Lawn Fawn Intro: All the Clouds

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2020 Inspiration and Release week! On June 25th our 8 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 15 new standalone die sets, 3 new stencils and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, videos, and giveaways!

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Unicorn Picnic, Puffy Cloud Backdrop, Sparkle Backdrop post!
Magic Iris Camera Add-On, Magic Iris Camera Pull-Tab Add-On post!
Ocean Shell-fie and Ocean Wave Stencils post!
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Little Dragon, Tiny Fairy Tale, Build-A-Castle and Brick Stencil post!
Stitched Rainbow, Starry Sky Stencil post!
AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of All the Clouds and its coordinating dies! This versatile set features clouds, clouds, and more clouds! It is perfect for adding clouds, rainbows, sunshine or a moon to your next scene. The sky is the limit!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have two videos at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elena used a bunch of images in All the Clouds to create an all-over pattern for her card! I love the fun color scheme and the cute dot detail she added to the rainbows!

Mindy used different sizes of the clouds to fill her beautifully ink-blended background! I love how she added pretty pattern with the Starry Sky Stencil!

All the Clouds is the perfect set to have every size of cloud in one place! Megan used the clouds and cute sun to enhance the Smooth Sailing scene on her tall Slimline card!

Yainea‘s Car Critters scene is adorable! I love how she added the clouds and sun over the softly stenciled clouds in the background!

Latisha used soft pretty pastels for her beautiful tall slimline design! She coordinated the colors in the rainbows with the stenciled clouds and the stamped clouds! Unicorn Tail Sparkle cord is the perfect embellishment!

A pretty rainbow and clouds cut with the All the Clouds coordinating dies fill the sky on Melissa‘s gorgeous Smooth Sailing ocean scene!

Tammy‘s Build-A-Castle design is so beautiful! She placed the castle in the clouds of the Puffy Cloud Backdrop and filled the sky with more clouds! I love how she added the rainbow behind the castle tower!

Lynnette used the pretty sunshiney Hello Sunshine Remix paper behind All the Clouds on her happy card! I love the sweet smiles she added to all the clouds!

Elise‘s Flippin’ Awesome card is sending sunshine to brighten someone’s day! She used All the Clouds to create panels to flip from stormy to sunny with a happy rainbow!

This adorable slimline card by Grace features the happy sentiments in the All the Clouds set along with rainbow inked Oliver’s ABCs and glimmer paste stenciled stars! I love those rosy cheeks on the sweet clouds!

Audrey‘s beautiful clean and simple design features the rainbow, clouds and sun from All the Clouds with a fun rainbow of watercolor in the background!

Now we have a video to introduce All the Clouds and show some fun ways to use this new set! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at All the Clouds! Now it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite new Summer 2020 product by TODAY June 24th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday, June 25th for our giveaway winners and more inspiration!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Summer 2020 Release products will be available on June 25th!
All the Clouds and coordinating dies

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402 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: All the Clouds

  1. My favorite new release item has got to be the camera die! I’m such a sucker for Polaroid camera stamps and such so I can’t wait! Can I order yet?!

  2. My favorite from this release is the Castle die.. or Camera die.. or Ocean Shell-fie… or…. You are making it way too hard to choose!!! Well, I just got to have them all 😁

    1. LOVE this set! Can’t believe all the adorable designs by the team! ❤
      But my favourite is probably the dragon… he is THE cutest ever!!

      Ps. Regarding comments publishing as responses, it happened to me as well, and seems to be something having to do with commenting from a phone, or even with androids in particular? (Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again, since my computer is broken…!)

    2. I love this, made a card the other day and wished I had more clouds (of a similar shape)..
      It would be great to do a set with only trees, the fir kind and the bushy ones 🙂 All the Trees! 🙂

  3. My favorite is the Crazy Antics! I also like all the pieces for the fairytale/castle! The rest of the release is super cute and fun too!

    1. It’s really hard to pick a favorite! I love all the new scene building stencils, but I guess I’d have to say the stamp set with the mice having a picnic. It’s just so darn cute!

