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Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Spring 2020 Inspiration and Release Week! On February 20th our 13 new stamp sets, 21 new die sets, 2 new paper collections, 2 new ink pads and some fun new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

We already have six places you can leave comments to win:
Our big giveaway post!!
Our Dandy Day post!!
Our Magic Iris post!!
Our Really High Five post!!
Our Reveal Wheel Circle Sentiments post!!
Our Hello Sunshine Remix post!!
AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of our five new Stencil packs; Hillside Stencils, Grassy Hillside Stencils, Grassy Stencil, Cloudy Stencil and Scene Builder Stencils: Bayou! Our stencils have grid marks for easy alignment and some also have positive and negative stencils for making quick and easy backgrounds!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing these new stencils with tips for fun ways to use them! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

For her gorgeous card that’s perfect for a wedding, Latisha combined the Cloudy Stencil with the Scene Builder Stencils: Bayou! I love the beautiful colors she used to ink up the cloudy sky!

Yainea‘s undersea-themed card is amazing! She created the awesome blue currents using Hillside Stencils as a background for the swimming critters from Duh-nuh and You Are Sublime! She added some more detail with the Scene Builder Stencils: Bayou along the bottom! I love how she white embossed the Offset Sayings: Birthday sentiment on a vellum Stitched Circle!

Tammy combined lots of new stuff to create this adorable birthday shaker card! She has the Really High Five critters floating on the Outside In Stitched Balloon Stackables and Stitched Balloon Frames. Inside the shaker balloon she stamp the greeting from Reveal Wheel Circle Sentiments! She created the sky with the Cloudy Stencil and added more clouds from Meadow Backdrop: Portrait!

Audrey used Cloudy Stencil and Grassy Stencil to create a pretty backdrop to create a sweet scene! The cute Dandy Day mice work so well with our charming little Mushroom House!

Kara got really creative created a fun stenciled cloud and grass background on her Stitched Scalloped Treat Box with some masking of the Dandy Day images! She finished this adorable design by white heat-embossing the dandelion fluff and the sweet sentiment!

Elise paired up the branches and leaves from A Bug Deal with cute little birds from Open Me and Elphie Selfie to create a sweet scene! With Cloudy Stencil she added the pretty pink clouds in the background! The finishing touch is the cute Critter Chatter: Pets sentiments!

Megan added a cool stenciled cloudy background to this fun fusion of A Bug Deal and Hey Lady! She made a Reveal Wheel card using Reveal Wheel Square Add-on and Reveal Wheel Circle Add-On. I love how she colored the Oliver’s Stitched ABCs to look like ladybugs!

For her adorable Magic Iris card, Audrey used the Cloudy Stencil to make the fluffy clouds and the Hillside Stencils to make the sandy beach! It’s the perfect backdrop for her cute Ahoy Matey scene!

Lynnette created a happy Dandy Day scene by combining the Cloudy Stencil and Grassy Stencil! I love how she layered the cute scene on a Fancy Scalloped Rectangle die cut from Shimmer cardstock in a pretty pastel yellow!

Yainea‘s soft blue and purple clouds add just the right background for the colorful balloons!

Latisha used the Cloudy Stencil and the Grassy Stencil to set the scene for a very happy Dandy Day card!

Now, I have a video to introduce our new Stencils and highlight all the fun ways to use them. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at our brand new Stencils! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what made you smile today by February 19th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set of stencils! Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday, February 19th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Spring 2020 Release Products will be available on February 20th!
Cloudy Stencil
Grassy Stencil
Hillside Stencils
Grassy Hillside Stencils
Scene Builder Stencils: Bayou
Really High Five
Dandy Day
A Bug Deal
Hey Lady
Super Star
Reveal Wheel Circle Sentiments
Easter Before ‘n Afters
Oliver’s Stitched ABCs

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  1. My kiddos always make me smile 😊 but that’s every day! 🥰 Also this blog makes me smile I really enjoy checking in every day for all the amazing inspiration!

  2. My 1.5 year old skipped his nap today so an hour before bedtime he became goofy and started laying down on everything for only a second at a time then popping up and finding something else to lay on.

