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Today is our showcase of Super Star and its coordinating dies! You’ll be crafting all night with this stellar stamp set! This cute mouse and telescope is great for creating starry night scenes. It’s perfect for birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and congratulations cards.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elise incorporated a fun slider element to create a shooting star! This is such a fun idea for the Super Star set! She used the Grassy Hillside Stencils to add the cute hill to the scene!

Grace used Super Star to make an adorable pair of star-shaped cards! I love how she layered the Outside In Stitched Star Stackables and Stitched Star Frames in pretty Shimmer cardstock!

Grace finished the cute Super Star sentiment on the inside of her star-shaped cards!

Latisha‘s clever scrapbook layout for her son’s graduation is so fantastic! I love how the little mouse is checking out the “super star” through the telescope! She used Oliver’s Stitched ABCs for the title and Bunting Borders to add a festive look!

For her adorable Super Star card, Elena swapped out the cute mice for some Butterfly Kisses and Eggstra Amazing Easter critters! She used Grassy and Grassy Hillside stencils to create the amazing background!

Lynnette‘s Super Star card is so adorable! I love that she used the Luna pattern from Hello Sunshine Remix and a Puffy Star cut out on the Stitched Square!

Marine created a whimsical Magic Iris card using Super Star and some mice from Dandy Day! She included some cute accessories from Beary Happy Holidays for hanging the stars and the fluffy clouds from Yay, Kites!

Melissa used a combination of Super Star, Jessie’s ABCs and Oliver’s Stitched ABCs to add fun details to her Star Wars themed memory page!

I just adore this Super Star card by Audrey! That background is so amazing! The clouds from Meadow Backdrop: Portrait are such a fun layer on the Puffy Cloud Border!

Chari‘s bright and happy Super Star design features a glittery hillside created with glitter paste and the Hillside Stencils. She layered Hello Sunshine Remix papers with a stamped card base!

Nichol‘s Super Star design features the Magic Iris and some fantastic no-line coloring! How cute are the critters from Keep on Swimming and You’re Just My Type in this adorable starry scene!

Elise changed things up a bit and used a sentiment and the stars from Super Star to make fun, clean and simple card! I love how she used Oliver’s Stitched ABCs to create the custom greeting!

With a gorgeous inky sky and cute critters from Dandy Day, Tammy‘s starry design makes me smile! I love the white heat-embossed stars and constellations!

Megan‘s Double Slider Surprise design is a star-filled delight! The Snowy Backdrop adds stars to the card base! She used Grassy Hillside Stencils to build the scenery the cast of cute mice! She assembled cuties from Really High Five, Super Star, Dandy Day and You’re Just My Type! I love the little mouse at the top catching a shooting star in the Butterfly Kisses butterfly net!

Yainea‘s beautiful Super Star card features a custom greeting with Oliver’s Stitched ABCs and an awesome watercolor background!

Latisha‘s card is so cool! I love how she created the galaxy in blues and purples and just added a strip of it to the Storm Cloud card base! This is truly a clean and simple beauty!

Elena‘s Magic Iris card features scenery created with the Meadow Backdrop: Portrait and a beautifully ink blended night sky! The sentiment from Super Star makes a bold statement when the Magic Iris is opened!

Chari‘s sweet card shines with Hello Sunshine Remix and Spring Sparkle cardstock! The sentiment is white embossed on Narwhal cardstock then the outline letters were filled in with Glitter Pen!

Lots of mouse hijinks on Tammy‘s adorable Magic Iris card! I love how the iris opens in the How You Bean? jar to reveal a whole bunch of stars from the How You Bean? Star Add-On set!

Lynnette framed her sweet Super Star scene with a bright Sunflower yellow Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Frame!

Now, I have a little video to introduce Super Star and show some fun ways to use this starry new set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Super Star! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite place to observe the stars by March 18th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Saturday March 14th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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360 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Super Star

    1. Love looking at the stars from a sailboat in the middle of the ocean! No light pollution to interfere. Love all these beautiful examples!