  4. I am looking forward to Ocean Shelfie and the ocean wcve stencil. I have a passion for anything to do with the ocean and am so excited to have new critters join the sea while also have different ways to create stunning waves. I adore the depth and detail in Grace’s card so much. 🌈🦄🐙

  5. I love this stamp set. I normally shop my stash looking for clouds so having them all in one place is great. The camara is definitely my favourite stand alone die so far mind I think the pull tab ad in fir it will also find its self in my basket. I am sure I have not seen 15 standalone dies for this release. 1) cloud backdrop,2) sparkle background 3) camara magic iris 4) camara Pull tab 5) Stitched rainbow ……. not sure what else xxxx

      1. I love it all, my favorite tho, is the rainbows! I can’t wait to pick out some fun stuff for summer ♥️

  6. My favourite has to be the crazy antics set. I always love the little mice! The all the clouds set is a close second, since it’s a very useful set to own!!

  7. I always love a card with sunshine and rainbows. How can it not brighten your day? The puffy cloud backdrop and stitched rainbow die sets are my favorite and I just love them paired with today’s sweet stamp set. A perfect combination!

  8. My favourite is the castle with the dragon and tiny Fairy Tale people. I know that’s 3 sets but they all go together perfectly!

  9. Oh my!!, this Cloud set might be my favorite…so hard to pick just one, every day has been packed full of cuteness and fun!!

  10. Oooooh, so pretty! It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but if I had to really pick just one, I’d go for ocean shell-fie. I do like the camera, too, though, the little ants, and the castle/princess sets… oooooh! So tough to choose!

  11. only one? Impossible! How could I possible pick only one?
    Ummmm Cloudy backdrop…. or those stitched rainbows??? OHOH OH combine those two … yes, that is my choice, a combo!

  12. I have so many favorite products for the release! But I think my fav ones are the camera add on and the selfie underwater set!!

  13. That’s a hard choice I love both the stencils for the Ocean and this Cloud set today. Both can be used for so many different types of cards. Loved all the cards today, so many cute ways they used the cloud set.

  14. WOOHOO Lawn Fawn! My favorite new set is the picnic set for sure! What is summer without a picnic? Thank you so much for all the inspiration!

  15. So many to choose from… I love all the rainbows in the new release- and the ocean shell-fies! So cute!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. What a lovely stamp set! I am so ready for tomorrow – can’t wait to lay my hands on all these goodies😍. Thank you to the DT for all the inspiration.

  17. one of my many many many favorites is crazy antics!!
    but my real favorites list is quite long!! i love this release!!

  18. My favorite is crazy antics! But I really like them all! So excited for tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on these new products! So excited to create with them!

  19. It’s really hard to pick a favorite! I love all the new scene building stencils, but I guess I’d have to say the stamp set with the mice having a picnic. It’s just so darn cute!

  20. I have really been enjoying the Lawn Fawn stencils so I am excited for the wave and star stencils. I also think the puffy cloud backdrop dies look so fun.

  21. My fave is the Little Dragon stamp set but I also love the All the Clouds stamp set too! Thank you for the chance to win!

  22. Such a great release! My favorite would be Ocean Shelfie, followed closely by Crazy Antica, then Build a Castle, then …..I love them all!!

  23. These are my favourites; Unicorn Picnic, Puffy Cloud Backdrop, Sparkle Backdrop, Magic Iris Camera Add-On, Magic Iris Camera Pull-Tab Add-On, Ocean Shell-fie, Ocean Wave Stencils, Crazy Antics, Little Dragon, Tiny Fairy Tale, Build-A-Castle, Brick Stencil post, Stitched Rainbow, Starry Sky Stencil and last, but not least, All The Clouds! <3
    And of course; all the ones that came a month back or so 😀 I LOVE THEM ALL!
    Good luck to all of us tomorrow!!

  24. Happy clouds! I think I want everything from this release now. Usually I have to pace my purchases, but this one… Amazing!

  25. So many wonderful products to choose from but my top choice is the build-a-castle dies with Tiny Fairytales as a close second.

