Lawn Fawn Intro: Build-A-House, Build-A-House Halloween Add-On, Reveal Wheel Build-A-House Add-On and Tiny Halloween

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall/Winter 2019 Inspiration and Release week! On August 22 our 14 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 25 new standalone die sets, two new paper collections and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Build-A-House, Build-A-House Halloween Add-On, Reveal Wheel Build-A-House Add-On, Reveal Wheel Templates: Build-A-House and Tiny Halloween! Build your own home with this cute set of dies! This set works great on its own, or pair it with Reveal Wheel and Reveal Wheel Build-A-House Add-On to turn it into a fun interactive card. The Build-A-House template pack contains a three-window and a four-window version that coordinates with Reveal Wheel Build-A-House Add-On. This fun Halloween add-on turns Build-A-House into a spooky (and cute) Halloween-themed house! This set of tiny Halloween icons fits perfectly into the windows on Build-A-House! It’s also great for adding tiny decorative elements to your cards and crafts.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a couple videos at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fun new sets!

Yainea created another cool background for her Build-A-House card! She made an interactive Reveal Wheel card using the Reveal Wheel Build-A-House Add-On and added lots of spooky Halloween fun with Build-A-House Halloween Add-On and Tiny Halloween!

Elise used the Build-A-House die set to make two beautiful housewarming cards! She created pretty scenes using Leafy Tree Backdrop, Little Picket Fence Border, Birch Trees and Stitched Hillsides! Then she combined Scripty Congrats with a sweet greeting from Happy Village!

Mindy‘s card features a house “haunted” with cute ghosts and tombstones from our older Halloween set Spooktacular! How cool is her amazing ink blended night sky!

This super fun card by Elise features images from Tiny Halloween! She added a custom greeting by combining Riley’s ABCs with Bannertastic!

Elena dressed her Reveal Wheel card by adding a star-filled Snowy Backdrop sky and a Spooky Fence Border! I just how the Tiny Halloween images appear in the upstairs window as the wheel is turned!

Latisha built her house using Fall Fling papers and coordinating cardstock in Guava for a totally fun and whimsical look! She used Leafy Tree Backdrop: Landscape and Quilted Backdrop to finish her lovely design!

Audrey‘s awesome Build-A-House card just screams Halloween! From the Stitched Windy Backdrop to the eerie glow in the windows she captured the fun of Halloween!

Grace created a Reveal Wheel card with an adorable schoolhouse Build-A-House design! She used the small icons from Plan on It: School to fill the Reveal Wheel Build-A-House Add-On window and added pretty Tree Before ‘n Afters trees to the schoolyard!

Melissa used Build-A-House and the Halloween Add-On to decorate a Goodie Bag! I love how she used Distress Oxide ink to add color to the bag and then tied it up with Eggplant cord! Just imagine a table filled with these fun Halloween treat bags!

I love how Rebecca used a Spooky Fence Border die cut from black glitter cardstock from our Autumn Sparkle pack! Don’t you just love those spooky eyes looking out from the upstairs window!

From the inked and splattered night sky background to the cute Happy Howloween critters in the foreground, Megan‘s Build-A-House Reveal Wheel card is just so much fun! How cool is that green glow behind the windows?

Now, I have a video for you introducing Build-A-House and Reveal Wheel Build-A-House Add-On and sharing some fun things you can do with these sets. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thank you for watching!

And now, I have a video introducing Build-A-House Halloween Add-On and Tiny Halloween sharing some fun things you can do with these sets. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Build-A-House and Reveal Wheel Build-A-House Add-On, Reveal Wheel Templates: Build-A-House, Build-A-House Halloween Add-On and Tiny Halloween! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your ideas for Build-A-House by August 21 at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this die set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday August 19 for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Fall/Winter 2019 products will be available on August 22!
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Tiny Halloween
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Tree Before ‘n Afters
Plan on It: School
Fall Fling paper collection
Eggplant cord

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436 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Build-A-House, Build-A-House Halloween Add-On, Reveal Wheel Build-A-House Add-On and Tiny Halloween

  1. My plan for a Halloween card is to use the reveal wheel to show a different glow in the dark ghost above the haunted house. My plan for Christmas is to have Santa and his sleigh flying over the House decorated for Christmas using the reveal wheel again…and various sentiments like Merry Christmas & Ho Ho Ho.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  2. Can’t wait to get this set! I think it will be a great interactive element for the scrapbook I’m making about decorating my new house 😊

  3. I’d like to decorate this house with Christmas theme card, with Christmas lights add on. I love this house to be all year around use 🙂 Can’t wait for Aug.22!