    2. I loved watching the stars whilst laying on the beach when I visited and loved in Australia for a year.

  1. Since we live pretty outside of any big city in Germany, my favorite place to watch the stars is my own yard. I can sit in a chair, have my favorite food and drink, can talk to my friends and look up the sky 🙂

  2. my favorite place to look at the stars would be my mom’s house. she lives right by a national park in the forest. no lights to be seen at night so it is perfect for star gazing!

  3. My favorite place to see stars would be up north in Wisconsin. Out in the boonies where there are no city lights. It feels so glorious looking up at the stars there!

  4. This is a fantastic set for encouragement. Right at home with our telescope or in the outdoors when we camp.

  5. My favorite place for stargazing are the Maldives! They are quite remote so it gets really dark at night. There appear to be many more stars than in the sky above Berlin…

  6. I’m lucky…I can sit on my patio and see the most amazing sky. My husband gave up a long time ago watching meteor showers….not enough action he says! I love it!

  7. My favorite place to stargaze is my parents backyard during summer. They don’t live in a city so you can see every little star!

  8. My favorite place to look at stars is when we are camping. We can’t see the stars very well when we are home there is too much light pollution.

  9. I just love this set! The design team have the most amazing samples! My favorite spot to watch stars is on Lake Michigan!

  10. Such cute cards. I especially love the stars in the jar. I like to see the stars over the lake or from my yard.

  11. Very, very cute cards and pages, designers!!!!! Well, for me, I could not believe how gorgeous the stars were when I was in Colorado! But other than that, since I’m not a camper (disastrous situation, lol), I like to see them in my back yard!

  12. My favorite place in the past to view the constellations was in the Rapid City, SD, region near Mount Rushmore! We laid on our backs near a roadside area and watched the beautiful night sky! I have this set and LOVE using it!

  13. OMG! These little mice are DARLING! and I love all the stars! I LOVED looking at stars in Pentwater, Michigan as a child!

  14. My favourite place to stargaze is away from the city, at one of the beaches along Lake Winnipeg or in the Whiteshell.

    There’s something magical about the gentle lap of the waves, a cool night breeze, and being able to see the milky way!

  15. love your samples today – this set is just too cute – I love looking at the stars from our cruise ship

  16. My favorite place to observe the stars is sitting on my patio. So many lovely creations by the design team.

  17. Oh my goodness, so much cuteness! My parents have a little country-side house that I love to go to in summer, and at night you get the best views of the sky ever – it’s far away from civilisation and pollution, so everything is soooo clear!

  18. I love to watch them from out on our deck – living on the farm definitely has some advantages when it comes to star gazing.

  19. The most amazing stars I’ve ever seen were last year on vacation in Michigans upper peninsula. The aura borealis was colorless, but there were a bitrillion stars. Ordinarily our backyard is my stargazing happy place.

  20. I love looking up at the stars when we go camping. There is nothing around us but nature. The stars look so bright out in the country. I really love this stamp set. So many ideas flooding my mind.

  21. I love this set! I have a brother who’s an astronomer and this set is perfect for cards for him. My favorite place to view the stars used to be at a summer camp where I was a camper and later, a counselor. I used to love getting the kids to bed and then sneaking out of the camping area to the open field and looking up at the summer sky. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  22. My favorite place to observe the stars is right at home on our rooftop deck. I love doing that on warm summer nights. And I love this stamp set! I have made a few cards with it already 🙂

  23. My favorite place to observe the stars is at home from my
    backyard. We don’t seem to see as many stars as we used
    to as kids, tho. All of the DT makes are star-sational!!!

  24. Such great inspiration! I love Latisha’s layout! My favourite place to star gaze was the backyard of my family home. It will be missed dearly.

  25. I live in a city so they are sometimes hard to see here, the most amazing stars I have ever seen was when we stayed on the Isle of Lewis and Harris (Scotland), you could see every star!!! And obviously I love stars given my last name.

