. 2 Pencil and Moonstone cardstock

Elena‘s adorable RAWRSOME card says happy birthday with the help of Spanish Scripty Sayings! I love how she added the hills and water from Ahoy Matey to fill out this cute scene!

This sweet and simple thank you card combines Butterfly Kisses with the Straight Flower Border!

Yainea‘s gorgeous Upon a Star design is a beautiful way to let someone know you are thinking of them!

Nancy‘s card combines Plan on It: Meal Planning images with Cole’s ABCs! She stamped the borders using a Mini Misti so she could emboss the images with clear embossing powder after adding the colorful ink! This would be a fun way to invite friends for dinner!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Spanish Scripty Sayings and Plan on It: Meal Planning. Tomorrow we will announce our Inspiration Week giveaway winners! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us how you like to do your meal planning by TODAY April 19th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Saturday April 20th for our inspiration week winners post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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167 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Spanish Scripty Sayings, Plan On It: Meal Planning

  1. I make my meal plans 1 time a week, when its time to get groceries. Not a lot of planning involved at all. Such cute cards today.

  2. Love the innovative ways the DT came up with to use the meal planning stamps. I don’t really meal plan too terribly much so it’s pretty much just go to the grocery store and try to figure out what we haven’t had for a while.

  3. I don’t really meal plan. I’m one of those super annoying people who decides what to make like an hour before dinner time and end up going to the supermarket way more often than I need to 😅😅

  4. Meal planning. Umm. . . I don’t really do it. Now that our daughters are grown and moved onto their own lives, we mostly just cook a lot on the weekend and then have leftovers for the week. Not a lot of pre-planning goes into it. It seems to work for us though. P.S. I’d rather be in the stamp room than the kitchen!

  5. Congrats on your new wonderful release!!!
    I don’t really meal plan. I use to decide what I want to cook or the night before or some hour before lunch/dinner.

  6. I try to plan the week’s meals so that I can do a big grocery store run and only pop in during the week for staples like bread and milk. The key word is try:-)

  7. What great cards! When it comes to planning meals, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. It dependscon my schedule.

  8. Love the meal planning set. So many cute icons. My meal planning is last minute as in “I should feed my kids in the next hour what do I have in the fridge”. 😃

  9. i am horrible at meal planning!! i am more the type to decide what to make once i come home and open the fridge door.

  10. I plan meals once per week and then maybe follow the plan. Lately, my husband’s been cooking more, so I have a very loose plan of what I could make if I have to!

  11. Cute cards! I don’t really meal plan meals. I just go to the grocery store and think about what I’d like to have for that week.

  12. I like to just make a list of food I plan to make during the week and then just choose what I want when I’m deciding on dinner. I used to plan each meal, but that started to feel too constricting, so I switched to this idea instead. 🙂

  13. Lots of great ideas to use the meal planning stamps-I would have never thought of them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Meal planning is usually done in the car on the way to the grocery store. I keep telling the store manager it would really make my day if I stopped and a brown bag was waiting with everything i needed to make a meal. There never is which is why we eat out way to often.

  15. Great projects!!
    I do my meal planning on Saturday mornings before I do my grocery shopping. I sit down with 2-3 cookbooks and use a special planner from Kikki-K which has a pull off shopping list.

  16. We’re super busy at my house, so I have to plan meals around the kids’ activities. I make a menu and go to the grocery store to buy those ingredients.

  17. SWOON!! LOVE the AMAZING Inspiration for today!! My FAVORITE way to meal plan is making a schedule on my Kitchen Black Board!! I buy Groceries for the week on either Fridays or Sundays and then schedule Meals according to our Week of activities!! It really helps with us not eating out as much and keep the meal times on some what of a consistent schedule!! THANKS for sharing and for the chances to WIN!! Have a VERY BLESSED Easter Weekend!!

  18. I try to meal plan for the week on Saturday and then shop and prep on Sunday. If I chop all my fruit and veggies and prep the protein on Sunday, I eat better all week and don’t have to stress!

  19. I have a printout of a month with meals all through it, and the links to the recipes. I don’t use it all the time, because I forget to shop with it, LOL. So much for efficiency!

  20. Since it’s only hubby and I, we decide that day what we’re going to have. And if
    I don’t feel like cooking (or forget to take something out of the freezer!), then we go
    out to eat. lol Love all the cute inspiration.

