Sneak Week Fall/Winter 2019 Day 1 + Giveaway!

We are starting sneaks today of our new Fall/Winter 2019 products! We are beyond excited to begin sharing everything we have been working on! This release is pure joy and happiness!

We will be showing you the new paper collections, stamps, dies and more that we will be exhibiting at the ASD trade show in Las Vegas later this week so that you guys can participate in the fun with us! These Fall and Winter themed products will be available on August 22, and we will have an awesome Inspiration Week with design team samples, Intro Videos and more giveaways leading up to Release Day!

Today we are showing 4 of our 14 new stamp sets and 4 of our 25 new stand alone die sets plus 2 new Reveal Wheel Templates (with a giveaway, of course!) Remember to tell your favorite store about our new products! We would love to show them everything at booth #SL2670 or chat with them via email or phone!

Spooky Village is the latest in our series of village stamp sets! This one is perfect for Halloween and Fall with tiny trick or treaters and a little pumpkin patch!

We predict your day will be nothing but fun when crafting with our new Fortune Teller Tabby! Use this set alone or pair it with the Reveal Wheel Circle Add-On to make fun interactive cards!

The Reveal Wheel Circle Add-On let’s you create a Reveal Wheel card with the Fortune Teller Tabby set! You can also use the circle add-on with the cute stitched frames for other sets, the possibilities are endless!

And there is handy Reveal Wheel Templates: Circle set to make crafting up a cute crystal ball design so easy!

The Tree Before ‘n Afters set with a seasonal theme is perfect for using with the Magic Picture Changer and with our awesome new interactive die set that we will reveal on Wednesday!

The Build-A-House die set let’s you create a sweet house design for cards, scrapbook layouts and craft projects. Combine it with the Reveal Wheel Build-A-House Add-On to turn the upstairs window into a fun spinning wheel interactive element! There are also add-on sets to decorate for Halloween and Christmas! We will show you the Christmas on on Thursday!

The Reveal Wheel Build-A-House Add-On let’s you turn your Build-A-House in to a fun interactive Reveal Wheel card!

Reveal Wheel Templates: Build-A-House helps you line things up to stamp in the window with 3 or 4 cute images!

The Build-A-House Halloween Add-On set let’s you dress up the Build-A-House as a haunted house complete with a bat, spider and friendly ghosts!

The Tiny Halloween stamp set is perfect for adding spooky images to the Build A House window or any Halloween themed card or craft project!

Now we have a fun opportunity to win it before you can buy it in August! Woohoo! Leave us a comment by July 27th for a chance to win a new stamp set and die set of your choice from this post!

Make sure to come by tomorrow for more sneak peeks!
Thanks so much for visiting! You guys are the best!
Have an amazing day!


994 thoughts on “Sneak Week Fall/Winter 2019 Day 1 + Giveaway!

        1. Wow I can not even begin to express how excited I get over Lawn Fawns new releases. The wait is SO hard 😭

    1. Wow, I think, how can they come up with anything else and bam there it is. The fortune teller cat and spooky house. The trees!! I am a sucker for trees! Yay, looking forward to the rest of the week!

    1. They reveal wheels add ons continue to amaze me. Spooktacular! Hahahaha. I’m thinking how to make a Quidditch card.

    2. I love with everything. The new reveal wheel add one the house the stamps. I have to have it all!

  1. Such beautifuls things like always! I love the spooky village and the tree before’s ‘n after a lot!

  2. So in love with those cute Halloween stamps! A great addition to your existing ones. Hope my favorite Dutch online craft store can get them as soon as possible!

  3. Greetings from sunny Tuscany, my daughter (6yo) and I brought all our LF stamps this vacation and start making our Christmas cards. Every year my holiday prep starts during our stay here in July and we start looking forward to winter. We would not mind a little spooky addition. Only 156 days to go! Yay!!!