  4. It would have to be a house for Christmas with Santa, elves and reindeer! Loved all the houses my favorite was the school house it was adorable.

  5. Love, love, love!!! These sets are adorable! I would make a Christmas card with the house decorated for Christmas and have Santa stuck in the chimney.

  6. Great sets, love the house and the tiny Halloween set! I’d use the Build-a-House and it’s add-ons all year round and decorate it according to season.

  7. I have tonnes of ideas. First I want to use it for Christmas cards but also for cards for moving and with a stork for new babies

  8. I think it would be fun to make a gingerbread house. Use some puff paint and some fine glitter to make the “frosting” all sparkly!

  9. It will be so much fun to build different structures with this set. Growing up my daughter enjoyed building houses with Lego pieces and now she is an architect! I wonder what she would do with this set? Maybe this could be a family activity for this Thanksgiving or Christmas!!!

  10. I love the versatility of this die! I especially love the Halloween version! Can’t wait for this release!

  11. I would love to do a Christmas house with the light string, and the reveal window with little kids, presents and Santa!

  12. i can’t wait to use it with Christmas lights, and Santa and the reindeer on the roof 🙂
    this set has finally broken me down and i now have to get the reveal wheel. LoL

    1. I love the build a house dies, add-ons and the reveal wheel! I would use them for Christmas cards, welcome a new neighbor to the neighborhood–the possibilities are endless! Thanks Lawn Fawn!

      1. So fun! This release is amazing. I love that the papers are named after your staff members. The build a house is fantastic and all the add on pieces are so fun. Genius! Can’t wait for the release and so want to win! Hugs!

  13. I didn’t think I needed this die until I saw these videos!! Now I feel like I need to make congrats on the new house cards but I love the school for have a great school year cards!

  14. Loved all of the little houses today. I would turn this little house into a beach cottage with my Lawn Fawn mermaids swimming in the background sea.

  15. I can see this little house decorated for the cool fall months ahead. A pile of pumpkins by the front door, leaves falling from the tree by the side of the house…

  16. So I love this show that’s Called Meteor Garden, and I think it would be super cute to make the house with a cute couple outside watching a Meteor Shower just pass by !!

  17. Such great ideas from the design team! I can’t wait to get this set and make some fall, Halloween and Christmas cards with it! This house decorated for Christmas!

  18. I think it would be great to use for new house cards but also to decorate for every season. It is so useful!

  19. I think I might try a “from our house to your house” for Christmas or a school for all my teacher friends.

  20. Build a house would be great for a new home card. Truly it’s so versatile and can be used for almost every season!

  21. I love that the house can be used year-round with different accessories! SO CUTE! I would love to use it as a decorated house at Christmas. Also, it would be great for cards for someone who’s moving or just bought a new house. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  22. I love the versatility of that house die! I think it would be fun to make a farmhouse style house or to decorate it with holiday lights and snow for Christmas!

  23. I love the holidays so I would decorate the house with christmas light. Or turn it into a gingerbread house.

  24. I love this build a house set, it’s so versatile. I would use it at Halloween, but I would also use to personalize house warming cards. I would make the house in the color of the recipient’s house and put their new address on house too.

  25. I love the Halloween house with the glow in the dark windows! I would love to make some cards like that one. There are so many beautiful cards. I love the fall one with the vertical tree backdrop and the house. Lots of talent!

  26. This build a house die is so versatile. I could use it for so many different cards and even have some ideas for srapbook layouts. The option to add a Reveal Wheel component to it just makes it that much more AWESOME!

  27. I love this house! It would make a cute “missing you” or “welcome home” card too with people checking at the window.

  28. Everyone had such great ideas in the comments! I love the Christmas lights and Santa idea and love the gingerbread house idea! There are so many possibilities!

