Lawn Fawn Intro: Really High Five

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Spring 2020 Inspiration and Release Week! On February 20th our 13 new stamp sets, 21 new die sets, 2 new paper collections, 2 new ink pads and some fun new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Really High Five and its coordinating dies! Wheeeee! Celebrate your next occasion with a really high five! From flying balloons to trampolines, this stamp set gives lots of options to create a fun party!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Tammy‘s slim line card is perfect for the Really High Five critters whose balloons are carrying them high above the Puffy Cloud Borders! They are ready to celebrate a birthday with party hats and colorful gifts!

Megan created beautiful clouds in the sky with our new Cloudy Stencil! I love how she colored the cute critters with dot detail! And those colorful balloons, just perfect!

Who wouldn’t want to open an adorable card like this on your birthday! Elise used lots of happy colors on the balloons and party hats then she used the Stitched Cloud Backdrop to fill out the background!

I love the colors that Yainea used on this amazing card! She inked up the background using the Cloudy Stencil and lots of pretty, soft pastels. The birthday greeting is so unique with Oliver’s Stitched ABCs arranged vertically!

I love Elena‘s soft colors on the critters and on the XOXO Backdrop! It makes those fantastic red balloons pop!

Jenn‘s Magic Picture Changer card is so adorable! When the tab is pulled, the cute little bunny launches off the trampoline into the sky! Wheeeee!

Lynnette‘s little scene is so happy! The stripey paper from Hello Sunshine Remix is the perfect choice for the Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Frame!

Marine‘s clever Double Slider Surprise card opens to show the little mouse dangling from the two balloons on the bottom! I love the cute little balloons (from Coaster Critters) keeping the birthday gift aloft!

Latisha used our new Cloudy Stencil to make a rainbow colored sky! It’s a sweet backdrop for the cute little fox and balloon on this adorable birthday card!

I love Mindy‘s adorable scene card featuring Build-A-House! The Really High Five critters are having so much fun playing in the yard!

Megan‘s super happy Flippin’ Awesome card has each of the Really High Five critters landing on each of the panels after jumping on the trampoline in the bottom panel! Such a clever and fun design!

These cute foxes look like they are on a page in a storybook! Kara used our new Jellyfish ink to stamp the images from Really High Five and Butterfly Kisses so she could do some amazing no-line coloring!

How gorgeous is Audrey‘s watercolor background? I love the fun pops of red on this absolutely beautiful card!

Tammy created a fun birthday pull tab card with the happy critters from Really High Five!

Chari‘s card shows that the cute critters from Really High Five work really well with the Stitched Balloon Frames! Shaker elements add so much fun to birthday card!

Jenn used the Flippin’ Awesome die set with Really High Five! I love how it looks like the balloon is floating higher as you flip the scenes until you see the cute bunny! How cute is the sentiment from Offset Sayings: Birthday on the last panel! All of the Hello Sunshine Remix papers add to the whimsical style too!

This card shows how to use papers from our new collections Hello Sunshine Remix and Dandy Day to create a quick and easy backdrop for the cute fox and balloons!

Now, I have a little video to introduce Really High Five and show some fun ways to use this sweet new set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Really High Five! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling if you have ever jumped on a trampoline by February 19th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday, February 16th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Spring 2020 Release Products will be available on February 20th!
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Jellyfish ink pad
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Oliver’s Stitched ABCs

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537 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Really High Five

  1. We had a mini trampoline when my sister and I were kids and we spent hours taking turns on it. My parents really got their money’s worth with that trampoline. 😂

    1. Adorable!!! Love all the sweet creations and critters.
      Yes, I jumped on a trampoline when I was much younger. My girls love the mini trampoline.

  2. I have jumped on a trampoline back during phys ed in grade school. Don’t think I’ve gone back on one since. I remember they were a lot of fun.
    Lots of great samples. The no-line coloring one is the best no-line coloring sample I’ve seen done with Lawn Fawn to date! Gorgeous!