  26. Ummm pick just one favorite? My wallet would love that but I think I am super excited about the Castle!

  27. I love them all. But I especially like the ocean shelfie and the cloud backdrop and all the stencils.

  28. I love them all!!! Maybe the little princess and knight with the castle die cut, If I HAVE to choose.

  29. My favorite new set would have to be the Stitched Rainbow. I like making all die cut cards, and the rainbow will be great to make cards to cheer people up!

  30. My favorite new release item is the camera/add on and the build a castle!!super fun stuff!!! I love the unicorn picnic and its reveal wheel too. But the camera is so awesome!!

  31. Lovely card examples. My favorite new summertime item is rainbows. I am seeing them everywhere on cards and they keep drawing my eye.

  32. My favorites are the Little Dragon and Crazy Antics. I can think of so many fun cards to make with this release! I can’t wait.

  33. I just love everything💚💚💚 way to go Lawn Fawn on another great release! I am sure that I will have to have at least half of it for now lol and eventually it all lol💚💚💚 must have the stitched rainbow, castle, little peeps, cloud backgrounds, stencils and I can not live without the camera lol😎

  34. My favorite is the stencils. I have really been trying to up my background game and they help so much with that goal and don’t break the bank.

  35. Thank you so much for this wonderful release! My absolute favorite is the picnic antics stamps! I can’t wait to use them together with the lets bbq set!

  36. Really cute! As usual, you have outdone yourselves! Thank you for all of your great ideas…such a welcome break from the COVID stresses!

  37. This whole release is really cute. If I need to choose one I believe it would have to be the build a castle die.

  38. I’m so excited for tomorrow! I already made a list of everything I wanted from this release.
    This stamp set all the clouds and the starry sky stencil are my favorite from this release 😍

  39. My favorite summer 2020 is the Picnic stamp set it’s so cute but these lovely clouds are amazing also !

  40. For some reason my comment went under someone’s comment… but here was my response.

    Oh the inspiration here is so lovely!!! There are so many great products in this release, I struggle to pick one. I would have to say… the interactive does.

  41. Wow, Elise’s card is so clever! Love all the clouds used in so many ways today! Ocean Shell-fie is this month’s favourite for me.

  42. OMG everything is amazing but definitely my favorite is the little dragon! I need him in my collection ASAP!

  43. Awww….what a sweet set that works with so many different scenes. I have so enjoyed seeing this release. My favourites have been the Magic Iris camera add on and the Ocean Shell-fie! Thanks for a great few days of previews before the release.

  44. The camera add on for sure! Loved seeing all the great examples this week, great job everyone, and kudos to Chari for filling in for Kelly 🙂

  45. There are sooo many great things in this release! I’m going to go with Magic Iris Camera add-on as my favorite. It’s so cute and fun!

  46. I can’t choose the all release is so lovely!!!
    but my son loves the castle and the camera dies, with the tiny dragon of course :p

  47. I honestly love them all, but I do have an affinity for the Unicorn Picnic set – super cute and adorable.

  48. My favorite summer release is the iris camera. I see so many things that I can do with this! Thank you, Lawn Fawn. You are the best!

  49. My favorite sets from this release are the crazy antics stamps and dies. I also really enjoyed the creative versatility of the camera dies. Another favorite would be the create a castle dies. I know my kids would really enjoy building with them. Thank you for an enjoyable week as all of the new releases were introduced.

  50. It’s difficult to choose a favorite from this release! Crazy Antics is among my favorites, along with the Magic Oris Camera Add-On. I can’t wait to create with them!

  51. Wow! Summer 2020 release is INCREDIBLE! So hard to choose a favorite. I love a LOT of the release … But my favorite will probably be the Build-A-Castle die. I think it is so cute. I also really like the Puffy Cloud Backdrop die, and the new wave stencils. Can’t wait to start using these new products. Thank you Kelly Marie, Mike, Erica, and the whole Lawn Fawn family, for another incredibly amazing release. I LOVE Lawn Fawn!

  52. My favorite is the build a castle, dragon, and little fairy tale! (They all go together and I can’t pick just one!) I’m beyond excited for these!

  53. Elena and Latisha’s cards are my most favorites!♡♡ Of course they are all Beautiful!♡♡ Thank you for the great inspirations!