  29. I always like when you add something to a die set I already have! I have definite plans for a Christmas house using this set. And maybe a welcome to your new home because I live in a community which is expanding fast.

  30. Such adorable projects! I LOVE these crafty supplies! I would love to make something like a pet hotel card or a vet clinic card to thank our veterinarian with Build-a-House. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  31. Loving this! I’m going to make cards that lights up. One in Halloween style and one Christmas style card. I think I’m going to light something up behind the windows, or maybe some of the lights on the Christmas lights string. I’d also like to make a card where there is snow on the roof, and one with a pull tab that makes something come out of the chimney. Lots of ideas anyway!

  32. This little house has sooooo many fun possibilities. It really is a year round product and I’ll get so many uses out of it.

  33. Wonderful inspiration for this versatile die set! I love it when there are multiple occasions to use dies! We just got a most adorable Cocker Spaniel puppy so I thought of a tiny puppy/pet addition or tiny baby to send a congratulations for the new addition to someone’s home!

  34. I’d have to make a house on the beach for sure! What a great card for congratulating someone on their new home. The glow in the dark? So fun. The guava cardstock so bright and sweet. Loving all the ink blended skies. Great job, ladies!!

  35. I would definitely use this to make a Halloween scene… my favorite card-making season of the year! It is totally cute and your design team has shown us some wonderful ideas!!!

  36. I love the school house idea! I would like to try out some snow on the roof with Santa popping out of the chimney.

  37. Wow, how awesome, I love how versatile this set is – I love the school house idea, and I would definitely want to try that! Also, some gorgeous winter scenes could also surely be created with it! Also, the top and the bottom of the house could be used separately, to create some variety in the houses – the top one would be a great dog kennel, too! 🙂

  38. I think this would make a super cute Christmas card or gingerbread house maybe? New baby, just married….so many possibilities

  39. I love how yainea added so much inking and detail on that one blue house, so cool!

    I think I would try one with the window open, so you could see the moving things a bit better and the open Window is a bit 3D. Or Maybe I would cut the solid one and make something like window shutter that you can open and THEN see whats happening inside!! That would fit for all kinds of houses, spooky, “normal”, Spring or christmas 🙂

  40. I would make it a pretty pink palace in the clouds with a dreamy inked sky background. The unicorn and fairies from a little sparkle would live there.

  41. From my house to your house, Lawn Fawn staff and designers, I appreciate all that you do to make the paper crafting industry exciting!

  42. I am so excited about this house and will mostly use it for Christmas cards, especially since Halloween isn’t really celebrated in the Netherlands. But seeing all these beautiful cards also made me inspired to make ‘congrats to your new home’ cards for my friends :)!

  43. These houses are so fun, and I love the Tiny Halloween set too!
    I’m all about Halloween for making cards! I’d make lots of haunted houses mixed with my other Halloween sets, like Pick of the Patch!

  44. Love the build a house set – particularly the Halloween cards! But all of the ideas are so great. I think it would be fun to make a village with it: school, church, houses, stores, maybe even a train depot!

  45. I want to make a fall card with leaves all around and maybe some pumpkins on the front steps. I also want to make a Christmas scene with lights and snow and Santa.

  46. I love how the house can be used for so many things. It would be fun to add a wreath to the door for Christmas and maybe lights around the windows. So many options. Love it!

  47. The design team did a fabulous job creating so many beautiful cards! I agree with many of the other commenters ideas. About the only new one I came up with was to not use the “2nd story”, then turn the bottom part of the house into some sort of store, shop, cafe, tea room, donut shop, coffee shop, etc. A sign could be placed on the roof or hanging from the roof for the type of shop, or a billboard could be on the ground by the door with a graphic such as a donut, steaming bowl of soup, cup and saucer, etc. The shop could also be decorated differently depending on the season or day and night (lighted windows or lamps).. Lamp posts, trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. could decorate the outside. A road, path, or sidewalk in front of the store could have people, animals, bicyclists, and so on. These cards would be cute for giving gift cards to a particular type of shop (Panera Bread, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme Donuts, etc.).