  4. These are so cool, can’t wait to see the rest of the release! Really love the spooky village!!

  5. Love the Spooky Village, the trees, the house, and the fortune kitty! Can’t wait to see what else is in store for us! And 25 new stand alone die sets? Wow!

  6. OmG what an amazing start of the sneak peek week.♥
    Many thanks for sharing these adorable inspiration from the team.♥
    My favorites are the Spooky Village stamps and the Build a House dies.♥
    Can’t wait for tomorrow.♥

  7. OMG…I predict an empty wallet this fall ^^. The Halloween stamp sets are soo adorable, and the fortune teller cat is my fave stamp set. Ever.

  8. Wow.. where do I star? I LOVE EVERYTHING! You guys never disappoint, super clever stamp sets that make our imagination blown, love it! The sad part is that we have to wait a lot to play with them! 😅😩

  9. what fun new halloween stamps! can’t wait to see the rest of the release! i see a preview of the new paper and i love it!

  10. I love the Trees Before and After and the Build A House. I hope the big tall tree will be included in the dies for it.
    I’m excited to see the Waterfall Interactive die! I wrote in about that, requesting it! So excited, waiting to see DT members make cards with it. Woo hoo!!!

  11. Wow!!! Day One and my list is already fairly long!! I can’t wait to see what else you have to reveal!! Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  12. Oh my gooy goodness looooove ,that build a house and templates ,can u use the add on for the cat by itself without that stamp set .loooooooove, I’m so eeeeek excited

  13. OMG, I am glad you didn’t ask us to pick a favorite because I would have been unable to do so–so many cute things today and there is more to come.

  14. OMG soooo cute!! I’m loving all the tiny stamps in these sets! LIke the little clouds, little ghosts, little leaves, little bats they’re so cute!

  15. I am so beyond excited for these new fall stamps!!!! The spooky village and the house add ons are so sweet!!

  16. soooo many possibilities with these stamps and dies! I am into scene building cards right now and i predict that i will have a lot of fun!!

  17. EEKKK!!! OMG just take my money! You are such an amazing company and I love all of your work!! I always save my pennies for this release cause it is my favorite!!! Can’t wait for the rest!!

  18. Wow! I am amazed with these new stamps and dies!!! They are great!!! Can’t wait till August 22nd!!!

  19. Love, Love, Love! 😍💕💕💕
    Amazing stamps and die sets!
    Love all the inspiration from the design team, all the cards are so cute, and spooky! 👻🐱🕷🎃

  20. I can’t believe it’s sneak peek time already! Loving this new release so far. How cute is the Fortine teller tabby! Sooo cute! I can’t wait to see more of what is to come. Thanks for always coming out with amazing products!

  21. Love the new house die and the reveal wheel piece for it! Such a cute idea! The Halloween village is also adorable.

  22. I think my head is spinning faster than a ‘Reveal Wheel Gerbil !! I love the 4 seasons trees, the Gypsy Kitty telling fortunes and the Build A House! Well…I love ’em all!

  23. OH Lawn Fawn you never disappoint. Love all these new sets and just imagining all the new things I can do with them.

  24. Love the Fortune Teller Tabby and the before/after tree. I find Lawn Fawn products at Craft Warehouse in Vancouer, WA. They have wonderful staff who make great Lawn Fawn cards. Thanks for sharing all the great examples here.

  25. This seems tobe another great release. I can’t wait to see the other sets in the next few days.

  26. Super excited for this release already. I can’t wait to see what other fantastic products you have to share!! Your DT has been super busy with tons of cuteness!

  27. Already loving this first day of Sneak a Week! I love the Spooky Village and the Build a House! The Befores and afters are just so cute! August can’t get here soon enough!

  28. Love all the fall and Halloween dies and stamps The possibility are endless with the new add on house dies can’t wait to get some

  29. These stamps really make me want summer to get over quickly. I love the fall season and can’t wait to get stamping with these sets!

  30. I am in love with the Spooky Village set. Really love the itty bitty scene elements, and would love to see more of these to go with the other village sets that exist. Those tiny trick or treaters are so cute!!