  3. Oh So so cute these balloons are perfect en so nice that you can use this set whit the balloons and the trampoline!
    I love jumping on the trampoline with my kids always a fun thing to do together 😊

    1. I sure have. My school would set one up every now and then. A friend also had one in her backyard- lots of fun after school was had!

  4. I think this is my favourite of your new sets! It’s so cute! I often jump on trampolines with my son in play parks – you’re never too old for a trampoline!

  5. Love the high five stamp set! Yes me my brotgerand sisters got a trampoline when we were kids for Christmas. Love the design team inspiration!

  6. Yes for years when I was a kid, the whole neighborhood was there, we also had one when my son was younger and we all jumped on the trampoline too. Such cute cards today, loved them all.

  7. Had to jump on a trampoline in gym class when I was younger and then a few years ago I bought one for the grandkids, we had a lot of fun jumping on it together

  8. Love the new Really High Five stamps and dies! and yes I have jumped on a trampoline – but it was a really, really, really long time ago! I’m not sure that I would be keen to do it now.

  9. This is such a fun fun set! I used to love trampoline jumping as a kid, and then when our son was born we got one and I used to love going on it with him too!

  10. What an adorable set and what gorgeous projects! I remember enjoying a trampoline at a friend’s house back in elementary school. Such fun!

  11. We used to jump on trampolines all the time as kids. I remember one day jumping on an old trampoline at our cousins house and my Dad thought he would have a go too. He only bounced once before falling though the mat as it perished 🤣🤣

  12. We didn’t have a trampoline growing up, but whenever we had a chance when visiting family / friends, we’d have to be dragged off. Who doesn’t love the fun of jumping on a trampoline!

  13. I cannot wait to get my hands on this set! WOOHOO for the wonderful ideas! I have NOT jumped on a trampoline (that I can remember).

  14. Adorable stamp set. I have jumped on a trampoline – made me nauseated!! My kids love jumping on trampolines though.

  15. I have jumped on a trampoline before BUT I wasn’t actually allowed to jump on them because my dad said they were too dangerous

  16. When I was young my family had a big trampoline in our backyard. My brother, sister and I spent many hours jumping, chasing each other around and playing games with our friends and the kids from the neighborhood.

  17. I have. My sister and her family had one and the kids loved it when the adults bounced in it so that the kids bounced uncontrollably 😂

  18. the animals are super cute! i believe I can Fly! What great ideas of cards to bring smiles to peoples eyes and hearts. Get well cards will be perfect. Thank You design team!

  19. My cousins had a trampoline for awhile when we were kids so I tried jumping on one then. A little too scary for me, so I usually just watched everyone else. Love the High Five set and the wonderful designs! I’m completely impressed by Kara’s no-line coloring! I’ll definitely have to try the new inks and see if I can do that too!

  20. 62 years old- I jumped on a big trampoline in high school, one time. Now I’d be too scared to- don’t need any broken bones.

  21. When I was in elementary school a long, long, long time ago, I had a few friends who had trampolines, and we’d jump on them. Fun times!

  22. I did as a kid and tried it again with my girls when they got a large one for the garden – but I got dizzy. So I never tried it again. Can’t also sit on a swing anymore. Strange how we change when we get older!

  23. I used to be in gymnastics and we would use the trampoline for training. But I have not jumped on one in forever. Love these stamps and can’t wait to purchase them for my birthday.

  24. So cute,can’t wait to get some of these….. Yes, I was 9+ months pregnant (1 week overdue) and took my daughter to a friends birthday party where they had a trampoline…. I went for a bounce (carefully) and my son arrived the next day! It’s been my labor inducing advice ever since!

  25. Hmmm…I’ll say yes – but I”m not really sure! But – Really High Five might just be my favorite in this release!

  26. Love this set! Used to jump on the trampoline with my kids when they were little and a couple of years back went to a trampoline park, had a great time.

  27. Yes! I have jumped on a trampoline. We have one in our backyard for our daughter and her friends to jump on. This set would be amazing for making great scrapbook layouts too!