  54. I love the Ocean Shell-fie but of course, all of the release is awesome! Adorable cards by the designers. Thanks for sharing…

  55. I am totally in love with everything!! If I had to pick a favorite it would probably be these clouds though…. I can see using this set on almost every card I make! YAY can’t wait for tonight!!

  56. I love the entire release but if I have to choose a favorite it would be between the Magic Iris Camera Add-On and the ADORABLE Little Dragon ♥ Lawn-fawnatic for life here!!!

  57. My favorite new product (besides all of them!) is the ocean shelfie! But the whole release is magnificently adorable! Thank you to the amazing LF DT for all the cute inspiration and fun designs!

  58. How difficult is it to choose just one from such an amazing new release! I love so many, but when I looked at today’s new ‘All the Clouds’ stamp set, I fell in love with not just those cute clouds, but the wonderful sentiments in the set. I can see them used so many times on so many different projects with or without the clouds! Thanks for the fun each day!

  59. It’s difficult to choose but I love Crazy Antics – mice and ants on a picnic are perfect for summer scenes!

  60. I’m in love with all of the new sets, but if I have to pick just one, it would be the clouds. There are so many different things I can do with that stamp set.

  61. Oh my favorite new product?? well that is tough but I think the Build-a Castle-die because I immediately had a BUNCH ideas for it!

  62. What I like about the all clouds stamp set is that u can use them with all the other stamps sets and make great backgrounds 💕

  63. You make it so hard to choose a favorite LF! I’m going to say the Puffy Cloud background die, with the Starry Sky stencil as my runner up. Thanks for another inspirational week!

  64. They are all amazing but I think my favourite is the picnic mice. Adorable! Thank you for all the chances to win.

  65. Scripty Birthday is my favorite new product! I requested slim line dies and the scripty birthday and all my wishes came true this year 🙂
    Beautiful bright cards today. Great work team!

  66. My granddaughter’s favorite is the castle. Mine is the stitched rainbow, but I am going to need All the Clouds to go with it. We plan to get lots of the new release to make some amazing cards. Looking forward to all the fun!

  67. Good Morning! Can’t wait for tomorrow! One of my favorites from the new release is the puffy cloud backdrop 🙂

  68. Oh Lawn Fawn, such a silly question because as always I love it all but I am pretty excited about the magic iris camera! Your creative interactive dies never cease to amaze me!

  69. Oh there is just too much cuteness in this release to pick just one. I love the Magic Iris camera add-on because it makes me think of my daughter-in-law. The Crazy Antics set is so much fun – especially when paired with the Maze die-cut. Love those ants in their ant tunnels. I also love the Castle and brick stencil and these clouds (especially when they have little faces on them) bring a huge smile to my face. Beautiful projects from the design team throughout this whole release.

  70. This cloud set will be super handy when we create sky scenes.

    My favourite from this release that weve seen so far is the Crazy Antics stamp set. The ants in the set are so cute!

    1. What an amazing release. My favorites are the dragon stamp and the castle die cut. The knight, princess, and unicorns are fabulous.

  71. So many to pick from but if I HAD to, I would go with the dragon, the princes, the knight, the ants….

  72. OMG! I can’t believe how cute everything is in this new release and I’m looking forward to purchasing some of the sets to add to my collection of Lawn Fawn stamps and dies. You’re the best!!!!

  73. I have to answer this two ways. My kids are most excited for the castle, and I am most excited for the stitched rainbow. But they all go together, so we are thrilled! 🙂

  74. This is such a sweet release! I want it all-Love it all!! But my most favorite is the crazy antics! Love the ants!!

  75. Oh my goodness, this stamp set – All the Clouds – is my favorite!! The words are just perfect and so versatile, and I love the adorable variety of images…this is a must-have stamp set!

  76. My favorite new product is the Little Dragon! I love it, and the little birthday cake to go along with the dragon!

  77. Lots of cute stuff, but I think I’m most excited about the castle die so I can build more fairytale scenes!

  78. Great to have such a variety of clouds as showcased by the designers. My faves are Magic Iris Camera and Crazy Antics.