      1. My friends made me smile today. I’m in the first semester of Uni (second degree so not first first semester but first semester with new people and more difficult) and I have a whatsappgroup with my new friends and it made me smile that we even write in the holidays and someone asked if we all meet. I’m really happy I found the best way possible. I wanted to present Card making as aesthetic practice and experience and needed someone to do the group project and presentation with me. So this one girl showed up to do it with me under the label of DIY and we hanged around and ended up being a crew of four. Wow that was a long explanation, I’m sorry 😅
        Love this release and definitely need the bayou backdrop stencil, it was my favorite all along but I didnt have the 30$ for the diecut. I’m so happy there is a stencil now, love the layered optic so much!!

  3. Wow love all the new stencils.♥ My favorites today are the Grassy and the Hillside stencil.♥ My Beagle Cooper makes me smile every day and a visit from my mother makes me also smile today.♥ Many thanks for the great inspirations today.♥

    1. Love these new stencils. Such great ideas. Love lawn fawn. It is a must have. I watched the video last night and checked it out this morning too. My dogs make me smile and my grandchildren .

  4. The intro video for these new stencils made me smile, but also picking up my son from Kindy and he had his shorts on backwards and his underpants not on properly… super funny but I’m also proud that his obviously tried to do dress himself.

    1. My almost 4 year old is always saying the funniest things. I have been smiling all day long from her. The stencils look amazing!

  5. Thinking of my grandson coming over makes me smile, he’ll be over later. We have a lot of fun together. All the great new products does also.

  6. Love the new stencils and all of the inspiration!
    I got an email from a store in Australia saying my lawn fawn preorder would ship later this week … that made me smile!

  7. These stencils made me smile, so many awesome ways to use these to make great 1 layer cards and scrapbook pages as well too.

  8. What made me smile – this post ( I love stencils) and I managed to surprise a dear friend with a cute card and made her happy <3.

  9. Well, it’s 4:30 am here, and I went straight to your blog. So all the amazing cards on your blog made me smile! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Yay! I’m so excited about the new stencils! Lawn Fawn makes the best things! What made me smile were texts from my husband.

  11. My cat Lucy always makes me smile. I’m excited to try the new stencils. I don’t have a lot of experience with ink blending but I’m hoping to learn.

  12. Just amazing, the inspiration is out of this world I just want more and more. I just looove the ‘i’m not lion’ sentiment
    Thank you so much for the chance love Jane x

  13. Beautiful inspirational projects showcasing these cool new stencils!! Sitting at my craft table, listening to music while making art always makes me smile.

  14. These stencils are so cool .. can’t wait to get them! What made me smile today was sitting down with a cup of tea and finishing a book!

  15. what made me smile today? that’s easy! i woke up and immediately looked at this blog post! it made me smile! i love all the cuteness!

  16. How exciting! No more crooked stenciled backgrounds 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🎉you guys took the guess work out of the equation and that puts a big smile on my face😍, and what to say about all these wonderful ideas? seriously, I could not pick a favorite even if I try 😅 and that makes me smile too, I can admire and try a few, thanks for the inspiration!

  17. These bright and happy spring cards are so sweet, love the options with the new stencils for scene building! The goodness of God made me smile this morning.

  18. Whenever you ask what made me smile, the answer is usually my dog, Apollo. He is just such a loving and cuddly guy!

  19. Such a great bunch of projects!!! Lovely work everyone and these stencils are SO cool!!!

    What made me smile today was my silly cat! She’s a real piece of work!

  20. Wow, Stencil City for sure. I really like the Grassy stencil. Kara’s treat box design really did make me smile today!

  21. Having a fun time with my teenager on the way to take her to school. All the ideas that these cards gave for the new products are so beautiful.

  22. Still smiling over my doctor visit yesterday…no x-ray next year! I love stencils. Totally love the idea of grid marks on the stencils. Can’t wait!

  23. I am energized and happy this morning because I organized my stamping supplies last night. Wahoo! I am loving the grass and clouds stencils.