  28. I have jumped on a trampoline! They really are fun. My daughter loves the new trampoline parks with wall to wall jumping space. This trampoline is more my speed these days! Such great cards. Love the DT!

  29. A “High Five” to the Lawn Fawn staff and designers today! My friends and family will love the cards made from this stamp and die!
    Thank you!

  30. Yes, jumping on a trampoline is always fun! I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow it! 🙂

    I love this high five set! 🙂 can’t wait til the 20th!

  31. Yes, I’ve jumper on a trampoline, but it made me nauseaus. Looks like a lot of fun though, and I would love to create with the cute Really High Five stamp and die set!
    Love todays inspiration! 💕

  32. Sort of. In the 90’s it was the thing to exercise on mini trampolines and I bought into the hype. Lawn Fawn is NO hype! I love this release and Mindy’s card is sooooo cute!

  33. Love the foxes in high five and the rainbows are pretty. Everyone did a great job with this reveal!! I don’t think I can jump on a trampoline now. Much older – lol.

  34. What’s not to love about cute critters bouncing on a trampoline….with balloons? I’m afraid I don’t look so adorable when jumping…I look more like a scared panda!

  35. Another adorable set! We bought a trampoline for our granddaughters a year and a half ago, but a tornado took it in the early morning hours of 5/23/19, we haven’t replaced it yet. The girls are now more interested in their hover boards.

  36. The High Five stamp/die set is so adorable and I’m looking forward to buying it and sending cards to some of my younger friends and relatives.

  37. Yes I did but back in my youth!! I probably would kill myself now!! 🙂 I love this set! Between this and the dandy mice oh and the stitched letters … ok it’s another great release!! My wish list is long!!

  38. I love all the little scenes created by the designers! I’m old enough that when I was in elementary school we actually had trampolines in gym class and all the kids loved it when it was trampoline time! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  39. Your artwork always makes me smile! We used to have a rebounder ( a small indoor trampoline) in the house when I was a kid. I loved that thing ❤ Thank you for bringing back some fun memories.

  40. I jumped on a trampoline when I was young! This stamp set captures the joy of that feeling of flying high. I love the animals with their balloons.

  41. I have jumped on a trampoline with my kids! Although nowadays, I’ll save the jumping for these adorably sweet little critters! I can’t walt to get my hands on this set!!

  42. Love this set. So many cute ways it can be used. Also loved the video. I didn’t think of using sliders up and down to look like jumping.

  43. Years ago, I jumped on a trampoline in gym class. I loved it. I love the critters in this set and using the sliders is a great idea

  44. Yes I have jumped on a trampoline! This stamp set is a must have…so many awesome cards made with it. I have the flippin awesome die and I need to use it with the high five set. Thank you for such amazing inspiration.

  45. EEK! So many amazing cards! I LOVE this HIGH FIVE set!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I have jumped on a trampoline… I LOVE the new trampoline parks like Sky Zone!

  46. We owned a trampoline when my boys were younger, because of back issues I rarely went on but they loved it! They would even shovel the snow off in the winter, put on their snow gear plus 3-4 pairs of socks and use the trampoline as a way to leap into piles of snow! After awhile I couldn’t watch their crazy antics! Very cute and happy set, definitely on my wish list, that’s a mile long!

  47. Oh yeah I have totally jumped on a trampoline before when I was a kid. I think I broke a finger actually when I fell so never did that again!

  48. I’m in love with this set! The animals are so cute! My daughter got a trampoline for her birthday that I’ll go and jump on too. Its fun!

  49. Adorable set! My neighbor had a trampoline when I was growing up. We had fun jumping on it! That was 30+ years ago.

  50. Love these! So cute! Fabulous creations! yes, The kids had one when they were kids, spent alot of time on that trampoline!

  51. Simply adorable…just love these sweet jumping critters!!! So much fun. I have jumped on a trampoline once, had a blast.

  52. I loved jumping on trampolines as a kid and this stamp set is so cute that it brings me back to the pure joy you feel bouncing in the air.

  53. Fabulous cards, can’t wait to receive this set! Of course I jumped on! When I was young I used to go on holiday in a little mountain village where there was an amusement park with trampolines….and I always wanted to go on holiday there!