  26. This is a must have set! Love all the inspiration, THANK YOU! We are lucky to live on a hill and we can lay on our backyard to watch the stars on clear nights. 🌟🌙⭐️

  27. These little mice with the starry designs are incredible! I love them all! My fave place to see the stars is on a clear summer night over by our local lake area! 🙂

  28. I love looking at the stars in a clear night sky. These card ideas are so inspiring, and I can’t wait to try the Magic Iris.

  29. We have a cottage on a ;lake in northern Michigan and have spent many a night watching the stars! These are just darling and I love seeing scrapbook layouts!

  30. My favorite place to look at the stars is at our cabin in Northern Wisconsin. Away from all the city lights you can see billions of them!

  31. My fav place to see the stars is in the mountains in Colorado away from the city light. The whole sky is gorgeous and you can see shooting stars!

  32. Growing up I lived in the countryside and I could always see so many stars. Then one summer I was in Acadia National Park on a beech when the Leonid meteor shower came through. That was an experience I’ll never forget. I really saw the vastness of space that day.

  33. We’ve been on many cruises where the night sky is just beautiful. Love all the samples from the designers!

  34. While you can’t see them as well, I’ve always loved the spontaneity of just laying in the front yard.

  35. Love the shooting star. Interactive cards are
    fun. I loved to watch the stars when we would
    go camping. Sit by the fire and stare at the
    sky – watching for shooting stars or picking
    out the constellations. Great memories.
    thanks for sharing

  36. Stargazing isn’t great where I am, but I loved looking at the stars while on the beach in Southern California.

  37. These projects are awesome! I especially love Latisha‘s scrapbook layout. 🙂 I like to go to the park to see the stars; I live in a row home and it’s too close to other homes to really enjoy the night sky.

  38. So many wonderful ideas! I lover watching the stars out on our pontoon boat in the lake- nothing to obstruct the view: )

  39. I love how the little mouse from Dandy Day on Elise’s card looks like he’s in awe of the stars! That’s so clever!
    OMG – Megan’s double slider surprise card where the mouse is catching the shooting star in the net. I might have to borrow that one! 😉

    My favorite place to look at the stars is in my backyard through our telescope. We’ll build a bonfire and roast marshmallows and look at all of the amazing things in the night sky!

  40. All the showcases are sheer delight; wonderful to see things that bring smiles, especially in the midst of the current global situation!
    My favourite place to see stars is our backyard…when the snow isn’t falling!

  41. Anywhere where it’s dark enough really, without any disturbing artificial lights…
    Take care, good people. Of yourselves, of your loved ones and of your fellowman.
    We for sure need the light of the stars right now!!

  42. Thanks for all the inspiration!
    Out in my front yard is a great place to view the stars. No street lights here, so it’s nice and dark to see the stars!

  43. When ever we go camping looking at the stars is a must! Love the little mouse catching stars with the butter fly net!

  44. I try to look at the sky when I’m outside after dark, but usually too many lights interfere. When I was a kid, I loved standing outside our house in the country and just gazing at the sky. No light pollution back then! I also liked looking out the rear window on road trips and watching the moon “follow” us!
    These cards are SO inspiring DT!!!!! I’ll have to come back later and check out all the new videos!

  45. I don’t go anywhere special to look at stars. When I remember, I’ll look up to see what I can see. I love the many examples that were provided. Thank you.

  46. The best place for seeing the night sky is from a rocky outcrop in the mountains, high above valley air pollution and lights.

  47. My favorite place to see the stars is in my own backyard. We live way out in the woods with no close neighbors. In the winter, on a clear night, the sky is unbelievable!

  48. So cute! I like looking at the stars at the beach, can’t beat the sound of the waves as you’re star gazing.

    Carol B

  49. I cherish a memory of being a kid and camping out with my grandparents in the Adirondacks. My grandfather would make a huge fire and we would roast marshmallows and hot dogs under a canopy of stars.

  50. My favorite place to watch the stars is in my own backyard with my family 🙂

    Soo exicted to try out this set. Its so cute!

  51. Difficult to see the stars well in the city… but when I’m in the country and look up… it’s like an endless river of starry nighttime beauty!!!!!