  79. All the cards today by the design team are fabulous. My favorite would be the camera magic iris die.

  80. Of course everything is incredible! I think the camera, the castle and the UNICORNS …ants… AHHHHHHH EVERYTHING

  81. I am in love with this entire release!!! But if I had to pick one item, I would probably pick the stitched rainbow. You can never have too many rainbows!!

  82. What an amazing release! My favorite LF products this year are the Magic Iris dies. They are so versatile. The camera die takes it up another notch.

  83. Lots to choose from by my favorite is Tiny Fairy Tale. I can’t wait to make adorable fairy tale scenes:)

  84. I love the camera dies and the ocean stamps!! Also the tiny fairy tale and dragon!! Great release!!

  85. Oh my I want it all. I want all the lawn fawn sets and dies. I love that everything coordinates and the interactive dies. I need to win the lottery. Lol

  86. Fabulous inspiration by all the design team!! My favorite summer release product is the Magic Iris Camera Add-On & Pull Tab.

  87. I love the clouds and the rainbow. My favorite set is Crazy Antics because I even like the small animals and it fits perfectly to A Bug Deal.

  88. It’s hard to choice only one product. I love them all. Until now my favorite set is Little Dragon. But also Ocean Shell-fie is beautiful.

  89. Everything is so cute! I think the little dragon or the ants are my favorite stamps; camera with add on is the favorite die. What a great release–thank you!

  90. Such a cute set. But my favorite is the dragon set. Hands down. Love love love dragons. So excited about the release. Thanks. Take care ❤️

  91. These cards are so happy! My favorite from this release is the Ocean Shell-fie, but the camera add on is a very close second!

  92. My favourite for this summer release is the dragon and fairytale castle! It is all amazing and I so appreciate the Design Team and Chari’s videos for inspiring us!

  93. Ooh I’m so in love with the stitched rainbow! I think this is my favorite musthave! But also the stary sky stencil. Its hard to choose! Thnx designers for all your inspiration and works!

  94. Love so many of the new releases, but my favorite is the dragon and the castle. I hope you make the dragon into a pin – would have to have that for sure.

  95. I love everything! But the rainbow die is the best! It is going to be so nice to be able to make each color separate.

  96. It’s hard to pick one item I love in this release because I love them all and hope to add 1 of each to my collection. But my most favourite would need to be the castle and the picnic stamp set and all the clouds.

  97. I love all the clouds! It is so hard to pick a favorite! I really love the Unicorn Picnic set and the Build-a-Castle!

    1. If I had to pick just one, I think I would choose the dragon! There’s just something about that little fella I can’t get over!

  98. Oh my gosh! Everything you’ve shown us so far is AMAZING; I love it all! I think if I had to pick my very most favorite though, it would be today’s set, All the Clouds!! I love that you’re giving us so many sizes of clouds to play with, along with a sunshine and rainbow! And really sweet sentiments that would be so perfect for a sympathy or thinking of you card. Well done, Lawn Fawn!! Can’t wait to see all the tiny details of each product tomorrow!

  99. What a great release! My Favorite item would have to be the camera to use with the magic iris- if I had to choose just one.

  100. This is an amazing release! I love all the size of the clouds! Is the sun the same size as the one in out of this world? I think my favorite so far is the build a castle and the camera magic iris add on! I can’t wait till I’m able to order these products!

  101. Crazy Antics I think is my favorite … but I tell you it was tough to choose … like choosing your favorite child! 😊 Another fabulous release!! And such great inspiration from all the DT members! Thank you for all your hard work!!

  102. My fave product would be the camera & add on. I am your #1 fan when it comes to Lawn Fawn’s interactive dies. Keep ‘em coming!

  103. Such a fun and varied release! Everything is soooooo cute! All the things made me smile but the one that made me smile the most is the Crazy Antics stamp set! 🐜 Everything in that set is so cute! Ants are no fun at a real picnic but these picnic ants are adorable! Crafty hugs to the DT!

  104. I think my most favourite would be the magic iris camera die add on and the camera pull tab add on! Can’t wait to use this!