  54. Yes, I have jumped on a trampoline as we had one when my 2 girls were growing up. Now there’s one for my grandkids.

  55. Really fun cards, make me smile! I used to love jumping on a trampoline when I was a kid, it felt so freeing! Now I’m a little too old, I don’t think my knees could take it!

  56. Fun cards and some cute critters!! Love all the interactive cards.
    If I ever jumped on a trampoline, I was very young and don’t remember.
    I know my nieces & nephews all love to jump on theirs.

  57. Oh – if I have jumped on a trampoline – it’s been so long now I can’t remember. These little jumping/floating critters bring a huge smile to my face. Just delightful!

  58. I love jumping on trampolines, but didn’t know that it would make your digestive system work in overdrive…. the more you know. 🌈⭐️

  59. The little animals look so happy, floating
    around in the air. Cute stamp set.
    thanks for the sneak peek.

  60. My daughter had a trampoline when we lived in Kodiak, AK, which we secured with thick ropes. We all loved jumping on it, until one day a big storm blew it away. That was a sad day. Love this set so much. I pre-ordered and can hardly wait to get my hands on it!! Thanks for the inspiration, DT!! You rock!

  61. I grew up before trampolines were common in people’s yards, but the kindergarten I went to had a big rectangular one that I loved bouncing on!

  62. Great ideas, I can’t wait to get my hands on this stamp set! I had friends who had a trampoline when I was growing up and we had a lot of fun jumping on it!

  63. I just love these little bouncing critters! The design team outdid themselves with these examples. I have jumped on a trampoline, but it’s been a very long time.

  64. I love these cute little animals jumping on a trampoline, how cute!!! I have jumped on a trampoline we used to own one until it got too worn out, this stamp set makes me want to have a new one.

  65. DARLING new set!!! I have jumped on a trampoline for around 50 years as a kid, with my own kids and now with my grandkids:)

  66. Never owned a trampoline but love the places that are wall-to-wall trampolines and kids can burn off energy for hours — so much fun!!!

  67. This is such a fun set!! All of the Design Team’s examples are amazing! We take our kids to trampoline parks, and we have just as much fun jumping as they do!

  68. Last time I jumped on a trampoline, I broke my finger. Never got the chance to jump on one again. But I would have. They are super fun!

  69. No, I’ve never jumped on a trampoline! But I imagine it must be fun to “fly high!” And these over-the-top cards sure make it look fun!! What an amazing collection by the talented LF designers! Your colorful creations have lifted my spirits!! ❤️💚💛💜💙💗

  70. Super cute critters! Have never jumped on a trampoline, but have watched my daughters when they were younger. Looks like a fun for the young.

  71. This Really High Five set is so much fun! Those happy critters and their balloons … so cute! I have never jumped on a trampoline. But, it is on my bucket list. Maybe someday, I can find a trampoline in somebody’s backyard, kick off the kids, and start jumping! Tee hee.

  72. Jumped on a trampoline ages ago. Remember more clearly my girls jumping on. A trampoline at my cousin’s house
    Cute cards!!!

  73. My grandkids have a trampoline and they make it look so easy! A few years back( before I broke a vertebrae in my back) a tried it!! It was so hard! Kicked my butt!!

  74. These animals are by far some of the cutest you’ve ever created! My childhood involved a lot of trampoline jumping, and it was close to our pool so we would jump from the tramp into the pool – ha!

  75. Trampolines are so fun! Any size! We had a big one in our yard for our kids, and everyone loved it! We also had a small one in the house for physical therapy when the kids were little, and it was just as fun!

  76. These cards are wonderful! I just Kara’s no-line coloring of the cute foxes. 🙂 We had one of those small trampolines when I was a kid and my sister and I jumped on it all the time! Thanks for the chance to win thus fun set!

  77. Our neighbor two doors down had an amazing rectangle trampoline that all the neighborhood kids would congregate to. It was so much fun!!