  52. The best place is on my back deck. It’s completely dark, very little light because we are on the water facing Jekyll Island. We see some beautiful stars, falling stars, full moons, and even the eclipse a while back.

  53. I know the qustion was for a favourite place to watch the stars, but I have a favourite memory… when I was a teen, my dad woke me up around 2am to go watch a meteor shower. We drove out to where it was dark, and layed on the the hood of the car to view the magic sky! 😊

  54. I love to look at the stars when we are at the lake…nothing like being in the middle of no where to see the stars.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  55. My favorite place to star gaze is anywhere outside the city, especially laying on a dock on a clear night.

  56. I love to look at the stars at the lake! Hardly any light pollution so we get some great shows here ❤️

  57. I thank my lucky stars that I can see the stars. I am fortunate to live in the country and the stars are bright as ever every night. They make me happy to see, as does the moon.

  58. I have always loved looking at the stars out at my parents farm. In the summer we’d always have a contest to see who could see count the most satellites.

  59. I loved watching the stars whilst laying on the beach when I visited and loved in Australia for a year.

  60. Such cute creations. Love all the stars.
    Best place to stargaze….Deep country 😉 anywhere away from city lights. That was one of the things I loved most about visiting my Grandmother in Georgia. She had land a good 45 mins away from “civilization”. SO MANY STARS!!! The night sky was simply stunning ♥

  61. I love looking at the stars while sitting around a campfire amongst the redwoods in California! Love the little telescope in this stamp set.

  62. I live in a small town in Utah & we watch our lighting here. So my favorite place to watch the stars is to go out on my own deck. The are amazing from there.

  63. What a cute set! The mice are just perfect and so adorable! I can’t wait to use some of your ideas! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  64. As I live in the city the best way to see the stars is to head up north where there are no pesky city lights to get in the way. In the woods is one of my favorite places to be, with a fire and friends/family, looking up at the sky ♥

  65. I love to look at the stars from a little park near my home that has lots of trees spread fairly far apart with nothing blocking my view of the night sky.

  66. We had a great view of the stars in our old home in rural South Australia. Still not bad where we live now, about 1 hr from Adelaide.

  67. Star gazing on the hood of the car in a field far from the city.

    The little mouse fishing for stars. So sweet! Great job, DT!!!

  68. My favorite place to observe stars would be my grandparent’s farm. It’s outin the country and up on a hill…. the amount of stars is crazy!

  69. I love looking at the stars when camping (more of a when than a where..). Love all the inspiration from the design team. Such a great release!

  70. I live in a city and can’t see the stars really. The best place I’ve seen stars from is in Broken Hill when my friend took me out past the city limits to show me all the constellations – so clear!

  71. I live in a suburb of Chicago so dark, dark skies with shining stars can be a little hard to come by. On our trip to the Grand Canyon a number of years ago we sat outside on a somewhat chilly evening just to watch the stars. It was wonderful as are the amazing projects from the design team.

  72. These are so adorable! We live sort of in the country so our backyard is a great place to view the stars!

  73. The best place I’ve watched stars is on a Cub Scout campus with my son and family. My son is now almost 21, so it’s been a long time since we’ve been Star-gazing! Thanks for the lovely samples. I’m sure this set will do great. <3

  74. That little spotted mouse on Elise’s card is the cutest. I love looking at the stars at our house.

  75. My favorite place to look at the stars is my garden. We live in the country so it’s dark and no city lights, perfect for star gazing ✨⭐️✨

  76. On the beach! I’ve been living by the beach for 20 years. Love looking at the starry sky at the beach! Love these cards! Fantastic! <3

  77. What an amazing examples! And so many too!! Very mice (nice, hihi).

    My favorite place to observe stars is in France! I live in the Netherlands, surrounded by greenhouses… So stars are hard to see. But every time I go on holiday to France, I can see the stars so clear and beautiful there. Definitely my favorite spot.

  78. This is an amazing stamp set! I thinks that stargazing is wonderful at the mountains, where there are less night lights

  79. In college I had the opportunity to spend three weeks in the Bahamas on a cross cultural trip. I remember a group of us sitting outside on the island of Eleuthera looking at the starts. I have never before or since seen so many stars in the sky. It was beautiful.