  31. Eek! Halloween is my absolute favorite day of the year and I adore making Halloween projects. I am going to need all of these new stamps and dies! You’ve really outdone yourself. Love the new trees too!

  32. SO many cute things! Oh, Lawn Fawn’s fall & winter releases are my FAVORITE! I save up for them all year! And this sneak peek certainly does NOT disappoint! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Take my money!!! Another (amazingly fantastic) release that I can’t wait to get my hands on!! 💜

  34. I adore the build a house die! Could you imagine opening the door to see a little Christmas Tree at Christmas time?? Oh so cute!!

  35. These are the absolute cutest! I love them all, but the fortune teller tabby has won my heart! I definitely “see” her in my future!

  36. You all are SUPER amazing and creative! Love that you create new things never done before and the “new” always works with the “old”. Have to have it all but the fortune teller kitty is over the top adorable and fabulous. YOU ROCK!!!

  37. Ok, these are adorable! Can’t wait to see what else you have to show us!!!! Meanwhile, I’ll drool over these for a while.

  38. These are amazing! Just when I thought I’ve seen it all in cardmaking, you come out with new incredible designs! Can’t wait! I’m going to be so broke!

  39. This release is so stinking cute 😍 I am absolutely in love with all the new stamps and dies and cannot wait to see more tomorrow 😍😍😍

  40. I love, love, love all the villages! The Halloween ones are adorable and the perfect reason to send out Halloween cards!

  41. It is such fun to share Lawn Fawn products with friends and family in the form of greeting cards. Thank you to all of the Lawn Fawn staff and designers!

  42. Oh my goodness, loving everything I am seeing so far. I do believe it is going to be another stellar release!!!

    1. Wow. Everything Looks super cute. Love the build a House die. So many possibilities with it… And the cat is so super cute 😍 i think i might be buying all the halloween stuff, even though we dont celebrate it where i live 🤓 i’m so excited of what stamps, dies and paper will be shown to us this week

  43. Love the house and am looking forward to the circle reveal wheel add-on. Especially for the gumball machine! 🙂

  44. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so picking what to get from this release is going to be very difficult. SOOOO much BOOOO goodness!!!!

  45. While I don’t make Halloween cards all these cute sets are making me reconsider! Love that there are more before n’afters coming and that house is too cute!

  46. Wow, your sneak peek is off to an amazing start!!! I especially love the new house die and haunted house add-on! ❤️

  47. I LOVE the new Tree Before n Afters! I don’t make many Halloween projects because I never end up sending them out! But they are adorable.

  48. I am so excited about the Build-A-House die. Some many possibilities with all the seasons. The Fortune Telling Tabby is simply adorable and definitely on my list.

  49. Oh my here we go again!! Wonderful preview today….Love the build a house reveal wheel. die for Halloween.
    The reveal wheel and magic picture changer dies are my go to for lots of card making. Love having new additions for
    using it. Can’t wait!!

  50. Oh my I just love the Halloween Theme items. I am in so much trouble I can see it already. Love it all.

  51. Everything is so fabulous. I can’t wait to see the rest of the week; nor can I wait for the release date. I’m so excited.

  52. OMG! I just love all the new reveal wheel options and sets! Fall is my favourite season and these are game changers! So much fun! Hope you guys have a great week at the trade show in Vegas!

  53. So many adorable stamps and dies. I’m really loving the interactive houses and can’t wait to see more!

  54. Super cute! Aside from the candy, I am not a big Halloween fan but these make me want to make Halloween cards!

  55. Oh no Lawn Fawn!!! Too many adorable new products….I love them all! Cats, trees, Halloween, and all irresistible. You will rock Vegas. I’m saving up starting now to splurge on these.

  56. I love sneak peek weeks! EVERYTHING looks super cute (as usual)! Thank goodness my hubby just got a new job!! Counting down til Aug 22nd….