  78. I have jumped on a trampoline once as a kid and now I jump on one as an adult with my son at gymnastics mommy and me classes!

  79. It looks as though the High Five set is something to use on nearly any greeting card that we make! Thanks, Lawn Fawn!

  80. This set is so, so, so adorable!!! And how fun! I have jumped on trampolines before and had a blast! They can also be really good exercise!

  81. Growing up, we had a trampoline that me and my siblings liked jumping on for long while! Also, for my 1-year anniversary with my partner, we went to a trampoline park which was a lot of fun!

  82. I have jumped on trampolines before! I’m too timid to do much more than attempt a bum drop (drop to the bum then bounce to standing) but I sure do love to jump!

  83. Another adorable and versatile stamp set – so cute! We never had one growing up but my friend had a trampoline that we loved jumping on. Then her younger brother got a little too wild on it and broke his leg so they got rid of it.

  84. When I was young we went to a trampoline park. So fun then we did trampoline in gym in high school. Now I have a mini trampoline to help with lymph drainage.

  85. When I was much younger yes I jumped on a trampoline. The more I see this set in action the more I think that I will be adding it to my wish list! Great release!!

  86. This is so so cute!! I’m the reason we had a trampoline when I was younger, and this brings back so many happy memories!

  87. My friend when I was in elementary had a trampoline! We would play on it for hours everyday in the summer. We’d run a sprinkler underneath or just lay out on it and enjoy the sun. It was the best!

  88. My friends and I used to go to a trampoline place in Anaheim,CA when we were in Jr High. It was really fun!!!! These animals look like they are having fun, too..

  89. Adorable set, makes me think of the movie “Up”.

    I have jumped on a trampoline but I’m afraid those days are over!

    Carol B

  90. If I’m not mistaken, the last time I jumped on a trampoline was in phys ed class (a very long time ago!).
    All of the cards are delightful, but I especially like Kara’s card. It does look like artwork for a storybook.

  91. I used to love jumping on the trampoline in gymnastics! Now I get to watch my kids jump on it when we take them to class. Great stamp set!

  92. I joined the trampoline club during my year as erasmus student at St. Andrews University in Scotland.
    I won the competition at the uni and I’m novice of the year 2008/2009

  93. Yes, I have jumped on many different types of trampolines! Honestly, the only reason why I don’t do it much now is that I don’t have any kids to take to a trampoline place as my excuse. People look at you strangely if you just show up just you. lol

  94. Yes yes I have jumped on a trampoline- my Pastor has one set up in his yard in the summer – and it was fun to do this– even at my age – jump jump – TFS this amazing work by the DT

  95. My brother bought his daughter (my niece) a trampoline when she was very little. It was the first time that I saw or was on one. He still has it 30 years later and it is still in use. The family uses it more than the pool. Love all the examples show today. Such great work.

  96. The last time I jumped on a trampoline had been in grade school and that was (Cough, Cough) years ago 🙂 It’s funny how something so simple could create so much excitement, hours of fun, and non-stop giggling (we’re talking wayyyyy before smart devices came into the picture). Love this stamp/die set.

  97. OMG! I bought this set because the first thing I noticed was the trampoline. I recently purchased a rebounder trampoline to add to my home work out room. I could just imaging all of these little critters bouncing and working out with me everyday… LOL! Although, they look like they are having much more fun than I do on it… HAHA! I cannot wait to get this set in my hands 🙂

  98. This stamp set is so cute. I have spent many fun hours bouncing on trampoline’s. Can’t wait to use this with my magic picture changer die.

  99. Such cute cards!! I have jumped on a trampoline and it was so much fun. It was at a friend’s house and I remember wanting a trampoline so bad when I got home.

  100. I have jumped on a trampoline when I was in high school for school sport. I had to jump and fall flat, but grazed the skin on my chin, nose and forehead. Never went on a trampoline again! 🙁

  101. SQUEAL!! LOVE the NEW Set and ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration!! I’ve ALWAYS had a trampoline in my life!! We used to have a Mini one when I was growing up, and then we graduated to a Large Trampoline and my Kiddos have a Trampoline too!! Hours of Fun!! THANKS for sharing and for the chances to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!