  48. I am just loving that new house! So many uses for it! Inspiration week has been amazing! Thanks for all the great ideas!!

  49. so many uses for that die. There could be a school house for back to school card, or a church for easter or a christening!

  50. So many options! I would make a gingerbread house for Christmas, I would make a house that looks like the one I grew up in to give my parents, a school house for my sister who is a teacher….

  51. Oh….love that house. My idea would be to make it Santa’s workshop and have toys and candy in the reveal window!

  52. Love the Build A House and all the fun things you can do with it! In my neighborhood association, I help on the welcome committee! I have been using Happy Village to make cards to welcome people, but this would be a fun way to make welcome to the neighborhood cards!

  53. Another awesome die set! I especially love the haunted houses, so I would use it to make my own spooky versions!

  54. I love this little house. So many possibilities. I would love to string a banner on the front for welcome home or happy birthday and fill the windows with balloons.

  55. Christmas, a card for someone moving into a new
    home, Easter with eggs and candy. So many
    ideas come to mind for this set. Going to be
    fun coming up with more. thanks for the
    peek. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  56. Oh, my gosh….. I. Love. It. As well as for X-mas and Halloween; someone moving to a new house, Easter with bunnies and eggs, country-side with critters around, beach-shack… you name it! Great release. (like the rest..!)

  57. Love this fun release!! Adorable projects!! I would use it for Halloween but also for Christmas houses on my cards too. I would add a little wreath and lights.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Migdalia Rodriguez
    Migdalia’s Crafts

  58. the “yay Kites” critters would look cute flying their kites next to the adorable house with the windy background die and the “Toadally Awesome” toads could move into an adorable new pad! the possibles are endless.

  59. Wow! These projects are all amazing and super creative! I love all the ideas the DT has come up with. You could also do a library or maybe an ice cream shop. Even a cottage on the beach. So many possibilities!!

  60. Your 2019 Fall/Winter release is hitting all the nostalgic buttons. I love how this set is a paper dollhouse. I can’t wait to use it as a Halloween house party for my Monster Mash and Beam Me Up stamp sets.

  61. This would be so cute if someone is moving into or building a new house! Talk about house-warming gift right!

  62. This would be great to use with Chibitronics, and have the windows light up. (Thank you for introducing me to Chibitronics with your fun robot kit.)

  63. This house would be fun to decorate for the Christmas season with a wreath and lights…with a sentiment “from our house to yours”. Fun die.

  64. So cute
    Would use for Halloween. Housewarming.
    Love the one with the glow on the dark embossing powered that I still need to use!
    So excited for the release on Thursday!!!
    Going to my local stamp store!!!

  65. The possibilities are really endless! I would love to make some sort of gingerbread house. Like hansel and gretel. All candy!

  66. A house for every season!! Love how LF finds and designs ways you can use past sets with new release, so creative!

  67. I love this little house with the reveal wheel!! I would use it at Christmas time to put little critters in the window waiting for Santa!

  68. I love house images so am excited for this new set. It’s perfect for “new home’ cards as showcased by the wonderful design team. I also like the idea of changing it up seasonally and having different images show up in the reveal wheel window.

  69. Wow! Love these cards and ideas. Especially the glow in the dark windows! This set is so versatile. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New house, and of course Halloween!

  70. The Build-A-House is so cute! You could use it to make a rotating Holiday/Season display. Spring house, Easter house, 4th of July house, summer house, etc. through the year.

  71. The Build-a-House can be used for so many different themes. I am looking forward to making some Halloween cards and also to use it to make some Christmas cards. I always make special Christmas cards for my nieces and nephew. Think they will enjoy the house.

  72. I love the school house one! So clever! I would make a gingerbread house and use the reveal wheel to show Mrs Claus and the different treats she’s making!

  73. What would I make with this awesome set of dies? I love the card with Happy Howloween as a Doxie Mom so I’d have to CASE it with my own spin on it!

  74. I would make spooky Halloween houses!
    So many great cards from the design team, I love that this die is so versatile.