    1. Eeekkkkk!! I’m so excited for this release! I have ZERO Halloween sets in my collection so this will be great! Thank you, Lawn Fawn, for your brilliant creations (once again lol)!!

  57. Thank you LF for another cool release. I am excited to try revealed wheel add-in and the build a house die.

  58. I can not even HANDLE THIS!!!!! Listen, you guys are designing THE BEST GOODIES out there!!! So much fun! Fabulous job and all of these projects by the DT are just really amazing!!

  59. I love the sneak peek! Halloween starts off my favorite times of the year. I love it all.

  60. I love seeing new Lawn Fawn reveals and this does not disappoint!! I adore all things reveal wheel and love that spooky village set!! Can’t wait to see more this week!!

  61. So much fun! I LOVE Halloween and the fall season, so I’m really excited about this release! The house is fabulous, and I know there will be more seasonal sets to go along with it later on! Can’t wait!

  62. Oh my goodness! What adorable new products. LOVE the tiny little trick-or-treaters and the set of seasonal trees! It all looks fabulous and I can’t wait to see the rest of the release. The designers knocked it out of the park with their samples! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  63. Oh I am loving the new release!! The Halloween sets are Boo-aful!!! The Cat Psychic is my favorite. Gotta have it!!! I’m so happy to see the fall items come out. That means sweaters, jeans, pumpkins, fattening food and colorful leaves!! Yea!!!!!

  64. i am SO excited for this collection! halloween is my favorite holiday and i already have so many ideas for spooky village! that is the one i can’t wait for! genius!

  65. So far I love the fortune teller tabby and add ons and the tiny Halloween stamps and the house die and add ons and and and…… I need a second job!!! Lol!! But my fav is the trees before and afters!

  66. I’m such a sucker for Halloween stuff!!! Can’t wait to make some scenes with those adorable spooky houses!!!

  67. You know it won’t be good for your wallet when the very first set is a “must have”! Love this release so much and it is only day one!

  68. Oh Gosh my birthday is on Halloween so it has naturally been my favourite holiday! I love the halloween sets especially the new mini set.

  69. I am super excited, fall & winter are my favorite seasons for stamps and cardmaking. So far I am loving what I am seeing.

  70. I am obsessed with all of these spoopy wonderful Halloween stamps. I’ve already started on my fall cards and I can’t wait to get my hands on these new sets!

  71. Oh here we go again. I want it all!! LOL I’m afraid that one of these days my husband is going to realize exactly how much my little hobby costs us and tell me I need a new hobby. I love Lawn Fawn!

  72. I Just love all of these New ones. But ive to choose, the trees are so cute! Cant wait till the release

  73. I predict some cute Halloween cards for my daughters, nieces, and nephew!! I love all the Halloween sets!

  74. I am absolutely smitten with the house dies and all associated dies and stamps. I cannot tell you how over the moon I am. Great job everyone!

  75. I am always amazed at all of the new and creative products you release each time!
    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to make cards! Our little Grandson is really into magic tricks right now and I think he would totally go crazy for the fortune telling cat!
    Thanks once again for your hard work!😍

  76. What wonderful products have been introduced today by Lawn Fawn. I can hardly wait to use them to bring a smile to the faces of the recipients! Thank you!

  77. My goodness, what a wonderful release! Love all the cards created by the designers. Great products.
    Thanks so much for sharing…

  78. Omgeeee… I absolutely Adore the sneak peeks today! Halloween is my favorite holiday and these sets are all must haves. I can already tell I am going to go broke with this release. Thank you for creating such Amazing products! I Love my Lawn Fawn collection!

    1. Oh my goodness!! Everything is so cute. I especially love the haunted house die cut!! Thank you for sharing some of the new release with us!

  79. Love them all. Excited for more Before and Afters. I love making cards with the reveal die. Thanks and have a great week!!