  80. Oh my goodness! I LOVE all the examples! I can’t wait until I have time to make some of these beautiful cards! You guys truly are AWESOME!

  81. There is a science center near me with a planetarium, you get to sit on comfy bean bag chairs and smart people take you on a star tour! I love it!!

  82. There was a place we went to in college. It was the highest peak around, and there was no light pollution. It was awesome!

  83. I love viewing the star formations each morning as I am up at 4:30 AM here and experience a GRAND sight! Thank you!

  84. This set makes the cutest cards! I like to look at the stars wherever I go, we live in the country so I have a good view from my house!

  85. I love the mouse and the stars. My favorite place as a kid to watch stars was at my great grandmother’s farm no city lights. I loved it there.

  86. We live pretty much in the country so my yard is the perfect place to view stars. I love all of these stars and the mice are adorable.

  87. I love to look at the stars from my grandparent’s cabin in Colorado while making s’mores! This stamp set is so adorable

  88. Great designs from everyone. I love all the colourful backgrounds created for the cards.
    We live at the lake so watching the stars is great lying on the lawn or the sand.

  89. Laying on the dock at our cabin in northern MN. Because we border on the BWCA there are no lights to dim the stars.

  90. Well, can’t see too much out here in my neck of the ‘burbs but I remember the incredible beauty of the night sky at the place my father had in the mountains of Western NC. Absolutely gorgeous and so peaceful. I’d love to go back there one day. 😉

  91. I can’t wait until it’s summer and watching stars from my balcony 😍

    All of the cards are so beautiful 😍

  92. The best place I have ever witnessed the sky so lit up with stars had been Elliott Lake, Ontatio. Always felt like something out of a movie, beyond serene.

  93. Night time in the high desert is perfect for star gazing. Once enjoyed watching a meteor shower while camping and it was awesome!

  94. Anywhere away from the city so you can actually see the whole sky filled with stars. I remember as a child laying on the grass at Tinaroo Dam (Atherton tablelands – Australia) and seeing the whole sky full of stars and quite a few shooting stars too. That was pretty special.
    Thanks again for the chance to win – this is my favourite set from the spring collection.

  95. This is such a fun set and might be one of my favorites so far. I love looking at the stars when we go to the mountains on vacation. It’s always a shock to see how many stars there are, when the city lights are left far behind.

  96. The stars can bring us such happiness at a time when there is so much concern for the recent virus. I love sharing my cards with stars to family, friends, and those in need of an extra smile! Thank you!

  97. At my parent’s cabin just south of Bend, Oregon. It’s quiet, very little light pollution, and a restful place to be!

  98. Best place for star gazing Is anywhere away from a city or town. Amazing what you will see up there. The design team out did themselves!

  99. My favorite place to look at the stars is when I’m out camping at Grizzly Creek State Park or Milo McIver State Park. My dad has a telescope but it’s too cloudy to see much right now.

  100. I love seeing the stars from a beach … to me, it’s neat that you can see the same stars on a beach in Oregon or a beach in Virginia. 🙂

  101. I love that all these cute mice sets match with each other. Easy to mix and match different stamp sets in one card! ♡♡♡♡
    Camping and watching stars is the best! ♡♡♡♡

  102. We went to Glacier national Park last year. We camped at St. Mary’s the sky was so clear at night you could see the Milky Way!! Sitting there looking at the stars I saw a huge falling star, it was so bright!! Absolutely amazing!!!

  103. My favourite place to see the stars is central NSW in Australia. There’s plenty of open space and little light and the stars are beautiful.

  104. Thank you so much for the awesome mouse additions to LF! They have ALWAYS been my favorite critters! It’s beyond awesome to acquire multiple mice in a set! In my world, mice are all stars! Not to mention marvelous, mischievous, and magnificent!