  24. My cat wanting her mice video’s put on and her trying to use her super power of cuteness to over ride what I am doing.

  25. What made me smile? Waking up on the right side if the grass, doggie next to me, snows leaving, these cards and seeing these absolutely must have stencils.. You guys are so talented!

  26. Love the stencils! What made me smile today was the ladybug card by Megan Quinn. We call my granddaughter Bug so it reminds me of her (and this set is definitely a MUST have).

  27. My family makes me smile. My husband and little girl playing, hearing them laugh together. Seeing him babysit 25 baby dolls at once. All the little things, make me smile.

  28. I woke up, so I’m going to craft for another day.
    The sun was out – that got a smile – but it’s gone
    now so I guess it will be another dreary day.
    These fantastic cards brightened up the day
    just now. thanks for sharing

  29. My dog playing in the snow. Her face was all covered in a thin layer of snow which was so funny looking.
    Great carde ideas from everyone.

  30. My beautiful daughter make me smile every day. And for the few passed days these release was the reason for big smile all over my face.

  31. What made me smile today is my sweet little one! But also thinking about the 20th and having new goodies from lawn fawn makes me smile too!!!

  32. These are great! Love the hillside stencil especially. Today my toddler son giving me a kiss on the nose when I dropped him off at daycare made me smile.

  33. The things that are making me smile today are getting to meet for lunch with a former coworker/friend that I have not seen in a while and my son doing so well at college, in another state, even though he has very bad anxiety/depression. Also, smiling at the new release!!

  34. I made myself smile, hm… Some time ago I saw similar idea with the stencils, but another brand (known or not I don’t know – can’t even remember where I saw them…) . -No, no, that’s not for me, they seems pretty useless, nothing for me to buy.
    And then you, my favorite LF, come up with these stencils and I immediately tell myself; -Ooops, what a brilliant idea, and how useful they seem and of course I need them!
    Can’t help myself when it comes to Lawn Fawn haha…

  35. My oldest son sent me a pic of what my youngest grandson did this morning. Four boxes of cereal thrown all over the front room of their home. Definitely made me smile today remembering some of the shenanigans my son did when he was little. Payback time….lol Loving all the new stencils and fun cards.

  36. I love the idea of using stencils to create a pretty background instead of cardstock. It really cuts down on the bulk/weight of the card.

  37. Today was the first day of holiday with my son and it made me smileys. We watched your youtube videos and he liked it so much 😊

  38. Love, love, love the stencils. I really like the thought put into these too. Can’t wait to get my hands on them to try them out. Beautiful examples

  39. Well I just woke up so the day hasn’t had much of a chance to make me smile yet… But I’m smiling that I woke up!

  40. I’m so excited about the stencils! Love the look of the clouds! My sweet dog, Millie, made me smile this morning. She was so cute all cuddled up in the chair.

  41. Vacation…waking up this morning and looking out at the salty blue Caribbean waters and sunshine made me smile…because it’s 23 degrees back home!

  42. Birds singing, blue skies and sunshine made me smile this morning. I didn’t think I needed stencils, but after today’s examples, I think I do!

  43. My cat made me smile today. He did something very silly!! Great video showing all the different ways to use these awesome stencils!!!

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  45. I just fell in LOVE with Kara’s stitched scalloped treat box! ♡♡♡♡ There are so many possibilities in this stencils that can’t get enough of it.O(≧▽≦)O

  46. Your designers are so creative and inventive! Love all the samples using the stencils. My doggy, Daisy, made me smile today as I watched her stretch out on her bed in a ridiculous pose. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  47. My smile came this morning when I woke up realizing that it was a no school day and therefore a day off at home with my kids. Hopefully there will be some crafting today too.

  48. My 0730 conference call had to be rescheduled. Sounds corny, but little wins in getting an extra 30-mins to have coffee and breakfast always brings a smile to my face.

  49. These stencils are fantastic and I love all the extra attention you gave with the grid lines, card lines and middle point but the best is the exact reverse on the opposite ends for easy masking!!! My puppy and her exuberance for life makes me smile everyday!