  75. When I saw your build a house die set right away I thought of turning it into a haunted house and putting the costume party images with it. It is going to make a cute decorate house for santa to visit for Christmas cards also!

  76. I wasn’t sure if I wanted the house set, but the Halloween & Reveal Wheel add-ons have won me over. Seeing all the different cards from the design team & reading some of the other comments has started me thinking about all the different possibilities for this set … a fresh looking school house for the first day, & a distressed one for the last day of school; pairing the Halloween add-on with some other sets & glitter card stock for a very spooky house (with some glow-in-the dark pieces too); & using the Reveal Wheel add-on & lights die to really decorate a house for Christmas. The possibilities are limited only by imagination. I think using the Woodgrain papers would be a nice touch for texture too.

  77. Love how all the products go together so well! Im not sure what other theme you could do for the houses. maybe just all holidays because there are some who decorate their homes for say valentines day or st Patricks day. TFS

  78. I agree with all the others so far. It has amazing potential. I especially see in as a winter/Christmas house. That’s possibly because I’m currently making that season’s cards. 😀🎄☃️❄️

  79. well I am sure there are going to be Christmas Lights, and Santa for the chimney, and a snowman, and then in the fall, apple trees and Spring, budding trees with nests and baby birds …..

  80. I would use the Build-a-House set year-round to match the seasons. New home, holidays, birthdays. Love all today’s inspiration! So much fun! We need some furniture pieces so people can sit on the front porch or yard for a “relax and enjoy your birthday”, etc.
    On my comment yesterday, I meant to include dancing for a critter activity too.

  81. I love to decorate for fall with pumpkins, hay, corn stalk ect so that would be cute to do with this. Of course it would be so fun to decorate it with a Christmas theme as well!!

  82. I would love to make it into a Christmas house with snow everywhere. I would hang tiny lights on the house, have a Christmas tree in the window (maybe with a cat climbing it!), and a wreath in the top window. I would have smoke coming out of the chimney. It would be very festive!!

  83. So many awesome ideas in this post, I love it! I also love how Lawn Fawn keeps building on the reveal wheel – the possibilities are endless!!

  84. I want to use the tiny Christmas stamp set in the windows of the house! And the haunted house add on for Halloween with the tiny Halloween set. So excited for the release!!! Counting down the days!!!

  85. I love all the ideas displayed! I’d probably make a spooky house as well. Or I would show who lives in the house by letting all inhabitants appear in the window

  86. I love Build a House! It would be so great for scenes, for new home cards, welcome home cards and even home decor. So many possibilities.

  87. I wanna deck that sucker all out for Christmas! Love that it will be so versatile for all seasons & lots of different occasions.

  88. Just when I thought I had a favorite, the build a house comes along. Since Halloween and fall are my fav, I would put the trick or treaters on the scene with the house. I absolutely love lawn fawn and all the people involved with it. Thank you to you all

  89. Lawn Fawn the build-a-house die set and add on will make a great edition to
    any ones collection! You just have to use your imagination to come up with
    different scenarios of 1&2 story house, beach house, store, school, etc.
    Just use different colors, glitter, glow in the dark paper background, stamp/die sets,
    seasonal Dresden’s/stickers and so much more! I plan on making a house
    card for each Holiday/Season! I’m starting with a Spooktacular Haunted House,
    glow in the dark moon, windows, ghost, black bats, critters and Costume Party
    friends! Good luck & have fun everyone!

  90. I think I’d have ghosts stamped in the reveal wheel so it looks like lots of ghosts flying around in the attic.

  91. I want to make a party themed card for new year with this set with people celebrating, fireworks and lots of cake ☺️.

  92. My friend wants to give her neighbors cards for national neighbors day in September and already begged me to get this set and add on to make cute stuff!!

  93. A beach house would be so cute! Especially because I would love to be at one right now…I really see lots of Christmas and Halloween houses in my future though.

  94. This set is one of my favorite things from this release 🙂 Love that it can be used with the reveal wheel too! I think it would be adorable to make into a gingerbread house with the sweet Christmas set!