  105. My absolute hands down favorite product is the little dragon. Not that, that will stop me from getting much more.

  106. Love these design team samples. Such talented ladies!!! If I had to pick just one stamp set, which is nearly impossible, I’d pick the sweet unicorns because WOW, unicorns!!!

  107. Such a hard choice. There are so many bright and happy items. My favorite would have to be stitched rainbow. So great to have the separate rainbow shapes. Great job with this release!

  108. All the clouds, is such a cute set! Love the sunglasses on the sun LOL! It’s so hard to pick just one favourite. I really like the camera, you could use it with so many different things and the story backdrop stencil…

  109. It’s so hard to choose just one but I have to go with the stitched rainbows. I have loved rainbows ever since I can remember, they just make me smile. My second favorite is the castle, it’s so cute!

  110. Love all the pretty cloud ideas!
    My favorite is the camera die set! Hard to choose… I really love it all!

  111. My favorite new release is the magic iris camera add on. I’m a photographer and can “picture” many cards with that die.

  112. It’s a toss up between the camera and the picnic/ants stamps. But if I had to pick only one I am guessing it would be that camera…it is simply the cutest!

  113. Wow I don’t think I can choose a favorite because I really love them all. I guess I’ll go with the camera dies because I feel it’s a must have 😊

  114. It’s almost impossible to just pick just one from this new release!! My favorite list
    includes Crazy Antics, Ocean Shell-fie, waves with Camera die, & the Dragon,
    Fairy Tales, with the Castle die! What an amazing & talented Design Team you
    have! Thank you & Good Luck everyone!

  115. The design team has done a wonderful job. They’ve made so many adorable cards out of something so simple as a bunch of clouds!

  116. I love the camera die and can see using that so much!! But you always
    have such a spectacular release with so many fun products. Thanks for
    such an amazing, inspirational week.

  117. All the clouds add so much (weather) to the backdrop—I love them behind the driving critters—they’re just perfect. I especially love them atop the stenciled clouds. The die cut clouds really pop out against them. And I like the seamed rainbow, but this set that has rainbows in two smaller sizes and is so versatile! I love that the clouds come left- and right- facing, and with/without faces. This is a very sweet set that adds a sense of weather and time of day to any scene. Very nice, LF. Thanks!

  118. All the Clouds is adorable x a zillion; the showcases, sensational! So many favourites from this release; the camera, unicorns and this set are among my top three!

  119. I really do love all the releases but if I must pick one it would be Crazy Antics. Those little ants are swoon worthy!

  120. ALL the samples from the designers are so cool and adorable! I want it all. My favorite set is today’s All the Clouds. I love rainbows and those itty bitty clouds are awesome! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  121. Love the Crazy Antics but also love that little dragon and castle and cloud dies. As usual you make it hard to say no to any of them. I find that I have become more of a Lawn Fawn collector than card maker! 😳😜😆

  122. Another awesome release. I love the little dragon and knight. Love all the possibilities I see with this release.

  123. Absolutely love all of the new releases, if I had to chose one though I’d go with Stitched Rainbows. But you know I’m going to have to get them all!

    1. This release has so many great things that I would love to own, it’s hard to pick just one. But my top three is:
      1. Ocean shell-fie
      2. Unicorn picnic
      3. Magic iris camera add-on

  124. If I had to pick just one then the castle die, but I can see so many uses for so many other products in the release. Love them all.

  125. Hands down the camera die! I am in love with every bit of this release but that camera is amazing! I can’t wait to get my crafty hands on that gem!

  126. This release has so many great things that I would love to own, it’s hard to pick just one. But my top three is:
    1. Ocean shell-fie
    2. Unicorn picnic
    3. Magic iris camera add-on

  127. My favourites from this release are the Ocean-Shelfies, stitched rainbow, unicorn picnic and all the clouds! 🥰🐙🌈☁️☀️🦄

  128. This release is so magical! Unicorns, dragons, castles, sparkly clouds and rainbows. Can hardly wait for tomorrow!

  129. I think Crazy Antics and stitched rainbow are my favorites. Think of mice and ants having a picnic under a rainbow! Gotta make you smile!

  130. Everything is amazing, but I think the Unicorn Picnic is my favorite, followed closely behind by build-a-castle and little dragon.