  50. What made me smile this morning is that I slept well last night. Been having trouble sleeping lately, but last night I had a restful night’s sleep. Also, these cards made me smile today. 🙂

  51. These are all adorable!! I love the scene building stencils; they really make the scenes pop! I have a six month old kitten and he is WILD!! But he’s also super sweet and seeing his little face peeking at me makes me smile!

  52. Love the stencils! My granddaughter who is 2 1/2 puts a smile on our faces every day. I am keeping a journal of all the funny things she says. We won’t be seeing her for a few hours but I know she will make us laugh!

  53. Kellie and Rebecca – that swan reflection card made me smile today! That looked so cool! It got my creative mind working… Thanks!

  54. The swan card made me smile the biggest smile ever! I loved seeing the “reflection” in the water. What an awesome idea!

  55. I babysit my 1 year old granddaughter and she makes me smile everyday! There is nothing quite like the laughter and happiness of a child. One of God’s greatest gifts. ❤️
    And… I love all the new stencils. I like the way you guys really think about your products to make them work effectively. Love the fact that you can use the stencil to color and then use it to cover up so you can add a different color and not mess up what you first did. LOVE this feature. I have other stencils but now I want yours. Lol Happy crafting and love you guys! Awesome examples again!

  56. I just love the cloud and hills stencils
    I’ve been making cardstock stencils out of the cloud and hills dies, but they don’t clean. But these stencils sets will make my heart smile!

  57. I really like how you have both sides of the stencil include the regular and the mask. Very inventive. It is finally sunny outside today and that definitely made me smile.

  58. Wow the stencils will make creating so much more fun and quick too. Today it made me smile when my daughters hugged when we dropped off our oldest back to college after a long weekend.

  59. My grand kids have been camping, but I usually see them everyday. Just the thought that I will see them after school makes me smile.

  60. When I arrived home from dropping my grandson off to school I found that my husband had done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. I am really excited about these stencils, they will allow me to add depth do my card without adding bulk for easier mailing.

  61. I just love all the beautiful cards and techniques that you share – it helps me so much. I can’t wait to try these new techniques with the stencils!

  62. Excited about the stencil designs!
    The greeting I got from my Siamese cat this morning when I got up made me smile!

  63. I love stencils and use them all the time so I was really happy to see you come out with the grassy ones specifically. I also love how they can be used as a mask as well. Very convenient. Someone at work made me smile today when they paid me a compliment.

  64. Seeing the sun today made me smile. And so did these ingenious stencils! I can’t wait to try them – especially the grassy hillsides.

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  67. Besides these adorable stencil cards, the other thing that made me smile today was finding out that Build-a-Bear is coming out with a Doctor Who line. I’m so excited!!!!

  68. Wow!! Those stencils are great! The thought that went into the designing is amazing, with the gridlines and the masking portion. Best designed stencils I’ve seen. Love the clouds because I struggle with them the most. My grandkids make me smile!

  69. What made me smile today – I got to talk with my 3 y.o. grandson on the phone! He always cracks me up.
    I ❤️❤️❤️ the stencils – they are fantastic! Love all the cards and the video.

  70. Wow! Best designed stencils I”ve seen with the grid lines and mask portion!! Lot’s of thoughtfulness went into the design! My grandkids make me smile!

  71. My 18 month old niece is such a character and is so happy and silly, it’s always a Funtime visiting her. And these stencils are awesome! Seriously- adding the reverse image to the other side to use as a mask – GENIUS!!!

  72. My sleepy 4 year old daughter came and crawled in bed with us this morning just before the alarm went off. She always makes me smile. These stencils are adorable!

  73. These are fabulous!! Loving these stencils.
    What made me smile today….seeing 2 of my kitties curled up together (so sweet). ♥

  74. My son made me smile today, and roll my eyes, when he txt me from school that I didn’t sign a permission slip….the one in his bag that he never gave me, lol.

  75. What made me smile today was that the Pomona Stamp and Scrapbook Expo registration opened today. Beautiful samples today too.