  95. As a teacher, I am definitely using the build-a-house for a school! Also, I love Halloween so I will be using it for a spooky house 🙂

  96. Love these dies and stamps. The house is so versatile. The design team have created some gorgeous cards as usual!

  97. Love the build a house with the Halloween add-ons. The back to school house was creative too. Great job everyone!

  98. I think it would be cool to turn it into the Psycho house. You could have Norman and then Mother appear in the window. AHHHH..HaHAHaHA!

  99. I want to build a Gingerbread house on Christmas cards this is another die I cant wait to get I’m so excited

  100. So cute! I wasn’t sure i would get this one, but all the different houses, especially the Halloween haunted houses are so darn cute! I would use them to make shops, dress shop, bakery, flower shop…a row of shops! Even a Lawn Fawn shop! The critters could go shopping!

  101. I’d make a bakery with buns, coffee and mini bagels. Thank you for giving me the inspirational nudge to buy this die…so many uses!

  102. Wow! Love the Build A House and all the add-on’s. My daughter-in-law is a real estate agent. This would be great for congratulations to new home owners.

  103. I love the interactive sets you are featuring this time, and the Build-a-House is especially fun! I can see the house used through the seasons with the Reveal Wheel Add On. And I can tailor the house for individual friends! Thanks for the inspiration!

  104. Adorable! I love these houses decked out for spring and Halloween. I love the idea of creating a page with a house in the four different seasons, including a house with fall leaves and another version with snowflakes. (I only wish my own house saw different seasons – we live in Houston, so only see spring/summer and very little snow. Thanks for these great ideas, and thanks as always for the cool products!

  105. This little house so has many possibilities. I love all things gingerbread, so besides the Haunted House at Halloween, I can’t wait ti give it a go! Thanks for the inspiration!

  106. OMG! I’m soooo excited for this! This can be used all year long! For greeting cards for every holiday and season! Birthday cards, etc!!!!

  107. I absolutely adore this new die set! So many inspiring creations to look at! I am planning on making some easel cards with the house die when I get it! ❤️

  108. Maybe you could make Build a House dies for seasons in addition to holidays? Love everything I’ve seen in this release so far. 👏

  109. There are a lot of possibilities for this house! Light house, elf house, fairy house, Santa house, the White House… ! All so creative and it is just up to your imagination!!!!
    I think I would use it as we have just moved into a new home, for our address change card!
    Wouldn’t it be cool with those chibianics lights!?!???!!!!

  110. Wow, Build-A-House with a Reveal Wheel? What genius came up with that? It’s fabulous! I love the school house. I’d make a library with books rotating through the window (not the first to think of it, but I did think of it before reading the other comments!).

  111. I can think of a lot of ways to use the house. I would probably do a fall scene or a winter scene since I donate cards based on the seasons.

  112. The first time I saw the Build a House I thought of Christmas, but I just love these samples! It really is versatile so your money will go far with this one!

  113. Since I have 2 friends that are in the process of moving into new houses, I love the idea of using the house for housewarming cards. I also thought it would make an adorable gingerbread house.

  114. This set is super cute and versatile. This will definitely be a must have for me. I can’t wait until the 22nd.

  115. Oh these are just too
    cute and fun ideas!
    I’d make a house to
    send family for a
    house warming party
    for our new house!
    Carla from Utah

  116. There are endless possibilities. I guess make a Halloween card or a Christmas card, put lights on the house. Maybe use on some scrapbook pages. Thank you for the giveaway. : )

  117. There are endless possibilities. I guess make a Halloween card or a Christmas card, put lights on the house. Maybe use on some scrapbook pages. Thank you for the giveaway. : )

  118. OMG I would love to try to make a really spooky card with the house by trying to make it look like the house from IT!

  119. It will be a wonderful day when this is released by Lawn Fawn so that we can build our own houses and share them with our friends. Thank you, Lawn Fawn.

  120. The house is such an awesome idea! I’m not sure what I would build with the house, but I’m sure one of them may be a super big doghouse!!!

  121. This house is so cute with so many possibilities as the designers have shown.
    Thanks Lawn Fawn for such creative sets.

  122. I am so excited about the Build-A-House dies and their add-ons! I have so many ideas! So many possibilities! Can’t wait!