  21. I don’t usually meal plan more than a few days ahead and then shop according. Love the inspiration today!

  22. I honestly don’t get time to do much organized meal planning. I usually end up going to the store, seeing something that looks appealing and going from there. Not the best, but it’s where we’re at right now. 😉

  23. I don’t really plan meals. When I go to the grocery store or the market, I choose sesonal and local products.

  24. I love to cook and try new recipes. I write up menus for two weeks, incorporating several new recipes along with some favorites. Sometimes I spend the entire day cooking and make meals to put in the freezer for busy days later on.

  25. Meal planning usually depends on what’s on sale at the grocery store! Don’t really plan, unless it’s for a big get-together or Christmas dinner, etc. Then it’s all lists of all sorts!

  26. Once a week I make a menu for the week ahead, and then do a big grocery shop for the whole week. Only filling up on fresh fruit and vegetables during the week.
    I meal Planner set would be perfect when making a menu!

  27. Love Yainea’s Reveal Wheel card! Meal planning is done after seeing what’s on special at the supermarkets and then I work out a week’s meals.

  28. I usually just cook enough on Sunday for a couple of days and the rest of the week it just depends how I feel.

  29. I plan meals one week at a time, but I’m flexible. If I don’t like what I’ve planned, I throw in breakfast for dinner! Love the starry sky and fox card!

  30. Such adorable cards! I don’t do a lot of meal planning, I frequently wait until my husband gets home and we decide what we want to eat then. We do talk about what meals we might like the upcoming week before we go grocery shopping so we have all the ingredients we’ll need when we make the dishes, that is about it. Thanks so much for so many chances to win!

  31. My meal planning consists of making last minute decisions before going to the grocery store. Serious improvement is needed!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  32. My wife does most of the meal planning, but if we are having guests for dinner I usually do the planning and the cooking as I enjoy cooking for parties and special occasions but not so much during the week.

  33. I meal plan everything. I started because we had so much food waste. I also get home too late most nights so it ended up whatever I could figure out quickly which usually meant not healthy. Now I plan a week or two at a time and I post it – so there is no argument over dinner. We shop one day a week and stick to the list. We figured out we save about $200 a month on groceries/wasted food and who knows how much on not ordering takeouts/delivery. It is so much work to get started but now I couldn’t go back

  34. I hardly do meal planning unless a special day is coming up! Anyone else plan what their birthday dinner is gonna be a month in advance? I love that Lawn Fawn incorporates other languages in their stamps! Maybe some German phrases next!?

  35. My meal planning is done once a week with a menu that I “old school” write down and include book/page numbers of certain recipes that I may need. Groceries are bought and I refer to the menu every day. This is something that I’ve done for years because it also helps with cost of budgeting for groceries each week. (Something that my children now do for themselves.) Love the inspiration! Thank you!

  36. We try to eat lots of fresh vegetables, so i always stock up on those when I go to the store. Meats and chicken is purchased in bigger quantities. I cook it then freeze into smaller portions for easier meal prep.

  37. Nice cards today. So many great products in this release. My meal planning is easy…my husband does the cooking and planning. I make suggestions!

  38. Meal planning? What’s that? I live alone so I just sort of wing it on meals. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  39. Love the new Spanish sayings. I usually plan meals by the week, make a list and then go grocery shopping.

  40. I love the names you give your inks and papers, so cute! My meal planning is dependent on who will be home…we are, however, eating more at home not only for cost savings but we feel better without all the added salt and sugar. Thank you for all the inspiration this week!

  41. My husband and I plan our meals when we write our grocery list so we can cook in the crock pot on Sunday for Sunday night dinner and dinners during the week!

  42. My meals are usually planned in the morning, after I
    get up and about for a bit. Being a widow I don’t have
    to worry about what anybody else wants to eat so
    I can see what strikes my fancy. I can go to the
    freezer and get out lefties, go out to eat, or
    cook something new. Love the mushrooms.
    thanks for sharing

  43. I usually make a menu (loosely) for lunches and dinners. Leaving a blank or two for dinner so we can have leftovers. And for lunches, we are creatures of habit and tend to have the same things throughout the week so I just keep it all stocked.