  131. It’s hard to pick a favorite! I really love the Crazy Antics set to add to my Lawn Fawn mice and ants to A Bug Deal!

  132. It’s hard to pick a favorite because everything in this release is fabulous!! But I will say the castle and the fairytale set

  133. Fun stamp set. It’s so hard to pick a favorite, there’s so many great things in this release. I do really like to castle dies.

  134. First hardest question of this release! Truthfully I am not a fan of that iris, sorry. I love every other element of this release. The antics, shellfe, dragons, clouds, all the assesory dies…… I would use them all without a doubt! Congratulations on your new sweet baby!!! (((Hugs))) and fingers crossed!!

  135. I love the maze die and the ants.
    Both are fun. thanks for the
    sneak peeks this week.

  136. I love this entire release. If I have to pick one thing from the release, I think that it would be the Magic Iris Camera Die. I have so many ideas for this set. I have to say that you really have outdone yourselves on this release.
    Thanks for the several opportunities to win some new goodies. Good luck everyone.

  137. I am waiting for the camera, as I mentioned I have a brand new grandson and I just loved the idea of using it as a baby announcement! 🙂 At least for my friends!! But the ants and the maze are really cute and I love the castle too — tough to choose a second best. 🙂

  138. Hello from Malta, New York. Oh my God, my favorite stamp set or die, I can’t choose it’s like asking which child is your favorite. I love them all. If I must choose I would say all of them. Why would you make me choose.

  139. My favorite new products is the Wave Stencil! I just love how they combine the different shades of green to make a background! 🙂

  140. It’s so hard to pick a favorite. It would be a tie between Crazy Antics and Ocean Shellfie. Favorite die would the Magic Iris Camera set.

  141. Everything is fantastic in this new release. My favorites are Stitched Rainbow and In the Clouds. So many fun, creative and happy new reasons to stamp!

  142. How can you pick a favorite? Impossible. I may be on America’s Most Wanted List, because I NEED to rob a bank.

  143. The castle set is my favorite with the little people and dragon. I am wishing I had some grand kids to make cards for these are so cute. Even my nephews are growing up too fast.

  144. Lovely set and great inspiration! This is a wonderful release! My favorite is the Magic Iris Camera.

  145. O.K. Here is my one FAVE 2020 New Product: Magic Iris Camera Add On, Unicorn Picnic, Crazy Antics, Ocean Shell-fie, Little Dragon, Tiny Fairy Tale and Build a Castle. I guess I should have said my one group of FAVE’s! =)

  146. I really like so many things in this release, but I think today’s set with the clouds and sunny messages is my favorite along with the stitched rainbow die. They will be fantastic to use to create happy cards for residents at a retirement center I had been visiting regularly (can’t now due to coronavirus) until I am permitted to return. The sample cards all all so cute and clever and I can’t wait to use these wonderful ideas for making my own cards. Thanks so much for this awesome release!

  147. Ahhh loved everything but alright if I had to choose my fave new Summer 2020 product, it would be the Magic Iris Camera add-on sets. Totally awesome!

  148. That’s a difficult question. I’d have to say that I’m most excited for the castle dies. That will be fun!

  149. Eek! I love how this stamp set coordinates with so many other products in the Lawn Fawn brand.

    My favourite stand is the new Dragon he is so so adorable!!

  150. I REALLY love this set, but my pick might be Unicorn Picnic, but I will totally need All the Clouds to go with it.

  151. This looks like a really useful set! I just wish the rainbow had 6 bands instead of 5, since I like to do my rainbows with purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red – hard to decide which of those to leave out on a 5 band rainbow. My favorite of this release is the Little Dragon!

  152. Well that is one tough question, to me it’s almost if you are asking me to choose which one of my twins is my favourite………..

    My favourite die is the camera, my favourite stamp set is all the clouds!

  153. To choose a favorite is almost impossible, but I have to admit I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the Little Dragon! He is absolutely adorable!