  80. All of this Halloween cuteness has me ready to skip past August and September. OMGoodness it’s just so cute.

  81. I have been having so much fun creating cards with the Reveal Wheel and add-ons, so excited to see that there are more in this release. Love that the new sets have been standalone stamps and dies with the bonus of being able to turn them into a reveal wheel if you want. Thanks Lawn Fawn!

  82. Wow! This is all so cute! I’m loving that kitty fortune teller. ADORABLE! Can hardly wait to see the rest of the release❤️

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  84. There’s goes my craft budget for the next couple of months! I would have to say that the Fortune Teller cat is my fave of today’s sneak peaks, but they all look like must-haves!

  85. OMG So cute!!!!!!I can NOT wait to see what else is in store. I will def be trying that house, I bet you have some more surprises for us to build on the house too! YAY Christmas here we come!!!!!

  86. These are so amazing! I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am already making my “must have” list. I am loving the Build a house with the halloween additions.

  87. I’m over here just fawning over the sneak peek! Just the amount of sheer cuteness gets me every time! Thanks for being generous to give us a chance to win!

    1. It’s so beautiful! I love Spooky Village, Tree Before ‘n Afters and the Build-A-House! Can’t wait to see the rest ❤

  88. I really dig the new Halloween stuff! So happy that you now have the Halloween version of the Happy Village and I love that new house die set with the additional dies for Halloween and Christmas (can’t wait to see it). Love the Fortune Teller, too. Clever how it’s paired with the spinner card.

  89. Oh Goodness Gracious … I LOVE Halloween and creating Halloween Scenes. I just ADORE the Fortune Teller Kitty!!! And … those Trees are just ‘way too cool’!!! I can’t wait. Thanks for all of your hard work and awesome products.

  90. I am Halloween obsessed (even though it’s not that big here in Scotland) so I seriously cannot wait to get everything spooky. The little trick or treaters are adorable!!! I’ll be saving up for sure.

  91. Congrats on your fall/ winter collection! I am so falling in love with these! We are cat lovers here and can’t get my eyes off of the Fortune Teller Tabby! Busting out with some ghosts and haunted houses, trees are so beautiful with any time colorful leaves. Reveal wheel is pretty cool to add some fun to a card, very nice! Build yourself a neighborhood of cute houses! This is a lot of lawn fawn to take in! Can’t wait for the rest, oh my!

  92. All of these sets are fabulous. I cannot say which is my favorite as I love so many of them. I cannot wait to get my hands on this release.

  93. The spooky village is adorable. I love the tree set and the house builder set with the spooky add-on, It will be
    difficult to choose just one set. I will have a long wish list by the end of the week.

  94. Your new reveal wheel stamps and dies have blown me away! I am so glad that I have purchased each new set as it has come out because i have gotten a ton of use out of each one. These new ones (once I get them into my hot little hands) will get as much love as all of my other sets!

    Thank you for bringing us such cute and innovative stamps! I am a Lawn Fawn addict!

  95. I love everything about this new reveal, but my favorite has to be the seasonal trees!!!! It’s simply gorgeous! Thanks a lot for the opportunity!!!! 😍😍😍

  96. You can never have too many Fall/Autumn stamps and dies and these are just adorable ! Would love to add some Lawn Fawn to my arsenal of crafting supplies ! Thanks for the opportunity to win !

  97. I really love your stamps. The fall and winter preview don’t disappoint. I really like the new trees stamps and the house dies! Looking forward to seeing more….

  98. How not to love these. I can fly to your booth from India just for these. They are so cute darn cute.

  99. Soooo cute. The house the the kitty cats are soooo adorable! I actually think there isn’t a bad one in the bunch so far!

  100. OMG, i LOVE LOVE that fortune teller kitty! You guys have the most imaginative design team! I love it. Everything is so adorable.

  101. My credit card just got up out of my wallet and went on strike. However will I buy them all? The trees are perfect for our annual apple picking outing and the halloween costumes/village, who could resist?