  44. I like letting my DD do the meal planning then she’s good with what happens this set would be more way adorable than the plain old erase board we use now!
    ALSO, LOVE the meal planning one because I can see critters with tacos and pizza etc! SO fun! TFS

  45. So many cute cards! Love, love, love! On Sunday’s before I go grocery shopping I plan all my meals for the week. It makes things less stressful when I have to come home and cook after work.

  46. I haven’t found my “flow” yet with meal planning. This is the first year my husband and I are living together and it has been a big adjustment. I usually come up with about 3 meals that we both like and we have leftovers throughout the week also. I would love to be more prepared and organized with this!

  47. I make weekly meal plans using, my vast recipe collection and sale ads and family schedule as my guide. Of course, Thai take out is always part of the plan. The what’s for dinner card is adorable.

  48. We don’t do a whole lot of meal planning or prepping. We are both busy during the week. We do most of our cooking on the weekend, I like to make a meal where we can have a couple of servings of leftovers.

  49. We try to meal plan once a week by making a list and getting everything we need on Saturday. The meal planning stamps would make a fun addition to our current schedule!

  50. Cute cards. Make weekly meal plans and always plan for the unexpected dining out. Of course on those days don’t cook.

  51. I usually plan our meals for couple of days ahead. My goal is to start planning for at least a week in advance 🙂

  52. The color combinations on these cards are just beautiful!
    I do meal planning when it is time to get groceries! lol. Usually, we have a list of things we “crave” and we slowly work our way down that list! 🙂

  53. Oh just too much cuteness! How I would like to do my meal planning is very different than how I actually do it. It is usually done in the car on the way home from work and on my way to the grocery store 🙂

  54. I like to get together with the kids on the weekend and plan out what everyone wants to eat for the following week. Everyone gets to pick for one night and we decide together on the rest,

  55. I used to always do a weekly menu and shopping list – but now that it is just me and my husband it is sort of like “what do you want tonight?” It also helps that I work in a grocery store so I just pick things up as needed.

  56. I’m rather spontaneous when it comes to meal planning. It’s more like: What’s in the fridge? What has to be eaten? Then I shop what I need to “use” what I have. Or I don’t have time for cooking at all – then it’s usually a frozen pizza in the oven…

  57. I plan out our meals for the next month at the end of the month before. That way making a grocery list is much easier each week and we don’t end up eating the same old think week after week.

  58. I want to meal plan so bad, but I start planning and get overwhelmed, lol. So it’s been a free for all in my house. Good thing it’s just my partner and I.

  59. Adorable cards as always!
    Live alone so my meal planning consists of what I might be desiring any given day… go to grocery store, get ingredients, and come home & prepare! That’s it… simple!

  60. I really wish I had time for meal planning. Currently our meals are based on sports schedules for my kids. Not a healthy way to live. But we are having a blast with the kiddos.

  61. I start planning around noon. I go through one of my thousand cookbooks and when I see something that looks delightful, I begin figuring out what I need. Usually I have what I need. (I keep a pretty stocked pantry and freezer). Then about one hour before my husband comes home, I start getting it ready. Some days, we eat leftovers. Thursday nights are date nights, we go out and pick different restaurants. Weekdays, we cookout.

  62. I don’t really meal plan very often, I just make sure to always have plenty of fruits and vegetables in the house.

  63. I really don’t Meal Plan for the whole week. I usually do three days at a time. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  64. weekly meal plan
    monday : pasta, tuesday: pasta, wednesday pasta, thursday pasta, friday pasta, saturday pasta sunday pasta
    thank you Italians

  65. Those little meal planning stamps are so cute! I don’t meal plan because I don’t really cook. I just pick from whatever frozen, canned, or boxed food I have in the freezer or pantry. Terrible, I know….

  66. I only do planning for holidays and write everything out and check it off as I complete each thing. When written down I can see what I can do in advance!

  67. What a fun set! Even not being bilingual, it would still be fun to use on cards.
    I used to meal plan pretty well; each day having a theme and then I’d rotate our typical meals in that category so we weren’t eating the same thing all the time. (e.g. Monday – pasta; Tuesday – chicken; etc.) Now with 4 people working 5 jobs, 2 are teens… it’s often a grab and go easy type dinner, if everyone’s even home!

  68. I really don’t meal plan a lot. I have a bean salad that I love for lunch, so I make a big bowl of it and eat it every day Monday through Friday. My other meals are whatever I have handy for a meal.