  76. Today being my last working day before a bunch of days off made me smile. I’ve got some serious crafting planned for those days!

  77. Coffee! Coffee made me smile today! But then again, coffee ALWAYS makes me smile! I love that the stencils can also be used as masks. Very clever!

  78. SWOON!! LOVE ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration!!
    My Boys and Husband made me SMILE today and EVERYDAY!! I’m SO BLESSED to have them!!
    THANKS for sharing and for the chances to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  79. What made me smile inside is seeing several squirrels on my walk this morning. These stamps are all so cute. I especially like the eel.

  80. My dog playing in the snow in minus 30 weather this morning made me smile….I am so glad she thought it was nice enough outside to play…NOT!!! But she had fun for a few minutes before she decided that it was too cold outside.
    I can’t wait for the new release products….two more sleeps. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  81. When I went for our afternoon walk with my 2 dogs, I first heard then saw a beautiful blue tit singing happily, calling for the Spring. It made me smile, hoping to see and hear it again in the next days.

  82. I’m smiling because my husband and myself is feeling better today! We both have had the a cold and then the flu! I hopeing that maybe I might win Lawn Fawn 😊 product. My list has grown after today’s blog/video preview! Thanks, Good luck everyone!

  83. My sweet valentine bought me orchids to keep in my home office and they are making me smile today!! Beautiful cards and other crafty projects by the DT today – as always. I really just love those little bugs! They are so cute. 🙂

  84. I am so excited to get these new products in my hands! They are all so different and unique! Truly special! ❤️❤️

  85. I love this new release What made me smile was my cat eating his breakfast with gusto today. I almost lost him after a dental & his eating was touch & go for 2 weeks but he pulled through.

  86. Stencils make such lovely backgrounds without unwanted depth. I just woke up and the sun is shinning! That is always something to smile about at my age, that and my cat didn’t wake me up at 4 am. LOL

  87. Such beautiful examples! Thank you all for your creative designs! I didn’t think that I needed all of the stencils until I saw your work with them! Just gorgeous!!

  88. The eletrician!
    He looks like a famous model of popular italian commercial: campari and captain findus.
    We told him and he said he was really him…we asked for a selfie and he confessed he wasn’t.
    He got me and my colleague and we had a great laugh XD

  89. My oldest niece made me smile today. Seeing her with such a happy expression as she enter douse her fiancés to us. It was so nice to see her so happy. Loving all the new stencils and how they work.

  90. Having another parent tell me how impressed they were that my daughter had congratulated her daughter on being elected team captain after my daughter missed out on the position and was very sad and disappointed.

  91. Definitely all the cute projects on the blog today made me smile. The projects are so fun and cheerful and the designers are always so creative!

  92. My new kitty, Sammy, made me smile today. I adopted him a week ago, my husband and drove up to Clyde, NC, from SE Georgia to pick up this kitty. I found him on Petfinder. He looked so scared in his picture. I had just lost my 17 year old Maine Coon, Tiger. I was devastated, I felt like I had lost a child. This kitty looked like he needed me as much as I needed him. Every since we brought him home it’s been, where’s Sammy?? When I do get to pet him, he is very lovable and he is absolutely beautiful but he runs and hides when he gets tired of the petting. He favors a Norwegian Forest cat. Anyway, getting back to what made me smile. I was watching TV and suddenly, Sammy started snoring underneath the couch. I guess that’s where he’s hiding right now. I had to smile.

  93. What made me smile today was: I was creating cards, just experimenting and I made something that I thought was soooo cute and I was really happy with it 🙂

  94. Yay for stencils! They are so handy and these are perfect.
    My oldest son is away at college, and this morning I awoke to a sweet text from him that made me smile and made my day!

  95. Being warm and cozy inside while reading a book by a rainy window made me smile today. Love today’s stencils. I definitely need to learn how to use them! The treat box is fantastic.

  96. This release of stencils is AWESOME and I am so excited as I have seen them on other web sites, but not ordered any. I am so happy that I have awaited Lawn Fawn’s release of stencils! Thank you!