  105. I live in the city so it’s hard to find a good place. I loved looking at the stars at night while camping as a kid!

  106. I love this stamp set so much! I had an amazing view of the stars two nights ago driving in the Australian country side

  107. Everyone who receives the “Super Star” cards that I make can enjoy the constellations at any time of the day since I’ll put some lights behind the stars! Thank you!

  108. OMG, I just love these mice critters you’ve created and this guy is so adorable! My favourite place to watch the night sky is when we are out camping, there is less city light interference which makes it that much more spectacular!

  109. Last year my family went to Bruno SandDunes in Idaho, and went to their observatory where we were able to look through a giant telescope at the stars. I was amazing! There are no flash lights allowed in the area, or any lights for that matter. It was so dark and the stars were so numerous and beautiful. I loved it and sharing the experience with my family and some friends too. These cards are the perfect reminder of that trip.

  110. My mom lives in a small town in TN, you can see the stars so well there as there is not a big city nearby. It is wonderful for star gazing.

  111. The good thing about living in a small town, you are able to see the stars every night when the sky is clear! These cards make you see the stars every day! 🙂

  112. I took astronomy in college (in Las Vegas) and one of our assignments was to go out to the middle of the desert to look at the stars. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. They also had state of the art telescopes that were so clear and close up. It was amazing!!!

  113. Love this set! My family used to go on road trips out to the desert when I was growing up. I’ll never forget sleeping outside on a boat on Lake Powell and watching shooting stars zip across the sky.

  114. OMG! I love this alpha set! And all these stars, so pretty! I was recently in Palm Springs and had a great view of the stars. Amazing.

  115. This stamp set is also super adorable. All the cards are really cute, and I like the background on Audrey’s card!

  116. Also, I remember going to a campsite a couple summers ago. We were able to see the Milky Way, and it was absolutely stunning. I would love to go back one day!

  117. There are so many opportunities to enjoy nature’s super constellations when camping! I am now thinking about incorporating the super star products from Lawn Fawn with my campers! Thank you for the inspiration!

  118. SWOON!! I LOVE ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration shared today!!
    My FAVORITE Place to observe the Stars is at our Pond in our Pasture on the Farm!! My husband Proposed to me there, we have LOTS of memories with our Boys Fishing there and we watch the Fireworks from town every 4th of July there!! I LOVE how peaceful and BEAUTIFUL it is and the Night Sky FULL of Stars, just makes it even more AMAZING!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to WIN!!

  119. My own backyard. I live surrounded by observatories that study the stars so my city has light pollution laws to ensure the sky and stars are visible. It’s actually one of my favorite ways to unwind. I also know many people here where star gazing is actually part of their job or a major hobby (and why they are here) so I have already bought this set because I think I will get a ton of use out of it.

  120. I love looking at the stars while floating in the pool at night, it is magical, you are one with the sky!

  121. I live in a city outside of town, and there are hardly any street lights, so I can see a ton of stars right from my backyard. I love it!

  122. The stars are visible at this time. We live in a DC suburb and although it is difficult to view the constellations well, I can see a few and marvel at the sight! Thank you, Lawn Fawn, for reminding us to take time to view God’s wonders!

  123. Fantastic cards with this fun new release! I loved gazing up at the Southern Cross and Milky Way just out of the bright lights north of Brisbane Australia! The sky is amazing!!

  124. Just walking out my front door and sitting g on the steps and look up at the stars some time just to relax and take a moment…

  125. Our favorite place we’ve ever viewed the stars was Hawaii! But, somewhat closer to home, northern Michigan

  126. These are all such amazing projects!!! Fabulous work everyone!! I love looking at the stars, but I’m a dork and always do it when I’m walking the dog then trip on stuff haha!

  127. I can view the star constellations through the front door and look forward to the new inspirations from Lawn Fawn designers! Thank you!

  128. My favorite place to observe the stars, is in Hollywood! HA! Just kidding.

    I like to look up at them when I am not near a big city and the sky is so wide open and free from all signs of civilization! We camped at the Grand Canyon last spring/summer and it was a beautiful sky every evening. We did not even miss seeing the fireworks on the fourth of July; we had nature’s celebration every night! It is fun to find the constellations when you have so much sky to look up at!