  69. I make lots of salads, so I shop for fresh and interesting ingredients to create them. Love today’s inspiration!

  70. When I see the “Really fresh looking” vegis in the grocery store, I buy those and plan the meals around, using that/those vegis first.

  71. These stamps and dies are wonderful, and the design team’s examples are lovely! 🙂 We do all of our grocery shopping on Saturdays and *try* to cook on Sundays – enough for 4-5 dinners during the week. We usually end up eating out Friday and Saturday nights. 🙂

  72. Though I’m not good at it, my preference is to do a ton of up-front prep for freezer meals and just re-heat later as needed. I’m generally better at just a crock-pot dump.

  73. Such awesome samples today!
    I like doing meal planning a few days at a time. And I love making enough for leftovers so it makes an easy meal for the next day!

  74. Wow–I am not a bullet journalist and no longer have a printed planner, so I wasn’t thinking about purchasing those sets, but I *LOVE* the idea of using the images with the Reveal Wheel dies.

    I plan my food on my weekly grocery shopping list–and track what I eat online.

  75. I don’t do much meal planning, it is usually thinking of what we want to eat at the store. Lol! I need to get better at that!! 🙂

  76. I like using the store circulars and sale flyers to plan my meals using items that are on sale for the week. I love looking for new recipes to try from cooking magazines or Pinterest.

  77. I try to meal plan a week in advance, but I almost always end up cooking different meals to what I had in mind! Lol

  78. I’ve been so busy for so many years know meal planning is usually where are we going to go eat tonight.
    However, I did find a great online ap – Plan to Eat. For those occasions when I’m planning holiday meals or holiday baking, I can select my desired recipes and it builds my grocery list for me. Love it. Wonderful inspiration from the design team this week.

  79. So cute! I like to do my meal planning when I’m at the grocery store and walking through 😳😳😳. But I guess that’s not really “planning” is it 🤣🤣🤣

  80. i am super spoiled and don’t have to do the meal planning but when i did, it was see what’s on sale or in my fridge and throw something together!

  81. I do t really meal-plan…I have an idea every week of the dishes I haven’t made in my “rotation,” and then when I’m at the store on my weekly trip (usually Monday), I shop for thosw things, or may change my mind, depending on what’s on sale.

  82. These are adorable!! I have a BuJo but not super good at meal planning. I always have a lot of fresh veggies and kinda plan around those. I buy my veggies weekly at our Farmers Market and take it from there. I also poke around on Pinterest and food blogs for inspiration 🙂

  83. Meal planning usually happens on the weekend. We try to choose 5 meals and then make a shopping list for what we need to pick up, even thought the math doesn’t exactly work for some reason we aren’t banging our heads against the wall trying to decide what’s for dinner!

  84. Love these inspiration posts. I usually make a big crock pot of chili, some for the week for lunches and some in the refrig.

  85. Before going to the grocery store, I decide what to make for the following week so I can pick up whatever is lacking in the pantry and fridge. This method usually works, and is also seasonally dependent.
    Thanks for another fun inspiration week!

  86. I am not great at meal planning. I work a traditional 40 hour week, so I try to do most of my meal planning, shopping and even cooking on the weekend. It’s just me and my hubby so a lot of time I try to prep or make meals on the weekends that we can reheat and eat from over the week.

  87. I don’t do a lot of meal planning. I mostly go for what i can find for a reasonable price at the supermarket. Also hubby cooks about half the time and he is much more likely to cook what he feels like eating on a particular night. I mostly cook by what is cheap and what is left in the fridge to save money!

  88. Pretty cards! I don’t really do meal planning, I just buy what is priced right and decide what to do with it based on what else is in the pantry.

  89. Oh those mushrooms are super cute, love all the beautiful and sweet projects today!
    I usually cook a big pot of whatever I would like to eat and store the left-overs in portions, freeze and bring it out the day before I want to eat it again.

  90. I wish I could say I meal plan but I’m usually scrambling at the end of the work day to figure out what to cook.

  91. I try to grocery shop every 2 weeks, so I look at a list I created of recipes and then pick what I think I want to cook the next two weeks.

  92. I have a little notebook on my fridge with the days of the week. There I write the meal I’m planning to make for that specific week, according to the ingredients I have.

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