  102. Oh my! Love the trees, house, village and fortune teller cat! It is all great….oh why must we wait so long…it just seem like for ever to hit that buy button!

  103. OMG – these new sets are just too cute – LOVE the Fortune teller images and dies – so many possibilities from birthday cards to graduation predictions – can’t wait to play – thanks for the chance!!!

  104. I love the build a house set and the Halloween add on. You could have add ons for every holiday and events, wedding, birthday.

  105. OMG! I have always been in love with Lawn Fawn. Even the way they package my orders. Now I have many more reasons to love them! Thanks Lawn Fawn! Keep these coming!

  106. Oh my goodness you guys did such an amazing job on all of the cards. I absolutely love the new stamps and dies from this release and I can’t wait until I get a chance to get my hands on some of these amazing products!

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  108. The spooky village is so cute! The build a house die and add on already has me planning my Halloween décor. 🙂

  109. Oh my gosh! These stamps and dies are so adorable. I especially love the kitty fortune teller. But they are all so cute so I will be saving up so I can get some of them. You guys are the best for interactive cards. I love them all.

  110. I adore the Fortune Teller Tabby and the kitties who came to see her. Also think the Halloween House is so stinkin’ cute.

  111. So excited for Sneak Week!!!
    The Fall/ Winter releases are always my favourite! Thanks for the chance to win!

  112. I love all the new fall releases that you are showing in this post. They all made me smile especially since I make and donate cards overseas to military, but more so to Children’s Hospitals and had planned on making some for Halloween. I like to make others smile oh, and all of these shown today made me smile.

  113. Oh my GOODNESS! So much cuteness! I love your interactive sets and the way they work with previous sets. That’s what makes your products so versatile and timeless. I can’t wait to see more.

  114. Oh my gosh! I love the Reveal Wheel add on and all the new fall/winter stamps and dies. I can’t wait to get and use them all. I love your interactive card components.

    I would love to win all of these, thanks for making that possible.

  115. I am seriously enchanted. I don’t know which of you came up with the reveal wheel series, but I think it is a genius idea. I have a blast making reveal wheel cards, and soon there will be more options!

  116. I just don’t know how you keep coming up the cutest, cutest sets EVER! Every release is better than the last and It’s been sooooo HOT, I’m looking forward to Fall. Great inspiration, as always!!

  117. If today is any indication….I am in big trouble. These are all outstanding (the products and the projects!)

  118. It’s so beautiful! I love Spooky Village, Tree Before ‘n Afters and the Build-A-House! Can’t wait to see the rest ❤

  119. Omg I just love anything Halloween so I *need* these sets! Lawn Fawn is the cutest ever & I can’t wait for this release!

    1. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to see more of this range! The tiny trick or treaters in the Spooky Village set are so adorable!
      I’d probably get the Trees Before n Afters set first though since I can think of more diverse ways of using that one.
      Great work guys!

  120. Wow! More cute things to play with. I love the fortune teller and the big house. I see all kinds of possibilities. 💌💌

  121. Oh my goodness! Halloween is my favorite holiday and all of these new stamp sets are just amazing! I love them all!!

  122. The new collection looks like a lot fun. I love the trees and build a house. My mind is racing with ideas to create.

  123. I have just recently started card making and completely fallen in love with Lawn Fawn!. I would love to win anything out of this new collection. I love it all. Deciding what to buy first is going to be so hard.

  124. Love them all! The “spooky village” is just the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! Love the tiny candy corn costume!

  125. I absolutely love the new tree set. So adorable and so many possibilities. I love the fact that all the sets are so interchangeable.

  126. We don’t celebrate Halloween in my country, but that won’t stop me from getting these sets. I LOVE all things reveal wheel!!

  127. OMG these are so cute. How fun that this release has so many add ons which will make it so much fun to reuse the previous dies! Love – love -love!

  128. I am loving Lawn Fawn products and magic picture changer is one of my favorites. So glad to see more stamps and dies to go along with it.