  123. Oh my gosh this house!!!!! I can not wait to get it and make some adorable Christmas cards!!!!! I also think putting this house on a scrapbook page of my house decorated at Christmas would be so cute!!!!

  124. The Build-a-House set is perfect for all kinds of projects. The add-ons help to get that right level of Spooky or Christmasy feel. So fun.

  125. The Build A House set is AWESOME!! It can be used for SO many different holidays! Can’t wait to pay with this one! Thank you Lawn Fawn for designing everything you do! : )

  126. I do love the glow in the dark house for Halloween. What will we see for Christmas? I send more cards out for Christmas than any other time of the year. Looking forward!

  127. I love the Halloween houses, but I’d like to try a seaside cottage or a Hawaiian bungalo. So great to see the ideas designers think of. Very creative.

  128. I love how versatile the build a house is, but my favorite is doing it up for Halloween. I will definitely be using it for that.

  129. So fun! This release is amazing. I love that the papers are named after your staff members. The build a house is fantastic and all the add on pieces are so fun. Genius! Can’t wait for the release and so want to win! Hugs!

  130. Of all the things in this release I am most excited about, the build a house is at the very top. I can’t wait to make fall and winter scenes with it. I am hoping to make some really fun Christmas scenes with it, using the reveal wheel. I will have to play around with it a bit, but I am hoping to be able to make some different scenes that reveal using stamps from a mix of different lawn fawn stamp sets. I may also try some chibitronics to create a glow in one or more of the rooms. I just can’t wait to start playing around with it.

  131. I love this little house. It is just so stinkin’ cute. I’d definitely use up a ton of patterned paper building these!!

  132. There are so many ways to use this set. Seasonal or holiday cards, you can use it for an open-house party invitation, a welcome to the neighborhood card, the sky is the limit.

  133. It would be awesome to use the Build-a-House die alongside the new Santa stamp to show him delivering presents or make a Twas the Night themed card

  134. Any holiday would be awesome to dress up this little house. Next up Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Easter, St. Patricks Day, 4th of July. Maybe even transform it into a Church or Schoolhouse. Could have little extras like a picnic table, different potted plants, windows, doors, shingles, steps, trees, chimneys, fences. I could go on. 🙂

  135. SO many ideas for Build-a-house! Definitely housewarming parties come to mind, as we have a number of friends going through the house-buying process now.

  136. The endless themes I can do with the build a house includes all the seasons, summer with palm trees, spring with flowers, fall with leaves and a snowy roof for winter. Maybe make it into a shop like an ice cream or cupcake shop. I can’t wait to add this to my collection. I love the samples, thank you for the inspiration!

  137. OMG! That glow-in-the-dark card is so awesome! I love the build-a-house die. So many options. You could use it for make a summer beach house look, halloween, anything you wanted.

  138. The possibilities are endless for this set. I am thinking of building a Halloween scene with tiny pictures of my grandchildren’s faces peeking out the top window and then later doing a similar card with a Christmas scene.

  139. It would be so fun to make someone a set of notecards with a house for each season. Maybe designed to look like the recipient’s home?

  140. OMG! I need the tiny halloween stuff. I want to confetti a Halloween card for someone. They would be so cute as confetti in a card. And they would be a bonus for a fellow crafter to use on a future project!

  141. It would be a great Christmas/winter scene house for the holidays. Elves, santa, presents peeking thru the window.

  142. I would love to make an old english victorian house with it (I am from England) with traditional colours and stone work! Can not wait for the release!

  143. Little Girl Scouts selling cookies, a little wagon, a little bicycle.. all the size of the mini Halloween trick-or-treaters. I have so many ideas lol.

  144. I am in awe of this new set – so many possibilities! My brain immediately went to the holidays and making these little gems scream ‘Christmas’.

  145. Love, love, love this Build-A-House die and all the add-ons! I think this is my favorite die from this release! It is so versatile to create so many different scenes and for all types of different occasions. I would love to create a spooky scene with the spooky house ad-on and the reveal wheel.