  97. All these cards made with the fantastic new stencils made me smile! That, and also having a neatly mown nature strip outside our house after 3 hours’ hard work with a push mower and clippers (husband had let the grass grow sooooo long).

  98. My daughter left to go back to college and she sent me a text saying she loves me. That put a huge smile on my face :). Seeing all the inspiration everyday on this blog makes me smile also.

  99. Getting back to Pilates and seeing an instructor from a few years back. Seeing her put a smile on my face because she is such an amazing (kind) lady.

  100. My teenager made me smile today…she’s seriously so funny!
    Love the stencils! They’re my new ‘thing’ since I finally got some blender brushes and can actually do this technique now. lol

  101. These stencils are wonderful and I can hardly wait to use them with my cards and the Lawn Fawn products that I currently own. Thank you!

  102. I currently have the stomach flu so not much has happened today that has made me smile; However, I took a shower and that has made me feel better! At least our son is not I’ll and that makes me happy too! Fun release! Love the stencils!

  103. Wow, what an awesome and inspiring gallert! 😲🥰🥰🥰 Love the alternative use of the hill dies as under the sea waves ingenious 🌊👏🤗💕 Would love to win this amazing giveaway promotion, to be able to experiment and do my own take on some of the amazing creations, posted on this blog 😊💖🌟

  104. These stencils are AMAZING! So versatile! Can’t wait to craft with them! Today I smiled when I got home and saw my family! ❤️

  105. Watching God’s beautiful sunrise made me smile this morning. Thinking about this new release brings a smile to my face also especially now that it’s only a couple days away!!

  106. I cannot wait to get these stencils. I love the idea of these, so simple but so effective. Well done guys on an amazing bunch of new products, I love watching your YouTube videos, they are my fav

  107. i can’t get over all these cards! something for everyone. my co-worker has been cracking me up all day because she is off the rest of the week. seeing her bouncing off the walls to get out of here has been hysterical!

  108. A very nice man applying for a job where I work made me smile today because he was just so sweet. I work in the recruiting department of a very large company, and it can be a stressful job, so it’s always nice when someone like that comes in!

  109. Lots of things made me smile today: my puppies, my students (I’m a high school Geometry teacher), and realizing it’s almost February 20th and time to get my new Lawn Fawn goodies!

  110. What made me smile- finally got some energy after dealing with this gunky cold for 2 weeks!
    Your samples are so adorable!! Can’t wait to see the stencils up close to understand them better!

  111. These stencils are amazing!!! Can’t wait to play. What made me smile today was finally feeling better after 4 days of being laid out with a bad cold.

  112. My kids make me smile every day. Today my youngest was imitating her older sisters during lunch and we all laughed at how adorable she was.

  113. Getting together with my ladies group at church made me smile. Love the card on this blog with the cute cute little birds – that made me smile & giggle!

  114. I’m going to be honest. Today was a hard day ay school. My kiddos weren’t on their best behavior, and I sat in my classroom and cried while they were in Spanish class. This afternoon, I went to rehearsal. The director’s classroom was locked and some girls by the door immediately popped up and open the door for me. Then they started clapping when I entered with big smiles on their faces. They made me smile. Hearing my former third grader now seventh grader take what I taught her for her character Madame de la Grande Bouche and really become that character put an even bigger smile on face. Today was hard. Tomorrow will be better.

  115. OMG! I LOVE, LOVE these stencils! I love working with “draping” plants and clouds. My granddaughter made me smile today when she told me the snack at preschool today was “scusting” (disgusting). Great job design team on the great stencils.

  116. OH…I smiled so big today when I finally finished my very first Reveal Wheel card… I have had that die for so long and I’m finally making a card with it. It was complete success for me to finally get it done! They turned out really cute too 🙂

  117. Hooray for stencils. Very excited for these new products. In terms of what made me smile today – a new simple but tasty recipe demo’d today at a local store I frequent. Thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration.

  118. Seeing snow in the ground mad me smile this morning (because the cold weather is making me look forward to warmer weather especially since the snow melted by midday with help from the sun).