  129. All of these sets are so cute. I have the Reveal Wheel and the Magic Picture die sets, along with some of the cute stamps and dies to go with them. Would LOVE to be a winner of any one of these cute sets.

  130. I really love the new sets I have so many ideas for the house and the trees that change seasons would love any of these thank you for the opportunity to win

  131. Fabulous samples, the Build A House dies are amazing, and I love the Tree Before n After. They are all just darling.

  132. It’s only day 1 and already the list of must haves is loooong 😀 Love that there’s so many Halloween goodies!!! My mom’s birthday is Halloween so she always gets a couple of Halloween themes birthday cards every year

  133. The Halloween stamps/dies are utterly fa-BOO-ulous! I’m predicting total sell-outs on those! Day 1 and the list is started!

  134. Omg! This release looks amazing. I want it all. Your products are all so innovative, high quality and adorable. You are my favorite crafting company.

  135. Love the build a House Die. So many possibilities with it. Cant wait to see the Other products this week.

  136. Super cute!! You’ve pushed so many of my buttons with this release – Fall, Halloween, houses, trees, seasons. My biggest problem is what to buy first.

  137. Your stamps and dies are just the best! So creative and interactive. Love being able to mix and match to create scenes or to make the perfect card or gift for someone. Keep up the great work. I need them all.

  138. So cute (as usual). You never disappoint. I really love the tree before and after and the build a house.

  139. The fortune teller tabby and spooky village are so cute. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the release.

  140. Pure joy and happiness FOR SURE! And this is only the first day so I think I will be in big trouble as so far it is ALL on my must have list! That Fortune Teller tabby is too cute and love the trees and anything Halloween is definitely for me! Awesomeness so far, Lawn Fawn! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  141. I love the cat fortune teller with the reveal wheel super cute and the build a house box is adorable. What a great 1st day of releases

  142. OMG, i love this reveal. Its fantastic. Excited to see the remaining products for the upcoming release!!

  143. Lawn Fawn has again “outdone” the creativity for paper crafting and given so many wonderful products to utilize.
    Thank you to all at Lawn Fawn!

  144. Love the little trick or treaters and the house all decorated. Thinking of some great ideas to use this set and the trick or treaters and the haunted house from the older sets

  145. These are all so cute! The reveal wheel window in the haunted house – such a unique and clever idea!!

  146. Loving day 1 of the new release. I can see so many amazing cards. Can’t wait until I can purchase in August
    Can’t wait to see more.

  147. Oh my gosh these stamps and dies are awesome!!! I must have:) I love the thought of the widow spinning with words:)

  148. What a fabulous start to sneak peeks! Love the Halloween inspiration – although I want a few more weeks of summer :)! Can hardly wait to see more.

  149. Love all of it. Looking forward to the rest of sneek peek week.
    I see a lot of saving up for 22August, in my future. Lol

  150. Oh my goodness!!! I can’t handle all the cuteness of these sets!!! I am loving the house!! Yay a 2-story and I love how you dress it up spooky!!! Loving the village and fortune teller sets! I simply love it all! And I can honestly say that I will be buying it all!!! Another amazing job by all the talented ladies!!!

  151. OMG!! Love this release! Can’t wait…love the Reveal Wheel and Picture Changer additions…seasonal stamps…ALL of it!! My favorite is the seasonal tree…something for everyone!

  152. I am blown away by how endlessly creative your company is. If it isn’t something fresh and new, it’s an adorable add on to one of your previous releases to keep our old sets like new again! 😀 <3

  153. I love the Spooky Village stamp set! Super cute! My 12 year old daughter loves the Fortune Teller Tabby set!

  154. I love everything! Lawn Fawn has done it again with a fabulous Halloween release. It’s gonna be hard to figure out which one to buy first.

  155. Simply cannot chose!!! Lawn Fawn is my go to and favorite stamps and dies. Always sparks my imagination and drives my designs 😊💜

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