  129. I view this stamp set with eyes on everyone being a “super star” and therefore, I need to see this in everyone I meet! Thank you for all of the inspiration that this set brings into my card making techniques!

  130. I absolutely LOVE all the inspiration Cards. I haven’t made a slider card in a while and will have to make one soon. Just awesome examples.
    Since I live out in the middle of the woods in Michigan, my back yard is the best place for me to observe the Stars.

  131. The idea by megan to make the scoop net with vellum is so great!

    When there are meteor showers or something going on we usually watch it in the garden of my boyfriend, but i would love to go in the wild where the city isn’t illuminating the sky and you can really see the milky way! But such places are hard to find

  132. When I took Astronomy I spent many nights looking at the stars from the roof of the Science building. That was great viewing!

  133. In Vancouver british columbia, there is a lookout on the way to the top of cypress mountain, wide open ocean, the downtown Vancouver skyline, and BEAUTIFUL stars up above.

  134. Years ago, we went to the observatory on Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was just amazing, the sky was nothing like I’ve ever seen and it felt like you could reach up and touch it. We hope to be able to return some day but will pay for the pricey van ride, that was a HARD drive to get down and home!

  135. I love star themed sets so this one’s right up my alley! My favorite place to stargaze is in my backyard. My kids and I like to lay on our trampoline and make up our own constellations.

  136. My favorite place to look at the stars is in my backyard!!
    Fabulous release! Love all the adorable creations!

  137. I do like the constellations! I think stars (and the moon) are amazing anyways.. So I have a LOT of star stamps and die cuts! I hope to soon have this one as well.

  138. This is such a.sweet set. I like to look at the stars standing by my kitchen door. This door leads to my backyard and this corner is one of the best places to look up, with a wilde view and the least amount of light from the street. I like to look at the sky before I go to sleep. 🙂

  139. I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but the most frequent place is outside in our neighborhood when walking the dog. I guess favorite is when camping and there is no city light and you can really see the night sky.

  140. So many great designs, not to mention all of the different beautiful night skies in so many of the cards! I love Grace’s star shaped cards – so cool! My favorite place to watch the stars is my yard.

  141. These cards are gorgeous! My favorite place to look at stars is in the Sierra Nevada mountains at our cabin.

  142. What adorable cute mice cards that the team came up with! I so love watching Kelly Marie you videos showing her inspiration in making beautiful card’s! Thanks to everyone!💛

  143. I like viewing the constellations when I am camping and can see more of them than living in a suburban area! Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

  144. Although the stars are not visible at this time of the day, I think that I could enjoy making some cards for graduation that would use existing Lawn Fawn stamps and dies in my paper crafting area! Thank you!

  145. Over the river and through the woods…sitting on an inner tube on the lawn just as it becoming dark and watch the stars appear…so magical..wishing upon first star I see

  146. My favorite place I ever saw stars was when we were in Yellowstone at night. The sky was so full of stars not like to light pollution in the city.

  147. My favorite place to observe the stars would probably have been in Wyoming and/or South Dakota when my family and I were on vacation!

  148. Star light so bright, I wish I may, I wish I might,

    I wish I win this set! This is such an adorable and versatile set. Would make a great addition to my stash.

  149. I love to see the stars from the Northern top of Vancouver island. So beautiful, since there’s no light pollution and huge expanses of sky!

  150. I Love Nichol’s Iris card!! I like to view stars when camping, but it’s been a while. Other times, I just look up when I take my dog out at night!

  151. These little curious mice are so darling!!!

    Since I live in the City, I would have to say anywhere in the open fields or in the middle of the ocean water somewhere with no city lights interference. 🙂

  152. wow, absolutely stunning inspirations.
    Since I live in the countryside, our terrace is the best place for me to observe the stars. and we do this quite often.

  153. This afternoon I was inspired by the designers at Lawn Fawn to use my Super Star stamps and dies, so I created some STELLAR cards and will send all of them out to special people tomorrow! Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

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