  119. A little girl with her grandpa came into work today (I work in retail). She was so talkative and bubbly, saying hi to everyone and saying thank you when I gave her the bag of items they bought. She made me smile big – although, her grandpa looked a little tired….;-)
    Thanks for the chance to win – Lawn Fawn stencils look awesome!

  120. Playing games with the grandkids made me smile. So happy to see the stencils, I have been making my own from paper. Won’t have to do that anymore.

  121. What made me smile today was after working a very long day, I got to come home and snuggle with my dog on the couch. I love coming home to my sweet doggie. I also love all these stencils! I love the Cloud stencil and can’t wait to use it!

  122. The new stencils look so fun. All day I reminding myself that tomorrow is my day off. That made me smile and tomorrow I will be smiling all day as I create cards.

  123. 😍 can’t wait for the stencils to be released. These are perfect. Especially for my mom! What made me smile… knowing my mom is the one that got me started on crafting. 😁so excited for these!!

  124. I like the treat box. I don’t have any movement items for my creations, so I always smile when I see them in use.

  125. These new stencils are amazing. I especially love the feature that will let one cover their inked grass panel perfectly to ink the sky or top of the card. This is amazing.

  126. Wow! I’m really excited for those stencils! I love how you used the hillside to create an underwater scene! I haven’t already preordered them yet due to budget but I will put them in my wishlist ! My brother made me smile…he’s always so ironic!!

  127. You asking the question “what made you smile today” made me smile because at work today we were having a mixer and an ice breaker question was “what has made you smile recently”. I said the arrival of my first grand nephew. I can’t believe my little niece has a son!

  128. The cloud stencil made me smile! This release is so full of happiness I don’t know how anyone could resist smiling just seeing it!

  129. My friends made me smile today. I’m in the first semester of Uni (second degree so not first first semester but first semester with new people and more difficult) and I have a whatsappgroup with my new friends and it made me smile that we even write in the holidays and someone asked if we all meet. I’m really happy I found the best way possible. I wanted to present Card making as aesthetic practice and experience and needed someone to do the group project and presentation with me. So this one girl showed up to do it with me under the label of DIY and we hanged around and ended up being a crew of four. Wow that was a long explanation, I’m sorry 😅
    Love this release and definitely need the bayou backdrop stencil, it was my favorite all along but I didnt have the 30$ for the diecut. I’m so happy there is a stencil now, love the layered optic so much!!

  130. What made me smile today was my daughter’s comment that she was “lop footed” as she only could get one sock on and was walking around like that. She meant lop-sided!

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    My children made me smile today – they are so full of mischief!!

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  135. Your design team made me smile today at all of these beautiful projects. But of course my granddaughter always puts a smile on my face every day !

  136. Your design team made me smile today at all of these beautiful projects. But of course my granddaughter always puts a smile on my face every day !!!

  137. So I just recently started Intermitted Fasting and this morning i was pretty hungry but i had to wait until 9:00 am to eat .. BUT i still had two hours to go HOWEVER i reached my goal so I’m pretty proud and happy about it !

  138. We are fixing one of our cars today, so my husband had to drive me into work, normally he is gone way before I wake up, so having a quick little kiss before I went into work was awesome. 🙂 That made me smile! It’s going to be a good day.

  139. Love the stencils!!!!! They are always fun to work with!
    So what made me smile today? Just waking up and knowing I’m still alive! That is what makes me smile every day!
    Jo’s Scrap Shack

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    What made me smile today was feeling my little one kicking! 😀

  143. My 18mo old…he’s a climber. I moved the couch away from the window seat to keep him from climbing up into it. So he went and got my step stool, placed it in front of the window and climbed up there anyways.

  144. I love the stencil idea. Saves a lot of post it tape to make my hills and valleys. Such a fantastic tool! I have already been using the cloud one and I love it over “cloud” paper which sometimes isn’t subtle enough.

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  148. My puppies make me smile everyday!!! They had a lot of fun playing in the fresh snow today though. Thanks. Take dare ❤️

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