  146. Wow! Well the haunted house is awesome and would definately be something that I would want to do with it!! The build-a-house would be cute to mimick someone’s house to give them a welcome card, etc. Would love to decorate for every season! What a great die to have!! 🙂

  147. I would love to make one of the Halloween reveal wheel card ideas posted here. A Christmas-themed one would be super cute, too, with candy canes, gingerbread boy, X’mas tree in the reveal wheel.

  148. I’d use build a house to make Christmas cards!!! Think of all the fun things you could put in the window <3

  149. This set is so versatile, it could be used for every holiday and scrapbooking! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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  154. I love everyone’s take on the house die. Such awesome projects! I would use the house with different critters from other sets and make them do different activities throughout the year in the lawn like fly kites, stargaze, play in the leaves, etc.

  155. This one is my “must have” – adore that house! You could have future add on sets for hospital, school, definitely a craft store!!, Pub (my hubbies suggestion haha!) love this little house so much. Ready to have some fun when mine arrrives! Thanks for the chance to win LF xx

  156. Being a military family, we move a lot. I think this house would be cute for a ‘we moved, here is our new address card’! I love seeing everyone’s ideas!

  157. OMG I am loving this Build-A-House Set along with the add-ons. I can see it used as an open house card for someone moving into their new home! I can see making the house look like their home. Or I think making a Halloween card would also be fun!!

  158. I just adore this little house!! I love how you all used it also! I love that Lawn Fawn created little reveal wheel images just for this house as well!! My goodness, so creative! I’d love to use it as a backdrop for the critters or different fawny people – maybe having a picnic.

  159. I was on the fence about this one, but now that I’ve seen the video, of course I have to have it. How do you keep creating the cutest stuff?

  160. So many creative ways to use the Build a House dies. I think I *need* it! Also love how it pairs so well with the reveal wheel set.

  161. I like the idea of the trick-or-treaters and how they’re so small and go so good with this set. More people would be awesome. You could do single people stamps with their die, and groups of people with their die.

  162. Oh, my goodness, adding the reveal wheel to this adorable house die is toooo fun!! I think it would be perfect for a Happy New Home Card, ,Birthday, and Christmas!

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  169. Another cute reveal wheel set! Love it! I’d like to make a chibitronics house, where when you open the door, the windows light up! Oooo… or maybe try building a circuit with the reveal wheel that lights up different parts of house as you turn the wheel…

  170. So so cute!!! This set is so versatile. There are so many things one could. I’m thinking a cute Christmas scene. Thanks. Take care ❤️

  171. Lawn fawn ❤️ is the best when it comes to stamp sets and inteactive cards.. I love everything, its very addictive and super fun to make, cant wait to try this BUILD A HOUSE. It can be use at any occasion, it’s so cute🤩🤩 and this week giveaway is rawrsome😊🤗Thank you for giving us all the chance to win your amazing collection😉 Kudos

  172. I would use them for Christmas decorated houses as I love Christmas but it’s so versatile it can be used for lots of occasions

  173. Oh my!! How fabulous!! I love this. I could use this Build a House so many ways … Definitely for Halloween like the design team did here. I could also use it for my friend who bought a new house last night. I will make her a Welcome Home card!

  174. Great design ideas today. Build a house is perfect for halloween. I also see it for Christmas with carollers or critters out front.

  175. I love what designers have done with this Awesome die and would love to make some interactive cards with this die!!

  176. Thank YOU, Lawn Fawn, for making me smile!!! This die set is so amazing! SO many possibilities = congrats on new home, welcome to the neighbourhood, haunted house, gingerbread house… and it would be so fun to see this used as a winter scene!

  177. I’m really quite excited to use it for housewarming cards, but those tiny light dies are so cute that I’ll have to make some Christmas cards with them as well.

  178. I always seem to be drawn to beach/ocean themes… So I would want to make a beach house. Maybe as a retirement card, just because, or for a birthday/celebration.

  179. Build a House set is so cute and versatile. I would love to use this set for the different seasons. The possibilities are endless. Thanks for the chance to win!

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  182. We will see what Build A House products can do for the recipients of our paper crafting time! Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

  183. It is 22 August and I can start building my house in my mind before the Lawn Fawn products arrive in my mailbox! Thank you!

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