  154. My favorite item is the Unicorn Picnic stamp set and my favorite die is the Puffy Cloud Backdrop die.
    But on my shopping list are so much more adorable products.♥
    Many thanks for the amazing creations today and the whole week.♥ It was an amazing inspiration week.♥

  155. This is the one! This is the one I’ve been waiting to see since the first sneak of a little of everything. This is such a great set.

  156. I love this set! All the Clouds is perfect for creating fun sky backgrounds. I also love the Ocean Waves stencil set for great ocean backgrounds. Great release, Lawn Fawn!

  157. My favorite is the castle die. I will definitely have to own it because of the memories it reminded me of.

  158. My favorite summer release is the magic iris camera. I can envision using this so many times and will enjoy sharing the cards that I make with my family and friends.

  159. I love the adorable little dragon, but I’m sure a couple other sets will find their way into my shopping cart 😆

  160. It’s hard to pick just one item but I would have to go with the camera die as my favorite. There are so many possibilities with it! It’s such a fun, fabulous release!

  161. Loved the whole release, to be honest! Sad for my wallet though. lol. I think Ocean Shell-fie is my favorite set, and the starry sky stencil is high up on the list too.

  162. How adorable. More Lawn Fawn to add to my collection. MUST HAVE IT ALL!!! Great job to all the designers.

  163. I’m obsessed with the rainy day to sunny day waterfall card. yes. also! im crazy about rainbows that arent rainbow colors!!!

  164. I love all the puffy clouds! The little faces you can add are adorable! You can use this with every single stamp set.

  165. What a fabulous idea for a stamp set!! I am always wanting a different sized cloud than what is in a particular set and have to go hunting around. This is perfect. I think this is my fave product of the new release!! Wonderful cards by the team showcasing it, too!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  166. This is a hard one to pick just one favorite when you love and want them all lol! I do love the Ocean Shell-fie and that set stands out with all the cute cameras ! I can’t wait for one more day till release day 🙂

  167. this is a great set – like the whole release. It is not easy to pick a favorite, but it is probably the unicorns… of course combined with the clouds, the castle, the dragon, the little princess and taking a selfie underwater with the camera 😉

  168. The camera die is my favourite new release item💕! I think this would be a “must have” item for sure!

  169. those little clouds are to die for! i think they are my favorite of all the new releases and the little dragon is a close second!

  170. It’s been a fabulous release! My favorite is the camera. Just too cute, and so versatile, especially to go with the Iris dies

  171. I love anything Lawn Fawn. It’s hard to pick just one favorite product. Since I like making beach scenes I would pick the Ocean Shell-fie and Ocean stencil as my favorite products.

  172. I love how lawn fun thinks everything!!! And that all the sets work so well together!! ❤️🙏🏻❤️

  173. I think the unicorn picnic is my favorite one! We just love unicorns and glitter and bright cheerful colors, everything a unicorn has!

  174. Oh my, I can never pick just one! I love Tiny Fairy Tale, Build-a-Castle and the starry sky stencil! Oh, and the unicorn twine … see, I picked one thing from each category!

  175. I can’t wait to get my hands on this release! I love all the clouds! The cards that the designers made are amazing and cheerful! Put a smile on my face!

  176. Since I spend a lot of my summer hanging out with sea lions and stingrays, I’ll have to go with the ocean shell-fie- but you seriously need some sea lion and sting ray stamps.

  177. I love everything! It’s soooo hard to choose! But my favorite things has to be Unicorn picnic! It’s just so fun and magical!

  178. I love everything! It’s soooo hard to choose! But my favorite things has to be Unicorn picnic! It’s just so fun and magical!,

  179. I think all the new sets are wonderful, they always are! My favorite is the little dragon! He reminds me of lizards. 🙂

  180. I love so much of this release!
    The Mice and the Unicorns for stamps, and probably the Rainbow and Camera for the dies

  181. So cute
    Ok my favorite is the Camera Pull-Tab Add-On Sounds nice I recently finished a card and had to use the left toast pull tab add one and cut it twice to make it longer !

  182. I love the little dragon and the rainbow die set
    So many lovely new releases…. Most of them would never be available here😭

  183. Oh my gosh, those little bears trying to follow the map are just too hilarious! LOVE this new release so much

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