Kristin’s Game of Thrones Inspired Mother’s Day Cards

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Winter is here at LFHQ and Kristin is sharing some Mother’s Day cards inspired by Game of Thrones.

Kristin used some of our favorite alphabet sets to create a custom card for her mother-in-law. She also blended Moonstone, Fresh Lavender, Carrot, and Lobster inks to create a beautiful fire and ice background.

Her second card uses a mixture of images from Critters Ever After, Bicycle Built for You, RAWRSOME, and more to create a dragon queen flying over a snow-covered Winterfell.

Thank you so much for sharing your cards with us today, Kristin. We love seeing crafters combining our sets in unique ways to represent things, TV shows, movies, or whatever else they love and enjoy. What is your mom’s favorite show? Tell us in the comments!


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29 thoughts on “Kristin’s Game of Thrones Inspired Mother’s Day Cards

  1. Love the Game of Thrones inspired card. I haven’t seen an episode of that show, but do need to make a volcano-themed birthday card for my grandson and will adopt this color palette. As for the sneak peek – looks like a canine companion set. So cute.

  2. Cute way to use the bIcycle built for two and rawrsome stamps together. Also a cute puppy sneaking about…are we in for some new pet friends!!

  3. My mom isn’t here anymore and she wasn’t a big TV watcher when she was. LOVE this card though! I’m a mom and my fave show is Game of Thrones!!

  4. Puppies – perfect to follow the National Adopt a pet day that was on April 30th! Looking forward to it.

  5. Omg so dog gone cute. I’m in trouble I just bought almost all of the last release and now this summer release is looking super cute!!!!

  6. Love the dragon card! Excited about more pups! Can’t wait to see the rest of the set.
    My Mom’s favorite is the Tom Selleck version of Magnum, PI

  7. Kristin’s cards are fantastic!!!
    And I see a cute little puppy!
    My mum’s favourite shows were British crime shows

  8. Looks like a new set with dogs/ puppies? My mom loves TV. Her favorite show is I Love Lucy. I like to watch the old black and white episodes with her. My favorite Game of Thrones. So I loved these cards. Brilliant and adorable!!

  9. I’m not sure which particular show my mom prefers, but I know that everything she watches in French so chances are you wouldn’t know what it is anyway! 😉 haha!

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