  102. Our neighbours had a trapoline when we were kids and let us go on it, so when my children came along that was one of the first things I got, even now they are teenagers they still love it!!!!
    This set is so super cute!

  103. We had a small trampoline in the backyard which we used frequently. I love balloons and these samples are so adorable. Will definitely have to get my hands on these sets.

  104. Jumped on a trampoline in phys ed class in high school many years ago! It was a lot of fun but don’t think we looked as happy as the cute critters in the stamp set look!

  105. Yes! I have jumped on a trampoline – so much fun! Another great set and great video! And – DT has done another great job with their cards.

  106. After my daughter was born my mom filled her backyard with items that any kid would love. She had the swing & slide set with jungle gym…. and… she had this huge trampoline that she jumped on almost every day! It was so huge that many of the neighborhood kids would join mom and she was always in the center outperforming all others. So yes, I have jumped on a trampoline! So now that I have my own grand kids, I, too, have a trampoline! Not as nice and large as mom’s but I do enjoy seeing my girls jump for hours! I never see the girls jump on the trampoline that I don’t think of my mom who jumped on hers into her late 70’s! A very special memory…

  107. This is my favorite set of this release. I love trampolines. Had one up until recently (it was 20 years old and it was time to go), and want another one. It doesn’t matter how old you are, they are a blast to jump on.

  108. The little critters on the trampolines are my favorite!
    I have a trampoline straight out my kitchen window for my 2 grandsons (who love it when “Mimi” gets on there w/ them.)

  109. Such a cute set! I have jumped on a trampoline back in the day my friend had one and we’d do flips. now I’d probably break my neck

  110. WOW so many wonderful projects again!! Really getting my creative mojo going for the new release!! Yup I have been on a trampoline and it was rather funny cuz I started to kind of gasp for air and I’m realizing “hey, this is kind of like exercise I better stop!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  111. Oh my word, these animals are so adorable!
    I remember going to a few birthday parties at the local gymnastics gym when I was growing up. The trampoline was my favorite part!
    A couple years ago, we went to an indoor trampoline park with the HS youth group from church… it reinforced how much my body has changed since having kids, haha!

  112. These are such cute and creative cards! I love that y’all use pattern paper on y’all’s cards. I loved the trampoline. My friends and I would have slumber parties and sleep outside on the trampoline. Also one of my friends had a balcony and the trampoline was right under it and we jump off the balcony.

  113. It’s been a long long time since I jumped on a trampoline… Like highschool.
    Those animals sure look like they are having fun though!!

  114. Yes I have been an a trampoline many times! And now that trampoline parks are so popular it’s a fun place to take the kids and use up some energy! Although I never have as much energy as they do!!!

  115. OMG what memories! My best friend had a trampoline growing up – we used to jump off the roof onto it when her folks weren’t around. I can’t believe we didn’t break an arm or our necks!

  116. My friend when I was little had a huge trampoline. We would put “I believe I can fly” on repeat and try to choreograph jumping to it. Haha!

  117. The last time I jumped on a trampoline was in grade school and that was a very, very , long time ago. I love the high five set, it’s so sweet!

  118. The first time I ever jumped on a trampoline was when my granddaughters got one for their birthdays and they begged me to jump with them. It was so much fun. My grandson just had his birthday party at the trampoline park. Kids have so much more fun now.

  119. Yes, I have jumped on a trampoline with my kids and grandkids.
    I LOVE all the cards! Great job Design Team!!😍😍😍

  120. Trampolines were so fun when I was younger, recently I got on one omg y’all I almost died I tried doing a cart wheel yeah nuhu almost broke my neck haha not as fun as when your 14 lol

  121. I like all the pull tab card creations. Really enjoy seeing examples of those. I have never jumped on a trampoline. Was always terrified I’d fall off and die.

  122. Yes I jumped on a trampoline when I was kid! It was/ is such a delight to see these little animals jump up and about with all the balloons with gleeful cheer. I will so have to have this set as part of my Birthday stash!

  123. I haven’t jumped on a trampoline in 20 years! At my age I wouldn’t dare! Love the look of this jellyfish ink, Kara the coloring on this card is by far the BEST I have ever seen. WOW!!!!

  124. This is a very cute stamp set. Love all the cards!
    Oh yes! I have jumped on trampolines before. We have one in our back garden and the whole family has been to the trampoline park several times. Not going to lie, jumping is very exhausting but a very good exercise. 😂😂

  125. Gorgeous inspiration! I used to have a trampoline as a kid!! I wish I still had it and would love to jump on one as an adult hehe!

  126. Really High Five items look like they will have many uses in coordination with our existing Lawn Fawn products. Thank you!

  127. This set makes me jump with joy without the trampoline.
    Thanks designers for showing us that we sure can’t live without this set.

  128. Love the new release, especially Really High Five…it’s my favorite! I follow the blog, subscribe to newsletter, follow on IG and on FB.

  129. I have jumped on a trampoline…fun times! Love the new release, especially Really High Five…it’s my favorite! I follow the blog, subscribe to newsletter, follow on IG and on FB.

  130. Even though my bladder is strongly against the trampoline jumping, I still remember the fun we used to have. Love this stamp set!

  131. I have never jumped on a trampoline, but I have watched my cousins jump and do back flips and all kinds of other tricks. He always says if it very fun.

  132. High Five is so adorable! I love the cute little critters holding the balloons. I have never jumped on a trampoline, but I would have loved to!

  133. Oh yes, we use to go to the trampoline park before we went roller skating ( when younger of course) . This set is so cute.

  134. LOL, jumped on an indoor trampoline only once and about killed myself, the coffee table suffered slight injury too. These critters are so stinkin cute, so glad most have a spotter. Tee hee

  135. OH my goodness, trampoline FUN! We have one in the backyard for our children – and now we can have one on paper for us ‘bigger kids!” The DT have created AMAZING cards! Fun, FUN!

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    those stitched letters are growing on me…. darn!!

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  142. How adorable! These cute critters look like they are having a grand time! Thanks for the inspiration. Yes I have jumped, well more like my kids have bounced me on a trampoline 😂, I am a serious klutz when it comes to balance on wobbly surfaces 🤷🏻‍♀️Thanks for the inspiration and the opportunity to win!

  143. I did trampolining at school but was not a fan however discovered a love for it when I bought one for my children which was kept at the bottom of my garden.

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    I have jumped on a trampoline but after a while it hurts my knees and I feel dizzy So I prefer crafting cards with trampolines 😀

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    I have jumped (& almost died bahaha) an a trampoline!! These critters are SO cute jumping and flying away!

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    Yes, I have jumped on a trampoline, but not in a lonnnng time.

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  178. I used to jump on my neighbors’ trampolines as a kid, and then had the opportunity to jump with our nieces and nephews recently! so fun!

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    Jo’s Scrap Shack

  180. I have jumped on a trampoline, but not in quite a few years!!! One of my favorite pictures of my son was when he was three and jumping on a trampoline – I caught the picture of him flying and his curls were all crazy over his head. I love it!

  181. I LOVE this set; I love how you can make it look like the animals are floating up to the sky OR jumping on a trampoline OR both! 😀

    Oh dear… the last time I was on a trampoline, I was either kicked by one of the other participants or landed incorrectly on my ankle and managed to sprain it. It was a sad couple of weeks after that! lol

  182. At my age and after a 10 + pound baby…. jumping of any sort is a bad idea…. But when I was younger, it was GREAT! Trampolines have brought hours of exercise and joy to my kids though. Anyone have one of the rectangular ones? I don’t even know that they make those anymore.

  183. I have, but not since I got hurt really bad on one in 1998. I pulled all of the muscles in my back and couldn’t lift my arms for a week.

  184. The orders that I get from people at the nursing home for birthday cards will be “graced” with this fun Lawn Fawn set. Thank you, Lawn Fawn staff and designers!

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